80 Best Updos for Long Hair

By on June 23, 2015

It’s time to discover the amazing updos you can do with your long hair. Maybe this will inspire you to have a hair party with your girlfriend’s to try out some of these new looks. We have gathered the hottest long hair updos from top celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence and many more. Find the ones that you’re excited about and start thinking differently about your hair as a fun outlet for your personal creativity!

1. Kim Kardashian : The Elegant Chignon

Updos for Long Hair_01

TV reality star Kim Kardashian looks phenomenal in this her espresso colored locks that are pulled into a low chignon. This low bun is loosely twisted and then secured with some discreet bobby pins and hairspray. We love the nude pink lipstick and sparkling earings she’s added for an extra hint of elegance.

2. Jennifer Lawrence : Casual Side Bun

Updos for Long Hair_02

This beautiful and young American actress from X Men sports a casual side bun with loose flyaways to frame her face. This look is great for hair that has different tones and contrasts her sleek and fashionable black top divinely. And we just have to say, how lovely is her top?

3. Selena Gomez : Pinned Up Curls with a Side Sweep.

Updos for Long Hair_03

We love how this American actress and singer has reinvented the updo. Just because you’re pulling some up doesn’t mean you have to follow the rules. You can loosely pull up some curls and let a lot of it hang to frame your face. The looks is magic because of the intentional side sweep that is pinned up to make her look ultra feminine.

4. Taylor Swift : Sleek Ash Blonde Bouffant with Curled Bangs

Updos for Long Hair_04

This beautiful singer knows how to be fabulous with this sleek updo. It’s not as hard as it looks ladies. You’ll need some firm holding hairspray and a brush to make it look neat though. Start by teasing the top of your hair and then combing it back. Once you make a loop bun, secure it with bobby pins. You can use a round brush for the bangs and if you can do this ash blonde color, wear creams, golds and whites in your wardrobe for an added appeal.

5. Beyonce : High Ponytail with Secured Curls

Updos for Long Hair_05

Famous singer Beyonce is dazzling with this slicked back ponytail and secured curls. We love her shimmering skin, jewelry and earrings to give her a golden and goddessy appeal. Start by securing a high pony tail that is combed neatly back. Curl separate pieces of hair and secure them discreetly with pins.

6. Rihanna : Messy Birdnest Bun with Choppy Bangs

Updos for Long Hair_06

Sexy singer Rihanna is soft and feminine with this messy mocha colored birdnest bun and cat eye makeup. We love her cartilage peircing that gives her a rockstar edge. She lets her bangs be a little choppy and straight to contrast the circular shaped bun. Notice how her finely shaped brows are exposed and she’s chosen a maroon lipsick to give her that gothic appeal.

7. Scarlett Johansson : Big Teased Volume with Curls

Updos for Long Hair_07

One of the fun things about updo’s is that you can go big and do new things all the time. Actress Scarlett Johansson has used dramatic eye makeup and a head band to hold back that teased and curled mane. You can secure it with bobby pins and just let it be fabulous. This look is great for blondes with highlights and lowlights because the tones add dimension to the look.

8. Angelina Jolie : Messy Cross Over Updo with Face Framing Pieces

Updos for Long Hair_08

Knockout celebrity actress Angelina Jolie is wearing a casual updo that has criss crossed pieces on top. Cross the pieces before securing a loose looped bun. Essentially just make a ponytail but don’t pull it all the way through when you make the last loop with your hair band. You can pin up some pieces on top of your head for volume and we love the few shorter face framing pieces around the face to soften the look and her angular face.

9. Kendall Jenner : Puffed up Braid for The Mohawk Look

Updos for Long Hair_09

This American fashion model and TV personality looks so fashion savvy with this mohawk braid. She has turned the braid inward and puffed it up before spraying it. The sides are slicked back to give it some extra drama and her pointed sleeves complete this extraterrestrial look. On the back you can tuck the end of your braid back up and pin it or let it hang long. We love this look for it’s uniqueness and originality!

