20 Trendy Small Box Braids

By on September 25, 2015

Women with frizzy or really curly hair often face a challenge each time they have to style it. Intense brushing causes breaks, and in time the hair loses length and elasticity. What can they do to keep their hair looking healthy and growing naturally? A great idea is to get box braids. These are in trend and they look pretty chic too. There are numerous braided hairstyles women can go  for. Here are 20 trendy small box braids you should consider for your short hair. 

1. Braided Bun 

small box braids_01

Small box braids are so easy to style. The strands are very thin, which is the main reason why they’re so maneuverable. A top braided bun looks chic and fashionable on women of all ages; the picture above presents a very neat hairstyle. It’s sleek and sophisticated but without looking exaggerate.  

2. Redhead Braids

small box braids_02

In the mood for a change in color? Red nuances are in trend this season. Choose the blend that best matches with your skin tone, and consider this sleek small braided hairstyle. We love the mix of loose hair and a top bun; it make the up-do seem vintage-like and incredibly original. 

3. Side-Swept Fringe and Low Bun

small box braids_03

We mentioned that small braids are easy to style. That’s because the thinness of the hair strands allow us to play with the locks. A side-swept fringe paired with a low bun is the perfect style for a cocktail party or formal event. It’s elegant and very enticing to look at. 

4. From Small Braids to Micro

small box braids_04

Loose small braids can look just like normal hair. Of course, there’s an added wow effect because of the braids, but other than that the hairstyle looks the same. If you’re not very fond of sophisticated hairdos but you still want to look great, this interesting style that goes from thin to thinner should definitely be taken into account. 

5. Small Braids Bob

small box braids_05

Just because you have shorter hair it doesn’t mean you can’t get box braids. Check the bob in the picture above. It has a middle parting and it is layered to fit the face perfectly. As for the braids, these are really thin in order to make the hairdo seem compact and uniform. 

6. Small Braids & Curls

small box braids_06

If you love small box braids but you want curls too, then you’ll be happy to know that you can have both. One of the greatest advantage of these really tiny braids is that they’re easy to style; even when it comes to more challenging hairdos such as curls. Check the half straight, half curly braids above; they look so polished. 

7. Side-Swept Small Braids 

small box braids_07

Side-swept small braids is an effortless type of hairstyle. Women with long hair in particular will love the style. And since you’re getting braids, why not change your hair color too? Blond is such a fascinating nuance! 

8. Small Braids Low Ponytail & Middle Parting 

small box braids_08

A low ponytail with a middle parting is an incredibly romantic type of hairstyle. The thinner the braids the better; however for the hairdo to look neat, you must accessorize it properly. Over-sized earrings for example, will bring out your beautiful facial features. 

9. Interesting Braiding & Top Bun

small box braids_09

If you’re in the mood for a top mohawk but you don’t want to shave your head, you could opt for this cool braiding style. Neatly crafted on the back, the hairdo looks chic and quite innovative too. The top bun adds even more ingenuity to the style. 

10. Small Box Braids & Mohawk 

small box braids_10

Get a cool mohawk and have your sides shaved! Preserve the length of the hair, and make sure the box braids are as thin as possible. This will add a lot of movement to the hairdo, not to mention that you’ll feel a lot more confident too. 

11. Small Braids & Messy Top

small box braids_11

This casually-looking box braided hairdo is quite interesting actually. We love the long locks mixed with a messy bun. It’s easy to style and to wear, not to mention that it brings out your free-spirited sense of style. 

12. Over-Sized Bun

small box braids_12

An over-sized bun is a great way of adding sophistication to a rather simple outfit. Furthermore, if you want to appear taller, this idea of a hairstyle will add a few inches. Add structure to the hairstyle by making sure that the bun has a beautiful, round shape. 

13. Small Box Braids Fishtail

small box braids_13

Women love fishtails! It’s the newest trend in hairstyling. So what if you have playful small braids? You can still get a fishtail if your hair is long enough for the style. Wear the hairdo at the most extravagant party, or make an impression on coworkers by rocking it at the office. 

14. Curly Small Box Braids 

small box braids_14

Curly box braids are fun to wear because they’re so bouncy and elegant. The styling can be done at home too, using a curling iron and hairspray. However, it is fundamental to have thin braids for the hairdo to look amazing. 

15. Small Box Braids Ponytail

small box braids_15

A box braids ponytail can look incredibly sleek and polished. Before tying the hair on top of the head, you might want to keep a strand as a wrapper. This way your hairdo will look complete and really innovative too. 

16. Small Box Braids with Updo

small box braids_16

What an interesting updo! Women with thin box braids can opt for a wealth of hairstyles. The one in the picture above seems incredibly versatile and attention-grabbing. That top bun gives the style an added effect, while the tied middles reveals the woman’s prominent bone structure. 

17. Small Braids with Side Parting

small box braids_17

Style your small box braids in the simplest, most innovative way and consider this sleek hairstyle. It is truly appealing because it’s so easy and balanced. That side parting adds more glam, thus making the hairdo suitable for both casual and formal events. 

18. Top Braided Bun & Long Layers

small box braids_18

The small box braided style is great for women with perfectly-round heads. The forehead is not too big or too small, which means that there’s a perfect balance created by the top bun.

19. Small Box Braids with Geometric Roots

small box braids_19

There’s something about this hairstyle that screams innovation. The small box braids complement beautifully the geometric roots of the hairdo. It’s definitely something new, although if you crave a real change without giving up your braids, this could be an ideal choice. 

20. Small Box Braids Tied in a Messy Bun

small box braids_20

Messy buns can looks sleek and sexy too! Check out the fabulous small box braids in the picture above!  The hair appears to be really long, although with the right techniques it can be tied. What we love most about the style is balance created with the wearer’s face. From some reason, we don’t see any discrepancies. It’s probably because the woman has interesting facial features. 

Small box braids can be styled in many different ways. Whether you’d like to have a high ponytail with a sided fringe or a low bun with a middle parting, the good news is the choices are endless. It’s up to you to make a decision. If you’re in the mood for an even bolder move, dye your box braids in a cool shade. How about platinum blond? Or maybe red? Regardless, the key is to opt for a hairstyle that makes you feel comfortable.

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