30 Best Rihanna Hairstyles

By on July 23, 2015

Some people follow trends and some people are trend setters. When it comes to Rihanna, she has a style that is all her own. This pop star doesn’t shy away from trying new hairstyles and thinking outside of the box. We’ve collected some of our favorite Rihanna hairstyles for you to give you ideas on how to spice up your look. There’s no question she has some serious sex appeal and more importantly there’s no reason we all can’t follow suit! So here they are, the 30 best Rihanna hairstyles and tips on how to get them!

1. Half Shaved Ombre with Big Curls

Rihanna Hairstyles_01

If you want to make something look small, put something that looks big next to it. Rihanna is already very thin of course but if you have a round face, exaggerating your hair with extra big curls and volume can help you look more petite since truly everything is all just relative. We love the golden ombre color which is ultra-feminine and contrasts the warrior look with the shaved head.

2. Twisted Updo with Long Curls in the Back

Rihanna Hairstyles_02

There are a few secrets to this look. First of all it’s one dark color and she’s incorporated academic blue, white and red making it very patriotic. She’s tucked the sides behind her ears and made a neat twisting wave that has lots of volume on top to elongate her face. She also let this wave swoop down to cover her forehead a little bit. Finish it off with some long eyelashes and dark eyeliner and you’re a fashion queen!

3. Exotic Ponytail with Choppy Bangs

Rihanna Hairstyles_03

This is a fun look that is really not hard to get at all. Start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail and then curl individual chunks and spray them with a firm hold spray. Next pull some pieces out to frame your face and have your stylist cut just a few long bangs that are choppy and not a straight line across. We don’t recommend cutting your own bangs as it can go bad quickly! 

4. Boy Cut in Black with a Wave

Rihanna Hairstyles_04

The longest part of this sexy hair style is on top. Remember how we said, put something big next to something to make it look smaller? Well Rihanna’s big hoop earrings make her face seem even smaller than she already is. This big wave on the top of her hair makes her look even more slim. We love the golden brown smoky eyes and striking black eyeliner to tie in the hair color. The more color coordinating you do with your entire ensemble, the more fun it is to look at. Let your personality shine through!

5. Subtle Ombre with an Elegant Middle Part 

Rihanna Hairstyles_05

Rihanna knows how to stand out from the crowd with popping red lips that match her popping red dress. Not to mention her hair is bigger and longer than most other women. If you don’t give your hair much thought, look how fun hair can be when you just give it a little bit of TLC. Use a big curling iron and run your fingers through the curls before you spray. You can tease the underlayers on the top of your head to add even more fun volume too!

6. Mohawk With Curls

Rihanna Hairstyles_06

One look Rihanna is quite famous for that we think is so fashion forward is the curled Mohawk. Pull the sides of your hair back and curl the middle of your hair in sections. Pin each curl securely hiding the pins. Spray the curls profusely and avoid heavy rains and winds! You’ll be the most fabulous and artsy one at the party with this cool hairstyle.

7. Extra Long Straight Espresso Brown

Rihanna Hairstyles_07

Rihanna does everything to the extreme. Her low cut dress almost goes down to her belly button and her hair goes past her waist. When she wears a white dress it’s as fancy as a wedding dress and she wears the brightest lipstick she can find. This is how she stands out and she’s brave enough to do it. If you want long hair there are plenty of affordable extensions on the market that your hair dresser can put in for you.

8. Deep Side Part with Shiny Black Tresses

Rihanna Hairstyles_08

Rihanna always has a clean and polished look no matter how loud it is. She certainly knows how to use color boldly but she also creates dramatic lines with her hair. She’s not one to usually have flyaways unless that’s the look she’s going for. Make a deep side part and create some volume by drying your hair with a round brush.

9. Scrunched Black Tresses with Warrior Shave

Rihanna Hairstyles_09-1

Rihanna Hairstyles_09-2

Rihanna is a master at mixing the masculine and the feminine aspects of herself. She wears a dress and full makeup but shaves one side of her head. She has some wild black curls to show her artistic flair and her signature thick black eyeliner and eye catching red lips. You don’t have to over accessorize when your hair is this interesting. Believe it or not this is a great everyday look that is anything but boring and shows that you are a creative at heart.

