20 Undercut Hairstyles For Women

By on August 2, 2018

Growing up means lots of things. Like paying bills that you don’t want to pay and getting things like rental insurance. But don’t worry! There are some perks to becoming an adult. You can finally start doing the things that you want to without explaining them to anybody. Like changing your look completely! You can finally go do something out of the box and get a little creative. Maybe you’ve been yearning to change things up for awhile. Maybe you’ve been itching to become the unique person you are on the inside AND the outside. 

And what’s a more perfect way to do that than by doing something crazy with your hair?! 

Undercuts are stylish, edgy and creative. And they are a great hairstyle to choose if you really want to make a statement about who you are and what you like! 

You might think that the OG undercut just isn’t for you. Which is totally fine, because there are TONS of different designs, hairstyles and coloring option to make your undercut really stand out. 

Here are the 20 best undercut hairstyles for women that we could find! 

Hidden Undercut


So maybe you aren’t ready to let your undercut be seen by everybody. Maybe you are just simply not prepared to listen to your grandma complain about it at the next holiday gathering. We feel you. But there are undercuts that you can have and flaunt, but hide when you need to. Take the above style for example. You can cover your undercut with your hair anytime, but pull up  your hair in a pony if you want it to be seen. This works for short and long hair!


Triangle Undercut 

There are so many designs that you can choose from when you want to get an undercut. And the best part about them? You can keep changing them up! That’s right! Every time that your hair grows out and over your old design, you can go ahead and pick out another one. This triangle design is one of the coolest ones we’ve seen! The inverted stripes really make it unique because of the contrast with the non-inverted stripes. 

Lotus Flower Design

In Buddism the lotus flower symbolizes things like purity of your mind and body. So why not show the world that you are a zen person by getting the lotus flower design shaved into your undercut? We think it is so very pretty. Lotus flowers are beautiful and they will certainly beautify your look!

Leaf Design Undercut Hairstyle

Do you call yourself a nature lover? Are you simply breathless when breathtaking scenery like trees and mountins come into your eyes view? Well, we might have found the perfect undercut hairstyle for you today! This leaf design is so cool! And it’s perfect for nature and botany lovers alike. We suggest going to a cosmotologist and having them do this, because it can be tricky to achieve this look if you are not trained properly. 

Regular Triangle Undercut

We showed you a pretty neat looking inverted triangle undercut, but now we want to show you what a regular triangle undercut would look like if you had one! This is a simple design to do and would look great for any occasion. It’s unique, but not too crazy. So it’s perfect if you are just beginning with undercuts and want to test the waters with something more simple. 

Stars And Stripes Design

We love this stars and stripes design so very, very much! It’s a great combo that you can incorporate into each side of yoru head. The stripes sit on one side of your melon, while your stars can be shaven into the other side more towards the back. This only works if you have an undercut that goes all the way around your noggin. But you can really choose to put the designs any which way that you want.

Rose Design Undercut

Flowers are so pretty. People get floral print clothing, tattoo flowers on their body and decorate their houses with flowers. All in the name of beauty! So why not get a floral design in your undercut? We like that she chose for the design to take over the entire portion of her undercut. But it would also look fabulous to choose to put a smaller scale flower or even a bunch of mini flowers!

Short Back With Design

You don’t have to shave a whole lot of your head to produce a sweet looking undercut. You can keep your undercut smaller just in case you decide you don’t waant to keep it for long. We aren’t saying that you won’t like it, but it’s easy to get bored with your current hairstyle and then you might want to try something different. Keep your undercut small means that it will be easier to hide the short hair when it starts growing out again. 

Spaceship Design Undercut Hairstyle

Do you believe that there is life on other planets? Are you a fanatic when it comes to UFOs? We’ll stop you before you go any further, because this might be the right fit for you! This spaceship design is absolutely awesome and perfect for those that are fans of extraterrestrial anything and everything! And it’s perfect if you are looking for something unique, because we can guarantee there won’t be anybody else you know walking down the street with this specific design. 

Undercut With Teal Hair

It’s okay if you are not quite a fan of the color teal, because you can pick out any color that you want to when it comes to choosing how to display your glorious undercut! We just like the idea of a vibrant color showing it off! Say goodbye to boring, normality and try something new and exciting like this!

Undercut With A Bun

So maybe you already have your undercut design picked out and now you are just in search of a cute hairstyle. And you may or may not be looking for a hairstyle that really flaunts your undercut in style. People tend to think of this specific haircut as edgy, but you can soften the look up by keep your hair in a bun like shown above. This will give off a more elegant, sophisticated vibe. 

Undercut With Curly Hair

A simple shaved side makes for a beautiful undercut. It’s clean and beautiful. But you might be looking for  way to spice things up every now and again. And if so, we suggest trying out curly hair. It will definitely give your look a boost and really make that undercut stand out even more beautifully!

Spiderweb Design Hairstyle

Want to get a little spooky with your undercut design? No problem! Just try out something like this spiderweb design shown above. It’s perfect for holidays like Halloween, but it will also look totally badass any other time of year, too. This is a really edgy, cool and interesting look to go for. But we say go for it! It’s awesome!

Mermaid Undercut 


Or maybe you are a fan of all things mystical! Like mermaids. Well, who isn’t a fan of mermaids?! Mermaid everything became pretty trendy within the last couple of years and we totally get why. They’re beautiful and the idea comes with a cool color scheme. Lots of blues and purples. So if you love everything mermaid, we say get this wonderful design in your undercut to show everyone!

Simple Undercut Hairstyle

Like we said before, you don’t need to go too crazy when it comes to getting an undercut. You can opt for a plain undercut. That might just be more your style, but there’s nothing wrong with that at all. These are the best types of undercuts! The picture shown above is one of the most popular choices when it comes to undercuts for women. 

Inverted Heart

Awh, how cute is this undercut with the inverted heart shaven inside of it!? It’s definitely a look that is out of the box and different. It might not be for everyone, but we love it anyways and we just had to put it on the list of the 20 best undercut hairstyles for women. 

Tribal Design Hairstyle 

Another unique design that you can try out on your undercut hairstyle is a tribal design. We love the complexity of this type of look! Of course, we don’t suggest having your friends try this one out on you at home. A safer bet is to have a professional do this, because it can be quite difficult to do properly if you aren’t trained right. 

Undercut With Fishtail Braid

One thing is for sure- No matter what type of design you choose (if you choose one at all) your undercut will look stunning if you add on a braid. This fishtail braid was one of our favorites and that’s why we decided to put it on this list. Whether or not you can do a fishtail braid or just a regular long braid, your undercut will be glamorous! 

Half Flower Floral Hairstyle 

We are head over heels for this super adorable design. We think everyone should try a floral design at least once if they have had an undercut hairstyle for a long period of time. And, of course, if they continue wanting to keep cool designs coming through their undercuts! 

Shaggy Hair With Undercut

Maybe you aren’t looking to change your undercut or the design that’s in (or not in) it. And that’s why we wanted to also show you what you can do with your hair. Well, the part that isn’t a part of your undercut. You can do things like curl it, as we showed you previously, but you can also do things like shown above. This would be considered a shaggy type of haircut with an undercut. And we think it’s super cool!

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