10. Jennifer Lopez : Top Knot Sleek Twisted Bun

Updos for Long Hair_10

Look how poised singer and actress Jennifer Lopez looks with her sleek twisted top knot. We love this for girls with ombre hair colors because the contrasting color of the bun and the hair that is pulled back is so fun. You can play up the other-wordliness of the look by using dramatic eye makeup like Jennifer has done.

11. Demi Lovato : Blonde Chignon with a Bouffant

Updos for Long Hair_11-1

Updos for Long Hair_11-2

Actress and singer Demi Lovato has a classic Hollywood look here that we absolutely adore! You could sleep in braids and then puff of the top of your hair by teasing it. Do a loose braid starting at the back of your head and twist the sides together to meet with the braid at the nape of your neck. Make a neat low twisted bun and remember to have a side part to make it extra feminine. You can pin it into place to keep it together and let it be a big bun. We love this look in blonde and ombre for the fun effect. Add a pop of red lipstick to make it ultra glamorous.

12. Mila Kunis : Draped Side Part with a Loose Updo

Updos for Long Hair_12

Beautiful actress Mila Kunis has a deep side part and it’s loosely tucked behind her ear. She’s added some volume on top which you can get by pulling your hair out of the bun you create on the back of your head. We love the deep chocolate brown color which accentuates her eyes and goes well with the nude lip color. To make the eyes pop, choose a light colored wardrobe and dark eye makeup.

13. Kaley Cuoco : Princess Side Braid Pinned Up

Updos for Long Hair_13

Comedic actress Kaley Cuoco from The Big Bang Theory looks darling in with her few pieces framing her face and the side braid that comes across her face. You can start the french braid on one side and go along the bottom of your hair all the way around. Pin the end up and you have the perfect princess updo!

14. Kristen Stewart : Loose Brown Bun with Bouffant

Updos for Long Hair_14

This is a great look for ladies with straight and thick hair. You can make a loose and casual bun on the back of your head about midway up and then pull the hair from the top to give your face a longer and more slender look.

15. Megan Fox : Ultra Sleek Bun

Updos for Long Hair_15

American actress and model Megan Fox has a unique sleek updo that is folded in on itself. We love her dark hair contrasted by emerald green earrings. If you want this look, get your bobby pins and firm hold hair spray ready as well as a hand held mirror so you can see the back and make it extra perfect!

16. Emma Stone : The Laid Down Wave with a High Bun

Updos for Long Hair_16

Actress Emma Stone has the sexy librarian look going on with her wave side part that is laying down. She has a bun on the upper middle back of her head and a soft white wardrobe and moonstone ring to pull in the light color of her hair. Notice her soft eye makeup and brow color matches her ash blonde roots. This is a great look for all occasions and very seductive.

17. Kristen Bell : Side Swept Twist with a Braid

Updos for Long Hair_17-1

Updos for Long Hair_17-2

To get the look this lovely actress Kristen Bell is killing you can start by curling your hair and giving it a good spray so it holds. Make a small braid at the back of your head to wrap around the bun you will make. Next pull it to one side and separate pieces and twist them. Finally twist a loose bun and let it hang casually. Spray and pin it for more control but let it be somewhat wild and free.

18. Blake Lively : Simple Bouffant with Flyaways

Updos for Long Hair_18-1 Updos for Long Hair_18-2

To get this awesome look twist your hair at the base of your neck and bring the twist close to your scalp up to the top of the back of your head. Turn the twist downward and pin it all in place. Be sure to spray it all and if you have slippery hair, add some holding balm to make it more manageable. To get the volume on top you can tease it and push it up. Don’t pull it too tight on the top as you twist but pull it tight on the sides.

19. Vanessa Hudgens : Messy curls with a Middle Part Updo

Updos for Long Hair_19

Disney Channel singer and actress Vanessa Hudgens looks so artsy and fun with this messy and curled updo. Try to separate piecey curls after pulling all your hair up loosely. You can pull it into a hair band in a loose bun after curling it and pull pieces out and recurl them. We also love dark hair with pink wardrobe choices for contrast!

