50 Red Hair Color Ideas With Highlights

By on August 16, 2018

At one point or another in our lives we all wonder what it would be like to be a redhead. Red is so daring, so bold, so… Beautiful. But we might find that we become a little too nervous to go through with it. We aren’t quite sure if we would be able to pull it off or if people will be receptive to the new, bold look. But we say you should shove those worries aside, because there are so many different types of hair color ideas surrounding red hair! There definitely has to be a look that is perfect for you! 

Or maybe you already have bright, beautiful red locks. And now you just want to do something to change up your look. To make your hair color even more gorgeous than it already is. Maybe you’re just ready for something new! 

Either way, we have got your back! Below we have laid out 50 of the best red hair color ideas with highlights. We promise you will not be disappointed! And, who knows, maybe by this time tomorrow you’ll be with your stylist to for a hair appointment trying out one of these amazing looks!

Red Ombred With Blonde Highlights

Taking your look to the next level is easier than ever nowadays. Stylists are now trained in all of these amazing, new age techniques that can really make your hair stand out beautifully. Like with an ombre! This ombre is gorgeous and perfect for anyone wanting to elevate their red hair look.

Red With Brown Highlights

You definitely choose to keep things more simple. You don’t have to go overboard to get pretty hair. That’s a fact! Keep it simple with something like red hair with light brunette highlights. It’s a very subtle, sophisticated look. 

Red Copper With Chunky Highlights

Did you know that chunky highlights were a thing? If not, aren’t you glad that you know now?! We certainly were when we discovered them. If you are tired of the same old, boring highlights you can opt for chunky highlights. Which are highlights, but spread much wider when applied to create a thicker, more chunky appearance. Therefore you will need less of them in the application process. 

Orange Hair With Red Highlights And Shadow Root

Shadow roots are becoming increasingly popular everyday. A shadow root is when your natural color or a darker color than the dyed hair is what your roots are made up of. We love this model’s shadow root paired with her red orange hair and bright red highlights. It’s perfect for the 50 best red hair color ideas with highlights list, don’t you think?

Wine Red Hair With Black Peekaboo Highlights 

What do we wish we were seeing more of these days? Peekaboo highlights! We just love everything about them. This is where the underneath layer of your hair is colored with a different color than the top layer of your hair. And the technique makes it so that the underneath layer appears as highlights unless lifted or moved aside like a curtain.

Different Reds 

We are going to show you a ton of different colors, but maybe you are just looking to keep thing in the red color range. We totally get that. So we want to show you this beautiful collaboration of reds intertwined with one another. How beautiful is that?!

Pink Red With Purple 

But maybe you are ready to venture outside of the “normal” box and do something a little more bold and crazy. We love that idea, too! You could definitely mix it up by adding purple and pink into your red hair. This creates a wildly beautiful look that we just simply adore!

Strawberry Red Bayalage 

Bayalage is another popular technique that we see more and more these days. A bayalage is where highlights are painted in such a way where it gives a gradual effect. Which is why we thought it would be perfect to add to the list! 

Black And Deep Red Highlights 

Feeling like doing something a little darker? Something a little deeper? Well, look no further. You can try out black hair intertwined with deep red roots. This is a very gothic look, but it would work well on just about anybody with any type of style! We are living for it!

Brunette With Copper Red Highlights 

With Fall right around the corner it might be time to start looking for Fall themed hair colors. And boy aren’t they just the best? We love this brunette look with copper red highlights. It just screams hoodies, boots and leggings season at us!

Copper Red With Blonde And Pink Peekaboo Highlights

Now this isn’t a look that you see everyday, is it? So if you are looking for a unique hair color idea, this might just be the one for you. It’s definitely out of the box! This model has copper red hair, with blonde highlights and a pink peekaboo highlight. 

Violet Red And Blonde 


Some reds are bright like a fire truck, while others are dark and deep like a violet. Violet red hair is beautiful, lucious looking and blends well with highlights such as the blonde ones shown above. You could even think about adding another tone in their for a tricolor look.

Burgundy Red And Black Highlights 

Burgundy is another tone of red that you might not have been introduced to just yet. And we want you to know that it exists! Burgundy is more of a purple based red color. But isn’t it just sooo pretty?! We love how it’s paired with black highlights here. It’s perfect for the upcoming fall season. 

