60 Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas 2015

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Ombre has become the latest crazy among hairstyle trends and luckily it’s saving women a lot of money because the hairstyle is meant to grow with your hair. This two tone look has many fun varieties, literally, the sky is the limit but certain colors pair better together than others. These pictures will help you find a look that goes well with your skin tone and personality. Get ready to feel fabulous with your new ombre look!

1. Ariana Grande : Dark to Light Brown

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_001

Ariana knows how to look like a princess with her half up half down ombre look complete with a front braid. These colors compliment medium and darker skin tones and the curl on the ends complimented with a baby doll dress give her that sweet and innocent vibe. Notice how there isn’t a straight line where one color ends and the other one begins, this makes the ombre much more subtle.

2. Selena Gomez : Face Frame Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_002

Selena Gomez has at least three colors going on with a ‘dishwater blonde’ on her tips and framing the face. She has a few red highlights mid length and the top is deep brown. If you want the ombre to look more natural like hers, have some of the highlights travel up to the crown of the head as you see in the picture. It’s a fashionable style that will look great without much work.

3. Miley Cyrus : Light Brown to Blonde

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_003

 Selena’s blonde starts high up at the height of her eyes and we love the contrast she’s got going on with light brown and blonde. Work with your styles to find two complimenting tones and avoid the urge to try to do this on your own. This is a great look for blue or green eyes and light skin tones.

4. Beyonce :  The Reversal

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_004

 We love Beyonce’s bold reversal of the ombre hairstyle. She’s using a honey golden blonde on top and a rich brown on the bottom. This reversal works well for medium or darker skin tones but keep in mind that it’s a little more expensive to keep your roots from showing.

5. Kylie Jenner : Black to Brown

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_005

This look on Kylie really brings out her eyes. The bottoms of her hair match those beautiful brown eyes. This contrasting look is great for sassy girls who like a funky look. She’s getting that hipster look with the long but thinned out bangs and we absolutely love it!

6. Rihanna : Dark Ash Brown with Natural Blonde

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_006

 Rihanna looks like a mermaid with this big curls and long ombre locks. The deep and slightly ashy brown pairs well with the caramel brown on her ends. What makes this look totally unique and more natural looking is that there’s no fine line between the two colors and on a lot of the strands, the brown goes all the way to the ends. We call this the master look because it’s not distracting but it’s totally gorgeous.

7. Khloe Kardashian :Mid Length Blonde

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_007

 Khloe is positively radiant with this unique layered hairstyle. Notice how the blonde is more in the center of her length but not on much on the under layers. If your stylist gives you some layers have him add more blonde to the shorter layers and let them creep up to frame the face. She opted not to have one line where the highlights start to it looks like they could have been sun induced.

8. Kaley Cuoco : Ash Blonde to Platinum

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_008

 Kaley has a rocker look going on with this super contrast from dirty blonde to white blonde. She’s used dark makeup to make it look funky but she could also use braids and natural makeup for a fairytale look. Blonde is so versatile depending on makeup, wardrobe and accessories. This is a good look for any eye color or skin tone but might be a lot of maintenance for people with naturally dark hair.

9. Demi Lovato : Half Shaved Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_009

 Demi is getting some serious points from the rockstar gods with this super funky and awesome look. She has lots of layers to give her look texture and volume and the half shaved side adds a little toughness to the look. This is a good look for girls with soft and feminine facial features because it can help balance your look. If you for a company that encourages individual expression, this is a great look for you but make sure you think it through first!

10. Megan Fox : Dark Brown to Chestnut

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_010

Ever wonder how Megan gets her eyes to pop so well? Her light eyes are contrasted by that dark hair and her chestnut highlights are mostly on her shorter layers with dipped ends for the really long layers. She is just oozing with sexiness and we encourage you to try this look if you have the long locks to pull it off!

11. Anna Kendrick : Royal Ombre Side Sweep

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_011

 We love this as a business or formal occasion look. Anna has angular features and a very thin face so she is using this princess worthy style to soften her overall appearance. The strand of curls in the front is adorable and we love the dirty blonde and honey blonde combo. This is a great look for women with straight  hair who don’t mind adding some curls to the ends to get the look.

12. Cameron Diaz : Owe Baby Blonde Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_012

 There are a few reasons why this look is spectacular on Cameron. First of all it’s not too thick, there are some serious layers going on. Secondly, look how high up the blonde goes, it’s well above lip level on her. We love the extra dark roots that make her eyes pop and the barrier color between the blonde and brown that blends imperceptibly.

13. Nina Dobrev : Bohemian Goddess

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_013

Wait did she just combine gold, platinum and dark brown with a braid? Yes she did and she’s killing this look. Nina has dark eyes so she only played around with a little platinum on the tips but that golden blonde is a great complimenting color for the deep dark brown. Notice that some of her big gold high lights reach all the way to the top for that cascading and piecey bohemian flare. This is definetely one of our favorite looks this year!

