40 Short Ombre Hair Ideas

By on November 16, 2015

Ombre hair is usually associated with longer hair, but the following styles show it can look just as good with short hair. Perfect for women with different hair styles and hair colors, the ombre trend will definitely exceed all your expectations. Here are 40 short ombre hair ideas you should try out for this fall season.

1. Short Wavy Silver Hair

short ombre hair_01

Short hair can look sexy too, particularly when it is styled so beautifully. This incredible silver ombre with darker brown roots goes really well with a medium-length bob. Add a middle parting into the mix and the final hairdo will look better than ever. 

2. Creamy Brown & Warm Blonde Ombre

short ombre hair_02

Do you want to add more ingenuity to your current hairstyle? How about dyeing your hair in warm blonde ombre? You bob will have a different appeal and a brand new middle parting will make the entire hairdo appear more structural and chic.

 3. Different Shades of Purple

short ombre hair_03

Purple hair looks hot whether it’s long or short. Different hues of purple blended into an ombre hairdo will surely grab attention. To make your short hairstyle seem truly appealing, go for a cool side parting and you’ll look stunning!

4. Blonde & Pink Ombre 

short ombre hair_04 

Wavy, medium-length bobs are in trend this season. If blonde hair is your color and you’d like to spice it up a bit, how about adding some pink ombre hues at the tips? The final hairstyle will definitely turn some heads around. 

5. Short Brown Bob with Hues of Pastel Pink

short ombre hair_05

Who would have thought that brown and pastel pink go so well together? Surprisingly, these two completely different nuances match perfectly in a ombre hairdo. The effect created is pretty dramatic, and yet it’s chic and incredibly interesting. 

6. Angled Bob with Light  Brown Ombre

short ombre hair_06

Women with shorter hair can get curls and ombre hues too. Check out this amazing brown ombre with bouncy waves! It looks so polished and chic, not to mention that the angled bob gives some sort of sophistication to the entire hairstyle. 

7. Black & Green Ombre 

short ombre hair_07

Blue ombre hair looks amazing, especially when mixed with black. We love the neon green hints; they add even more innovation to the hairstyle without making it appear cheap. On the contrary, this color combination will transform a conventional outfit into the most avantgarde appearance. 

8. Hints of Red

short ombre hair_08

Dark brown hair is fabulous, especially when trimmed in a short bob with side curls. However, if you feel like you need more than just a trim, you might want to spice things up and include a second color into the mix. Red for example, will add a twist to your average dark brown hair.

9. Warm Blonde Ombre with Side Parting

short ombre hair_09

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the coolest. This warm blonde ombre hair looks astounding. It’s perfectly trimmed in a short bob and that cool side parting gives the hairdo a really nice allure. 

10. Copper Ombre

short ombre hair_10

Copper is the color of the fall. It’s absolutely fascinating when paired with other earthy colors, such a mahogany or brown. In this case we have a neat bob dyed in a really nice copper ombre. We love the fact that the hairstyle looks so polished and clean. 

11. Frizzy Pixie & Brown Ombre 

short ombre hair_11

Just because you have frizzy hair it doesn’t mean you can’t get an ombre. Just look at this amazingly styled frizzy pixie. It looks so graphic and structural. Amazing!

12. Blonde Layered Bob

short ombre hair_12

Give your short wavy bob an edge and layer it to frame your face. And for some more luminance to the face, choose ombre highlights; the lighter the better. Your hairdo will look effortless and chic. 

13. Black with Blue & Green Ombre 

short ombre hair_13

This season’s craziest ombre shades are blue and green. And yet somehow they blend beautifully with all types of hair and hair colors. On brunettes in particular, the two shades are fabulous. 

14. Red Ombre 

short ombre hair_14

Be proud of your short hair and give your style an edge with ombre effects. Women with dark brown hair should consider red hues for this fall. The combination is fierce and it will instantly bring out your eyes and delicate facial features. 

15. Gray Mint Ombre

short ombre hair_15

Gray hair is in high demand this year. It looks incredible when paired with the right ombre hues. In this case, we have the most alluring mint green. Ideal on women with short hair and pale skin, the hairdo will instantly grab people’s attention. 

16. Retro Chic Ombre

short ombre hair_16

Ombre is a hair nuance that can add a lot of appeal to an average hairstyle. Women with short curly hair are in luck because the effect is extremely visible without too much work. All you need to do is opt for curls to accentuate the ombre.

17. Ash Blonde Ombre

short ombre hair_17

Check out this super funky hairstyle. We love that the top of the head has longer hair. This way the ash blonde ombre is extremely visible. Trimmed on the sides and lengthier in the front, this hairdo will turn heads everywhere you go.

18. Mohawk & Mahogany Ombre 

short ombre hair_18

Are you ready for a drastic change in hairstyle? Just look at this amazing mohawk with a longer side and a mahogany ombre top! It is just fascinating and it will perfectly frame your natural facial features. 

19. Lavender Ombre 

short ombre hair_19

This lavender ombre is absolutely fascinating! We love the loose waves on the top of the head. It gives the bob a special allure, and it also makes it appear more urban and stylish.

20. Wavy Short Hair & Blonde Highlights 

short ombre hair_20

Short hair can look sexy too! These blonde ombre highlights will transform your current hairstyle into the coolest, most interesting contemporary look. Messy it up a bit and give it a retro appeal. You’ll love the end result!

21. Medium Brown Ombre Bob

short ombre hair_21

If your bob doesn’t even reach your shoulders then try a simple dark base color, preferably a medium brown and dye your tips a light almond to create a warm, subtle effect. To really add some sophistication and make this a style worthy of any occasion, add in waves of gently curls. You are guaranteed to steal the show!

