60 Best Updos for Medium Hair

By on July 4, 2015

Having medium-length hair is great for experimenting with various updos and interesting hairstyles, it combines the easiness and bold looks of short hair and the versatility and feminine looks of long hair. If you are a fan of trying on new hairstyles for yourself rather frequently without too much effort (or with some effort but less hassle than long hair would require), medium hair length is the best. These 60 celebrities medium hair updos are truly inspirational and easy to replicate by yourself or with a help of your stylist, and they look great. Choose some styles that would fit the best your hair structure and color and your face shape and you all are ready to impress. 

1. Jennifer Lawrence: cool and casual. 

Updos for Medium Hair_01

We can’t really see here but this seemingly easy high updo has a braid in the back, which adds a new interesting twist to the whole image. Jennifer Lawrence is the master of being hip and chic while keeping her natural looks intact. This style is perfect for women with impeccable facial features and most face shapes. The great thing about this style that is will last for a long time and in most weather conditions. 

2. Selena Gomez: cute and girly. 

Updos for Medium Hair_02

This cute hairstyle would be an excellent choice for young women and teenage girls who need to style their hair somehow and would like to look sophisticated and chic without the hairstyle adding extra years to the appearance. Add some styling products to your side bangs to keep them silky smooth, while keeping the back a curly mess. Cute and nice choice for back to school hairdo. 

3. Katy Perry: retro glamour. 

Updos for Medium Hair_03

This chic chignon that Katy Perry is showing off here would not look even close to what it does in this photo if not for the golden thin headband. The result is super sleek and glitzy, and brings back the memories of Hollywood golden age. The hairdo is anything but casual so wear it only on a special occasion, like a wedding (when you are a bridesmaid or even the bride) or a gala. 

4. Scarlett Johansson: rustic princess. 

Updos for Medium Hair_04

This braided updo looks very innocent and chic at the same time, and it would be a wonderful option for a prom. Scarlett Johansson wore her hair in a sweet rustic Heidi braid while attending the European premiere of ‘The Avengers, and it is in top most wanted braided hairdos ever. 

5. Emma Watson: faux bob. 

Updos for Medium Hair_05

This faux bob hairstyle is an excellent way to try on a shorter hairdo without cutting your precious locks off. It does require quite a bit of patience and perseverance but the final result is definitely worth it. It draws attention to the decollete area so make sure this area is free of imperfections. Here is an instruction of how to recreate this sleek hairdo. Begin by blow-drying your hair with a round brush to create volume. Then part your hair slightly over one side for a swept-over romantic style and tuck your hair underneath. Secure the hair with bobby pins at the top of your neck. Smooth your hair back behind your ears, secure with a large hair pin and hold in place with hairspray.
Finish off the fake bob with some shine spray and you are all set for your special occasion in a retro style. 

6. Kristen Stewart: volume is everything. 

Updos for Medium Hair_06

Kristen Stewart is quite feminine even with a simple hairstyle, and more so with this feminine braided updo that brings out the best of her eyes and neck area. The hairstyle she chose here is very cute, though chic and stylish, and leaves us all wanting to see the back of this hairdo. Simple and casual style is great for many occasions and is quite easy to replicate with some bobby pins, big round brush for the volume and strong hold hair spray. 

7. Emma Stone: simplicity in its best. 

Updos for Medium Hair_07-1 Updos for Medium Hair_07-2

Emma Stone’s upstyle looks sleeky simple at first glance until you see the back of of this stunning updo, which is twisted and pinned to the head to create this interesting shape. It works great for those with naturally long locks looking for a style that will turn heads at any special occasion. Keep in mind that this hairstyle needs up to two hours of styling time. But as a reward for all your time and effort it will survive all weather conditions and even most hot parties. 

8. Kristen Bell: natural updo. 

Updos for Medium Hair_08

Kristen Bell wears her hair in a elegant bobby pin updo that looks natural and simple but at the same time sophisticated and stunning. This hairstyle softens the facial features, making the whole look romantic and sweet, and would be great as a prom choice hairstyle. The versatility of this hairdo allows women of all ages to wear it with style and dignity as it is classical and timeless style. 

