100 Best Short Hairstyles for Women 2015

By on May 18, 2015

Short, sexy hairstyles are back in fashion. Some of the world’s most famous celebrities have made drastic changes over the years. Some had the courage to trim their super long locks into really short, neat bobs. Others went from black to blonde. What we’re trying to say is that a little diversity is good for the mind and body. A new hairstyle can restore your confidence and make you feel happy and revitalized once again. What are you waiting for? Here are 100 short hairstyles for women you might want to consider for your next visit at the hair salon.


1. Jennifer Lawrence : Chic Side-Swept Pixie

Short Hairstyles for Women_001

Jennifer Lawrence knows her short hair suits her and she makes the most of it by using different styles to awe her audience. The overall style here is subtle but playful! Her fringe is side swept to the right framing her petite face; the top is slightly tousled giving it body, while her left hand strand is mischievously tucked behind the ear. The color suits this style perfectly, with a playful contrast of brown at the roots to blond at the very end.

2. Selena Gomez: Neat Shoulder Length Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_002

This is a simple and neat shoulder length bob for Selena Gomez. Her hair is parted on the right hand side while styled straight, providing both interest and class, which is a different tone to her usual curly outlook. The front is just slightly layered at the left side adding volume while enabling a full view of her face. To the front she has a streak of blonde color all the way down to the end, which contrasts well with the overall chocolate brown colour of her bob.

3. Nicki Minaj: Glamorous Bob with Straight Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_003

You cannot go any blacker than Nicki Minaj in this hairstyle, and the truth is – it suits her so well! But the colour is not the only thing she got right in this style. Her deep fringe is cut aggressively in a straight fashion over her eyebrows offering a dramatic overall look. The length of her bob stops at her cheeks emphasizing her face features. What is most admirable however is the shine of her hair, which spells glamorous!

4. Miley Cyrus: Razored Boyish Pixie

Short Hairstyles for Women_004

Miley Cyrus is here sporting a mischievous hairstyle. It is both boyish and daring. Both her sides and back are razored down to the lowest possible before baring skin, while her top is left lengthy and swept backwards to her right. Her forehead is totally exposed and the top is parted on the left portraying a disheveled and unkept look. Her base colour is dark brown while the rest is bleached blond. This is a style that surely emphasizes her stunning face features.

5. Rihanna: Short Pixie with Sided Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_005

Rihanna’s beautiful face makes short hairstyles ideal as they enhance her awesome features. In this style her left hand side is neatly undercut with tousled look on top. The length of her bangs go down to cover half her face, however the whole style is swept away to her right hand side, keeping only a few strands sitting playfully over her face and eyes. The color is a solid black all over and the best thing about it is the obvious hair shine.

6. Katy Perry: Medium-Length Retro Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women_006

This is a very unique style that does not suit everybody. Katy Perry goes vintage with her shoulder length retro hairstyle. It is parted just off the middle to her left with closed barrel curls framing her face. There is no fringe in front of her face and her hair is neatly placed to her sides. Across the front Katy is also wearing a headdress, which is not solely used to keep to her periodic style but also to hold her hair in place. The colour is a beautiful violet black all over.

7. Scarlett Johansson: Side-Parted Medium Length Wavy Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_007

Scarlett Johansson is here seen with a dirty blond hairstyle, which suits her well. It is cut just above her shoulders and made up to look slightly disheveled, giving her an air of freedom. The hairstyle is parted on the left hand side with no shorter fringe. This exposes her full face and emphasizes her perfect features. The overall look is tousled and wavy. This type of hairstyle gives body, volume and a look, which is both adventurous and playful.

8. Emma Watson: Short Fringed Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_008

This hairstyle has no shine or ‘notice me now’ colour, and is in fact a flat copper. Nonetheless Emma Watson still radiates brightness and freshness off her young face. The hair is short all over but not cropped, which suits her petite form. It has slightly long strands at the sides, back and also the top. Her side strands are tucked behind the ear while the top is parted off the middle, making her fringe flows carelessly to the right hand side.

9. Lady Gaga: Bleached Blond Cheek Level Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_009

Lady Gaga is well known for her ultra extravagant hairstyles. Well this is not one of them! She is here sporting an all over bleached blonde color, which contrasts with her tanned skin. What is so different however is the style. Lady Gaga has her hair cut to a short cheek level bob that gives her face an innocent roundness. It is parted just off the center and made up to offer volume especially at the ends. One of her strands however stands out exposing the wild side of Lady Gaga.

10. Kaley Cuoco: Right Parted Super Short Pixie

Short Hairstyles for Women_010

This is probably the shortest hairstyle Kaley Cuoco has ever had. This cropped blonde style makes her well-proportioned neck stands out. In fact this type of hairstyle only suits those who are comfortable with the length of their necks. Her hairstyle is parted on the right hand side, with uneven strands flickered onto the other end. Her fringe goes down to just touching her eyebrows, and her dirty blond look is a contrast to her dark brown roots. Kaley looks confident with this style.

11. Kristen Stewart: Side-Parted Short Fringed Hair

Short Hairstyles for Women_011

This chocolate brown hair colour is definitely a hit for Kirsten Steward. It emphasizes her light colored eyes. However her amazing factor here is the style. She sports an aggressive side parting with two different styles on each aspect. Her left hand side is straight and neatly tucked behind the ear, while her other part is longer, slightly wavy and coarsely flickered to the right hand side. Her fringe, especially the front strand is quite long but removed from the front of her face along with the rest of her hair body.

12. Emma Stone: Center-Parted Medium-Length Leveled Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_012

A solid copper it is, for Emma Stone in this public appearance. Her hair is parted in the middle attracting attention immediately to the upper centre of her face. Both sides are leveled but styled in a way to appear rough at the end. The look has large undefined locks, which intentionally removes strands away from her face so as not to land in front of her eyes. The overall style is voluminous and playful giving an air of freedom.