20. Carrie Underwood : Deep Side Part Chignon

Updos for Long Hair_20

Country music star Carrie Underwood isn’t afraid to have a glamorous hairstyle. This beautiful blonde updo elongates the face and pairs well with elegant shinny earrings. Start by curling your hair and tease the top. Pull your hair back loosely to the nape of your neck and then twist it to one side and secure it with pins. Spray for the final hold and be proud of being fabulous!

21. Nina Dobrev : Side Chignon

Updos for Long Hair_21-1 Updos for Long Hair_21-2

This Bulgarian Canadian actress and model has the flapper look going on her her long curl locks pulled up to one side. Start by curling your hair and part it on the side. Let the longer side drape to frame your face and pull your bun loose so it is big. Use bobby pins that are the same color as your hair to secure it.

22. Kiera Knightley : Loose Updo with Curls and Highlights

Updos for Long Hair_22

We love this look on actress Kiera Knightley because she looks like a woman from the wild west. This look is loosely held so there is volume on the top and sides. We love her golden brown hair with blonde highlights that give her a natural sun kissed look. The soft look goes well with a white drapping wardrobe to make her look extra feminine and goddess-like.

23. Rita Ora : Dark Brows and Blonde Bouffant

Updos for Long Hair_23-1 Updos for Long Hair_23-2

Rita Ora has completed this twisted chignon low bun by bringing extra volume to the top. She’s happy to have flyaways and contrasts her bright blonde with thick dark eyebrows, long lashes and bold red lips. We think this is an artsy look you might just fall in love with if you’re looking to spice up your life and your style!

24. Jessica Alba : Classy Braided Chignon

Updos for Long Hair_24-1 Updos for Long Hair_24-2

This is quite possibly one of our favorite updos and actress Jessical Alba wears is impeccably. Start by curling and spraying your hair and then make a middle part. Take some pieces from the front and create a French braid on each side close to your head and above your ear to meat with the low chignon bun on the back of your head. Keep the bun on the back loose and big and secure it with pins and hairspray. Go for big earrings and natural makeup to look like a princess from medieval times.

25. Amber Heard : Tease the Top in Platinum

Updos for Long Hair_25-1 Updos for Long Hair_25-2

This blonde actress and model likes to have volume on top with her reverse ombre hair style. She has golden dipped platinum and we love her unique teased bouffant. The front is curled to make a bump on the front top of her head and pinned in place. Don’t be afraid to be bold and different ladies!

26. Olivia Wilde : Messy Middle Bun with Curled Pieces

Updos for Long Hair_26

If you’re in a rush this is a fun look that just needs a few middle length layers. You only have to curl the few side parted face framing pieces and pull the rest back in a messy bun. This look has contrast and opens your face to show off your eyes and lips. This can change a messy bun into a fabulous look with minimal effort! It’s great for parties and events where there might be wind or rain too because it won’t really get messed up easily.

27. Jessica Biel : Pinned Waves on Top and Long Bun

Updos for Long Hair_27-1 Updos for Long Hair_27-2

Gorgeous actress Jessical Biel is absolutely stunning with the avante gard look. Curl your hair and then pin some of the curls on top so they make waves. Make a twisted and vertical bun on the back of your head and pin it in place. This creates a dramatic profile and elongates your face. We love it with an open back or strapless wardrobe to really open your face.

28. Zoe Saldana : Curls and Color Popping Makeup

Updos for Long Hair_28

This look on American actress, producer and dancer Zoe Saldana is artsy and everything compliments each other in this look. The gold earings highlight the nude top which makes her skin look great and the purple eye shadow pops her beautiful eyes. The dark curls in a loose updo are a great finish to her sultry and eclectic sex appeal.

29. Gwen Stefani : Front Bun in Platinum

Updos for Long Hair_29-1 Updos for Long Hair_29-2

This is by far one of our favorite looks and it’s easier than it looks. We love it for solid hair colors and singer Gwen Stefani is a fashion icon that speaks for herself. This look can be achieved by twisting your hair up from the nape of the neck and close to your head. Add some holding balm and make sure you curl it first. When you get it to the top, create a circular bun and pin it to the side draping onto your forehead. You’ll be surprised how many compliments this look gets and it’s the perfect pinup girl updo.

