40 Best Short Bob Hairstyles

By on July 5, 2015

 It’s summer time and in most places it’s hot! So we’ve pulled together the hottest short bob hairstyles for you to peruse and fall in love with. Why not try something fun and spicy to get you excited for the season? Check out these funky and sophisticated hairstyles on our favorite celebrities like the gorgeous Cameron Diaz, the lovely and exotic Rihanna and the sweet and radiant Jessica Alba. Which one sparks your interest and captures your individual personality?

1. Jennifer Lawrence : Wavy Beach Blonde Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_01

We really love this wavy beach blonde bob on actress Jennifer Lawrence. You don’t have to have naturally wavy hair to get this cute casual look. Go for heavy highlights with some low lights and then use a large curling iron to get the wave look. After adding some firm hold hairspray, you’ll be ready for any party or special event. This is a fun everyday look too!

2. Nicki Minaj : Suave Curled Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_02

Nicki Manaj is known for her bold sense of fashion. We love this clean and blunt cut that is thick and curled. When you want to show your creative side, use a dark color on your hair with colorful accessories. You can use the dark hair color to contrast bright and lighter colors like Nicki did with her lips.

3. Miley Cyrus : Deep Side Part Bob with Shaved Side

Short Bob Hairstyles_03

Miley Cirus is another popstar known for her eclectic style. We love this warrior look with a shaved side that really takes her style out side of the box. From her wardrobe to her accessories, Miley shows she is not your average girl. How does your hair show your own originality?

4. Rihanna : Soft Black Bob with Volume

Short Bob Hairstyles_04

This superstar knows how to look like a goddess with her short  black bob that has some real volume. Look at how the ends of her hair are just slightly angled towards her chin and her bangs are long all the way to her eyes. Again Rihanna has contrasted the black hair with a beautiful light purple eyeshadow and lipstick to pop her beautiful eyes and lips. She really is a work of art.

5. Katy Perry : Pink and Blonde Reverse Ombre Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_05

Katy Perry always has a fun and playful style that makes her unique. If you are a really positive and bubbly person, this cute reverse ombre bob would be a great fit for you. She has some dark roots then some pink roots completed with a wheat blonde on the middle and ends. To top it off she’s got some thick brows neatly penciled in and a little mess in her hair to show she’s not taking life too serious.

6. Lady Gaga : Blonde Beehive Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_06

Fashion icon and pop superstar Lady Gaga knows how to look like a star with this super blonde beehive hairstyle. To get this look, use a teasing comb and a firm hold hairspray. Feel free to pair this with a more masculine wardrobe choice and bold makeup to get the overall look.

7. Cameron Diaz : Windblown Blonde Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_07

This sweet look on comedic actress Cameron delicious Diaz is not too hard to achieve. All you need is to curl the end or use a round brush to blow dry. You can let the roots be exposed and don’t forget this platinum blonde color goes so well with white accessories and wardrobe choices.

8. Jessica Alba : Honey Blonde Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_08

The sweet and radiant actress Jessical Alba knows that honey blonde pairs well with an olive skin tone. She’s made herself look extra feminine by curling the ends and adding pink blush, lips, earring and wardrobe accents. Her soft purple eye shadow compliments the honey blonde color and don’t be afraid to give the hair some real volume.

9. Natalie Portman : A-Line Bob with Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyles_09

The extra short a-line bob is really cute with bangs. We love it in this chocolate brown color too! This is a great look for work and for artsy girls. If you’re really into sports, remember, it might be hard to keep your hair out of your face with a cut this short but you could always use a headband.

10. Charlize Theron : Black Bob with a Side Part

Short Bob Hairstyles_10

Charlize Theron is showing us how black hair makes blue eyes pop. You can see how she even accentuates her eyes with a matching dress. Part your hair on the side and add a little curl and you’re ready for the red carpet!

11. Anne Hathaway : Twisted and Wavy A-Line Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_11

Actress Anne Hathaway just stepped out of a fairytale with her twisted brown a-line bob. She is positively darlying with her fairytale accessories and soft feminine top. We love deep purple with brown hair and the shine of her hair and wardrobe are a great texture touch!

12. Halle Berry : Honey Blonde Ombre Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_12

This cute a-line bob is very flattering on all face shapes. Actress Haley Berry has olive skin so she’s combined honey blonde with an ash brown color which are earthy and natural. We love the little curl she’s added to her hair to soften it. Fit women can always look more feminine when they add a curl to their hair.

13. Julianne Hough : Sleek Blonde Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_13

Tucking your hair behind your ears can open up your face to accentuate your beauty and your smile. Actress Julianne Hough plays up her pretty blonde color with a red satin top and long sexy eye lashes. This is a good look for women with naturally lighter hair because it won’t be as expensive to keep up.