10. Pixie with Short Bangs

Rihanna Hairstyles_10

This look can be made with a mini straightener that will help to curl the ends or a very small curling iron. Rihanna looks very feminine with her cute earrings, darling white dress, ultra sexy red lips and those seductive long lashes. She doesn’t let any detail go untouched with it comes to her style. She’s always so put together and radiant!

11. Black Mermaid Hair with One Side Shaved

Rihanna Hairstyles_11

If you want a unique look that no one else will have, this is a fun and sexy option for you. Notice how she’s only shaved a small portion of her head and the cut is on an angle with makes the shaved portion a triangle. Rihanna literally does everything her own way and that’s why she’s a trendsetter.

12. Asymmetrical Dramatic A-Line

Rihanna Hairstyles_12

We love that Rihanna doesn’t copy all the other celebrities and go for platinum blonde hair. She’s able to wear so many more colors with ease when she wears her hair dark. This cut is low maintenance and you can blow dry it and put a straightener through it to give it the pointed shape. It can be really short in the back and this A-line is complimented to all women!

13. Ash Black Long Ponytail

Rihanna Hairstyles_13
Notice how the end of Rihanna’s long hair is bluntly cup to give her the geisha look that matches her dress. As always she has a shine to her hair that helps her look radiant. She’s added subtle highlights to her hair so there are two tones. She’s made the look very sleek which you can do by using a very fine tooth comb and some hair spray. You can also wrap your hair around the hairband and pin it in place to finish the look. 

14. Curled Updo with Pieces to Frame The Face

Rihanna Hairstyles_14

This beautiful curled updo can be done by curling individual pieces and spraying them individually. Next pull your hair back loosely at the nape of your neck and bring some pieces out to frame your face. If you go with this dark hair color, look how well gold accessories and white clothes pairs with it to make it look ultra sophisticated. 

15. Short Ombre Updo

Rihanna Hairstyles_15

This sexy updo is one of those unique Rihanna looks that is jawdropping and no one else will have it. You can ask your stylist to shave the sides and leave the top long so you can pull the front forward and blow dry the rest towards the middle. Use a firm hold spray to hold it in place or molding balm depending on the thickness of your hair. The blonde hair with darker roots is a great way to add texture to this hairstyle. 

16. Black Short Updo Pinned

Rihanna Hairstyles_16

This might be one of our favorite unique Rihanna hairstyles. She is always thinking outside of the box and doing what’s never been done. She has shaved both sides and curled the top. Bring all the hair from one side and wrap it around while pushing it forward to make volume and then secure it discreetly with black bobby pins. Don’t forget to finish the look with a healthy shimmering bronzer and dark smokey eye makeup to pop your eyes. 

17. Asymmetrical Boycut

Rihanna Hairstyles_17

This feminine look is all about asymmetry. Ask your stylist to add some choppy layers so the look will have texture. The back side is tapered and if you have thin hair you can use a blow dryer and round brush to get added volume on top. Notice how neatly drawn her eyebrows are to contrast the choppy messy hair. 

18. Pixie Princess Cut with Headband

Rihanna Hairstyles_18

This adorable look is easy to maintain and won’t take a lot of time if you don’t like spending hours on your hair everyday. Pull all your hair from one side in a deep side part and secure it with a head band. Let the back have some volume to add some playful movement. Notice how Rihanna has made the look more feminine by adding purple and grey shimmering eye makeup that matches her dress and ring. 

19. Natural Brown Pinned Back

Rihanna Hairstyles_19

This is one of Rihanna’s most natural looks and it’s another one of our absolute favorites. If you don’t like to go to extreme in your hairstyles but still want something a little different and elegant, this is a quick hairstyle to dress up any outfit. This look is best with long hair and those sexy long eyelashes.

20. Ombre with Shaved Side

Rihanna Hairstyles_20

To acheive this look you’ll want to get some extensions if your hair isn’t long. The ash blonde color dominates this hairstyle with an ash brown on the roots. Do a deep side part to highlight the triangle that’s shaved to give the rocker and exotic look. Rihanna also loves to pair her makeup colors with her wardrobe which brings coherence to her image. 