30. Brittany Murphy : Copper Blonde Ringlets Twisted In a Chignon

Updos for Long Hair_30-1 Updos for Long Hair_30-2

The dazzling actress Brittany Murphy is working outside the box with her unique hair accessory and small ringlet curls. Give some body to the tops and sides and let some pieces frame your face. Twist the bottom or add a braid on the lower part and pull it together at the side on the nape of your neck. This is a great look to compliment ombre hair styles and solid color wardrobes. Be sure to add a color splash on the lips if you want too!

31. Miranda Kerr : Funky Twisted Bun

Updos for Long Hair_31

Hey we don’t always have a ton of time to do our hair and sometimes just making a unique twisted bun is all the fashion you will need to compliment a funky outfit. If the outfit is busy and loud, keep your hair simple and neat. You can spray it to hold the flyaways down and it will bring attention to your smile and eyes.

32. Natalie Portman : Twists to a Side Chignon

Updos for Long Hair_32-1 Updos for Long Hair_32-2

This fairytale princess look is great for a strong and beautiful actress like Natalie Portman. We love how she has softly twisted different pieces back into a twisted side bun at the nape of her neck. Notice she has some volume on top with her twists and they are pulled too tightly.

33. Charlize Theron : Side Briad to Chignon with Bouffant

Updos for Long Hair_33

Actress Charlize Theron has combined some magical elements to get this look. She has a side part with a teased bouffant and a clean side swept front. On the other side she started her clean braid and then wrapped it on the opposite side on the back like princess Leah. This look is fun and different but might be hard to keep in place if you plan on doing a lot of dancing!

34. Anne Hathaway : The Front Wave and Back Twist

Updos for Long Hair_34-1 Updos for Long Hair_34-2

This is a high fashion look that actress Anne Hathaway is pulling off successfully. Use some of the hair from the top and curl it and pin it to get the wave. Twist the back of your hair from the bottom of your neck inward and up and pin it to secure it. This creates a dramatic profile and will require a fair amount of firm hold hairspray! Have fun with it!

35. Rachel McAdams : Coppoer Bouffant with Deep Side Part

Updos for Long Hair_35

Actress Rachel McAdam’s green eyes pop with that gorgeous copper blonde color and we love the dramatic volume she’s created by teasing her hair and pulling it all to the top of her head. You can twist your hair from the back and bring it up into a high flat bun to blend with the bouffant. Notice her unique wardrobe choice which is as bold as her hair!

36. Hilary Duff : Bouffant with a Head Band

Updos for Long Hair_36

Singer and actress Hillary Duff is ready for the red carpet with this artsy flair. While this isn’t an everyday look for most people, if you work in an artistic environment, there’s no reason you can have fun and bold hair to help you get in touch with your inner creativity!

37. Bella Thorne : Choppy Bangs with Long Sides and Two Braids Pinned Up

Updos for Long Hair_37-1 Updos for Long Hair_37-2

We love this delicate and varied look for all hair colors. The multiple colors in her hair reflect the style well. We like how she has the bangs framing her face and then decided to bring to braids from the top of her head and to the side and pin them up on the back of her head. How wonderfuly unique is this look and color ladies?

38. Zooey Deschanel : Bouffant with Bangs and Bling

Updos for Long Hair_38-1 Updos for Long Hair_38-2

This is a fun updo on comedic actress Zooey Deschannel and we love her soft wardrobe and sparkling accessory. Black hair can make blue eyes really pop as can long eye last extensions! we love the bouffant on top complimented by the loose bun which can also be braided. Pin the back of the bouffant to get that double bump.

39. Julianne Hough : Messy Twisted Top Knot

Updos for Long Hair_39-1 Updos for Long Hair_39-2

This fun look has a little bit of a twist or braid leading into the high bun. Don’t worry about making it perfect and compliment it with a clean looking but funky and fancy wardrobe. This is a quick updo that can be dressed up with fancy earring and bright lipstick!

