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    25 Kinky Twist Hairstyles

    By on September 20, 2015

    Is your hair overly sensitive? Is it too long or too curly? Because if that’s the case you might want to try out a kinky twist hairstyle.  Twists are versatile, chic and stylish. They look neat on women of all ages and they don’t require a lot of hair styling products to look compact and neat. If you want to stand out and highlight an original style, kinky box braids and fabulous twists are the answer. There are various amazing styles you can opt for. Here are 25 of the most amazing ones.

    1. Half Updo with Long Twists

    kinky twist hairstyle_01

    Kinky hair twists make women feel sexy. If you have long, beautiful hair then you might want to opt for this interesting braided style. The twists are classic and they go really well with your unconventional personality. Make an unforgettable impression on your closest friends and try out a one-of-a-kind hairstyle. Give up the bangs and let your beautiful face features take the lead!

    2. Oversized Twists with Hair Clips 

    kinky twist hairstyle_02

    Oversized twists can look fascinating! Make yourself an updo with half your hair and consider the most voluminous braids. Stick to smaller sized twists for the rest of the head to add more fluidity to the style. Finish up with a a couple of cool hair clips, just to make the hairdo interesting and cool. 

    3. High Bun & Long Twists

    kinky twist hairstyle_03


    Women with really long hair should find this hairstyle pretty neat. It’s tough to keep this amount of hair volume organized and stylish, although it’s not impossible either. Consider sleek twists and tie half of the hair in a high bun. Leave the other half down and feel like the sexiest woman on the planet!

    4. Kinky Twisted Bun

    kinky twist hairstyle_05

    And since we were just talking about high buns, what do you think about this sleek ballerina up-do? Twist hairstyles are in trend this season. The one in the picture above is particularly interesting. It is a perfect hairstyle for women with oval faces and prominent cheekbones. 

    5. Oversized Twist Bun

    kinky twist hairstyle_04

    Oversized buns are striking! We love the hairstyle because it exudes originality and class. Perfect for women with voluminous hair, a kinky twist bun will instantly turn people’s heads around. Wear the updo on a daily basis and let yourself be admired. 

    6. Kinky Twist Bun & Sided Fringe 

    kinky twist hairstyle_06

    Women with box braids can easily make themselves a nice sided fringe. Put your kinky twists to good use and keep a strand of long hair to make the bangs. Place it on a diagonal and wrap half your head with that extra strand. Lift the rest of your hair in a high bun and enjoy the end result.

    7. Compact Side Parted Twists 

    kinky twist hairstyle_07

    Hair twists can look incredibly sexy. If you’re not a big fan of the fringe but you still want your hair to cover some parts of your face, you could opt for this sleek side-parted hairdo. The braids are classic and the style is both easy to make and classy. It’s perfect for a summer party!

    8. Top Bun with Shaved Base

    kinky twist hairstyle_08

    Women with a prominent bone structure will adore with kinky twist hairstyle. Basically, half of your hair is tied in a really high bun. The other half (the base) is completely shaved. The hairdo is extremely structural and urban-like!

    9. High Ponytail

    kinky twist hairstyle_09

    Ponytails are hot, especially when the hair is beautifully braided. Black women with really long hair will adore the hairstyle. It is a perfect choice for the hot summer season. 

    10. Fun Twists with Girly Top Buns 

    kinky twist hairstyle_10

    Tired of the old fashioned top bun? Then how about having two? The hairstyle is both girly and practical. It is perfect for women with box braids. For an added twist to the hairdo, opt for a middle parting. Make sure the buns are placed on top of the head; and to add a little balance, loosen some of the twists and let them bounce freely. 

    11. Blonde Twists with Side Ponytail

    kinky twist hairstyle_11

    Don’t you think it’s time for a change in hair color? If you haven’t thought of blonde before, now it would be the perfect time to give it a try. Check out this amazing box braided hairdo with a sided ponytail! Those twists are just amazingly crafted.

    12. Reddish Twists 

    kinky twist hairstyle_12

    Red is a hair color that will instantly grab attention; so if you’re an outgoing type of person this hairstyle will exceed all your expectations. Consider over-sized braids and tie them in a bun to make yourself appear taller and more confident. 