Red And Black Bayalage 

Red and black go together like peanute butter and jelly. There are many different hair color ideas you could opt for when it comes to pairing those two colors together. But we especially love them using the bayalage technique. 

Red With Black Highlights

Or you might find that you are not a huge fan of the bayalage technique. And that is totally okay, because it’s simply not for everybody. But if you are loving the idea of red with black, you could try something simple like the hair color idea shown above. 

Red And Blonde Bayalage

And just when we thought a bayalage couldn’t get any better, we found this beautiful creation! This is a beautiful red to blonde bayalage that would really be perfect for anybody who desires having red hair, but also wants blonde hair. 

Orange Red And Blonde Highlights 

Dark red might just not be your color. But the good news? There are so many different kinds of reds that there will surely be one for you. You could try out a more gentle color, like the red orange color shown above. Adding blonde highlights will really make this color stand out. 

Black Hair With Red Highlights 

We have shown you red hair with black highlights, but we have yet to show you black hair with red highlights. Which is just as pretty if you ask us! We love the contrast of colors here. 

Dark Red With Light Red Highlights 

Keeping it all red doesn’t sound like such a bad idea either! You could go for this gorgeous display of reds and do a dark red with bright red highlighting. It will add depth to your hair that you didn’t have before. This will especially work in your favor if you have thinner hair and want it to appear thicker!

Light Red With Brown Highlights 

Like we mentioned before, there are so many different variations of red hair color ideas out there! And another one of our favorite variations is this light red hair coloring with darker brown highlighting. It creates a beautiful contrast and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd. 

Red With Vibrant Purple

Speaking of standing out in a crowd! Wowza! Take a look at this beautiful blend of reds and purples! Red and purple definitely work well with each other. And if you are trying to achieve a more bold, out there look then we suggest trying something like this. 

Red With Strawberry Blonde Highlights 

The strawberry blonde coloring works really well with this light red, almost copper toned coloring. We think they make a perfect pair. And we love the subtle hints of strawberry color in that blonde. It just adds that extra something you might be looking for on your hair color idea journey. 

Dark Copper Red With Purple Peekaboo

We just want everyone to try out a peekaboo style at least once in their lifetimes! Look how interesting, unique and gorgeous it is! We definitely like the bold contrast between the dark copper and the dark purple. It really will have heads turning. 

Orchid Red With Violet Highlights

This hair color idea is a fantastic one if you are searching for something that will add more depth to your lucious locks! Depth will really add thickness to your hair and give it a more voluminized look. This is a perfect solution for those of you with thin, fragile looking hair. 

Colorful Ombre With Red Highlights 

Colorful hair is all the rage! You will often see someone with brightly colored hair walking the street nowadays. And we can see why! It’s glorious. We adore this colorful ombre than blends into red and pink highlights near the bottom of the hair. 

Deep Red With A Few Blonde Streaks 

You don’t have to overwhelm your hair with highlights if you don’t want to. You could choose to go for a more simple approach. That way if you don’t like them, it’ll be an easy fix!

Burgundy Hair Color With Copper Highlights 

We’ve shown you plenty of burgundy hair color ideas, but we have another one here for you. This burgundy and copper mix is really gorgeous. We like the way that the two colors play off of each other and really make the whole head come together in a perfect harmony.

Red Pink And Blonde

You would not think that pink and red could go so well together, because of how close in color they are. But if you did think that, you would be totally wrong. Pink and red go really wonderfully together when it comes to hair color. And what could make it even better? Adding in some blonde to bridge the light and dark colors together perfectly. 

Copper Red With Orange Highlighting 

Copper red is a great red to choose if you don’t want to seem overly bright with your coloring. It’s right in the middle of too dark and too light when it comes to the spectrum of the color red. Adding some orange highlights in there will really make your look POP!

Dark Orange Red With Blue Highlights

Who would have thought that blue highlights would go so well with orangish reddish hair? We stumbled upon this beautiful hair creation and we just couldn’t resist adding it to the list of the 50 best red hair color ideas with highlights. It’s definitely unusual, but we really REALLY like it. 

Fire Engine Red With Blonde 

A lot of these are all about the contrast! Contrast is so important when it comes down to properly integrating highlights. It’s all about making sure that you have the proper color schemes and knowing which colors work with each other. We think that this bright red and blonde are a match made in heaven. 