40. Eva Green : The Queen Beehive Look

Updos for Long Hair_40-1 Updos for Long Hair_40-2

Eva Green has a regal look with her high neck like with jewels, dramatic makeup and bouffant. She pulled the sides tight and twisted her hair from the bottom of her neck up. You will need bobby pins and hairspray to pull this off and notice how she is ok with flyaways and has a fun color splash of blonde on her lower roots. This dramatic and artsy look is great for all hair colors but especially for dark hair!

41. Emma Roberts : Honey Blonde Chignon with Side Swept Bang

Updos for Long Hair_41-1 Updos for Long Hair_41-2

This American actress and singer looks picturesque in her honey blonde chignon. You can achieve this look with some long bangs that are cut asymmetrically and then take a piece of hair and wrap it around your bun and pin it at the nape of your neck on the side. We love her high neck line and unique wardrobe choice to dress up this look too!

42. Nicole Kidman : Loose briads Around a Big Bun

Updos for Long Hair_42-1 Updos for Long Hair_42-2

Ever wonder how some buns have so much volume? Have you ever tried a sock bun? If you don’t have a ton of volume to your hair it can help give you some! This look will take a while but it’s majestic and totally unique. Start by creating a big bun with the under layers of your hair and then use the top layers to make loose french braids that will cover the bun. Pin and spray and you’re ready for your debut!

43. Jennifer Love Hewitt : Simply Pulled to the Side

Updos for Long Hair_43

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has classic beauty and we love how she wears her hair in a deep side part and gently gathered to the side in a low and loose bun. Notice how this elegant hair shows off her smile and the diamond earrings pair well with the sexy black gown. If your wardrobe is loud it’s nice to go simple with your hair.

44. Kate Beckinsale : Draping Curls With a Loose Bun

Updos for Long Hair_44-1 Updos for Long Hair_44-2

We love this whimsical look on English actress Kate Beckinsale. You’ll be surprised that this look is easier to achieve than it looks. Start by curling your hair and then parting it in the middle, pull it back to the middle of your head and create a loose bun so the curls on the top and sides of your head drape. Pull some pieces out of the bun and recurl them and pin them for extra body.

45. Lea Michele : Double French Braid Updo

Updos for Long Hair_45-1 Updos for Long Hair_45-2

Singer and Glee actress Lea Michelle is stunning with this updo! We love this look for weddings or events where you need to be moving around and not messing with your hair. Start with a side part and braid the front portions back and pin them up. Do the same thing with the next section and you’ll have this fabulous look!

46. Jennifer Garner : Messy Twists and Turns

Updos for Long Hair_46-1 Updos for Long Hair_46-2

Beautiful actress Jennifer Garner has purposefully created a messy and twisted look. We love how there are twists that give her extra volume on top and even a little braid on the bottom. You don’t have to think of an updo as just one bun, you can have several and they can be different sizes. If you let the hair be a little wild it will give you a whole new look!

47. Ashley Tisdale : High Top Knot Wrapped in Hair

Updos for Long Hair_47-1 Updos for Long Hair_47-2

We love how daring actress and model Ashley Tisdale is with this high and messy top knot. This is one you can do in a flash when you’re in a rush but it still stands out from the crowd. Make a high bun that points up and then wrap a chunk of your hair around the base and let the ends stick out to the side. It’s fun and great if you have a color splash in your hair too like Ashley!

48. Kerry Washington : The High Bun

Updos for Long Hair_48

Actress Kerry Washington has some great volume on the sides and top in this updo which you can get by pushing your hair forward as you’re making your bun. A high bun will open your face and allow you to show off a pair of earrings you love. We love her long lashes and the beautiful brown color of her hair. This is another updo that won’t take too long and will usually just require a thick hair band and some firm hold hairspray.