9. Cameron Diaz: sex hair. 

Updos for Medium Hair_09

Cameron Diaz shocked the world when the iconic blond actress debuted this edgy, jet-black hairstyle. And guess what: we loved it! It makes great contrast with her bright blue eyes and her easy messy hairstyle adds to the whole image of a hot girl. This updo will go well anywhere- the beach, the office, the party, or a special occasion, just do not forget to smile!

10. Keira Knightley: low bun is sexy. 

Updos for Medium Hair_10-1 Updos for Medium Hair_10-2

This stunning updo is an excellent option for women with medium wavy hair who would like to bring out the best of their hair structure without changing it completely. It is styled with the fingers to keep the locks wavy and neat at the same time, and the low twisted bun keeps it sexy. 

11. Rita Ora: out of the shower. 

Updos for Medium Hair_11

Rita Ora has used lots of hair mousse and gel to keep her hair looking wet and sleeky smooth. It is one of the easiest hairstyles to replicate but you need to have a right face shape to pull it off. Basically it works the best with the oval shaped face where all the features are very proportionate. And do not forget bright makeup to keep the whole look distinct and visible, if you don’t want to look completely out of the shower. 

12. Jessica Alba: order in chaos. 

Updos for Medium Hair_12

This casual soft finger waves that Jessica Alba is showing off in this photo look casual and simple to make. And indeed this hairstyle does not require any degree in hair styling and minimum time and effort. It works well for naturally wavy hair as it lets the waves stay as they are. 

13. Amber Heard: locks up. 

Updos for Medium Hair_13

This curly highlighted mane is pulled back and pinned up into this fabulous hairdo best suited to compliment a round face. This updo hair style is great to wear to any special occasion and needs some time to create. The look is perfect for a special occasion. Can be an excellent hairstyle idea for a wedding as it keeps things natural and innocent. 

14. Olivia Wilde: loosen up. 

Updos for Medium Hair_14-1

Updos for Medium Hair_14-2

Olivia Wilde was certainly rocking that pregnancy glow in the photos above, but it was her hair that caught our attention the most. The actress’s complex twisted updo mixed just the just right amount of volume, a slight naturally looking wave and lots of shine. The result is ultimate hair perfection. 

15. Jessica Biel: semi-formal upstyle. 

Updos for Medium Hair_15

This gorgeous brunette mane is pulled back and pinned to the back of the head to create this formal updo, which is the perfect look to turn heads at any special occasion. This particular hairstyle works best on thin hair which is easy to style. And it will need some product for hold and shine. Besides all this wonderful things, one thing that is extremely good about this hairdo is that it is ageless and will benefit women of any age from 18 to 75.

16. Gwen Stefani: French twist. 

Updos for Medium Hair_16-1

Updos for Medium Hair_16-2

No doubt everyone is loving Gwen’s French Twist. Thisupdo can be casual or formal, all depending on how neat or messy you leave it. It is quite easy to recreate and here is how: start with day old hair as you’ll have some texture in your hair and it will be easier to manage. Use dry shampoo to really boost the texture of your roots. Spray throughout your roots and even the mid-lengths to create body and texture. Use a light hairspray for a little hold. Mist over all and shake up with your hands to really create volume and movement. Section out the crown and front area and pin to one side.Sweep the sides and back together and then twist upwards and pin.  Take the top section, brush lightly, then brush it to the back. Loosen the hairline a little with your fingers to work suits your face shape.  To finish, add a little shine all over and you are ready to shine just like Gwen Stefani does here in this photos. 

17. Charlize Theron: wrapped bun. 

Updos for Medium Hair_17-1 Updos for Medium Hair_17-2

This elegant low bun is easy to achieve with just the help of some bobby pins and hair lacquer. It looks especially stunning and elegant on light blonde hair with thin texture, just like Charlize’s hair here. The back of the hairdo is very simple, though not simplistic at all, while the front long wavy side fringe frames the face in a nice way, making the whole look more elegant and sophisticated. 

18. Anne Hathaway: pixie updo.  

Updos for Medium Hair_18

Anne Hathaway can be easily recognized for her boyish looks and her giant gazelle eyes. Even the time when her hair was medium long, she still managed to preserve this innocent tomboy appearance by pulling her hair back and up into a formal updo. She managed to do so by leaving her face open with no bangs or loose locks whatsoever. Try this hairstyle if you feel like being a tomboy for one night without cutting off your hair. 