14. Jennifer Love Hewitt : Brassy Brown Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_14

The adorable Jennifer Love Hewitt has such a unique brown hairstyle with brass highlights. This is a great unique color and we love that she’s rocking it with lots of volume. Notice how feminine it is with the side part and lace top.

15. Katherine Heigl : Hollywood Glamor Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_15

Katherine Heigl is an actress that knows how to look classy. She adds volume to her hair because she has a round face. Curl your hair all the way to the roots and tuck it behind your ears. Go for some bangs curled to the side to soften the look and pair the butter blonde color with gold and white accessories to make it extra regal.

16. Drew Barrymore : Messy Part Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_16

Actress Drew Barrymore has a loving and sweet dimeanor and we love this casual bob hairstyle on her. This low maintenance hairstyle has highlights and low lights with darker roots. Ask your stylist for some honey blonde highlights and a platinum color on the rest. You can also curl a few pieces to give it some texture.

17. Paris Hilton : Blonde A-Line Bob with Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyles_17

This celebrity social lite knows how to stand out from the crowd with a platinum blonde blunt hairstyle. The long bangs accentuate her eyes and blonde hairstyles pair well with bright color choices like she has made with the pink top. This can be an elegant and relatively low maintenance cut and it’s a great choice for women with thick hair!

18. Katie Holmes : Espresso Brown Bob with Choppy Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyles_18

Actress Katie Homes is looking quite mischevious with this slightly a-line bob. This one is good for women who have thin hair and notice how the bangs are above the eyebrows to give it more of a hipster appeal. This look is kind of punk rock and can add some flair to your life if you are bored with pulling your hair back everyday!

19. Anna Faris : White Platinum Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_19

Anna Faris has a blunt slightly a-line hairstyle with cute bangs to slim her somewhat round face and accentuate her eyes. This color is going to require some upkeep on the roots so consider your natural hair color before you decide on this fun look!

20. Kirsten Dunst : Wavy Blonde Bob with Exposed Roots

Short Bob Hairstyles_20

This is an adorable baby doll look that actress Kirsten Dunst has really pulled off well. We love the smokey eye makup and navy blue lace top that contrasts the blonde hair too. Remember to give yourself a side part and a gentle curl to give your hair some texture and volume.

21. Jennifer Hudson : Voluminous Layered Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_21

Actress Jennifer Hudson has some serious volume here in this layered bob hair cut. The longest layers actually come all the way down to her shoulders and she has a nice shine to her hair to make it look extra healthy. To get the volume bring your bangs from the side and use that same point to bring the hair back from as well. This will take some styling product but it’s fun and a great look for a fancy party!

22. Brittany Snow : Pinned Back Short Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_22

This cute haircut is essentially an a-line haircut that is really short on the back and long in the front. This is cute pinned back on one side and we love it in different hair colors. If you want a low maintenance stylish cut, this is the look for you. It will quickly blow dry into place and you won’t have to touch up the roots too often either.

23. Karlie Kloss : Ash Brown Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyles_23

This is probably one of our favorite looks this season! We love the the ash brown solid color with the side swept curled bangs. This is a great cut to pair with smokey eyes and really draws attention to your eyes. If you want a look you can wear and go, this is great for you. Just add a little bit of curl and you will love the light soft style.

24. Katharine McPhee : Choppy Angular Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_24

Katharine McPhee is so charming with this layered bob. It’s also a reverse ombre and we love the side part with choppy bangs. You can do a grey blonde on top with a wheat blonde on bottom and we guarantee you’ll be the only one with this adorable look.

25. Evan Rachel Wood : A-Line Ombre Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_25

We love this look for women with naturally darker hair. Add a medium golden brown to the darker roots and have your stylist give you an asymmetrical a-line bob. We love how she has kept her brows thick and chosen a bold red lipstick. Part the hair on the side and use some styling product to give yourself some volume.

26. Ashlee Simpson : White Platinum Bob with Long Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyles_26

This soft but sultry look is ultra girly because of the deep side part and smokey eye makeup. It’s more elegant with the hair tucked back behind the ears as well. This is another good look to help make a round face look a little more slim because it hides the forehead and brings attention to the eyes.

27. Carey Mulligan : Sleek Blonde Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_27

If you like a classic and simple style, this is the best cut for you. There aren’t alot of layers and you won’t need to mess with curling or volumizing. All you need is a little finishing spray to hold it in place and maybe some controlling balm to keep it’s shape. As your stylist to help you choose the best blonde to match your skin tone.

