30 Best Taylor Swift Hairstyles

By on September 17, 2015

Taylor Swift is certainly  a very girly girl — from her sweet melodies about love and relationships to her golden feminine locks. In just a few years Swift has transformed from tween superstar to a sophisticated chanteuse. And her hair has been transforming with her. Have a look at these thirty hairstyles of the country belle and maybe these looks will inspire you to find your hidden princess and set her free. Enjoy! 


1. Long bob. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_01

Taylor Swift is definitely a big fan of faux bobs, but this unique hairstyle has been taken onto a new level of sophistication and elegance. The hair has this chic sleek appearance while managing to preserve the natural waves look, so typical of this country belle. The secret to this hairstyle is accentuating the stands using hair wax. A great choice for a fancy night out. 

2. Retro star. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_02

Here Taylor Swift attends the premiere of “The Giver” at the Ziegfeld Theatre on August 11, 2014 in New York City. And it looks like she put an extra effort into her image, as it certianly looks rather appropriate for a theater premiere. Not only the young singer looks like a modernized version of a retro star, her simple red dress and classical makeup colors complete the look. Her bangs cover her whole forehead, but thanks to the side swept part, the hairstyle nonetheless looks light and dynamic. 

3. Bed hair. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_03

Taylor’s bed look here might not be her best choice ever, but still she manages to pull it off with dignity and style. The hairstyle preserves natural waves and although she used some hair-styling products to keep the naughty strands in place, the look has this sexiness of nicely managed bed hair. It is important, though, to keep the makeup impeccable to have the bed hair appearance, not the full bed look. 

4. Curly textured bob. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_04

In this photo Taylor sports a fantastic textured bob hairstyle. This magnificent choice is great for women with naturally curly hair as it allows you to keep the waves tamed while preserving their volume and structure. Try it on for a special occasion and be sure you will be the star of any event. 

5. Faux bob. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_05

Taylor’s hair is straight and sleek on the top with waves that begin at her forehead and tumble down to just below her face. Taylor’s hair has been looped under to create volume for this faux bob. A truly great idea for women with longer hair who would like to try a new length without cutting the hair off. A little tip: let a few strands out for a more romantic look. A lacy white dress adds to the whole look and makes it the embodiment of feminine grace. Natural-looking ombre makes this hairstyle even more impressive. This romantic wavy hairstyle is just perfect for wedding!

6. Long sleek. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_06

Taylor once again is trying to go against the nature with this sleeky straight hairdo. However, she still keeps the ends voluminous and slightly wavy to give a tribute to her natural curls. The hair at the top of her head is smoothed, however the lack of volume makes the singer look professional and serious. We would recommend this hairstyle for women who would like to look feminine in a professional environment without appearing flirty. 

7. Adventurous curls. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_07

These highlighted curls make the young celebrity look flirty and somewhat frivolous, but taking into consideration her age this comes out as a very good thing. Her bare-face makeup adds to the whole image of a bold adventurer who is ready to conquer the world. All she needs to do is is shake those curls and the whole world will be at her feet. 

8. Sexy side-swept ponytail. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_08

This sexy but relaxed and casual hairdo is  a great choice for prom,  a student party, or any special event involving those who are bold, young, and beautiful. This is a great hairstyle if you love having your hair over your shoulder. Make sure to keep your makeup minimal as the whole look is supposed to be carefree and excessive makeup will be in dissonance with the rest of the look. It is very easy to reproduce this side-swept low ponytail, all you need is a curling iron, bobby pins, and some good hairspray. The hairstyle works well for women with any face type, more so for those with a round face. 

9. Side volume. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_09

Here we have a different angle of a previously discussed and described hairdo. Upon closer examination, we can not but notice that this sleeky long straight hairstyle has something unique about it, that is, some side volume in the middle part. This unexpected volume makes the hairdo more interesting. 

10. Formally innocent.  
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_10

Taylor Swift proves once again that it is possible to have a formal hairstyle but still look sweet and adorable. That is achieved through the combination of a warm honey blond hair color and a romantic updo. The whole look appears very warm and soft, and is a great choice for a wedding or a prom. Thanks to the soft shades of the makeup, bare shoulders and back do produce any sexual innuendo usually associated with this type of dresses. 

11. Sexy lady. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_11

One of the richest female celebrities under 25 definitely looks so with this sexy ponytail and long straight fringe. This classic ponytail is the embodiment of wealth, power, and status. Middle-height ponytail suits girls with rectangular, square, and diamond face shapes. You can see that the singer softens her features with a few loose wispy strands, which help disguise harsh angles for a more oval look. 

12. Serious updo. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_12

Or better say “down do” which is more appropriate for this gorgeous picture. Here Taylor look older than she is but strangely enough it does not make her look worse. In fact, this hairstyle adds more maturity and seriousness to her image and suddenly makes everyone realize that she is not a little innocent girl anymore, but a true businesswoman with a net worth of $200 million. Now we talk business. Choose this hairdo when you want to emphasize your professional qualities and serious attitude towards your business partners. 

13. Rustic charm. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_13

This loose curly locks are so sweet and innocent that they almost create some sort of a dissonance with the evening gown here. Well, if you decide to use less hair styling products, the hairdo would be a perfect choice for a rustic-themed wedding. With the styling, like in the picture above, it is perfect, well, for everything!

14. Beach bleach. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_14

This adorable beach hair are a definite must-try in summer. If you are stuck at the office and missed all the sun and the fun, no worries, as you can get beach-like highlights at any salon. Also do not forget about bronzers and eyes highlighters for a more summerish effect. As for the beach waves, it’s quite easy to achieve as well- put on some hair mousse on your wet hair and braid it in two or three braids. When it dries up, your beach hair is ready. 