14. Vanessa Hudgens : Go Bold or Go Home

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_014

 What is the secret to Vanessa’s bold look? For starters, that dark eye makeup is the perfect pair with the hair colors she’s chosen. Her dark roots have a little caramel segue that leads to that delicious platinum. She’s not trying to be subtle or act like this happened naturally. She’s just sexy and she knows it!

15. Victoria Justice : Super Subtle Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_015

This look just barely makes it in the ombre category but it does because you notice how her highlights start at the middle length of her hair and not the top. If you want to add a little pizazz to your style but you can’t do drastic changes because of work, go for this style! She’s also put a great sheen on her luscious locks that is eye catching and makes her hair look extra healthy. Use a shine serum or get the shine seal treatment at the salon.

16. Kristen Bell : Girl’s Got it Going On

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_016

 If you want a look that is really going to turn heads, go for the platinum blonde on top with exposed roots. The under layers can be a warm brown and this look is just super tasty for ladies that like attention. This is an artsy look that appeals to men that like both blonde’s and brunettes so why not increase your options a try this cool style?

17. Jessica Alba : Golden Shining Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_017

 There are about three colors giving Jessica this stunning model look. She has golden blonde on most of her hair and there are certainly a few lighter blonde tips. She contrasted the golden blonde with a really deep brown that accentuates her eyes. We love this look with tan skin and brown eyes. Talk to your stylist to see if it might work with your skin tone and they can help you choose the best colors.

18. Sandra Bullock : Sultry and Subtle Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_018

 Classic beauties like Sandra only need a little bit of highlights to lighten up their face. She’s already got such perfect angular features that she doesn’t have to be bold with her hair. We love her dark color choice and the subtle ombre she chose to compliment her eyes. The deep dark brown only fades to a slightly lighter shade of brown with a few blonde highlights snuck in. This is a natural look that shows this lady knows how to wear her hair. This look works especially well for women with brown eyes.

19. Jessica Biel : Medium Brown to Subtle Blonde

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_019

 Well the Bangs are definitely the most striking feature on this ombre beauty but we also love the natural and subtle fade which is achieved by sneaking a few highlights up to frame the face. This color combination is a knock out for women with green or hazel eyes.

20. Hilary Duff : Dirty Blonde to Ash Blonde

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_020

 Why do we absolutely love this look? Because it’s is so smooth! Look how Hilary is able to pair that beautiful eye makeup and gold outfit with this smooth ombre look? This look is fabulous and perfect for blue, green, or brown eyes. It works well with most skin tones and if you add some wild vertical curls, you’ll get that bohemian look she is pulling off so nicely.

21. Amber Heard : Honey Bee Blonde

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_021

 These delicious honey blonde spiraling curls are so cute because she’s chosen a very natural color with a color that’s not so natural. This contrast is eclectic and fun and we like it because it’s different. Notice how most of these ombre looks involve curls to soften the look and the lighter eyes and skin certainly pair easier with blonde shades.

22. Salma Hayek : Greek Goddess on Earth

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_022

 Well Salma looks like she just stepped out of Olmypia with this goddess ombre hair style. The length is part of how she is pulling off this look. You could always add some extensions to get there if your hair isn’t quite long enough. She chose to fade from a dark brown to a medium brown and it’s not too obvious that people would really notice it but it certainly gives the eye something to dance around.

23. Emily Blunt : Beach Ombre Look

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_023

 This look is cool because it could just be from being out in the sun at summer time and she’s played it up by letting it be piecey and messy. This is a good look for blue eyes and lighter skin tones but ask your stylist if it might work for you if you’re just dying to try it. Pun intended.

24. Olivia Wilde : Straight Medium Brown to Caramel

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_024

 This is one of the few women who is daring enough to pull of a straight ombre look. This is a great look for women who have naturally straight hair and don’t forget to curl those thick long bangs! If your hair is thick, ask your stylist to thin it out so it will lay flat without much work and save yourself some serious time.

25. Drew Barrymore : Darling Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_025

 This adorable ombre look is partly achieved by Drew’s darling face but if you’d like to try it, tease the crown of your hair so you get that extra volume on the back. This is a great look for green eyed ladies who have naturally brown hair. It’s not going to take you long to get this look if you are willing to just add a little curls and brush through them after teasing.

26. Ashley Tisdale : Ombre Coif

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_026

 The only thing better than a curled ombre hairstyle right now is adding a coif for that extra wow factor. Ashley is so hot with this bee hive style that you can easily achieve. Use firm hold hair spray and a teasing comb and you can get this look. If you’re confused, look up a tutorial video on YouTube so you don’t mess it up! This look is great for weddings, birthday parties and other special events.