19. Rachel McAdams: chic and stylish. 

Updos for Medium Hair_19 Updos for Medium Hair_19-2

Beautiful caramel swirls and a smooth, angled fringe make a wonderful creative contrast in this trendy formal-casual look. Rachel’s hair has a slightly off-center parting, with an asymmetric, side-swept fringe. The careful definition of the locks keeps the long fringe light and really accentuates her eyes, which we must admit, are stunning. The French Pleat chignon at the back is smooth and the long hair around the crown forms a fabulous swirl of lightly highlighted caramel and honey waves. The waves are slightly tousled, to show that this amazing evening hairdo is trendy and hip. 

20. Hilary Duff: gigantic messy bun. 

Updos for Medium Hair_20

This fun updo looks like a caramel cupcake, or an ice-cream and while being fun and hip, it still is elegant and somewhat chic. It does not require much effort or time to create and can be both casual and formal, depending on the amount of hair styling products you applied. The great thing about it is that it elevates the whole look and makes it more airy and light. 

21. Reese Witherspoon

Updos for Medium Hair_21

This nice and cute updo looks great on women trying to create a romantic innocent look, thanks to its loose strands and nonchalant appearance, when it seems that all the actress did was pulled the hair together into some hairdo and it just turned out great the way it was. This style requires very little makeup, since we are talking innocence here, and will go well with a chiffon romantic dress. 

22. Emily Blunt

Updos for Medium Hair_22-1 Updos for Medium Hair_22-2

Emily Blunt ditches her usual long naturally hanging hair for this complicated updo and we love her starting this sophisticated trend of braided milkmaid hair. It works as a great alternative to stiff braided hair and keeps the things natural while still elegant and sophisticated. The actress emphasized her soft delicate features with a side part and two french braids that meet in a twist at the back of her head. 

23. Adele: royal look. 

Updos for Medium Hair_23

Adele is striking us again with this royal hairstyle, when the simple hairdo raises on a new level of sophistication and refinery. The secret to this hairdo is leaving it a bit loose to keep the movement and at the same time keep it shapely and organized. 

24. Katherine Heigl: elegant volume. 

Updos for Medium Hair_24

Katherine Heigl’s bobby pinned hairdo is the embodiment of elegance and chic. In the back it is done in a complicated twist, but it does not matter much because here the front part is the one that will keep all eyes on you. To achieve this volume use a big round hairbrush and your fingers and a lot of styling products to keep the volume up all night. 

25. Katie Holmes: cute and elegant. 

Updos for Medium Hair_25

These brown locks are pulled up, twisted and pinned to the crown to create this low-fuss hairstyle best suited to balance out a round face. This hairstyle is easy to create at home and perfect for those with fine to medium hair. Product is needed to keep this style in place and the whole process does not take more than half an hour. The result is cute and elegant. 

26. Christina Hendricks: side bun. 

Updos for Medium Hair_26

Christina Hendricks pulled her gorgeous bright hair into a side low bun, while keeping the parting usual and sleek. This structure helps to keep the hair in place while letting it be arranged into an elegant hairdo. Casual-formal updo works best on straight or wavy hair. 

27. Rose Byrne: pageboy chic. 

Updos for Medium Hair_27

Everyone can recognize Rose Byrne’s bangs, which gives her an appearance of a cute pageboy, but here she took onto a completely new elevated level by maximizing its length. Her more severe blunt line goes across her eyebrows and it is truly a shame she is hiding her gorgeous eyebrows. Anyway, this updo will work the best for women with heavier more distinctive features as it makes them visually smaller and finer. 

28. Lena Headey: simply fabulous. 

Updos for Medium Hair_28

Lena looks great with this simple and at the same time soft hairstyle. Her hair is pulled back and all we can see from the front is just her side swept sleeky bangs. Try this updo only if you have proportional facial features as its simplicity draws all the attention to the face. 

29. Ashley Benson: cute and cheeky. 

Updos for Medium Hair_29

This pretty little liar is pulling off her cheeky role again with this cute hairstyle. The difference in length and textures is what makes this updo very attractive and charming. Ashley Benson pulled up her front strands in somewhat messy way but used plenty of hairstyling products to keep it all in place. An excellent choice of a formal-casual hairdo for younger women. 