15. Elegant waves. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_15

If you are looking for an elegant long wavy hair style with long blunt bangs on the front, which would also put an accent onto your eyes area, search no more, as Taylor rocks this sleek hairstyle in the most elegant manner.  Taylor Swift with a little pencil dress and long dusky, blond hair is a match made in heaven. Her red lipstick emphasizes the classiness and the elegance of the look. Taylor’s long bangs cover her brows but end right above her eyes, thus bringing attention to her stunning bright blue eyes with dark lashes. This long blonde sleek and wavy hairstyle is good for women with oval and diamond face shapes.

16. Flirty innocence. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_16

In the photo above we see again Taylor’s rustic innocence hairdo but from a different angle. It is amazing how changing camera direction can completely change a person’s image, and this is a vivid example of that. Here Taylor’s looks combine flirty joy and rustic innocence. And we love her for that!

17. Hollywood star. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_17

This simple wavy updo makes Taylor look like a Hollywood superstar. The secret to the look is red lipstick and bare shoulders, but the hairstyle itself can be a very good choice for both romantic and glamorous event. 

18. Aquamarine minimalism. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_18

Even though we all know Taylor for her flirty rustic-style waves and her being the embodiment of a country girl, sometimes she surprises us with a hairstyle like the one in the photo above. Here the emphasis is on her stunning blue eyes, and her blue earrings and a blue dress enhance that. This is one of the reasons why her hairstyle is kept minimalistic and very simple. Keep this style in mind in case you are planning to enhance your appearance by the use of one color. 

19. Side-swept bangs. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_19

The beautiful singer again choose a side-swept bang to keep the focus on her eyes. This hairdo is very effective and suits most of face shapes, especially women with round and diamond face shapes. 

20. Starlet. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_20

Taylor looks like a true diva with this somewhat non-sophisticated but outstanding hairdo. The secret to this look is a slight wave added to her usual side-swept bang. The hair is straight and smooth at the top of her head but the unexpected twist makes the whole look diva-like and different. Very easy to recreate even with using any hair styling products. All you need is a curling iron and a bright red lipstick.  

21. Long curls. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_21

Natural-looking long curls frame nicely Taylor’s face giving the singer an innocent girly expression. The loose, sexy curls make Taylor Swift look exactly like the young, storytelling country singer that she is with this powerful hairstyle suited for a superstar. This sexy long blonde curly hair style with straight hair on the top and partially side-swept bangs is great for women who with oval and square face shapes.

22. Girl next door. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_22

This is a very simple girl-next-door hairstyle. If your hair is short, use some extensions to give it the desired length. And do not use a scrunchie. If you do, cover it with the hair. Use a hair straightener after pulling your hair in a low pony tail to keep it smooth and sleek. 

23. Brigitte Bardot inspired. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_23

This is one big mane! Not everyone can pull it off without looking old-fashioned, however, this artist manages to look stylish no matter what. The key to this style is lots of volume at the top and straight hair at the bottom. 

24. Long long hair. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_24

Someone might think that these endless extensions is too much but we think that Taylor Swift looks great here with this simple hairdo. If you have long hair, then just put it on one side for the desired effect and to make it look voluminous. If not- extensions extensions extensions…

25. Classic chignon. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_25-1

Taylor Swift Hairstyles_25-2

This beautiful country singer does not need a much effort for her natural beauty to shine through loud and clear. Taylor Swift retains her youthful demeanor, while radiating a mature and womanly vibe by wearing her hair this classic chignon and a simple white and black dress. It is quite simple to get the same look, all you have to do is the following: first you should part your hair on the side. Then, put the rest into a ponytail in the center of your head. Tease the ponytail a bit to create volume and then fashion your hair into a doughnut shape. Voila! A naturally beautiful look fit for a true princess! A perfect choice for a prom or a wedding. 

26. Mysterious look. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_26

This is how we all know the country belle- lots of ombre waves framing her beautiful porcelain skin. Simply stunning! 

27. Elven beauty. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_27-1

Taylor Swift Hairstyles_27-2

In the photo above Taylor Swift hairstyle makes her look like an elf, and we absolutely love it! Her hair is being pulled back in a big wavy mane, looking a bit messy in the front. The chaotic order is what keeps this look so interesting, but we know there is a lot of work behind this style. Try it for a wedding or a prom. 

28. Side-swept waves. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_28

Long (or even short) romantic waves have been widely considered to be Taylor Swift’s signature style since she wears them often in her popular music videos and at all the events. In the picture above, Taylor sports a sophisticated variation of her favorite waves, and we must admit it looks simply stunning.  Her waves are well-defined and fall down her left shoulder in a cascade of glistening ripples that play up perfectly the glint of her earrings and her unique off-the shoulder evening gown. The whole look is reminiscent of Hollywood stars of the 50’s. She finishes her look with her signature bright lipstick and well-defined eyes makeup. This is a great hair style for long hair, and it will fit great for oval and diamond face shapes. 

29. Memoirs of a geisha. 
Taylor Swift Hairstyles_29

This updo is reminiscent of oriental style and fashion and by opening her face, Taylor creates a very innocent, almost childish look. 

30. Simply elegant. 

Taylor Swift Hairstyles_30


This elegant updo is absolutely gorgeous, and will make any woman with any face shape look like a queen. 


Hope we and Taylor Swift inspired you to experiment more with your hairstyles. Which hairstyle is your favorite? Let us know!

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