13. Cameron Diaz: Short Chin-Length Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_013

We are now used to blonde coloured hairstyle by Cameron Diaz. Here we can also see her dark brown roots adding more interest to this look. Her hairstyle also portrays her image of naughtiness, which she constantly plays in her movies. The style is a bob, which goes down to her chin. It is parted on the right hand side and flickered to the other aspect in an untidy way. She also has a few shorter strands at the front.

14. Vanessa Hudgens: Side-Parted Wavy Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_014

Lots of volume and body here! This is a perfect style for Vanessa Hudgens. She has a bob that goes down to her chin, exposing her neck-line which is parted at the right hand side. The most impressive in this hairstyle is again the volume. Vanessa’s hair appears thick and disheveled. It has long uneven waves to it that are flickered on the outside. Her hair is naturally moved to the side to expose her smiling face. The overall color is very dark brown verging on the black.

15. Keira Knightley: Shoulder-Length Bob Longer in the Front

Short Hairstyles for Women_015

Keira Knightley here looks like she hasn’t been to the hairdresser just prior to the event but definitely a few hours before. Nonetheless she is the person that can get away with this to an extent that her friziness is likable and plausible. She has a chocolate brown all over colour and a shoulder bob, which is longer at the front. Her hair is parted on the left hand side and the bob is styled inwards to frame her beautiful face.

16. Rita Ora: Layered Bob with Side Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_016

Rita Ora looks surprised and so are we! Her dirty blonde look is now familiar but her style is quite different. It is short at the sides and long at the top. The length actually varies. Her style which is made up to move the length of the top from back to the front making her fringe look awesome, but the most innovative part is the way this back to front style lets some of her strands loose to the sides.

17. Jessica Alba: Sexy Medium-Length Bob with Side Parting

Short Hairstyles for Women_017

This hairstyle definitely makes Jessica Alba looks young and fresh. Her hair colour is brown but is has a gradient from very dark brown at the roots to a very light brown at the end. The style is a schoolgirl type shoulder length bob, which is flickered roughly to the outside at the bottom. Although styled in an almost straight fashion it is given volume, body and actually moves out slightly at her cheeks making her face stand out.

18. Natalie Portman: Shaved Head

Short Hairstyles for Women_018

Not so much to say about Natalie Portman’s hairstyle here. Not that it is a common sight, quite the opposite, but it serves exactly only one purpose – ‘getting noticed’, and did Natalie achieve that with this look! She has a shaved head, which is just a tad longer than being a skin-head. She is probably sporting her own natural brown colour and giving us the whole image that she is a tough cookie with a beautiful face. Not everyone can get away with a shaved hairstyle like this!

19. Charlize Theron: Pixie with a Waxed Wavy Top

Short Hairstyles for Women_019

If you have a perfect neck there is no better way to show it to the world than getting a very short haircut! Charlize Theron knows this pretty well and uses it to her advantage! Her sides are neatly cut down and her top is just slightly longer. Her hair is parted on the left hand side and her fringe is waxed back. The colour is blonde at the end but we can see her darker contrast roots. Her overall look is very neat giving an air of composedness.

20. Anne Hathaway: Classic Pixie with Sided Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_020

This is a pixie style hairstyle, which suits Anne Hathaway very nicely. The overall color is chocolate brown, which emphasizes her light brown eyes and gives a mysterious depth to her overall look. The pixie style is parted on the right hand side, putting the weight of her top body entirely to the left. Her fringe passes playfully from above her eyes keep them the focal interest of the whole image. The style is neat and makes Anne looks glamorous.

21. Halle Berry: Tousled Short Pixie

Short Hairstyles for Women_021

Halle Berry may not be the youngest of actresses but her cropped style definitely makes her look fresh and cool! The color of her hair is dark brown all over except for the ends at the top, which are a somewhat lighter shade of brown. She has short straight hair at both her sides with neat wisps going down in front of her ears. The top is tousled and thrown at different angles. Her very short fringe emphasizes her confident look.

22. Zooey Deschanel: Shoulder-Length Bob with Sided Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_022

Zooey Deschanel is here wearing an elegant hairstyle in a nice dark brown colour. She has a shoulder length bob, however this is styled to feature large curls at the end of it, giving a rich and classy look. Her deep fringe is parted at the left hand side with the rest of it thrown neatly opposite. It is also interesting to notice that the fringe is layered and styled to perfectly frame her cheeks without covering her beautiful eyes.

23. Julianne Hough: Structural Short Bob with Layered Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_023

The blonde we are used to, but the short style is not something we immediately associate with Julianne Hough. Her she is wearing different shades of dirty blonde with dark roots. Both the back and her right hand sides are short but not cropped. She also has a side wisp playfully covering her right ear. The style is parted at the right hand and heavily thrown to the opposite. She has volume at the top but her hair is still contained making her look completely in control.

24. Katherine Heigl: Voluminous Wavy Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_024

This hairstyle gives Catherine Heigl a mature look. She is even sporting whitish or nearly white roots. It is parted on the left hand side and voluminously styled to offer neat and intertwined locks all over. Her fringe has a length that goes just under her eye line and curls playfully at the top of her cheek. The hairstyle offers us a full view of her face. This is definitely a look which is suitable for a successful career woman.

25. Drew Barrymore: Simple Tousled Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_025

Up till now we have seen Drew Barrymore with many different colours on her hair ranging from bleached blonde, to copper, and also dark chocolate brown. She is able to change her entire outlook by changing her hairstyle both through colour and shape. Here she is sporting a simple tousled bob, which is shoulder length. Of particular interesting here are the deep roots that are many a times unacceptable on other people. On Drew this only adds interest to her already mischievous look.

