The 30 Best ’70s Hairstyles

By on August 2, 2018

A lot of cool things happened in the 1970s. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory was first released, Pong was incorporated into arcades and the first reality show came out! The Beatles broke up, Leonardo Dicaprio was born (hallelujah, right?) and Saturday Night Live debuted.

Like we said, there were LOTS of cool things that happened in the ’70s, but you know what else was super cool about that decade? The hair! 1970s hair was one of the decades that hairstyles really started becoming versatile. People, especially women, were finally doing different things out of the norm with their hair. And they weren’t all copying each other. So therefore, there were a lot of different haircuts and hairstyles to choose from back then. 

The same goes for today! There are at least 30 cool 70s hairstyles we can think of showing you if you want to let your inner vintage queen out.

Whether this is for a costume, a theme party or just because you want to become a blast from the past- We have the best 70s hairstyles for you below!

Short 1970s Hairstyle

Short hair was definitely not of the norm for women just yet when it came to the 1970s. There was still a bridge to cross when it came to what was considered feminine and what wasn’t. However, you would catch looks like the one above every now and again on the street. 

Shag Haircut For Women

The 1970s introduced  a lot of different rock and roll on the music scene. And even though grunge hadn’t been born yet, it’s style was just beginning. Shag haircuts were becoming more popular among young women who wanted to come off as a little more edgy!

Crimped Hair

The hairstyles in the 1970s were of a wide range. Women were finally starting to experiment with new looks. And they were beginning to play with fire! Well, okay, maybe not actual fire, but they were starting to experiment with heat! Such as crimping!

Small Braids Pulled Back Hairstyle 

Braids were and always will be beautiful. And they were extremely popular in the ’70s decade when it came to hairstyles. Especially for those who considered themselves more of a ‘free spirit’. So if you consider yourself a free spirit and want to embody this beautiful decade, try out a look like this one!

Fringe Hairstyle


So much yes when it comes to this look, don’t you think! Fringe hairstyles were becoming more and more trendy throughout the ’70s and stayed pretty popular until the early 2000s. Again, it wasn’t quite the norm just yet, but those who were feeling riksy went for it with no regrets!

Scarf In The Hair 

Scarves wrapped around the head was a common style that you would see in the early 1970s. It was a style that was begun long before that decade, but it would only stay trendy until the mid to late 70s and the the fad would soon die off. But, we don’t see why, because it’s gorgeous!

Hair Roller Curls 

Most of you probably don’t even know what hair roller curlers are in this day and age. That’s because we are blessed to have neat technology like wands and curling irons! Hair rollers were these small tubes that women would roll up into their hair. Sometimes they would sit under heat or just leave them overnight to achieve the perfect, big curls!

Pinned Back Sides 

Albeit this was a simple style, it was very common to see women sporting it. It was easy to twist back your long locks on the sides and pin them back. But it made for an effortless, beautiful look. 

Pulled Back With Twine

We adore this 1970s hairstyle for women so very much! It’s really a great look and would totally work in the modern era, too. Women would use twine to pull their hair back for a more rustic look. And the best part? It was so simple to do! 

Ribbons In The Hair

It seems ponytails were not a commonly used commodity when it came to pulling your hair back. Women would used scarves, twine and ribbon to put their hair up. Weather you were wear using them as a headband or to put your hair in a ponytail, they would just you that extra cute style you were looking for. 

Half Poof Hairstyle

This poof hairstyle most likely originated from the beehive style. The beehive style was a very popular style in the ’60s and the ’70s. Girls everywhere started experimenting more and more until the poof was born. And we love this half poof hairstyle with our whole hearts! 

Flaired Sides

This look was definitely a favored one in the 1970s! Girls everywhere were sporting this style with pride. It was common to see this look on television and on models in magazines. 

Farrah Fawcett Hair

Farrah Fawcett… Girls wanted to be like her and guys wanted to be with her! She was a very well liked actress that debuted in the 1970s in shows like Harry O and Charlie’s Angels. No, not the Charlie’s Angels with Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore. Farrah was one of the orignal Charlie’s girls! Women everywhere wanted to be just like Farrah and took on her perfect, feathered hair!

Small Braids 

Small braids all over the hair were extremely trendy in the 1970s when it came to styling hair. This was one of the more enjoyed looks by hippies, but girls everywhere would try them out and wear them around. We think this is a perfect fit for modern day!

Long Layered Hair 

Long hair was much more preferred over short hair in the decade of the 1970s. You would see many more women with longer locks roaming the streets than you would with shorter ones. You would also see layers start becoming more liked throughout the 70s and into the 80s. 

Middle Part With Short Bangs

This was considered a more modern look at the time. Now, of course, this would be considered vintage nowadays. But back then it was a very new type of style! We like it no matter what year it is, though! So we thought that you might, too. 

Long Wavy Hair

This is another look that we would assume hair rollers would be used for. Why not a flat iron? Well, the first flat iron wasn’t invented until the 80s. So women  had to get pretty creative about how they made those lucious waves and curls. 

Blunt Hair For Women

Layers weren’t as common as blunt hair or hair of the same length was during the 70s. Women didn’t like to stray too far out of the box at this time. So you would see a lot of styles like this!

Tied Up Hairstyle 

We have shown you quite a few different options when it comes to tying your hair up and looking like you are from the sweet decade of the 1970s. But we also want to show you this style, which features  model wearing her hair tied up with a piece of fabric! 

Bandana Hairstyle For Women 

Bandanas are a piece of square cloth. They come in many different designs and colors. They were once used to prevent dust from entering your nose and lungs, but eventually became a part of fashion. Women in the 1970s would wear them as head pieces like shown in the picture above. 

The Wedge 

The wedge was one of the more acceptable types of short haircuts in the 1970s. It became known in 1974. Dorothy Hamill was one of the famous people that proudly sported this look. It is created by making sharp angled layers. 

Side Swept Bangs

Although not widely worn just yet, side swept bangs were starting to become more liked among young women. They look neat when paired with bandanas and ribbons. 

Pulled Back Poof

We already introduced you to a popular style in the 70s that was the half poof. Which featured bangs down, but a poof on the top which held half of the hair. Now we are going to show you a half poof with the bangs pulled back. This was a familiar look when it came to 1970s hairstyles for women. 

Middle Part With Long Hair

Middle parts were all the rage in the 70s. Women every where at the time had probably tried this look at least once or twice! It was simple, but it was the essence of the 1970s. 


You would definitely see a lot of the style if you could go back in time. A lot of hippies and free spirits wore bands that wrapped around their forehead to the back of their head. You might see this look often at concerts or events. 

Fringe Bangs

As bangs were taking over the world more and more each day, the fringe bang became something edgier types of women sought after. This was definitely a rock and roll look! 

Long Pigtails 

Long pigtails are adorble, but less worn today than they were back then. Women generally had long hair and they would do simplistic styles such as this one. You will see women wearing this style a lot in movies based off of the 1970s. 

Long Shag 

Shag hair was wild back then and still is now. This is a great look to try out in today’s day and age. It is essentially timeless. 

Flowers In The Hair 

Women in the 1970s would often decorate their hair with things such as real flowers. You might have seen them with one flower tucked behind their ear or you may see things such as floral crowns. This type of fashion was very popular. 

Feathered Hair 

Some feathered hair wasn’t as extreme and blown out as Farrah Fawcett. You might commonly find a more laid back look such as the one displayed above. This was probably one of the more well liked looks by women back in that time. 

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