49. Alyssa Milano : Braid Wrapped Updo

Updos for Long Hair_49

This American actress and producer looks just darling in this high bun wrapped in a braid. This actually will be another quick updo that you can wear to work if you want or just for fun. Make a braid hear the top of your head and a big bun. Wrap the braid around the bun and secure it with a large hairband or pins. Add a bold necklace to dress up the look!

50. Naya Rivera : The Exaggerated Bun

Updos for Long Hair_50

This singer and actress from Glee knows how to rock something different and not give a hoot what people think. If you want to get this look, try teasing your hair and adding some controlling balm. The headband as you see she has used will help keep your hair together and of course some strong hold hairspray will be your friend to get this funky style!

51. Ellen Page : Twist it Back with Pieces to Frame the Face

Updos for Long Hair_51

This look is easy to do with damp hair that you can twist or if you have time you can curl your hair and then it might be more manageable. You can always curl the front pieces afterwards to save yourself the hassle of curling all of your hair. We love how she has some golden highlights and smokey eye makeup to complete the look!

52. Amanda Seyfried : Twisted Pieces with a Crossover

Updos for Long Hair_52-1 Updos for Long Hair_52-2

This is a fun look that actress Amanda Seyfried demonstrates so well. She looks magnificent with this high twisted bun. Notice how she’s criss crossed her hair on the top for a unique look as well. You can make a high pony tail and twist separate pieces and pin them to get this awe-inspiring look!

53. Paris Hilton : Plaited Chignon in Platinum

Updos for Long Hair_53-1 Updos for Long Hair_53-2

TV reality star and heiress Paris Hilton is positively eye catching with this platinum blonde low bun. If you sleep in braids you can achieve that wavy look or use a curling iron if your hair is naturally straight. Pin the bun to hold it in place and don’t pull your hair too close to your head so it has some nice volume.

54. Kat Dennings : Loose Librarian Updo

Updos for Long Hair_54-1 Updos for Long Hair_54-2

We love this artistic updo that makes women look like the sexy studious type. This American actress is known for her role in Sex and The City and she we love the dark espresso color she has on her hair and the dark red on her lips. Pull your hair back loosely and let some pieces fall down. You can use some molding balm to help it stay in place if you have slippery hair.

55. Leighton Meester : Curly and Messy with Volume

Updos for Long Hair_55

This American actress and singer from Gossip Girl wears this curly and messy updo so well. We like how she has a lot of volume on top and we love the darling pieces framing her face. This is a great look for dark brown hair as it give you an artsy bohemian flair!

56. Christina Hendricks : Regal Copper with Bangs and a Headband

Updos for Long Hair_56

This updo is partly successful because of that golden copper color, party because of that gorgeous gold head band and the asymetrical bangs. We love how she has curled her bangs to the side and let her curls dance around in the back part which she’s pulled up and pinned up. This look is right out of a fairytale and remember copper blonde hair is a great pair with emerald green clothing!

57. Kim Kardashian : Sleek Bun with Volume on Top

Updos for Long Hair_57

Fashion and style icon Kim Kardashian knows how to look drop dead gorgeous without doing too much with her hair. She’s simply twisted her dark colored hair into a neat bun with a little molding products and pushed the top of her hair foreward to elongate her face by adding volume on top. This updo lets her beautiful eyes and lips be seen.

58. Jennifer Lawrence : Messy Princess Braid

Updos for Long Hair_58

Jennifer Lawrence always seems to have that aura that she is from another time period and her style is a big part of her unique look. You can pull your hair back into a braid and then wrap around your head like a crown and pin it in place to get this princess look. Don’t forget to have some face framing longer pieces or bangs to soften the look.

59. Taylor Swift : Ombre Curls Updo

Updos for Long Hair_59

These neat and organized ombre curls are camera ready on singer Taylor Swift. Use a large curling iron and loosely pin up your hair so pieces fall down. This is a great way to accentuate your two tone ombre colors or to show off that sexy neck line and eyes.

60. Angelina Jolie : Loose French Braid Pinned Up

Updos for Long Hair_60

Actress and activist Angelina Jolie has a loose French braid and the fun thing about this is you can start one from the top and one from the bottom and then curl the ends and pin them up. This is a great look to show that you are elegant but also go with the flow. Remember, your hair is an extension of your personality!