26. Paris Hilton: Marylin-Monroe Inspired Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_026

Blonde has always been the signature stamp of Paris Hilton. She tried different shades over time, but here we can see her in a near platinum blonde. What is surely different in this particular hairstyle is the shape. She is sporting a Marilyn Monroe look, which clearly spells glamorous. She has barrel locks at the sides of her face and her fringe, which is parted on the right hand side, has a large and perfectly formed wave slightly covering her left eye.

27. Katie Holmes: Conservative Fringed Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_027

Katie Holmes has always been very conservative with the color of her hair. This is also true in this appearance. Not so is the length of it however. She has quite a short style, which we can define as a near eye line bob. This would not have been such an adventurous move if she did not have the long wisps at the sides in front of her ear that go right down to her cheeks! There you go, Katie Holmes dared to move away from conservative to adventurous at least on this occasion.

28. Christina Hendricks: Wavy Layered Bob with Sided Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_028

Copper, copper, copper! It’s always a nice copper for Christina Hendrick and this is also the case here. She knows this color suits her and so she cleverly keeps it. Christina has a layered style all over with a mid forehead length fringe, swayed carelessly to the right. Her hair is styled in a wild tousled fashion giving her a carefree and fresh look. The color suits her light colored eyes while the shape perfectly frames her petite beautiful face.

29. Rose Byrne: Shoulder-Length Bob with Off-Center Parting

Short Hairstyles for Women_029

Rose Byrne is always trying different hairstyles although she has on all occasions kept to her brown color. In this appearance Rose has a shoulder length bob, which appears slightly longer on her right side due to it being parted at the left. This asymmetry makes the hairstyle interesting. Her brown color is also gradient and becomes a light brown at the end of her bob. Mostly interesting is her wavy style on both sides at the very bottom. She looks classy yet intriguing.

30. Anna Faris: Shoulder-Length Bob with Layered Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_030

Most of Anna Faris hairstyles make her look naughty and mischievous. Not this one! Actually here, her hair makes her look wise and mature, which is the opposite of what we are used to. She has a shoulder length blonde style, with a fringe that is cut just above her eyebrows. Her sides are wisped and tossed outwardly and her overall look is casual. So is her fringe; casually placed across her forehead. The colour is deep blonde with a hint of brown at the roots.

31. Kirsten Dunst: Styled Middle-Length Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_031

Kirsten Dunst seems to like longish hair, but she has experimented with other lengths and this is one good example here. It is not daringly short, but a shoulder length bob that gives a profile to her face. It is styled to introduce volume and interest and at the bottom parts it is flickered to the inside in a playful mode. Most of her hair is colored blond however she is also exposing a light brown color at the roots.

32. Jessie J: Simple Really Short Pixie

Short Hairstyles for Women_032

Look up Jessie J and you will get a never-ending repertoire of her in blue-black colour hairstyles. This is a rather rare appearance of her in a totally opposite colour. Jessie is quite confidently giving us a platinum blonde style. All of her back and also the sides are cut very short and combed to the front in a downward fashion. Her top is just slightly longer and waxed straight upwards. The lack of fringe on her forehead gives us a full view of all her face.

33. Isla Fisher: Wavy Bob with Sided Curls

Short Hairstyles for Women_033

In this appearance Isla Fisher looks mature and very classy. The length of her hair goes down to the bottom of her cheeks. An interest aspect to this length is that on one side the bottom is flicked to the outside while on the left hand side it is flicked to the inside. This is an uncommon, but extremely interesting combination. The top is parted at the left hand side and Isla’s fringe is layered and swept across her forehead all the way to the right side of her face.

34. Ginnifer Goodwin: Boyish Short Hair with Sexy Layered Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_034

A short hairstyle is definitely familiar to Ginnifer Goodwin. Over time she played with different styles and this is one good example. Her sides are cut short and neat. The top is slightly longer and stylishly thrown from back to front. Her fringe is coarsely cut to different lengths and tossed in different directions with one of the longest wisps casually falling to the side of her forehead. The colour is a very dark brown that contrasts greatly with her pale complexion.

35. Eva Longoria: Sleek Straight Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_035

Eva Longoria is here appearing with a very simple but stylish hairstyle. It is a sleek and straight bob with a length that goes down to the chin line. The ends are turned neatly inwards framing the face. The bob is parted at the left hand side and Eva casually tucks a few strands from this same side behind her ear. The color is an open medium brown with an interesting and definitely darker brown at the roots, which are somewhat quite deep.

36. Jennifer Hudson: Sophisticated Pixie with Longer Brushed Top

Short Hairstyles for Women_036

A dark colour feels very natural on Jennifer Hudson. In her appearance here she looks very sophisticated and in control. She has undercut sides neatly brushed downwards and perfectly cut to a point at the front of the ear. Her most amazing part in this is her top. It is much longer than the rest and is very skilfully and totally turned to the backside. One of the best features to applaud here is the shiny aspect her whole hairstyle embraces.

37. Victoria Beckham: Messy Short Bob with Layered Side Bangs

Short Hairstyles for Women_037

This is a style that was abused by Victoria Beckham as she made so many appearances sporting this Pixie Style. The color of her hairstyle is dirty blonde with heavy underneath roots in dark brown. Her left hand side is undercut displaying the same dark brown. Her right side is layered and much longer with her front wisps going down to her chin. Her fringe is also layered in a sliding fashion to expose her face. The whole look is tousled giving Victoria an air of freedom.

38. Sienna Miller: Short Bob with Layered Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_038

Sienna Miller feels comfortable in a blonde color and this is what she is displaying in this shoot. She also has brown roots giving her depth needed in this style so as not to be flat. Her hair is styled in a straight fashion and cut in a not so common length. On the front side her fringe touches her eyebrows while at the sides it goes slightly longer in a sliding fashion. The whole style is just slightly disheveled with a touch of volume. Siena looks carefree and youthful with this style.