30. Sophia Bush: 

Updos for Medium Hair_30

Sophia Bush’s glossy locks are smoothed back and onto one side, twisted into a know and pinned to the head to create this formal updo. The top is also parted to the side and smoothed down making it perfect to compliment a long face. This is a great hairstyle for any occasion and can be easily replicated at home and works well on most hair types. 

31. Kate Winslet: bobby pinned updo. 

Updos for Medium Hair_31-1 Updos for Medium Hair_31-2

This bobby pinned updo brings back the era of golden age Hollywood femininity and elegance. This is not the easiest updo to make and it requires certain attire and attitude, and probably certain maturity as well, but the result is worth it as it will make you look truly stunning and will make sure all eyes are on you. 

32. Lily Collins: effortless sixties. 

Updos for Medium Hair_32

Lily Collins bouffant updo looks nonchalant and effortlessly brings back the 60’s. She paired her swept-back bouffant with a simple cat-eye flick of liner, flawless dewy skin and the obligatory neutral lip colour. Black ribbon holds it all together. 

33. Kirsten Dunst: Boho chic. 

Updos for Medium Hair_33-1

Updos for Medium Hair_33-2

Kirsten Dunst strikes us again with this carefree rustic style bohemian updo. The hair is parted evenly in the middle and each part is rolled up in a nonchalant manner using bobby pins. The hairdo would look very casual if not for the flower headband the actress uses here for some Boho sophisticated touch. Good choice for an outdoor wedding or any other formal outdoor event when the world is blooming and the sun is shining bright. 

34. Isla Fisher: girl on fire. 

Updos for Medium Hair_34

The gorgeous ginger celebrity is shining with this uncomplicated updo. Her hair is the focal point of her whole look and we totally love it! She keeps her locks naturally wavy on the sides and silky smooth on top of her head. Looks amazing, although with this hair color you can pull off literally any hairdo. 

35. Kelly Clarkson: 

Updos for Medium Hair_35-1 Updos for Medium Hair_35-2

This unique and quite distinctive hairstyle looks stunning on women with heavier facial features. The key to success here is the contrast between curly back and smooth front of this updo. Make the curls really tight with the help of hot rollers, while smoothing the front strands with a hairdryer and anti-frizz mousse. Don’t forget about the shiny hairspray for some ultimate shine and gloss. 

36. Ginnifer Goodwin: adorable finger-wave. 

Updos for Medium Hair_36

Ginnifer Goodwin’s petite dark wavy updo looks so soft in her gorgeous finger wave, a style made popular over ninety decades ago that is still delivering quite a punch even in our times. Her long dark eyelashes have a wave of their own and it makes a nice combination with her hairstyle.  

37. Cobie Smulders: messy side. 

Updos for Medium Hair_37

Cobie Smulders medium messy waves looks very charming here, as the style adds some tomboyish touch to her looks and makes her look innocent and naive. A perfect option for women with naturally wavy hair who would like to keep the waves in place without using too much styling product. Pulling the hair onto one side is what gives this otherwise casual updo a more elegant look. 

38. Alexis Bledel: gothic touch. 

Updos for Medium Hair_38

Alexis Bledel strikes us with her overall combination of bright blue eyes, porcelain skin and black licorice hair. With all this, she can afford having a very simple updo, as it does not to be the main focus point of her image. However, her hairstyle is worth noticing as its simplicity lets it be a perfect choice for both a casual gathering and a formal gala. Pull your hair back in a pony tail, braid it, and tuck the braids in an free mode. To add more complicity, part the hair before into two uneven parts, make a little braid on one side and tuck it into your pony tail. 

39. Rashida Jones: trendsetter. 

Updos for Medium Hair_39

Rashida Jones boldly sets trends instead of following them, sporting a softly bobbed style and blunt bangs. The hairdo is very easy to recreate and is quite low-maintenance as well.  All you need is some nourishing oil to wet hair before blow-drying for the shiniest results. 

40. Lucy Liu: retro chic. 

Updos for Medium Hair_40-1 Updos for Medium Hair_40-2

Lucy Liu is sporting a chic and elegant hairstyle for medium length Asian hair and it looks incredibly stunning. The hair is parted in the middle and styled into a complicated updo in retro style. The face is left open, which is good, otherwise it would be too busy overall. Lucy’s black and white dress matches perfectly well her retro chic hairstyle. 