    13. Sided Fringe with Sleek Updo

    kinky twist hairstyle_13

    Make your kinky twists stand out with this fascinating updo. The braids are tied in a voluminous ponytail that almost looks like an elevated bun. We also love the sided fringe too; it adds a little chicness to the whole style.

    14. Colorful Twists

    kinky twist hairstyle_14

    We love the hippie-inspired style because it’s colorful yet stylish. If you have box braids and you’d like to give the style a different allure, opt for this amazing  blue hairdo. Turned and twisted on a side, it will make you look casual yet incredibly classy. 

    15. Long Sexy Twists 

    kinky twist hairstyle_15

    Less is more, even when it comes to a hairstyle. These long kinky twists may have a simple allure; and yet there’s something about them that caught our attention. It could be because they’re complemented by the stunning face of the woman wearing them!

    16. Top Ponytail with Shaved Head

    kinky twist hairstyle_16

    This extravagant hairstyle is suitable for women with delicate facial features. For the hairdo to look good on you, you must have a perfectly round head as well as an imposing bone structure. The head is 70% shaved; only the top has sexy twists tied in a long ponytail. 

    17. Snake-Inspired Twists

    kinky twist hairstyle_17

    These cool snake-like twists are ideal for women with big hair. The style is neat and modern, perfect for the hot summer days. The braiding starts at the roots and it goes all the way until the tips. We also like the thick/thin effect created. 

    18. Urban Twist Bob

    kinky twist hairstyle_18

    This urban twist bob is meant for women with all face shapes. However, if you have a prominent forehead, the hairdo will smoothly frame your features. The kinky twists look neat; they’re perfectly braided to match with the uptown style of th wearer too. 

    19. Purplelicious 

    kinky twist hairstyle_19

    Sometimes the best hairstyle is the one that makes you shine. If you have’t tried purple braids before, now it would be an ideal time to make a change. Go for kinky twists and tie them in a bun, or leave the braids bounce free. Pair the hairstyle with your makeup, but keep things neat and classy. 

    20. Curly Twists

    kinky twist hairstyle_20

    Kinky curly twists are fun and playful. They’re ideal in the summer because they exude freshness and originality. If you’re fond of box braids but you also like curly hair, then you’ll be happy to know that you can have both. To give the style an innovative allure, go for a side parting.

    21. Thin Twists 

    kinky twist hairstyle_21


    If you’re not too fond of box braids but you still love kinky twists, you could opt for thinner braids. These are so fun and playful, not to mention that they can be styled in many different ways. Check out the picture above! The hairdo is loose and pleasant, but also fresh and effortless. 

    22. Striking Red

    kinky twist hairstyle_22

    We said it before – redheads are hot! The color is absolutely fascinating, and it goes really well on women with braids. Make your twists look more vibrant and go red. It will make you feel more confident and beautiful than ever. To make the hairstyle look complete, wear red lipstick. This will automatically make people admire your original style. 

    23. High Bun with Shaved Accents 

    kinky twist hairstyle_23

    Kinky twists tied in a bun and shaved accents on the back will make people turn heads. The hairdo is not just memorable but also stylish. Go for an interesting hair color and consider geometric cuts on the back; this will give you an instant boost of confidence. 

    24. Various Kinky Twist Styles 

    kinky twist hairstyle_24

    There’s so much you can do with your hair when you have braids. Kinky twists can be styled in various different ways. Wear the hair up in a striking bun (or two), or down on one side. Ditch the bangs and let your beautiful face features be admired by everyone you know. 

    25. Short Kinky Twists

    kinky twist hairstyle_25

    Women with short hair can have kinky twists too. It’s all about making the right choices. Pixie-like box braids are really cool. The style works really well on women with luscious lips and big eyes. If you’re one of those women, then you’d better take advantage of the hairdo. It will make you look amazing. 

    There you have it gals, 25 of the most inspirational kinky twist hairstyles! We love all of them because they exude originality, freshness and style. Box braids are cool; they add a twist to our own personality and they make us stand out from a crowd. Select the one that best matches with your character. Whether you’re more daring and you’d like a new color, or you’d rather stick to loose twists, the goal here is to feel comfortable wearing braids. 

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