21. Sexy Bob with Long Bangs

Rihanna Hairstyles_21

Rihanna always plays both her masculine and feminine sides in every look to have an energetic balance. This look has a masculine army shirt with a feminine side swept shoulder length bob. Notice how she has some shorter layers across her forehead which help to elongate her round face and highlight her beautiful eyes. 

22. Flapper Girl UpDo

Rihanna Hairstyles_22-1

Rihanna Hairstyles_22-2

The theme in this look is round circles. Notice how her top, her earrings, and her necklace duplicate the round circular shape in her updo. The pins in her hair are just totally unique and she’s thinking outside the box with this look. She’s essentially created the flapper fingerwave but kept the pins in. Notice how she plays with shapes and lines in all of her looks as a form of artistry.

23. Pulp Fiction Bob 

Rihanna Hairstyles_23

We are pretty sure there isn’t a hair style that doesn’t look good on Rihanna but that’s because she wears everyone of them confidently. Her signature purple lips contrast her dark hair magically. This Bob turned inward can be achieved with either a flat iron or a blow dryer and a round brush. 

24. Severely Pointed A-Line with Platinum Strands

Rihanna Hairstyles_24

Here Rihanna is using the linear shape to create dramatic movement in her hair. Even the lining on her dress matches the black lines she’s created with her hair and eyemakeup. Rihanna has chosen a nude pink lipstick which is subtle and sweet. This look is all about long strands in front and a steep grade in the back and it’s a cut that’s usually flattering to all face shapes. 

25. Curls on Top With a Platinum Highlight

Rihanna Hairstyles_25

We can’t get enough of this sexy look which is actually rather simple. Keep the top long and add one thick platinum highlight. Curl the top and spray it. You probably won’t need to use bobby pins but it depends on the length of your hair. Finish the look with a soft pink lip color to keep it girly. 

26. Mohagany Ringlets 

Rihanna Hairstyles_26-1 Rihanna Hairstyles_26-2

Rihanna is all about matching. She’s combined her red hair with a matching and seductive red lace dress to make herself stand out. If you want to stand out, you can see how she’s a master at color, texture and shapes. She’s even matched the curling shape of her hair with the design on her dress to give her overall look more movement. The pink lips tie it all in. Use curlers or curl your hair in sections to achieve this dazzling voluminous style. 

27. Curls with Side Swept Bangs

Rihanna Hairstyles_27

This babydoll look is accomplished by curling the long strands on top of the head and bringing them forward. Keep them in a side part so they don’t hide your beautiful eyes. The white billowy top helps make the short style more feminine. Rihanna often uses rhinestones, lace and silk to make short haircuts less masculine while she uses leather and masculine collared shirts to make longer hairstyles more masculine. 

28. 70’s Hair Reborn

Rihanna Hairstyles_28

This blonde curly hair goes well with a tan and nude lipstick. Luckily you don’t have to worry about exposed roots either because they are very in right now. If you want to go for the extra sex appeal find a top that has an open back or interesting neckline. 

29. Two Tone Artsy A-Line

Rihanna Hairstyles_29

If you’re not afraid to be wild with your hair, this is a great look for you. It’s eye catching and actually not going to require a lot of work to do. Just blow dry it and curl the ends. Work with your stylist to find two colors that compliment your skin tone. 

30. The Ultimate Rockstar Updo

Rihanna Hairstyles_30

This look is one that shows big personality. The hair is masculine no doubt but the frills in her dress are ultra feminine. Rihanna always balances the yin and yang in her fashion sense so well. The blonde hair goes well with the baby blue outfit and she’s pulled in her pink lips and outfit with the pink and blue eye shadow. Blow dry your hair up and back and spray it with firm hold hairspray or use a molding balm.  

Are you ready to let your inner rockstar or artist out now? We hope you’ve found something here that speaks to your soul and inspires you to think outside the box about being beautiful and radiant. Each of us has something beautiful to offer the world no matter what shape we think we are supposed to be. We are all naturally beautiful and we can use color, texture and shapes like Rihanna to make ourselves feel like the Queens we are.

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