39. Karlie Kloss: Cheek-Lined Bob With Sided Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_039

The face features of Karlie Kloss are impeccable, especially her cheeks, and no matter what hairstyle she wears she looks good as long as these same features are visible. Here we see her with a flat mouse brown color all over. The length of her hair goes down to her cheek line and it is styled roughly especially at the ends allowing a lock or two to form in a natural way. Her fringe is cut over her eyebrows and carelessly thrown across her forehead.

40. Tyra Banks: Short Bob with Sophisticated Layered Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_040

Tyra Banks seem to prefer a lighter color to her hairstyle and we have seen her in many shades of light brown. It is also the case here in which she is sporting a brown with dark blonde lights giving depth to her style. The majority of the length of this hairstyle goes down to just above her ears with the left hand side slightly longer in a diagonal way. She has lots of volume enabling this hairstyle to achieve a beautiful full body. Tyra here looks mature and professional with this hairstyle.

41. Katharine McPhee: Asymmetrical Bob with Sided Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_041

This is a breath of fresh air from the usual long dark hairstyles we see Katharine McPhee in. The colour, which is made of two different shades of blondes, suits her. The length of her hairstyle at the back goes down to her neck and Katharine tucks her left hand side strands behind her ears. It is unruly parted on this left hand side too and thrown to the opposite side. Her front is cut just below her eyes but tousled in a way not to bother her view.

42. Michelle Williams: Trimmed Bob with Longer Top

Short Hairstyles for Women_042

Michelle Williams is here sporting a platinum blonde hairstyle that she is comfortable in and used to. It is short at the back and her sides are even shorter. Her top, however, is quite long and parted at the right hand side. Most of her top is heavily thrown to the left hand side. It is long enough for Michelle to tuck some of her top strands behind her ear. The front is styled diagonally to expose Michelle’s smiling face.

43. Evan Rachel Wood: Messy Pixie with Swept Longer Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_043

One of the best features of this hairstyle is the color and how it is professionally blended. Evan Rachel Wood has a number of browns carefully intertwined to offer a very interesting combination. The hairstyle is short at the back and slightly longer at the sides. Evan tucks all her side strands behind the ear. Her top including her fringe is given body and thrown to the back leaning to the right side. The whole composition gives Evan an air of control.

44. Kelly Osbourne: Shaved Sides with Long Wavy Top

Short Hairstyles for Women_044:

We are now used to Kelly Osbourne’s pastel purple. It is her new hairstyle, which is simply new and awesome. Kelly is sporting shaved sides, which continue neatly on to her backside. Contrastingly, her top is quite long. Her stylist carefully created large closed locks moving to different directions and standing high on her head, which provides a definite sensation. Her front locks are also styled upwards enabling a full view of Kelly’s face. This is not a style for everyone, but it surely fits Kelly perfectly.

45. Ashlee Simpson: Sleek Light Blond Short Hair

Short Hairstyles for Women_045

All hair colours seem to suit Ashlee Simpson well. Here she has a platinum blonde with just a hint of dark roots. Her colour has a shine to it that makes it stand out. It is styled straight and sleek and goes all around her small face. Her top, which is the longest, is heavily thrown on to the right side and given volume. Her fringe is styled slanted and goes across her forehead exposing her beautiful eyes. This hairstyle gives an air of politeness to Ashlee Simpson.

46. Carey Mulligan: Modern Pixie Side Swept

Short Hairstyles for Women_046

Short seems to be fine with Carey Mulligan but this is definitely one of the shortest styles we have seen her in. Her color is a flat blond all over although there is a hint of light brown just above her ears. It is cut at less than an inch all over and thrown downwards at the sides, while going from back to front on top. Her fringe follows the same fashion and covers just a little of her forehead. In his hairstyle Carey looks very young and fresh.

47. Emily Blunt: Center-Parting Long Brown Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_047

Emily Blunt always looks confident and it is no exception in this appearance. She is sporting a brown colored hairstyle that goes from dark brown at the roots, blended to a lighter brown at the very end. She has a shoulder length bob, which is parted exactly in the middle of her head, allowing her hair to fall equally on both sides. No shorter fringe for Emily, however her front wisps have a wave to the bottom of them, adding interest to the whole hairstyle.

48. Brittany Murphy: Long Curled Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_048

This hairstyle definitely adds a lot of glamor to Brittany Murphy. It is a Marilyn Monroe style in blended colors of blond at the end and brown roots at the very bottom. It is parted on the left hand side with large but short curls all over her head. Her fringe, which is also curled to keep up with this style, is thrown away from her forehead allowing a full view of her face. This is a lovely hairstyle for Brittany.

49. Emma Roberts: Retro-Like Long Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_049

Emma Roberts is here sporting a different hairstyle, which is kind of retro. The entire length of it is just above her shoulder and with her waves it goes slightly higher. It is parted low on the right hand side, with the rest thrown heavily across at the opposite direction. Uneven, wavy and open locks start from below her eyebrow line, all the way to the bottom. Her left hand side is heavier to the more volume on this part. Her fringe is swayed to the left to expose her face. The colour is a dark blond with brown roots.

50. Lena Headey: Medium-Length Bob with a Trimmed Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_050

The lightest hair colour we have ever seen Lena Headey in, is copper. She seems to like darker tones as in this appearance, and it suits her. Her overall colour here is in fact black. Her length goes down to her shoulders however her sides are layered giving interest to the otherwise flat look. Her fringe goes down to her eye line, however it is swayed sideway as not to obstruct her vision. Her whole outlook is straight but flickered in a casual way.

