30 Shaved Hairstyles for Women

By on September 25, 2015

Shaved hairstyles are cool! However, not all women would dare to get such a drastic cut. Whenever we hear of shaved hairdos we think of the punk-rock style, which was once incredibly unusual but trendy among women. Believe it or not, today’s most innovative shaved cuts are chic, feminine and stylish. Check out these 30 amazing hairstyles for inspiration!

1. Sleek Shave & Turquoise Hair Color 

shaved hairstyle_01

Women with shaved heads can look chic, sexy and interesting too; particularly if they’re bold enough to go for a striking hair color. Check out the bright turquoise in the picture above. It’s goes really well with the all-white outfit and extravagant sunglasses.

2. Half-Shaved & Blond Waves 

shaved hairstyle_02

This cool hair do is versatile, unusual, and practical. Basically, half the head is completely shaded. Wear your hair loose and turn it on one side. For an added wow effect, you could opt for bouncy curls. 

3. Frizzy Hair with Top Bun & Shaved Sides

shaved hairstyle_03

Love your frizzy hair and wear it in the most unconventional way possible. Go for a sided fringe and have half of the locks tied in a bun. Shave the bottom half and you will look fierce. This hairdo is excellent in the summer. It’s both stylish and easy to do. If you get tired of the bun, you can always untie it to let your hair bounce free. 

4. Half Mohawk 

shaved hairstyle_04

This idea of a mohawk looks pretty neat. Basically, we’re talking about a half mohawk, with a single shaved side. Have your locks dyed blond, and create a duo effect with your natural hair at the roots. Use hairspray to make sure it lasts for a whole day. 

5. Sleek Trim with Shaved Parting

shaved hairstyle_05

To make yourself noticed you need a drastic hairstyle change. So how about this sleek trim? It looks polished and elegant, and it will fit perfectly with any type of outfit. Women with pleasant facial features should definitely take advantage. To give the hairstyle a twist, go for a shaved parting. It will make you stand out!

6. Punk Inspiration 

shaved hairstyle_06

Let your inner punker come out and go for this amazing hairstyle. We love the half shaved head because it makes long, trivial hair look unbelievably hot and trendy. 

7. Bare Head Shave

shaved hairstyle_07

Not many women look sexy with a complete head shave. And yet if you have beautiful facial features, this “hairstyle” may be exactly what you need. To make the look seem alluring you could opt for bold make-up. Smokey eyes, contoured eyebrows, and lip-gloss will compensate for the lack of hair. 

8. Thick Braids & Shaved Head 

shaved hairstyle_08

Braids look amazing on today’s modern women. Consider box braids if you have bulky hair and shave off the other side of the head. The style is without a doubt avant-garde; the right cloths and makeup will make you feel like the most confident woman in the world. 

9. Long Mohawk with Shaved Sides 

shaved hairstyle_09

Mohawks are in trend this season. They’ve managed to redefine the punk style, giving it a softer allure. Even the most sophisticated and stylish women can now opt for such a flamboyant hairdo. If you have straight hair and you want to change the style without cutting it, this sleek mohawk will exceed all your expectations. 

10. Top Mohawk & Shaved Accents 

shaved hairstyle_10

Make an unforgettable impression on family and friends with a top mohawk. The one featured in the picture above is stunning; the hair was heavily teased with hairspray, and yet it looks so neat and polished. We love the striking shaves on the sides; it gives an extra hint of originality to the whole look.

11. Box Braids Bun with Ponytail and Shaved Sides

shaved hairstyle_11

If you’re in love with box braids but you still crave a change in hairstyle, you could go for this ingenious hairdo. The top of the head is tied in a bun without touching the length in the back. The sides are completely shaved, thus bringing all the attention to the top. It’s such a cool hairstyle you could consider for the upcoming season. 

12. Blue Mohawk 

shaved hairstyle_12

Learn to love your beautiful frizzy and opt for this ingeniously cut mohawk. The top of the head is gently styled with a little mousse, and if you want tot make the hairdo appear out of the ordinary you could dye it in blue. The color is in trend this season, not to mention that it works really well with your innovative style. As for the shaved sides, the shorter the better!

13. Shaved Sides with Front Curl

shaved hairstyle_13

The punk-rock hairdo of the 90s has been transformed into the most stylish hairstyle. Check out the photo above! The hair crest looks silky soft and the front over-sized curl adds even more sophistication to the look. 

14. Pin-Up Inspiration & Geometric Shaves 

shaved hairstyle_14

The pin-up hairstyle is back in fashion. Only this time around we sense a couple of changes. Geometric shaves on the sides give the up-do a special allure. It makes it appear more modern, but without disrupting the vintage effect.

15. Frizzy Mohawk & Circled Shaves 

shaved hairstyle_15

In the mood for a peculiar but enticing hairstyle? How about this top mohawk with circled shaves? The haircut is ideal for women with prominent foreheads; basically, you can use the hair in the front to make yourself a cool sided fringe. As for the round shaves, we surely appreciate the finesse of the stylist. 

