40 Best Updos for Short Hair

By on June 26, 2015
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11. Reese Witherspoon : Messy Nest Look

Updos for Short Hair_11

Actress Reese Witherspoon always cultivates a very classy look. We love this wispy look which can be achieved by curling your hair and pinning it back loosely. Making an ‘x’ with bobby pins makes for an extra secure hold if you have thick or slippery hair. We love the two tones of blonde that give texture to her soft and feminine look!

12. Julianne Hough : Bring it Back and Bring it Up

Updos for Short Hair_12

Actress Julianne Hough stands out from the crowed with her rockstar style. She has pinned back the sides and gone extra big on top. You can tease the top of your hair with a teasing comb and spray it then bring the front pieces over the teased portion. This looks good with blond highlights with ash blonde brows and roots.

13. Katherine Heigl : Soft Curls Pinned Up with a Twist

Updos for Short Hair_13-1 Updos for Short Hair_13-2

We can’t stop talking about this delicious blonde look. Actress Katherine Heigl from funny movies like Knocked Up has really pulled it off. It appears like she has longer hair because she’s curled, twisted and pinned her hair back. We love the curled bang and side pulled back in a twist with a rhinestone clip. If you have enough hair to pull some together at the nape of your neck, curl the individual pieces for more volume.

14. Drew Barrymore : Blown Back and Wavy

Updos for Short Hair_14

This is a throw back look that is somewhat reminiscent of the 80’s. Darling actress Drew Barrymore has accentuated her eyes and elongated her face by adding volume on top. Blow your hair up and back. Next curl small ringlets in your hair and then run your hands through them. Just be sure not to curl the ends.

15. Rose Byrne : Elegant Beehive

Updos for Short Hair_15

Remember, an updo doesn’t have to be complicated and this Australian actress knows how to cultivate elegance with her hairstyle. Keep the sides close to your head and puff up the top by teasing the under portion. Pin it back with some firm hold hair spray.

16. Anna Faris : Platinum Updo with Bangs

Updos for Short Hair_16

We love this simple and quick platinum blonde updo with bangs on actress Anna Faris who you probably recognize from the Scary Movie series or Lost In Translation. Notice how her bangs are cut in a curve to frame her face. Make a twist or bun in the back and pin it or just pin twisted pieces back separately if they will hold.

17. Lena Headey : The Asymmetrical Voluminous Pixie

Updos for Short Hair_17

There’s almost a yin-yang shape in English actress Lena Headey’s pixie hair style. Keep the top longer so you can pull the front back and the back front. This is a fun and artsy look that can be casual or fancy. Don’t be afraid to really give it some volume!

18. Meagan Good : Long Bangs with a Curved Part

Updos for Short Hair_18

This American actress and producer is all style with this long bang updo. Notice how the part curves from the side around the crown of her head to give her bangs more of an asymmetrical look. You may want to start by curling your hair and brushing through it to give you more control. This is a party look that can also work for business!

19. Lily Collins : Deep Side Part Tucked Behind The Ears

Updos for Short Hair_19-1 Updos for Short Hair_19-2

This successful and young British American actress from movies like Mirror Mirror has an adorable boy cut with long tresses on top. Go for the deep side part and then tuck it behind your ears on both sides to show off those thick eyebrows and open up your face. This is one of our favorite looks!

20. Kirsten Dunst : Platinum Blonde Loosely Pulled Back

Updos for Short Hair_20-1 Updos for Short Hair_20-2

Spiderman actress Kirsten Dunst has a free and soft updo which is good for shoulder length short hair. She’s added curls and then loosely pinned them back to the side at the nape of her neck. The asymmetrical look is big this year and we love how she left one side heavy and draped with those delicious platinum curls. Don’t feel like you have to perfectly place each hair and add a fun accessory to finish the look.

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