51. Gemma Arterton: Playful Bob with Straight Bangs

Short Hairstyles for Women_051

This looks like a fun hairstyle for Gemma Arterton. The whole composition is an uncomplicated hairstyle and she is actually sporting a simple short bob. The length goes down to her chin and is given body and volume by turning the bottom end inwards. What makes this hairstyle fun is definitely her fringe, which is cut straight across her entire forehead. The color is a solid black all over with a slight shine to it. This look makes Gemma young and playful.

52. Cobie Smulders: Masculine-Like Hairstyle with Feminine Influences

Short Hairstyles for Women_052

Cobie Smulders looks definitely different in this appearance. Out is her feminine look and in is this new manly style. Although some might prefer her in a different hairstyle, Cobie can get away with anything, as she always looks impeccable. Hair whole look is short and deeply parted on the right hand side. The rest is casually combed to the left. What is definitely looking avant-garde here is her sideburns, which are very manly. The colour is black all over.

53. Alexis Bledel: Shoulder-Length Bob with Waves

Short Hairstyles for Women_053

This is a very cute and feminine look for Alexis Bledel. In this appearance she has a bob style with a shoulder length. It is carefully styled in long open curls all over which gives the hairstyle volume and body. The style also frames her lovely face. It is parted casually on the left hand side and her front is removed from her face in a curly manner and down her right side. The colour is brown. This hairstyle gives Alexis a classic and elegant look.

54. Meagan Good: Undercut sides with Tussled Top

Short Hairstyles for Women_054

This is a very short hairdo for Meagan Good. The entire combination is tussled which offers her an air of adventure and freedom. Meagan has an undercut at the sides, which continues steadily at the back. The top is definitely longer. It is swayed haphazardly from back to front with a bit of volume at the very top. The length allows her front bangs to stand mischievously at the middle of her forehead, thus giving us an unobstructed view her lovely eyes.

55. Rachel Weisz: Fun Bob with Side Parting

Short Hairstyles for Women_055

This a slightly shorter hairstyle than what Rachel Weisz usually wears. She is here displaying a bob, which goes down to her chin line. The colour is a solid black which surely makes her light brown eyes spark. The bob is unevenly parted on the right hand side. The entire look is tousled and thrown casually at different directions. It also has a hint of undefined waves, which gives volume to the entire style. Although tousled Rachel still looks smart in this appearance.

56. Brittany Snow: Asymmetrical Straight Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_056

Brittany Snow is here giving us a very straight and sleek hairstyle. The style is a bob, which goes down to her shoulders. It is neatly parted on the left hand style. Her front sides are just slightly layered to add an interest to this look. Brittany tucks her left hand strands beneath her ears making her face more visible. The colour is a light shiny blonde, which suits her complexion well. This style gives makes Brittany looks neat and smart.

57. Ashley Judd: Vintage-Inspired Medium-Length Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women_057

This is a subtle vintage look for Ashley Judd, and it definitely makes her look full of life. The length of her hairstyle goes down to her chin. Her fringe is parted on the left hand side throwing it nicely to the opposite direction. Her bang is actually styled around her face in a wavy manner giving her a feminine touch. The vintage look is achieved through the locks at the bottom which makes this part stands out nicely. The colour is dark brown all over.

58. Malin Akerman: Layered Bob with Side Trimmings

Short Hairstyles for Women_058

Malin Makerman gives us a stunning blonde hairdo for this appearance. There is nothing avant-garde here but still her hairstyle embraces and puts forward her lovely face features. Malin has a bob, which is shoulder length however her strands are jagged and irregular, which makes the whole look exciting. It is parted at the top exactly in the middle throwing her hair in an even distribution to both sides. What adds interest here is her deep dark roots that are especially visible due to her parting at the very middle.

59. Ali Larter: Shoulder-Length Layered Locks

Short Hairstyles for Women_059

A confident Ali Larter gives us a stunning look through her hairstyle here. This is not achieved through some elaborated hairstyle, but on the opposite it is a look that can easily be achieved at home. Ali has a shoulder length bob which is parted right in the middle. The whole style is heavily tousled and thrown at different directions. Her bottom part is especially given more volume through unruly waves all around her bob. The colour is blonde with deep roots in brown.

60. Hilarie Burton: Wavy Bob wide Side Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_060

We have seen celebrities sporting an unruly look on many occasions. This gives an air of movement and freedom to Hilarie Burton in this appearance. The length goes down to her shoulders at the back while her front is layered which gives interest and volume. Her bangs are parted on the left and thrown casually to her right to softly frame her face. The whole style is tousled and her ends flicked to the outside. Hilarie has a blonde colour with contrasting dark brown roots.

61. Missy Peregrym: Sleek Swept-Back Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_061

Rookie Blue super star Missy Peregrym sure knows how to rock a red lip and a streaky hairstyle. Her short up-do brings out her eyes and cheeky smile. The talented actress has a slim face, which means she could even rock a pixie. The hairstyle also features an upper bun just to add more length to Missy’s already tall, supermodel-like figure. The hair’s red hues match superbly with her skin tone too. Doesn’t she look radiant?

62. Rachael Leigh Cook: Short-Styled Bob with Middle Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_062

Who knew Rachael Leigh Cook could be so adventurous? The actress is well-known for starring in the acclaimed TV show “Perception”. But she’s a fierce brunette in the series; and here she is now rocking a super sleek short bob. We must admit that she looks adorable. Rachael has the cutest baby doll face that goes with any sort of haircut. Thanks to her light skin tone and big brown eyes, the fringed-bob matches perfectly with the overall physique of the lovely actress.

63. Jennifer Beals: Jackie Kennedy-Inspired Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women_063

Who can believe that Jennifer Beals is 52? Former teen model and successful actress, Jennifer rocks a Jackie Kennedy-inspired hairstyle. It compliments her face perfectly; the side-sweped bangs adds fluidity and movement to the whole look. That incredible necklace she’s wearing makes her hairstyle appear luxurious too, not just super stylish. It’s so nice to see her with a lighter hair nuance; this creamy brown adds coolness to a rather simple bob.