Orange Red With Blonde

But maybe you are not feeling like looking as bright as a fire truck. Or it could be that your career just doesn’t allow those types of bright colors. But if you really liked the idea of red and blonde, we have this orange and blonde set up for you instead. Which is also a color pairing match we love. 

Different Dark Red Highlighting 

This is another example of how using colors on the same spectrum can create beautiful depth in your hair. This dark red and even darker red really work with each other. 

Red And Blonde Ombre 

This is such a pretty ombre, we couldn’t leave it off the list. The blend of pink, red and blonde really just works so well together. It’s a pretty combination that screams chic and will have you ready to take on the world!

Light Copper With Dark Red 

You can do this one any which way that you would like. You can opt for copper hair coloring and dark red highlights or you can go for dark red hair and copper highlights. Either way we adore this look. And just look how cute it is when it’s curled! Keep that in mind if you have curly type hair!

Bright Red With Platinum Highlights 

You may have seen blonde highlighting, but have you seen platinum highlighting yet?! Because we are so absolutely head over heels in love with this! If you are searching for a lighter appearance all around, this might just be the perfect selection for you. It’s very summery, but will work great any time of the year. 


Red Hair With Copper Highlights 

Red hair doesn’t have to be ‘out of the box’ or crazy. You can go for a more natural looking red hair color by blending reds and copper tones together to create a look like the one above. You might even be able to convince other people that it’s your natural hair color! 

Red Violet With Brown Highlights  

The great thing about going red headed is that there are so many different types of red. You can switch up your hair color without straying too far from what you wanted it to be. So you can try out pink reds, orange reds, dark reds or, as shown above, violet reds.

Black Shadow Root With Red Hair And Bright Highlights

We actually really love everything that Vanessa Hudgens has going on here! From the top, a deep dark black shadow root, to the bottom, a blend of dark and light red highlights. It’s a perfect red haircolor idea with highlights!

Red Ombre With Blonde Peekaboo

What’s better than a glossy red ombre? Well, a red ombre with a blonde peekaboo highlight of course! This mixture of colors just has us totally heart eyes! This blend will give your hair the look of having more volume than it actually does. 

Brown Red With Caramel Highlights 

We know that we keep bringing up Fall, but that’s because it’s literally almost at our doorstep! So we want to show you a few different Fall themed hair color ideas. The one above is a blend of red, brown and reddish brown with caramel highlights. A perfect way to say you’re ready for the leaves to start changing!

Orangish Red With Pink Highlighting 

God bless whoever decided to make this beautiful creaton! We never would have thought that orange and pink go so well together, but the truth is that they most certainly do! And it’s simply stunning, sophisticated and chic!

Red With White 

No, white hair isn’t just for little old ladies or silver foxes. White hair is becoming more popular among the youth each and every day! And we can totally see why that is! This mix is absolutely gorgeous!

Ginger Red With Orange And Pink Peekaboo 

Yes, we know, we’ve put a lot of different style peekaboos on here. But can you really blame us?! They are just too darn cute! And we like how well this ginger red hair goes with this pink and orange peekaboo.

Blonde Hair With Dark Red Highlights 

This is the perfect option for you if you already have blonde or platinum hair, but you want to add a little red in your life! Just remember that it is very difficult to lift red out of your hair after you’ve put it in. So it might be hard to get back to all blonde if you aren’t digging this hair color idea!

Short Hair With Black And Red

Goodness gracious, would you just look at how breathtaking this hair color idea is?! It’s absolutely spectacular. We just love the way that the red and black complement each other. And we are certain you would, too. If you end up trying this one out that is!

Red Orange With Honey Highlights 

We have shown you red with blonde, red with platinum and red with white. But we haven’t shown you this amazing red orange with honey colored highlights. Isn’t it crazy how many different variations there are?! And they’re all so pretty!

Reddish Brown With Copper 

We are just digging the complexity of these colors together. Look at the depth and the layering it creates! It works really well with longer hair, but we think it would pair just fine with shorter hair as well. 

Purplish Red And Black 

We are loving this color of red and how beautiful it looks intertwined with black highlighting! Just imagine, you would probably be the envy of every other girl out there if you were sporting this hair color. Wouldn’t you agree?

Red And Orange 

Lastly on our list of 50 red hair color ideas with highlights list, we have this simple, yet very special red and orange mixture to show you. It’s a perfect idea if you want to keep your hair all red tones! 

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