41. Jennifer Connelly: high elegance. 

Updos for Medium Hair_41

Jennifer Connelly pulled her bangs to the back and pinned it in a certain way to assure the volume necessary for a more elegant and chic look. This hairstyle is easy to make and the effect is stunning. The key to pulling it off is smoky eyes and dark eyebrows, that it, put the accent on your eyes rather than your lips and you are the ultimate elegance trendsetter. 

42. Naomi Watts: bedhead waves. 

Updos for Medium Hair_42-1 Updos for Medium Hair_42-2

Naomi Watts finally masters her upstyle and we can’t be more content with what we see in the photos above. The actress loves changing her hairstyles, while still keeping her golden color, and here she sports cute and natural bedhead waves. The natural makeup compliments her peach skin tone and her all-natural looks. The updo might be a bit tricky to master because of the thin line between organized bed hair and bed hair that is not neat, so be careful when trying to copy this hairstyle. 

43. Anna Paquin: complicated braids. 

Updos for Medium Hair_43

Anna Paquin attended a fancy party wearing a crisscrossed hairstyle. Her hair we see here is half milkmaid braid, half twisted hairstyle, making it a unique take on red-carpet style. For her makeup, Anna wore a winged eye shadow that gave the illusion of ultralong lashes, and the right choice of makeup compliments her hairdo just perfectly. 

44. Brittany Snow: modern romance. 

Updos for Medium Hair_44-1 Updos for Medium Hair_44-2

Talk about lack of complicated updos and outfits nowadays! Brittany Snow proves us all wrong and shows that modern days and romance and dreams can co-exist in harmony when you have the right attitude. Her complicated romantic updo makes everyone regret the age of minimalism and dream of Bronte sisters’ times. This updo is a perfect illustration of how appearances also migth be deceiving. Her updo front looks normal, nothing complicated, just waves laid out naturally. But as she turns her back to us, we see a whole different universe of braids and waves. All this goes pretty well with her light blue puritan gown and little makeup. Hairdo is worth the try and will look good on thicker wavy hair. 

45. Ashley Judd: it’s all about height. 

Updos for Medium Hair_45-1 Updos for Medium Hair_45-2

Ashley Judd hairdo looks gorgeous and will be a great fit for older women with good facial features. The lift and the focus on the top of the head balances out the round face and suits most hair types. All you need to do is pull your hair up into a high pony tail, then part the strands and give them some shape using a curly iron. Arrange the locks in whatever you like best and use hairspray to fix the final result. And of course do not leave out a shiny spray for some glitz and shine. 

46. Diane Kruger: retro faux bob. 

Updos for Medium Hair_46

Diane Kruger goes retro with this smooth faux bob hairdo. It would look absolutely ordinary if not for the hairpins who are a significant part of the whole retro star image. They also have a functional role by holding the side strand in place and assuring its curl stays in place. 

47. Claire Danes: casual-formal. 

Updos for Medium Hair_47-1 Updos for Medium Hair_47-2

This magnificent updo is teased at the roots to achieve height and lift while the length is pulled back dressed into a chignon for a stunning finish. This hairstyle is best suited for those with round face shapes and will need product for hold and shine.It looks casual because of the lower bun though formal thanks to the tousled roots.  Complete the look with a few tendrils to frame the face. Claire Danes finished off the look with glowing porcelain skin and a loose medium to low bun. 

48. Nicole Richie: pin it back. 

Updos for Medium Hair_48

The best thing about this hairstyle that makes it so outstanding is the way Nicole Richie manages her bangs. She basically pins it back after having tousled it for some volume. The embodiment of the elegance is what we see as the final result. 

49. Gemma Arterton: messy updo. 

Updos for Medium Hair_49

Gemma always looks joyous and happy and this messy sex hairdo suits her image just perfectly. This hairstyle is great for women with curly or wavy hair who prefer natural styles and are lively and joyful. 