64. Natalia Vodianova: Chic Medium-Length Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_064

Famous supermodel Natalia Vodianova has chosen to stay true to her natural hair color. The Russian beauty is also one of richest celebrities in Russia; she is well-known for her dry-looking hair with roll layers. Easy to style and perfect for every occasion, Natalia’s casual hairdo has natural waves every women would want to have. In this picture we have a haircut that exudes simplicity and freshness. In terms of color, “Supernova” (her nickname) has kept her warm blonde nuance, which is quite enticing actually.

65. Jessica Stroup: Side-Swept Chin Length Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_065

American actress and comedian Jessica Stroup should take great pride in her latest short and super straight bob. The hairdo has a side party and is quite east to achieve with a brush, some mousse and a blow dryer. As for the color, the chocolate brown goes really well with the color of her eyes. Oh and you may have noticed that she’s wearing a single earring. Single earrings are in trend and they match perfectly with short bobs and pixie hairstyles.

66. Shannyn Sossamon: French-Like Bob with Side Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_066

Shannyn Sossamon’s layered fringe is perfect for the summer. The beautiful actress is a fierce brunette and has always wowed us with unusual hairdos; this bob in particular makes her face look radiant and a lot younger too. So if you’re in your 40s and you’re trying to youthen up you appearance, get inspired from Shannyn Sossamon’s short haircut. The style works particularly well in women with longer faces because it sculpts the jaw line and accentuates the size and shape of the cheeks.

67. Samaire Armstrong: Sleek Short Hair with Layered Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_067

Who says short hair can’t be sexy? Samaire Armstrong’s bob hairstyle matches like a glove with the young actress’s square face. Straight and with a sided fringe, the hairdo is appropriate for tall, slim women because it adds structure to the whole figure. Golden blonde is an ideal hair color when you have pale skin, and in this case Samaire looks perfect. Her bob reveals her face features and highlights the cheekbones; great hairdo for the hot summer season.

68. Rihanna: Asymmetrical Straight Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_068

We were in shock when Rihanna dyed her hair black and trimmed it drastically to make it a bob. The hairstyle had a lot of effect, and it quickly became her signature look. The angled bob was short on one side and longer on the other; it was straight and it had a side parting; perfect for women who want to add structure to their faces. If you have a longer neck and you’d like to highlight those fabulous features of yours, Rihanna’s angled black bob will suit you flawlessly.

69. Emma Watson: Short Layered Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_069

Hermione is all grown up now, and she’s looking more stylish than ever. The Harry Potter heroine has ditched the long curls for a rather short, all-natural looking and slightly messy bob. She looks fresh, modern, and youthful without appearing childish. Emma Watson has also developed a passion for high fashion; she learned that less in more when it comes to styling your hair. Considering her tiny face, a bob suits her better than really long, wavy curls.

70. Vanessa Hudgens: Curly Bob with Middle Parting

Short Hairstyles for Women_070

“Beastly” super star Vanessa Hudgens is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Nothing beats that ebony hair and super light, pale skin. In terms of hairdo, Vanessa did a couple of changes over the years. The messy bob with a parting in the middle is one of her best looks thus far. Shorter on the back and longer in the front, the style blends beautifully with the actress’s incredibly black eyebrows and smokey eyes.

71. Anne Hathaway: One-Sided Bob with Curls

Short Hairstyles for Women_071

We’re used to be wowed by Anne Hathaway; she did shave off all of her hair in “Les Miserables”, and then she socked us with her blonde pixie hairstyle at the Met Ball in 2013. Right now, she’s rocking a wavy bob with a side parting. Shorter on one side and visibly longer on the other, Anne has adopted a natural hair color to bring out her brown eyes and luscious lips.

72. Hayden Panettiere: Straight Shoulder Bob with Layered Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_072

Hayden Panettiere is one of the cutest and most talented mignon actresses in Hollywood. She brought a lot of attention to herself in the acclaimed TV series “Heroes”, where she had long blonde, wavy hair. But she looks incredible with a sided bob too. Straight and featuring a sided parting, the hairdo brings out her cheekbones. When you’re not that tall but you have a long, beautiful neck, it might be a good idea to consider a bob hairdo to add length to your figure and seem taller.

73. Jessica Chastain: Curly Medium Length Hairdo

Short Hairstyles for Women_073

“Interstellar” heroine Jessica Chastain sure knows how to look 20 at 38. That light red hairdo with curls looks fresh and easy to style. Shorter hair makes mature women seem a lot younger; in Jessica’s case, the wavy bob goes really well with her porcelain skin and nude make-up. Having a retro-inspired allure, the hot redhead sure knows how to make an impression and wow her audience with a fierce attitude.

74. Jennifer Love Hewitt: Short Uneven Bob with Sided Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_074

Jennifer Love Hewitt has adopted numerous hairstyles over the years, the most common being the really long, chocolate-like wavy hair. It looks like a darker, straighter bob doesn’t look bad either. The hairdo is also comes with a sided fringe to add more warmth to Jennifer’s rather strong and imposing face features. Paired with all-natural makeup and a beautiful smile, “The Client List” leading actress makes the short bob seem to effortlessly styles.

75. Gwen Stefani: Wavy Teased Bobo

Short Hairstyles for Women_075

Marilyn is gone, long live Marilyn! Gwen Stefani’s platinum blonde looks ravishing. Those waves are just perfect, and they go really well with that red lipstick too. The Marilyn Monroe-inspired hairdo is chic and modern with a twist of vintage. Gwen wears it really faultlessly. The wavy bob is trimmed above the shoulders and it has really long curls at the ends, thus adding volume and movement to the entire hairstyle.

