50 Shoulder Length Curly Hairstyles

By on June 18, 2018

Finding the perfect style of hair is never an easy task. Finding the perfect type of curl is also hard. And finding a cut, color and style altogether can have us ripping our hair out in general. But we don’t want you to do that! We want you to cherish those locks. So we have decided to make things really, very easy for you! We want to help you find the perfect shoulder length, curly hairstyle. One that’s tailored to your needs, to your hair type, to your preferance for cut and color. So we have compiled a list of 50 of the best curly shoulder length hairstyles that we  could find. We love these and we are sure that you will, too! So keep scrolling to find your perfect style RIGHT NOW. 

Are you looking for something chic, beautiful and stunning all at once? You’ve definitely stumbled across the right list! This platinum blonde, semi-curly shoulder length hairstyle is TO DIE for. Or at least we think so! This is a great look for anyone, anytime of year. And it’d probably look totally fab on you.

Emma Stone never made sophistication look so easy. This shoulder length hairstyle has our eyes green with envy. We ADORE it with our whole hearts. So we thought, “Hey, maybe the readers will, too!”

Not only are lobs all the rage these days, but this style and color is just goreous! Add in a cute banadana and you’re ready to take on the fashion world. One strand at a time! Heaeds will be turnin’ wherever you go with this shoulder length curly hairstyle. We promise you that. 

What isn’t to love about these elegant soft curls? Honestly! Tell us! Because we cannot find a single thing that we don’t like about them. Putting your hair half pinned up is just another way to add something extra to your style. This is a great style for weddings, graduations and events of any sort. 


It can be hard to figure out how to style your hair when you have a specific hair type, such as the model above does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to make you look like the ultimate badass. This style is simple, yet so fierce, we just had to put it on this list. We would be kicking ourselves eternally if we hadn’t. 

We have total heart eyes for these soft, classy curls she’s wearing. We figured it definitely made the top 50 curly, shoulder length hairstyles. Can you see why? The color is also just so beautiful. We are amazed by this entire look! And the good news? It’s cut, color and style go on anybody. Yup, no matter your facial features or shape this will look baller on you girl. 

Maybe, just maybe, you’re looking for something just above your shoulders. Something that works with natural curls, but still gives off a WOW factor. Are you looking for something like that? Not only is this super stylish, but it has the most bomb looking bangs. Who doesn’t love pulling off a good bang? If you don’t, keep scrolling. We have plenty of amazing hairstyles left for you to peek over. 

Are you in search of a modelesque hairstyle for curly hair that also stays right at your shoulders? Search no further, because we got you girl! This is a very classy hairstyle that anyone with overly curly hair can try out. Is your curly hair out of control? Embrace it with styles like these! 

We love Rose Byrne. But we absolutely love her more with this shoulder length hair cut and curly style. This is a 20s pin-up girl style type of look and we totally, 100% dig everything about it. Can you say sassy and classy?

Blonde never looked better! We adore these scrunchy, western looking curls. Let your inner country singer star persona out of the box and try this hairstyle on for size. We think you’ll love looking in the mirror if you do!

There is no such thing as too little or too much curl, right? Right. So we put this style on, these barely there soft curls, because maybe you are looking for something just like this to inspire your next cut and style. 

Selena Gomez definitely looks fire sporting these wavy curls on her dark brunette hair. If you are   brunette, or have black hair, and are looking for a perfect curly style to wear- Picture this on yourself. Close your eyes and imagine just how beautiful you will be!

Three words: LOBS, LOBS, LOBS. What about them?!? WE LOVE THEM! Everything about them. Any color, on any person. But by adding soft wavy curls and some different tones aned you’ll be a superstar. 

Silver or white hair is booming in the fashion industry these days. It’s ultra chic and makes you look totally untouchable. Adding it to a curly shoulder length hairstyle will definitely give your friends a spark of jealousy for sure. These curls are just absolutely perfection, too. If you don’t have naturally curly hair, this is a great picture to show your cosmotologist for reference when they are curling your hair. 

