40 Best Updos for Short Hair

By on June 26, 2015
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 Alright ladies if you’re bored with your hairstyle we have collected the hottest updo’s for shorter hair worn by the top celebrities and fashion icons. You are going to love trying out some of these artsy and sophisticated looks to spice up your summer and invite in the fall. These inspiring and unique looks might inspire you to find love, rekindle with your beau or start getting more into hosting parties or a social life! Creativity is inspiring and we hope this collection of updo’s brings something special into your life. So check out these great looks worn by awesome celebrities we adore like Scarlett Johanssen, Gwen Stefani and Halle Berry plus so many more!


1. Jennifer Lawrence : Blown Back with Volume

Updos for Short Hair_01

Actress Jennifer Lawrence looks mature and older with this blown back updo for short hair. We love the two tones in her hair to create fun contrast. Use a round brush and firm hold styling spray and blow dry your hair up away from your scalp and back. If you have heavy hair or its a windy day, a few rhinestone bobby pins can be cute like Dharma used to wear on Dharma and Greg.

2. Rihanna : Shaved Sides With Top Curls

Updos for Short Hair_02

If you want your eyes to pop like sexy singer Rihanna, go for a dark hair color with shaved sides and a long top. There are lots of fun things you can do with the top mohawk. We like how Rihanna has hers in separate curls and chose natural makeup colors with large bold earrings. This is a great look to help you stand out from the crowd and show you are unique!

3. Scarlett Johansson : Ash Blonde with One Side Shaved

Updos for Short Hair_03

We like this free spirit look on the awe inspiring actress Scarlett Johanssen. The ash blonde color mixed with platinum already gives movement to her hair and then you can get the volume with a round brush and blow dryer.

4. Kristen Stewart : Sides Combed Back with Top Curls

Updos for Short Hair_04

If you aren’t up for shaving the side of your head not to worry. You can follow this fashionable style with chocolate brown hair and just comb the sides of your hair back. Add dramatic eye makeup and separated curls on top for a high fashion party look!

5. Keira Knightley : Soft Princess Braid with Halo

Updos for Short Hair_05

The gorgeous actress Kiera Knightley is just stunning with her flower head band and french braid creating a crown. Notice how it’s loosely braided and you can use bobby pins to keep things up. If you have really straight hair, try curling your hair first to make it more manageable and add some hair spray. This is a great look for special events!

6. Zoe Saldana : Twisted Chignon with Top Poof

Updos for Short Hair_06-1

You don’t have to have long hair to give yourself and updo and actress Zoe Saldana is a perfect example of this. Start with a side part and have bobby pins and hair spray handy. You may also want to use molding puddy. Twist your hair up and inward all the way around to the lower side of your neck where you create a bun. Secure the hair with pins and pull some hair out on top to give yourself extra volume. Add hair accessories if you’d like and you have a very timeless and sophisticated style. This is artsy and mature but also mysterious and seductive.

Updos for Short Hair_06-2
7. Gwen Stefani : Butter Blonde Pinup Style

Updos for Short Hair_07

Designer and singer Gwen Stefani is killing it with this rockstar pinup girl look. We love the bold color choice of butter blonde and you can achieve this look without too much effort. If you pull all your hair up to the top of your head, separate pieces to curl and pin it all in place. Bring the sides of your hair back and twist them up. This look is bold and beautiful!

8. Charlize Theron : Bouffant with Loose French Braids on Sides

Updos for Short Hair_08-1

Updos for Short Hair_08-2

This darling South African actress from movies like Sweet November and Lucy is a total Hollywood heartthrob with this loose and voluminous blonde updo. She’s made a beehive on top and then loose braided the sides of her hair back and up. If you have thick and slippery straight hair, start by curling your hair, brush through it and add a little molding balm and hair spray. Use discreet bobby pins and you’ll be runway ready in no time!

9. Anne Hathaway : Pixie Boycut with Bangs

Updos for Short Hair_09-1

Updos for Short Hair_09-2

We adore this side parted pixie with bangs on actress Anne Hathaway. It makes her look young and playful and we love short hair with a high neck line top. We love how well dark blue goes with her brown locks and don’t forget to make the hair messy to give it movement and volume!

10. Halle Berry : Curl the Top with Highlights

Updos for Short Hair_10

Sexy James Bond actress Halle Berry has no trouble looking like a movie star with this knock out short hair updo. You can use a small curling iron to get your hair to curl and feel free to spray away to get that volume to stay! This is great for hot times of the year or hot climates because it will keep you feeling and looking cool!

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