76. Victoria Beckham: Long Layered Pixie

Short Hairstyles for Women_076

Some people can’t even remember the last time Victoria Beckham had long hair; maybe a couple of decades ago. The former Spice Girl turned fashion designer is rocking a super short bob that can always be turned into a pixie hairdo. Layered and featuring a sided fringe, the style looks chic and youthful, which exactly what Victoria needs now that she’s in her 40s. If you’re tall and you have a long, slim face, this hairdo will completely change your style into something a lot more chic.

77. Claire Danes: Tufted Layered Short Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_077

Homeland’s starring actress Claire Danes has really soft face features and pale skin. In her case, the blonde hair color should never be replaced with a darker nuance; as for the hairstyle, the beautiful actress looks proud of her new layered bob. Tied on the back and tuft in the front, Claire’s nude make up compliments beautifully her entire look. We love the hair strands covering the face; it adds a touch of romance to the hairdo.

78. Kelly Clarkson: Straight Bob with Sleek Parting

Short Hairstyles for Women_078

When you have a prominent jaw line you shouldn’t accentuate it. Long hair can have this effect, although very few women realize it. In Kelly Clarkson’s case the short bob creates balance. The shape of her face matches perfectly with the hairdo. Straightened and with a side parting, Kelly’s new light blonde gives the whole outfit a fresh vibe. Many celebrities are ditching the smokey eye favor of a nude makeup because it’s naturally-looking and youthful.

79. Mila Kunis: Curled Layered Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_079

When you have a prominent jaw line you shouldn’t accentuate it. Long hair can have this effect, although very few women realize it. In Kelly Clarkson’s case the short bob creates balance. The shape of her face matches perfectly with the hairdo. Straightened and with a side parting, Kelly’s new light blonde gives the whole outfit a fresh vibe. Many celebrities are ditching the smokey eye favor of a nude makeup because it’s naturally-looking and youthful.

80. Nicole Richie: Retro-Like Curled Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_080

The retro style is back and Nicole Richie rocks this wet wavy look. The hairdo matches perfectly with the star’s big brown eyes. Who would have thought that someday we’ll see Nicole go blonde? The side parting adds more volume on one side, thus making the curls bounce and create movement to the styling. However, if you have a prominent face with an imposing forehead, you might want to stay away from the retro wet look because it will make your face seem even bigger, and you don’t want that.

81. Mandy Moore: Medium-Length Bob with Side Curls

Short Hairstyles for Women_081

We all remember Mandy’s straight, long hair featured in the acclaimed ‘A Walk to Remember” movie. This time around we look at a whole new face; a fresher, happier, and more revitalized face thanks to that short wavy bob with bouncy curls. The hairdo has an off center parting with a sided fringe; as for the color, light brown with highlighted compliments perfectly with Mandy’s all-natural skin and glossy make-up.

82. Frankie Sandford: Sophisticated Short Bob with Side Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_082

Nobody can rock a vamp look better than Frankie Sandford. The English singer and songwriter looks fierce; the straight bob with an imposing fringe adds a lot of drama to the face. On top of that, we have a striking vamp-inspired make-up that brings out Frankie’s best face features – the lips and eyes. We also love the light brown hair color, which by the way matches beautifully with the singer’s flawless tan.

83. Miley Cyrus: Side Shaved Pixie with Uneven Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_083

The Hanna Montana we once knew is long gone. Miley has ditched the curls for good, and kudos to her; she looks better than ever. In an interview she even talked about having really thin hair, and that her bouncy curls were never the real deal. The blonde pixie hairstyle with a long sided fringe looks sleek. If you’re looking for a summer hairdo inspiration, Miley can be your role model.

84. Anne Hathaway: Short Messy Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_084

Anne Hathaway’s short messy bob is a delight. It’s cut really short, and yet her face fits perfectly. Also, the beautiful actress decided to opt for a natural hair color, which matches with her eyebrows and eyes too. As for the wavy bob, we love the sided parting. This may look like a simple hairdo, but if you’re looking for something sleek and modern, Hathaway’s style may be an excellent choice. It even makes her look younger too.

85. Katherine Heigl: Curled Hairdo with Side Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_085

Katherine Heigl has the most adorable round face, and it looks she’s also a fan of the Marilyn Monroe-inspired look. In this picture the talented actress shocks her fans with beautiful, wavy blonde curls. The hairdo also has a layered fringe too. Long bobs are in style once again, and the wavier they are the better. Heigl’s curly hairstyle makes her look elegant with a hint of vintage.

86. Ginnifer Goodwin: Curled Pixie

Short Hairstyles for Women_086

Famous for her role as Margene Heffman in “Big Love”, Ginnifer Goodwin looks better than ever. She has a baby doll face that would work with any sort of hairstyle; however, when you have such a pretty face why should you hide it? This long and rather curly pixie hairstyle works beautiful on the young actress. It emphasizes her natural face features, and brings out the stunning color of her eyes too.

87. Karlie Kloss: Romantic Medium-Length Bob with Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_087

American supermodel Karlie Kloss is adopting here an all-natural hairstyle. The hairdo is barely touching her shoulders, and the sided fringe adds originality and freshness to the whole look. In fashion, less is always more and Karlie knows this really well. This season the warm blonde hair color is back; to wear it with pride you should have really pale, porcelain skin though. The sided parting adds some drama to the haircut as well, making it appear sexy and romantic.

88. Katharine McPhee: Airy Bob With Waves and Middle Parting

Short Hairstyles for Women_088

American pop singer Katharine McPhee has incredible face features. She may look like a teenager but in fact she’s 31. The long bob she opted for lights up her face and makes it look so fresh and invigorating. The deep brown shade with warm blonde hues in the front gives the hairdo a special allure. We also love the middle parting because it adds a lot of drama to an otherwise simple hairstyle.