16. Cool Top Bun and By-Stage Shaves 

shaved hairstyle_16

By-stage shaves are a great way of  spicing up a classic mohawk. The layered effect adds minimalism and originality to the hairdo, not to mention that the over-sized front curl gives an urban feel to the overall style.

17. Wavy Mohawk with Shaved Side

shaved hairstyle_17

Give a twist to your average mohawk and go for an interesting color  blend. Preserve the natural color of your hair for the shaved side and dye the top blond. Style it up in waves and enjoy the end result. Wear the hairdo at a fancy party or during the day, on your way to work. Everyone will turn their heads around to check you out!

18. Layered Frizzy & Side Shaves 

shaved hairstyle_18

Women with prominent, bony faces and frizzy hair will love this hairdo. It’s sleek and simple yet incredibly effective. For an added wow effect you could go for uneven side shaves and a top mohawk. It will instantly bring out the eyes, lips and eyebrows. 

19. Teased Mohawk with Shaved Accents 

shaved hairstyle_19

This idea of a shaved hairstyle looks fascinating. The top half of the hair is beautifully combed and teased, while the other half is shaved in layers. We love the round shape of the style, particularly the orientation to the front. It brings edginess and it adds more sophistication to the whole look. 

20. Side-Swept Layered Mohawk 

shaved hairstyle_20

Now that’s what we call a cool mohawk – it’s wavy, sleek and beautifully combed! In combination with the shaved sides, the hairdo appears modern and really innovative. That bouncy fringe give an original allure to the hairdo, not to mention that the hair’s hues of light brown and blond create the most interesting ombre effect. 

21. Half’shaved & Long Layers 

shaved hairstyle_21

Would you dare to give up your long, beautiful locks? Probably not, but part of you would do that. Now you can without feeling sorry, and the solution is a half-shaved hairstyle. Don’t trim it from the middle though, and go for a side parting. This way the hairstyle gets an elegant vibe you’ll adore. 

22. Pink & Side Shave

shaved hairstyle_22

Are you craving a punk-rock shave but you don’t have enough courage to cut out all your hair? Well then you could try out a side shave. Pair it with a striking hair color, such as pastel pink, and enjoy the end result. For some more sophistication to the hairstyle, consider a side-swept fringe. It will bring out your cheekbones. 

23. Red & Orange with Sleek Shave 

shaved hairstyle_23

Give a twist to your reddish hairstyle and go for this fabulous blend. Bright and effortlessly tied on the back, the hairdo goes really well with a casual look. For an extra hint of wow, get an undercut or better yet, a shave. It exudes originality and everyone will appreciate your free-spirited sense of style. 

24. Side Shave with Side-Swept Bangs 

shaved hairstyle_24

In the mood for a change in hair color? What about a change in hairstyle? This season shaves are hot. Whether you have the guts to go for a complete shave and expose your face entirely, or you’d rather stick to a bottom shave with a side swept fringe, there’s no doubt that you will create an impact. 

25. Side Mohawk with Layers & Curvy Shaves

shaved hairstyle_25

Curvy shaves look so sexy! They’re an great addition to an undercut or layered cut. If you want to get an urban mohawk, consider side shaves too. The style will appear even more sophisticated and interesting. As for the color, we’ve heard platinum blond is back in style. 

26. Blue & Green

shaved hairstyle_26

The hairstyle in the picture above is fascinating. Look at that beautiful blue & green hair! It will take your breath away. The shaving is more of an undercut. If you ever get tired of it, you can always hide it under the rest of your hair. Chic and sophisticated, this cool hairdo is great for women who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

27. Long/Short with Hidden Shave 

shaved hairstyle_27

If you’re crazy about asymmetrical hairstyles, this cut will definitely appeal to your senses. It’s both unusual and appealing. One side is visibly longer than the other; the shorter also features a front shave. Ingeniously cut and truly appealing, this sort of hairstyle is perfect for unconventional women.

28. Pink Mohawk with Back Shaves 

shaved hairstyle_28

Check out this cool back shave! It’s just flawless. We love the pointy shape of the hairdo; it gives it an extra hint of ingenuity and sophistication to the style. The pastel purple makes things even more interesting. Use hair-mouse to craft the spikes, and prepare yourself to be admired by everyone on the street.  

29. Blond & Brown with Geometric Shave

shaved hairstyle_29

This beautiful one-sided bob is dramatic. The hairdo has undercuts, shaves and curls, and yet it manages to look sleek and polished. The blend of brown and blond works smoothly too; and last but not least, we have those loose curls on one side that just makes the hairstyle look even more interesting. 

30. Pink Bun with Shaves and Undercuts

shaved hairstyle_30

Since we were just talking about undercuts and shaves, let’s stop for a second to analyze this amazing hairdo. At a first glimpse, it’s rather simple; although, that pink gives it a punk-rock allure we cannot ignore. Surprisingly, the pink-brown combination works perfectly too! 

Shaved hairstyles in women are cool, modern, and chic. They’re innovative and stylish too! If you feel that it’s time for a drastic change, you might want to get one too. It’s doesn’t have to be a complete shave; but a mohawk with spikes and shaved sides might just be what you need to feel confident and beautiful again. 

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