28. Victoria Beckham : Fairy Hair Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_28

Victoria Beckham never ceases to have interesting hair. She’s known for the a-line hair style and the dark brown color is very complimenting to her olive skin. To get this sexy volume just make vertical curls and use a firm hold hair spray. If you want, add some real smokey eye makeup to get the extra dramatic hollywood glamour appeal!

29. Jessica Stroup : Brown Ombre Bob with Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyles_29

This is a nice natural look that appears that it could have been just highlights from the sun. She has some mascara on to open her eyes up but other than that she’s kept her makeup very natural and classy. This is a great sophisticated look that is anything but ostentatious. We love the simple high neckline with lace to finish the look too.

30. Shannyn Sossamon : Hipster Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_30

This hipster bob is a bold choice and actually very trendy. We love how the asymetrical cut frames the face and believe it or not this is a low maintenance look that is memorable and charming. If you’re confident you can rock this funky style and dress it up with funky accessories and fashion choices that are outside the box as well.

31. Samaire Armstrong : Wheat Blonde Bob with Butter Blonde Highlights

Short Bob Hairstyles_31

This is a great hair cut for women with naturally straight brown hair. Notice how Samaire’s eyebrows are dark and her eyes are dark so we know she has brown hair naturally. We like this color combination with darker roots so the upkeep is easier. At least dark roots are in now and it saves a lot of money!

32. Rebecca Romijn : Blonde Bob with Low Lights

Short Bob Hairstyles_32

This is one of the few bob haircuts that is actually longer in the back. If you notice, the back is flipped out where it hits her neck. She’s added some volume be pushing her hair back instead of bringing it down the sides. Let some pieces frame the face and keep the hair soft as opposed to stiff with hairspray.

33. Naomi Campbell : A-line Bob with Razored Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyles_33

Naomi is stunning with the heart shaped haircut. We love this extra short a-line cut which has razored edges to wisp the face. We think this is a great hair cut in any color and you can find one that goes best with your skin tone and looks natural. The bangs should come very close to your eyes for that extra seductive appeal.

34. Katy Perry : Flapper Bob in Black

Short Bob Hairstyles_34

Katy Perry loves to go retro with her hairstyles and we thouroughly enjoy the flapper look she has here. You don’t have to have curly hair to achieve this look. Just use a high heat curling iron on the bottom and use a long clip to make a finger wave on the upper portion. Some shine spray will give you the finishing touch and voila!

35. Natalie Portman : Reverse Ombre Bob with Finger Waves

Short Bob Hairstyles_35

This is kind of a complex look because she has some highlights on the top and framing the face but the rest is dark. She also has made beautiful soft finger waves which end in curls at the nape of her neck. We love how she has paired this with a soft and feminine off white lace dress.

36. Anne Hathaway : Boycut Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_36

If you have dainty features or just a great personality, you can totally pull off this boyish bob hairstyle. The side swept short bangs flow into the layers of the cut and it’s one of the easiest cuts to wear especially if you barely have time to look in the mirror in the morning. If you’re on the go, try this short sexy bob!

37. Paris Hilton : Soft Platinum Bob with Side Swept Bangs

Short Bob Hairstyles_37

This look is truly darling on tv reality star and heiress Paris Hilton. We really love how it’s not stiff and it’s certainly not boring. If you have light skin, platinum can be a very complimenting color for you. This blunt cut is more feminine with long bangs that are parted to the side.

38. Charlize Theron : Extra Short Blonde Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_38

This short look has longer pieces on top and in the front with a neat and short back. Actress Charlize Theron has beautiful eyes and keeping her hair out of her face is a great idea to accentuate that trait. Notice how she’s paired white pears and a classy white top to make the look extra elegant.

39. Katie Holmes : Sleek Brown Bob for Straight Hair

Short Bob Hairstyles_39

If you have thin hair, this is a great classic style for you. You can razor the ends so there is a little texture to them and use a styling product to give your hair some control. If you have trouble with flyaways, try using a straighter with some anti-friz serum.

40. Victoria Beckham : A-symetrical Reverse Ombre Blonde Bob

Short Bob Hairstyles_40

 This might be our favorit bob yet! We love how the choppy bangs flow into the long piece framing her face. We also can’t get enough of the white platinum contrasted with the honey blonde on the back. It’s hot and spicy and we think it would be gorgeous on anyone!

Remember to share these sexy summer looks with your friends and don’t forget to save the link or picture to show your stylist. Remember, you have a better chance of getting what you want if you go in with a picture instead of just having to describe it. We hope you’re wheels are spinning on how you can incorporate something fun and creative into your hair after looking at all of these wild and not so wild short bob hairstyles.

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