50. Kelly Osbourne: punk rock. 

Updos for Medium Hair_50

This hairstyle is for the boldest bravest women out there who are not afraid to make a statement. Kelly Osbourne proves that being unique is hard work. With her hair done in two french braids that coiled into a bun, Kelly added some serious edge with a set of spiked headpieces that curved around the side of her head. The makeup she uses matches the hues of her dress, with a sparkling silver across her eyes. 

51. Jennifer Lawrence: classic chignon. 

Updos for Medium Hair_51

Jennifer Lawrence highlighted strands are pulled back, twisted and pinned to the back of the head to create this casual updo best suited for those with fine to medium hair. The long side bangs are left out to fall freely to the side to soften the face and it complete the overall look magnificently. This style will last long in most weather conditions. 

52. Selena Gomez: wavy bob. 

Updos for Medium Hair_52

Selena Gomez looks super cute with this faux bob that brings out the best of her naturally thick wavy hair. Again, as already pointed previously for other celebrities with faux bob, this hairdo is a great way to experience a short hairstyle without actually cutting off your hair. The waves add some playfulness and emphasize the singer’s young age. 

53. Katy Perry:bubblegum locks. 

Updos for Medium Hair_53

The celebrity is notorious for changing her hair styles and colors all the time, and sometimes the change is quite drastic, like, for instance, when she went all pink in 2011. Well, pink hair is still hot and the hairstylists hardly manage to have all shades of bubblegum dyes in stock. The updo here is really an up-do with it’s heights brought to the extreme and a crystal accessory decorating this whole magnificent structure.  

54. Scarlett Johansson: uptight retro. 

Updos for Medium Hair_54

Scarlett Johansson is going all retro again with this uptight hairdo where all her hair is being pulled back in complicated twists. This hairstyle probably works best for older women as it requires some sort of sophistication and innate elegance, so go for it only if you are absolutely sure you can walk with grace and dignity and smile with serenity. 

55. Emma Watson: take it easy. 

Updos for Medium Hair_55

Emma Watson decided to take it easy with this uncomplicated casual hairdo. It basically is an ordinary pony tail, tucked in one more time with some loose strands out. Great choice for young and beautiful girls who do not want to complicated their lives and hair and are still happy with what the nature has given them. 

56. Emma Stone: chic chignon. 

Updos for Medium Hair_56

Emma Stone once again sports an attractive hairstyle that has both timeless elegance and modern chic.
It is a smart way of creating a chignon on a chin-length bob. From an asymmetric side parting the hair is lightly brushed back from the top, creating attractive, natural height. The hair is secured with hairgrips or bobby pins, then styled under and sprayed to keep it in place. Then, the hair from one side is formed into a contrasting, decorative section which adds lots of chic and stylish sophistication. The subtly blended highlights contribute to the amazing texture and movement in this creative look. 

57. Cameron Diaz: sexy bed hair. 

Updos for Medium Hair_57

The actress is a master of sexy bed hairstyles and this photo proves it one more time. It is simple and very easy to recreate and the great thing about the updo is that there is not unique recipe for it, as it will look different each time and even if two women in the room decided to go for this upstyle, they will not look alike. The way the strands are arranged is very individual and this versatile hairdo fits most face shapes and hair textures, although it will look better on thinner hair. 

58. Jessica Biel: thick crown. 

Updos for Medium Hair_58-1 Updos for Medium Hair_58-2

Jessica Biel’s thick wavy hair create a perfect foundation for this interesting updo. Her gorgeous dark chocolate mane is pulled back leaving the roots tousled and natural and the back arranged in a chaotic order. All this creates a perfect thick crown image, which goes oh so well with Jessica’s beautiful smile and olive skin. 

59. Gwen Stefani: formal French twist. 

Updos for Medium Hair_59-1 Updos for Medium Hair_59-2

Gwen stunned everyone with another extraterrestrial updo. She styled her platinum blond coif in a soft French twist, while keeping the top part tousled up. It looks formal and quite impressive. 

60. Anne Hathaway: exquisite upstyle. 

Updos for Medium Hair_60

Anne’s waves are pinned up through the back, and to create a soft sexy outline loose strands were left to hang out. This look can easily be recreated with the right products and hot rollers or a curling iron, and it should hold well in all weather conditions. But of course it works best on curly hair. 


These 60 updos for medium hair will keep your inspiration alive and will help you choose the best style to match your hair texture and character. Which updos are your favorite? Please let us know!

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