30 Pink Ombre Hair Ideas

By on November 16, 2015

Ombre is a color trend that’s quite attention-grabbing. Common hues of brown and blonde are meant to give a romantic allure to classic styles. However, we have unusual ombre combinations too; these are not meant to match with your clothes. On the contrary, the purpose of striking ombre colors is to help you make an impression,  make your crazy personality stand out and wow everyone around you. Here are 30 amazing pink ombre hair ideas you might want to test for this end of the year.

1. Ash Blonde & Pink Ombre 

pink ombre hair_01

Ash blonde hair with hints of gray is not a hair color you see every day on the street. And if that’s not striking enough for you, go for pink ombre highlights at the tips. Use a curling iron to make the hairdo wavy and enjoy the end result. It’s stunning!

2. Brown & Pink Pony Tail 

pink ombre hair_02

This hairstyle is absolutely fascinating. We love the brown, purple and pink combo. The transition is really smooth and enticing. If you’re into the boho chic trend, then this pink ombre pony tail is exactly what you need to get our of anonymity. 

3. Romantic Pink Waves

pink ombre hair_03

Pink doesn’t have to be a crazy hair color. In fact, when blended with warm brown the final result is actually pretty romantic. We love the bouncy waves at the tips. They add movement and ingenuity to the hairdo.

4. Shades of Deep Pink

pink ombre hair_04

Now that’s what we call a bohemian chic hairstyle! The curls are incredibly alluring and the natural color at the base gives the hairstyle an urban appeal. Wear it with a headband and own it as everyone’s eyes will be on you.

5. Purple & Candy Pink Ombre

pink ombre hair_05

Hello there candy pink ombre! This is definitely an attention-grabbing hairstyle. The base is dyed in deep purple and the rest of the hair is sheer pastel pink. It’s pretty crazy yet incredibly stylish and modern!

6. Coral Ombre & Pink Tips

pink ombre hair_06

Add glow to your current hairstyle with this incredible coral ombre hair color. The multicolors are breathtaking, especially the pink at the tips. The retro-inspired allure of this hairdo is quite enticing too. Pure perfection!

7. Brown & Subtle Pink Ombre

pink ombre hair_07

In the mood for a change in hair color but you don’t want something too drastic? Well then you have to give this brown and pink ombre a chance. The hairdo is simple and sleek, and it will definitely make you stand out at any party you choose to go. 

8. Warm Blonde & Deep Pink Ombre

pink ombre hair_08

This boho chic hairstyle is perfect for the fall season. The fringe will frame your face perfectly, and the deep pink ombre hues at the tips will highlight your cheeky, playful personality. A must try at least once in a lifetime!

9. Gray to Pink Ombre

pink ombre hair_09

Gray hair has managed to win our hearts. It’s fun and incredibly alluring, not to mention that it’s easy to blend with other colors of the season, such as pastel pink for example. How can you not like the combo? It’s fierce!

10. Purple Pink Layers 

pink ombre hair_10

What do you think about these purple pink layers? They’re pretty great don’t you think? The blend of deep purple at the roots with light pink at the tips is fascinating. However, you shouldn’t opt for this style if you don’t have really pale skin. Blonde women will adore this ombre effect!

11. Tongues of Fire

pink ombre hair_11

If you are going to be bold and add bright pink to your hair, it is best to start with a dark base color, black is perfect!  Add the pink in half way down your hair and ensure it gradually gets brighter. Complete the effect by curling your hair in layers; it will look like your hair is on fire!

12. Pink Queen

pink ombre hair_12

Starting at your roots color your hair pink, it is preferably to keep it to a medium shade as anything to bright will clash with the red. Again, about half way down your hair add a delicate red; ideally going to shades of pink or very light red at the tips. Create a wave in your hair and you will look like a queen.

13. The Combo

pink ombre hair_13

Despite what people may say, pink and purple can go exceptionally well together. The trick is to be bold and bright.  Choose a bright pink, such as magenta and blend a violet purple in at around your shoulders. Again a wave in your hair will finish this style perfectly; you will turn heads!

14. Candy Floss

pink ombre hair_14

This is the perfect statement for anyone who already has long blond hair, preferably straight! Add a bright pink to the bottom third by dip dying and get ready to attract everyone’s attention; for the right reasons. You will be guaranteed to look sweet enough to eat!

15. Subtle Bob

pink ombre hair_15

Even if your hair is currently cut into a bob, you can pull off the pink ombre. Dye your hair a cool pink on the top two thirds, starting at your roots. Then add in some blond for the last bit, to the tips. Using some curling tongs add waves and layers to create a stunning, sophisticated style.