This wavy hair is something we just couldn’t resist sharing with you. We think the caramel color and the light tips really are something to talk about. We thought our readers might enjoy this addition as much as we did. 

Wildly curly hair always looks good in black. There is just something about it that gives off a wild, can’t be tamed, don’t mess with me type of vibe. Don’t you think? It also pairs well with paler skin and bright blue eyes, but just about anybody can pull it off. 

We mentioned lobs, but have we mentioned bobs? Bobs are trending hardcore in the hair world. And guess what? They are perfect for summer. They give the appearance of thicker hair, but keep your head light and cool. We are totally into her highlights, too!

These purple streaks are everythinggg! We adore them wholeheartedly. Mixing a vibrant color in with your curls will give you such a beautiful effect. Especially if your base color is as dark as hers is shown above!

Keeping your curly, messy hair out of your face never looked better. Keeping your bangs long to achieve styles like this is never a bad idea. Especially when you have shoulder length hair. It will all come together so well.

This is what we like to call a subtle ombre. See how her curly hair is one color at the top and brilliantly fades into a different color at the bottom? That, our friend, is an ombre. And a well done one at that. We think curly hair and ombres definitely go hand in hand. 

This is so cute! The blonde, the beach wave curls, the highlights… Everything about this gets us geared up! Stunning, sophisticated and a perfect style for any occasion there ever was and ever will be. 

Short shoulder length curls are so beautiful, don’t you think? This brunette bob sure screams business all day, but pair it with a cute sun dress and you’ll be all party girl in no time. It is certainly the type of style that has the best of both worlds. We love, love, love!

Okay, first off, this top that this model is wearing is straight fire. But not only are we digging her sense of fashion, we are digging her hairstyle, too. It’s one of the most perfect hairstyles for shoulder length curly  hair that we could find. It’s a little messy, but purposely worn that way. Which is definitely what makes it so awesome. Especially with this honey blonde hair color she has!

These highlights though!! Oh goodness. We are head over heels for this hairstyle. Keeping your hair one length, with no layers and it’s ultimate curly nature… Just wow. Simply wow. Not only is it wow, but you will be wowing people left and right wherever you go. 

Scrunchy curls are totally ninties. But the good news is that nineties style is making a comeback. From denim to the sneakers on sale right now, nineties style is absolutely IN. How do you achieve this beautiful look? Hairspray… And lots of it at that. Get your tight curls wet, then spray spray spray (or use gel) and get to scrunchin’ with your hands. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, friend. 

A light blonde curl, perfect curls and all at the length of your shoulders. This is a great style to wear and it seems totally glamourous. But it would be so cute put up in a ponytail, too. Whether you’re looking for something classy, casual or totally righteous, this is the perfect hairstyle for you. We’re sure of it. 

We love this ginger hair color and shoulder length curl combo. It’s totally gorgeous in every way and definitely made our list for a reason. These curls are a little more tightly wound, but that’s what makes this style as badass as it is. Wild is the word we would use to describe it. But totally perfect at the same time. 

Do brunettes or blondes do it better? Well, IF we were referencing just this picture, we would have to say brunettes. Even though both colors can totally rock this hairstyle. We love the wavy bang and we want to bring it back ASAP. 

We are infatuated with these glossy, loose curly locks that sit at this model’s shoulders. We think she rocks it and what’s to say that you can’t rock it, too? We think this is a great style for black hair, brown hair or red hair. But if you want blonde hair, it also wouldn’t look too shabby on you. 

This type of curl is more of a coiled curl. And we are simply in love with it. We love everything about it. And we mean everything. It has the total sass factor that you just might be looking for. And these types of curls work really well with coarse hair!

Silver hair? Don’t care! She is smiling, probably because she is so happy with her curls in this picture. These are definitely curls achieved by using a curling iron. But there’s nothing wrong with that at all. Curling irons are easy to use, therefore it is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to get these curls. 