61. Kendall Jenner : Long Face Framing Pieces with a High Bun

Updos for Long Hair_61

This American fashion model and TV personality looks like a true fashionista with the long chocolate brown pieces she has pulled to frame her face. This updo accentuates the eyes and makes the face look longer because of the high bun. Use some firm hold hairspray and push the bun forward to give yourself that extra volume on the top of your head.

62. Jennifer Lopez : Super Twisted and Shiny Updo

Updos for Long Hair_62

Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez is known for her sleek hairstyles and this is a unique one we love to see with all hair colors. If you have thick and long hair this will be fun to play with! Use some sculpting puddy to get control over your hair and add a shine serum. Once you get the figure eight twist in place, pin it and spray it and you’re ready for the red carpet dear!

63. Demi Lovato : Top Bird Nest in Butter Blonde

Updos for Long Hair_63

First of all how darling is this updo? We love it! Butter blonde is one of our favorite colors and you can achieve this look by pulling all your hair from the back and securing it in a ponytail on top of your head. Then take individual pieces and curl them and pin them in place to give yourself a bird nest that just oozes style and sophistication.

64. Mila Kunis : Brown Bouffant with Light Dipped Ends

Updos for Long Hair_64

Sexy actress Mila Kunis looks dazzling with this brown toned bouffant and light tips on her hair. Start by teasing your hair with a teasing comb and then fold it into a neat flat bun. She looks ultra feminine with her side part and curled chunks that frame her beautiful face. Brown hair goes well with silver and pink as she is wearing here too. Don’t be afraid to wear long lashes and natural makeup to look vibrant and healthy!

65. Kaley Cuoco : Platinum Bouffant and Messy Bun

Updos for Long Hair_65

If you’re going to be famous, you might as well be fabulous as well. Comedic actress Kaley Cuoco has some long lashes and dark eye makeup to compliment her platinum blonde bouffant. She let her bun be a little wild just like her fun and quirky personality. This is a great example of going outside the box to have fun!

66. Kristen Stewart : Zig Zag Part and Beehive

Updos for Long Hair_66

This look won’t be as hard to achieve as you might think. Curl the fronts of your hair and spray them and then zig zag your part. Tease the back top of your hair starting a few inches back and then twist the back up into a bun. Pin it in place and you’ll look like a fairy in no time! Notice how she has pulled the hair out so it’s not tight to her head.

67. Kristen Bell : Sleek Updo with a Headband

Updos for Long Hair_67-1 Updos for Long Hair_67-2

Actress Kristen Bell looks adorable with this sleek and twisted bun. She’s added a headband to keep everything in place which is a great idea to control flyaways and to just add some fun accessories. Use molding puddy to keep that twist in your bun and push the hair up on top so the headband will help create that volume that makes the face look more narrow.

68. Blake Lively : Classic Chignon in Blonde

Updos for Long Hair_68-1 Updos for Long Hair_68-2

Actress Blake Lively from Gossip Girl wears this fancy updo with style and ease. She looks so graceful with this waterfall look. You will want to basically creat a big loop and pin it up. Try spraying your hair first so you have more control then keep tucking it under until you have the volume you desire!

69. Vanessa Hudgens : Ombre Braided Pile

Updos for Long Hair_69

High School Musical actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens looks like a bohemian goddess with this piled ombre updo. She’s made a crown out of a braid and pinned all of her hair up with cascading pieces that are curled. This is a fun look to pair with an avante gard wardrobe and a big smile and we adore it.

70. Carrie Underwood : Platinum Blonde Tuck

Updos for Long Hair_70

Country music star Carrie Underwood is always bold in her hair choices. We love how she has tuck her hair from below and above to give her a nice voluminous bouffant. Use pins that match your hair color and let some pieces fall around your face. You can get a teasing comb at a beauty supply store to give you more volume if you have thin hair.