89. Michelle Williams: Short Boyish Bob with Uneven Fringe

Short Hairstyles for Women_089

Michelle Williams’s super sexy pixie has become an important part of her public image. The signature hairdo looks neat and polished; we loved Michelle with long, wavy hair too, but this style brings out her personality, and structural cheeks. She may be 34 now, but with that boyish pixie we wouldn’t give her more than 25. The style matches women with soft, narrow features. In this picture, Michelle is successfully hiding her prominent forehead with a chic, layered fringe.

90. Evan Rachel Wood: Punk-Inspired Pixie with Wavy Top

Short Hairstyles for Women_090

Former fianc?e of rock singer Marilyn Manson, Evan Rachel Wood has been spotted with all kinds of hairstyles over the years; from red to blonde to strawberry, Rachel is certainly not afraid of taking risks. Her latest boyish hairdo shaved on the sides and longer on top matches really well with her rather aggressive and dominant personality. We noticed the wave and the absence of a parting. This makes Rachel look urban-like and really modern.

91. Ashlee Simpson: Side-Swept Short Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_091

Ashlee Simpson has hypnotizing blue eyes and luscious lips. Her short bob is very Audrey Hepburn-like. The hairdo comes with a side parting and a long, sided fringe. Platinum blonde goes really well with her skin tone and eye color too. Ashlee’s straight casual bob seems effortless. The length is close to the jaw line, thus emphasizing the face features and bringing out a perfectly-sized chin.

92. Carey Mulligan: Edgy Side-Swept Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_092

English actress Carey Mulligan rocks the edgy, short look. The hairdo is more like a relaxed pixie with a neatly parted fringe. However, not every woman can wear it like Carey. First of all, you should have a soft-featured, oval face. Second, the light blonde only works with pale, porcelain skin tones. The super neat bob is an excellent choice for the hot summer season; would you dare to cut yours and look like a Hollywood movie star?

93. Cobie Smulders: Trimmed Messy Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_093

Messy bobs trimmed by the shoulders are hot right now. The trend makes women look effortless yet really modern. In this picture we have the beautiful actress Cobie Smulders, famous for her role as Robin in the acclaimed TV series “How I Met Your Mother”. In the series she had wavy brown hair; from what we can tell, she kept the brown but had the hair cut drastically. It was an excellent choice. Right now we have a new “Robin” who exudes freshness with the new messy bob.

94. Meagan Good: Layered Fringe and Neat Asymmetrical Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_094

It doesn’t get any better than this. Meagan Good has a diamond-shaped face, which means she must select her hairdos really carefully to look sleek. She makes the right choices every single time. Prominent faces usually have imposing foreheads. But in this picture, you can’t see the diamond shape at all. It is because of the layered fringe and neat asymmetrical bob. Featuring a side parting and a dark color that matches Meagan’s skin tone, the hairstyle is absolutely fascinating.

95. Brittany Snow: Once-Sided Bob with Curls

Short Hairstyles for Women_095

Brittany Snow’s one sided bob hairstyle is insane. It completely changes the physiognomy of her face making the young actress look modern and elegant. The hairdo has a side parting and a long layered fringe. We’re loving the curls; they add romance as well as a certain French vibe to the whole outfit. Ultimately, the deep orange lipstick instantly draws attention to Brittany’s face.

96. Malin Akerman: Combed Pixie Hairstyle

Short Hairstyles for Women_096

Stunning Swedish-Canadian actress Malin Akerman has shocked everyone with her latest combed pixie hairstyle. We remember the beautiful actress having long layered hair with wavy curls and a middle parting, so we must say that we never expected this to happen. The daring new hairdo was presented at an official HBO party last year. Good bye long locks and welcome the faux hawk-inspired look with shaved sides and longer top.

97. Jessica Stroup: Audrey-Hepburn Inspired Look

Short Hairstyles for Women_097

Jessica Stroup’s Audrey Hepburn-inspired hairstyle is incredibly romantic and alluring. The mega chic dark brown bob highlights an off-center parting and almost no length. We’re guessing the hair is somehow caught in the back with a clip. Regardless, the hairdo brings out Jessica’s warm face features into the spotlight, as well as her hypnotizing blue eyes. Unless you have a really imposing jaw line you might want to avoid the style. It only goes well on a boney type of face structure.

98. Jennifer Lawrence: Wavy Bob with Middle Parting

Short Hairstyles for Women_098

Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence wears this messy, medium-length bob really well. The hairdo has a middle parting and a few highlights to make the waves seem more luminous. Jennifer sure knows how to rock her blonde hair. The haircut brings out the actress’s eyes and prominent lips. Also, we love the fact that the bob is trimmed really short. This adds edge and originality to a cut that may look trivial on other women.

99. Katy Perry: Sleek Asymmetrical Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_099

Now that’s what we call a drastic change. Katy Perry went through a lot of hair changes over the years. She gained fame as a brunette and then changed colors periodically; after experiencing with blonde and blue, the famous singer has stopped at platinum pink. The super straight bob looks neat and structural; for an added layer of extravagance, Katy kept the blonde. All we can say that she looks modern with a hint of audacity characteristic to the pop singer.

100. Natalie Portman: Sassy Short Bob

Short Hairstyles for Women_100

Natalie Portman’s sassy short hairstyle appears so sleek and daring. The superb actress has flawless face features, which basically means that she could rock any type of look. We all remember when she shaved all of hair her in “V for Vendetta”. When you have such a perfect head shape, you can afford to adopt pixie hairdos. Natalie has a stunning jaw line too, beautiful lips and big brown eyes. There’s nothing we would change on her face. It is every girl’s dream to have such prominent bone structure in the face.

We’ve presented 100 of the most interesting, shocking, puzzling and alluring short celebrity hairstyles. From pixie styles and short, sleek bobs to wavy curls and Marilyn Monroe-inspired looks, you will definitely find a hairdo you can use as inspiration for your next transformation.

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