22. Blonde Bangs

short ombre hair_22

A pixie cut can be turned into an eye catching, trend setting look with just a small amount of effort. Ideally, you need long bangs with an asymmetrical cut. Dye your bangs a medium blond and dip dye the tips of your bangs a lighter blond. Ideally you should have dark or even black hair to really show off the effect.

23. Mix It Up!

short ombre hair_23

Using browns and blonds you can create a fabulous looking short ombre style. Keep the roots of your hair a dark brown and streak a medium blond through your hair. Add in streaks of light blond and then create a messy style bob by sweeping your hair in different directions. Definitely a young and trendy look!

24. Wavy Bob

short ombre hair_24

If you have naturally wavy hair or don’t mind adding some gentle curls to the lower part of your hair, then this style can have you looking like a celebrity! Dark brown hair should cover the first two thirds of your head with a delicate blond blended into the bottom third. To finish the look streak the blond color through your hair from tips to roots in several places at the front of your head; framing your face.

25. Three Color Shaggy Bob

short ombre hair_25

Short hair does not always lend itself to the addition of three different colors; but it is possible! Create a stunning look by choosing a very dark brown or black crown and blending a medium brown, or even a touch of purple into it. Finish the style by creating blond tips. The shaggy style bob will allow each color to shine whilst they naturally blend together.

26. Traditional Ombre Bob

short ombre hair_26

The bob is designed to frame your face and this style adds to the effect. It works best with straight hair. The main part of your hair should be a rich red, choose a color you are comfortable with. Blend this into a dark brown which stretches across the majority of your head. Then dip dye your tips a medium blond; a light blond can also work.  Your hair will shimmer as it catches the light and look amazing!

27. Copper Fun

short ombre hair_27

Create a look which says you are fun and full of life. Your short hairstyle will need to be put under the curling tongs to create a gentle wave running through your hair. Keep your bangs brushed to the side and then streak a delicate copper through your hair. Don’t overdo this, you are going for subtle not drama queen!

28. Turn Up The Volume

short ombre hair_28

This style suits naturally brown hair best but any hair can be adapted. Keep the majority of your hair a natural medium to dark brown and then dip dye your ends a lighter brown. Don’t go too light as this will ruin the subtleness of the effect. Finally add as much volume as you can to your hair by using the curling tongs.

29. Apricot Blond Ombre

short ombre hair_29

This look can create a subtle, barely-there appearance which will catch people’s eye and turn heads. It is best for those with blond hair and involves dying the tips a delicate apricot. Alternatively you can opt for a brighter color; such as pink or blue to create a more noticeable effect. Add a few delicate curls and look like a film star.

30. Golden Ombre

short ombre hair_30

Keep your hair looking warm and fun by mixing the hues of honey gold and rose gold. These colors can look fantastic with an asymmetrical bob. The rose gold should, ideally, be on top of your head and blend into the honey gold about half way down. Add in a few waves and if you are feeling really brave color the very tips blond!

31. Orchid Ombre

short ombre hair_31

Using a bright red against jet black will create a hairstyle which is guaranteed to stand out in any crowd. Dip dye your tips a medium red to create a truly stunning look. To add to the effect tightly curl the colored part of your hair. 

32. Beach Blond Ombre

short ombre hair_32

Go back to the original ombre look; it still looks fabulous! Choose a light brown base color and then blend in a light blond to the bottom half. A few streaks should shoot into the light brown to ensure the style blends effortlessly. You will feel like a Hollywood A lister!

33. Asymmetrical Ombre

short ombre hair_33

Create a stunning, bold style by turning an asymmetrical short style into a statement. Ideally your hair should be a dark brown or black. Streak in your choice of red; for the really brave add some streaks of a gentle orange. Style your hair as normal to create a fantastic new look!

34. Soft and Sweet

short ombre hair_34

This is one for those who prefer to be a little more subtle in their approach. Keep the bulk of your short hair a medium to dark brown and add a gentle wave through your hair. Then choose a medium blond to dip dye the tips. Simple but very effective!

35. Brighten It Up

short ombre hair_35

If you are feeling a little more adventurous, then try a bright blue, streaked into the bottom half of a dark brown, black, or even a rich chestnut hair. Ideally your hair should be straight and set to frame your face. You will look like you belong on the red carpet!

36. Golden Ombre Glow

short ombre hair_36

Keep it simple by sticking with your natural hair color. Simply add in some medium blond highlights and style as normal. This works exceptionally well if you have naturally wavy hair; creating an effortless and timeless style.

37. Ombre Mix’n’Match

short ombre hair_37

Choose a dark brown to go on the top of your hair; your natural color will also work well. Then choose a medium blond and add this into the bottom half with minimal blending. You will look stunning and no one will be sure if you are brunette to blond or blond to brunette!

38. Sandy Bronze Ombre

short ombre hair_38

This is another style that requires a dark base and can work exceptionally well for those with a bronzed, sun-kissed look. Add a light, sandy blond into the tips of your hair, preferably dip dyed. Then you will need to streak a little of the sandy blond through the hair on each side of your face. It will create a magical; almost angelic effect!

39. Caramel Summer

short ombre hair_39

Dye the main part of your hair either a medium to dark brown or even a warm, chestnut red. Blend in a soft caramel to the lower part of your hair and create a beautiful summer look; which can be used all year round!

40. Simple Ombre Crop

short ombre hair_40

If you have a short, crop cut and wish to add a subtle extra affect then you can add just a little color to create a simple yet stunning style. Choose a color which is slightly lighter than your base color and streak it through the tips of your hair. It will add texture and dimension and leave you looking gorgeous!

Have you made a decision yet? Embrace your short hair and get an ombre hairstyle. Which of the 40 ideas we’ve presented would you dare to try out first?

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