71. Nina Dobrev : Twisted Curls in a Pile

Updos for Long Hair_71

Bulgarian Canadian actress and model Nina Dobrev looks mysterious and sexy with this curly pile of goodness on her head. We love that you can’t tell how long her hair is which keeps the gentlemen guessing. Start by making tight ringlet curls and spray them then twist them up into a pile on the top of your head. Her high neck line on her wardrobe brings attention to her gorgeous eyes too.

72. Kiera Knightley : Soft and Natural Brown Chignon

Updos for Long Hair_72

This classy actress always impresses the crowd with her gentle but magnificent appearance. She uses natural makeup colors and soft natural colors in her hair and wardrobe. She is the essence of beauty and sophistication. We love how her hair looks soft as she’s carefully pulled it into a bun at the base of her neck. It shows her calm measured and sweet demeanor.

73. Jessica Alba : Fun and Loose Chignon

Updos for Long Hair_73

We love this fun and playful yet elegant look on actress Jessica Alba. Pull your hair back loosely and spray it. If you have slippery straight hair you can texturize it by curling it, teasing it and spraying it before you pull it back.

74. Amber Heard : Side Part Braid Updo

Updos for Long Hair_74

This princess look is very unique and really complimenting. Start your French braid with a large chunk of hair after you make the side part. Add some product to help you control it. Pull hair from the other side to spiral the braid on the lower side of your head. Then pull some pieces out to soften the look.

75. Jessica Biel : Sleek Bun With Bangs

Updos for Long Hair_75

This is a high fashion look that actress Jessica Biel is absolutely rocking. The bangs are thick and curled in a little bit and the bun is perfectly tucked and combed so there are no flyaways or messiness. She looks like a magazine model with this fun updo and we love it for work or parties! Use a fine tooth comb to get the hair to behave.

76. Zoe Saldana : Messy Middle Bun with Height On Top

Updos for Long Hair_76

This is a great look to make your face look more thin. If you have dark hair you can make a messy middle bun and pull the pieces out some to make it bigger. Pin it in place and pull the hair forward on top to elongate your face. We love how celebrities are wearing height neck lines with updos for an extra fashion flair!

77. Brittany Murphy : Honey Gold Hollywood Glamor Updo

Updos for Long Hair_77-1 Updos for Long Hair_77-2

Brittany Murphy is a famous actress that knows how to look like a star. Her honey blonde hair is so darling in this side parted chignon. We love the gold orange dress with her honey blonde hair. Remember that an updo is just as sexy low on your neck and gives a different vibe. This vibe is more mature but allows her to incorporate lots of fun colors.

78. Natalie Portman : Low Bun with a Top Poof

Updos for Long Hair_78

Classic and stylish actress Natalie Portman looks like a high fashion model with her low ash brown colored bun and added volume on top. We love the dark smokey eyes and vibrant blue wardrobe. You can make and ‘X’ with bobby pins on the top of your head to get the poof she’s wearing so well here.

79. Charlize Theron : Upturned Twist in Blonde with Lowlights

Updos for Long Hair_79

Actress Charlize Theron has a classic upturned twist that is tucked in at the back of her head. It creates a halo that brings attention to the eyes and creates a beautiful side profile. Get the hairspray ready and pin it to keep it in place. We love this look for fancy events where you don’t want to worry about the wind messing up your game!

80. Bella Thorne : Copper Bun with Bangs and Blonde Hightlights

Updos for Long Hair_80-1 Updos for Long Hair_80-2

This high bun on Bella Thorne makes her already thin frame look even more thin. She has added a fun accessory and some different copper and blonde colors in her hair for fun. Notice how she’s pushed the bun forward to make more of a poof and contrast to the bangs. She’s pulled down some pieces so it doesn’t look to planned out and shows she’s still flexible and open minded.

Hopefully you are now inspired to try some of these exciting hairstyles and maybe you’re even now looking forward to your next event more so you can unleash your creativity!  Remember your hair can be a fun extension of your personality and a great creative outlet for you. Don’t be afraid to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things, you never know what conversations it might start or what other fun activities you’ll be inspired to try!

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