The perfect curls don’t exis– Oh wait, yes they do. And they are right here! All th at we can say about this hairstyle is… WOW! And she added a bomb subtle ombre in there to really make her look stand out. So if you are looking for something beautiful, simple and great… Look no further. It’s right here. 

She honestly killed this look! In a good way, of course. Never underestimate the power of a simple shoulder cut hairstyle. It goes a long way! And we are sure you’ll be killing the scene if you choose this one, too. In a good way, of course!

Why is she winking? We can’t say for sure, but it is most likely because she feels the ultimate sass factor with this awesome hairstyle. Loose curls, silver hair, shoulder length. What’s not to be in love with here? Really, tell us, because we can’t find anything wrong with it at all. 

These loose ringlet type of curls are everything we could dream of having and pulling off. Of course, not everyone can pull off this look as well as she can, but it doesn’t hurt to try. After all, it is supremely beautiful. 

Ringlets cascading over more ringlets. This is an amazing hairstyle. And we love that it reaches just above her shoulders, for a carefree and simplistic style. Not only that, but those colors are stunning. She has two tones and we love how they beautifully blend together for this stunning style. 

Want to get a little crazier with your look? Surely one of our readers out there has been scrolling for something just like this! We know you’re out there! Adding a pop of color to a normal tone, with wavy curly hair is going to make you look ah-maze-zing in every way! And you will definitely be catching stares when you walk into some place. Good stares. Envious stares. So don’t be nervous to rock this style, because it is the bomb diggity. 

Semi tight curls are all the rage. And we can totally see why they would be. Now, try throwing them up in a half pinned up style and you will be ready to rock any occasion. We think this is just simply beautiful and a great look for anybody. 

The awesome thing about this shoulder length hairstyle? There is not much effort required to pull it off. You will definitely be pulling off that i-just-rolled-out-of-bed look and it will look fantastic! It’s easy to pull off and definitely easy on the eyes, too. 

Aly Michalka pulls off this curly shoulder length hairstyle like a boss. So why shouldn’t you be able to? We don’t see any reason you won’t look red carpet ready with this hairstyle. Do you?

Not too loose, not too tight. This type of curly is right, smack dab, in the middle of everything that you are probably looking for. This is defiinitely a great look and gives you a wilder look. People will definitely be blown away by this style. 

This hairstyle really empasizes the whole shoulder length ordeal. That’s because she keeps the bottom of her hair thicker and only has layers up where her long bangs are. We are into it. 100% into it to be exact. 

A great style for those of you that are out there looking to highlight a natural curl. If you have naturally curly  hair, it might not be a bad idea to try this style on for size for awhile. We bet you’ll get 5/5 stars by your friends and family if you do. 

We did not think that J-Lo could get anymore perfect that she already was. Well, we were wrong. She absolutely rocks this curly shoulder length hairstyle like no other. We like that the bangs are shorter than the rest of her hair, but it all blends together so smoothly for one perfect style. 

Talk about an ice queen, huh? What do we mean by that? These frosty highlights give us chills in all the right ways. We love the contrast of the super light highlights vs. the super dark base color. Stylish is the only right word we can think of to describe this look. 

She has a look in her eyes like she knows she is hot stuff. And we can see why! This shoulder length hairstyle for curly hair is balling. It would be perfect for an outing or a night at the club. Or you could use it for both in one day! Who’s stopping you? We aren’t, we are encouraging you instead. 

And this model is probably smiling because these very loose, wavy curls are making her feel good. Just kidding, we have no idea why she is smiling, but we can really only assume it’s because her hair is stunning in every single way!

Another bob for the books indeed. This curly  hairstyle has our hearts swelling up with happiness. She looks totally business casual, but we bet if you put her in a party dress she’d look just as fabulous as she does now!

These tighter curls are making us green with envy. We adore them! And surely you will, too. They pair perfectly with a bob. So if you’re looking for a cut with these style of curls or if you’re looking for curls with this style of cut, you’ve found your match made in heaven. ]

And these curls have us wanting to change our hair ASAP. Super simple, yet super chic. And we saved it for last, because it’s one of the best!

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