16. Sweet Sugar

pink ombre hair_16

Go blonde and pink to ensure you perfect the sweet as sugar, superstar look. The majority of your hair will need to be blond, ideally naturally. If you are dying it, be sure the color will hold when adding the pink. A delicate, light pink should be added to the tips and softly curled to frame your face. Just add sunglasses!

17. Subtle Pastel  

pink ombre hair_17

Make a statement without being the one that stands out in the middle of the crowd for the wrong reasons. Choose a light, pastel purple such as lilac and dye the top half of your hair, allowing streaks of color to dip in the lower half.  The rest of your hair should, ideally, be blond. Add a few waves and enjoying looking and feeling like spring.

18. Pink Angel

pink ombre hair_18

Layered hair is the perfect complement to a delicate shade of pink. Add the pink so that it falls with the layers and allow them to fall on your shoulders. To finish this stunning look add a few traces of pink going upwards towards your scalp.

19. Two Tone Pink

pink ombre hair_19

This style suits wavy hair or straight hair, although it does need to be past your shoulders to justify the style. Color the top third of your hair in a pink of your choosing, as bright as you are comfortable going. Next dip dye the bottom third the same pink color. Leave your natural color in the middle. The contrast creates a stunning look guaranteed to attract the right man.

20. Pink Wonder

pink ombre hair_20

This style is a little more daring and goes against all the rules. Color your fringe a medium to bright pink. Ideally your fringe should be straight and cut just above your eyes. Then dye the ends of your hair the same color and leave the rest of your hair natural. This can work with any color hair and make you look like you have just come off the cat walk!

21. Pink Punk

pink ombre hair_21

If you have black hair, or are happy to dye it black you can create a beautiful style with a touch of punk. Pick an electric pink and dye the bottom half of your head, streaking it to blend it on the join. You will create a stunning mix of sophistication and fun!

22. Pink Flamingo

pink ombre hair_22

A slightly different take on the black to pink color scheme is to keep the top half black and the bottom part pink, ideally with an almost straight line on the color join. Add a few waves to disrupt the join slightly and create a dramatic look.

23. Hippy Pink

pink ombre hair_23

Keep it natural by choosing a very delicate shade of pink; something like candy pink works exceptionally well. Dip dye the end of your hair with this color and complement with a golden blonde across the rest of your hair. Add a few waves and a loose plait and achieve a perfect, contemporary hippy look.

24. Gentle Pink

pink ombre hair_24

Color your hair with a light pink all over and then add some bright, electric pink to the ends. Curling just the ends will add to the effect and leave people wandering if you are pink or blond! It is certain to be a conversation starter.

25. Pink Flower

pink ombre hair_25

If you really want to mix it you and look fabulous add a third color. Start with black hair at your roots and just starting to go down your head, then blend in a wave of blond and follow this with a medium pink. Ideally start with gentle curls and work down to criss-crossing waves.  You will look as pretty as a flower!

26. Multicolor

pink ombre hair_26

If you are feeling brave you can choose to go black and add a strip of golden blonde at the top of the bottom third of your hair. Follow this with a bright pink, magenta works well. Horizontal highlights are unusual but can look stunning!

27. Fairy Princess

pink ombre hair_27

Dispense with any attempt at natural hair and dye the top half of your hair electric pink, blend in a subtle purple to the bottom half and create the image of a fairytale princess. This is bold and beautiful; not one for the faint hearted.

28. The Siren

pink ombre hair_28

To add a bit of variance to the mix you can dip dye the bottom half of your hair pink and purple. Choose two colors which will blend nicely; if they are too similar the change of color will not be noticed, too bright and they will clash! The top half of your hair should be naturally, preferably a light brown or blonde. Creating a tight curl in the bottom half helps to create a bold, beautiful look.

29. Medium Chic

pink ombre hair_29

If your hair is only just past your shoulder it is still possible to pull off the ombre look. A grown out bob is just the right length to allow dark roots to be streaked with an electric blue. This can then blend into a rich purple which accentuates the blue. The package is finished with tips of pink fuchsia. Blended properly this look can be truly amazing!

30. Pink Goddess

pink ombre hair_30

Choose a deep pink, bordering on red and dye the top half of your long hair this color. The rest of your hair should be a strawberry blond to complement the initial blast of color. The look is completed by adding some gentle waves; keeping it as natural as possible. It is a subtle, yet powerful effect; stylish, chic and like a bohemian goddess!

Dare to be bold ladies and go pink this season! 

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