27. Kate Mara : Half and Half Creamy Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_027

 Kate’s skin looks positively radiant with this platinum blonde ombre. She only has about two inches of darker roots showing but it will grow out well too. This is a great look for girls who have darker hair and a small face. This half up half down hairstyle will open up your face so people can see your beauty.

28. Ciara : Pop Star Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_028

 Ciara knows in the music world, you’ve got to make a splash with your look to stand out and she’s doing it well. Not only is her hair way longer than most but the bold and unnatural contrast screams that she’s a sexy confident lady. If you want to make a statement with your look, get some platinum extensions and go for it!

29. Kate Beckinsale : Classy Ombre Ponytail

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_029

 Kate has an unmistakable classiness to her and her hairstyle choices reflect that personality. She’s cute and mature but still sexy with this up-do. Start by curling your hair without brushing through the curls and then add some volume on top. We love this look for down to earth women with hazel or brown eyes but most women can pull it off.

30. Lucy Hale : Thick Ombre Locks

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_030

 If you want to stand out from the crowd, go for this thick ombre hair style that Lucy pulls off with ease. If you don’t have thick hair, have no fear, extensions are here! This is a sunkissed ombre that looks like it could have been done by the sun and the blonde is warm and the brown is natural. Don’t forget to add that shine serum or spray for the extra pop.

31. Lea Michele : Tousled Ombre with Bangs

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_031

 This look is great for women with a full head of hair or extensions. The honey blonde ends mix with that natural deep brown so it does still look quite natural. The bangs are a great touch to make it an even more feminine look and accentuate the eyes. This is a great look for ladies with brown or green eyes. Notice there is more brown than blonde to really help pop the eyes with some darker makeup.

32. Leighton Meester : Fairy Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_032

 This wispy ombre look is right out of a fairytale and we can’t get enough of it. Stop worrying about flyaways or hairspray and let your hair be windblown. This is a good looks for thin hair and the darker eye makeup and soft lip color make her glow radiantly. A little extra volume from a blow dryer on top will help and extra length will get you all the way too this fun style.

33. Giuliana Rancic : Mostly Blonde Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_033

 Guiliana’s beautiful skin tone is really brought to life with this mostly blonde ombre hairstyle. Not to mention this looks fabulous paired with white. If you have natural dark hair, eyes and skin we think this is a great look that will help you feel like a star. You will be shinning and radiant with the beautiful contrasting colors so why not see if that old adage is true that blondes have more fun?

34. Lauren Conrad : Medium Length Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_034

 The reason we love ombre is because of the variety it gives us. It allows the hair to have texture, depth and volume just as all women have many dimensions to themselves. If you are looking for a fun look you can wear to work without getting to crazy, this is a beautiful and relatively low maintenance look that will grow out well so you don’t have to keep dyeing your hair.

35. Rachel Bilson : Hints of Gold Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_035

 Rachel is known for her dark hair but she’s showing her versatility by adding these hints of gold. The tousled and messy curls reflect a fun personality and a carefree attitude. If you want to lighten up, have a fun hairstyle and see how it affects your day. Notice how her black on top fades to a brown and then she’s added the golden blonde to tie it all together.

36. Shay Mitchell : Ash Blonde Face Frame

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_036

 This is a unique ombre look because she’s chosen a unique combination of colors. It’s almost a lavender or silver color peaking through on top and mid length and you can work with your stylist to find one that matches your skin tone. Silvers and purples go really well with ombre as do other color splashes.

37. Katharine Mcphee : The Heart Warmer

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_037

 This is an great spunky and happy look created with a little product, separating and twisting some strands and adding a little curl and shine. She’s chosen two warm complimenting colors but the dominant color is that deep brown with just a few highlights at her chin. The middle part and straight cut is a great summer look we expect to see a lot of this year!

38. Ashley Greene : High Fashion Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_038

 The clean look that is combed and tucked behind the ears opens up Ashley’s face quite nicely. If you are a business woman wanting some style, go for this look. It’s classy, modern and yet not boring. You won’t have to worry about your roots growing out and just a straighter in the morning will get you there.

39. Maggie Q : Wild West Damsel

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_039

 This is a look we would expect to see in an old western movie. A woman who is outdoors will always have some natural highlights and this natural look is subtle and down to earth. If you’re bored with your hair but you like wearing earth tones, this won’t clash with your wardrobe. We think this is a great look for women who don’t like to wear a lot of makeup or don’t like to spend a lot of time on their hair.

40. Nicole Richie : Honey Bee Beautiful

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_040

 Nicole’s dominant color is that honey bee blonde with only a slightly darker shade on the crown. If you like to wear white clothes or gold jewelry jewelry, this is a fun color to play around with. If you have tan skin, this is a complimenting color choice as well. Notice how the color really pulls out her light brown eyes as well.

41. Jamie Chung : Not At All boring

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_041

 Do you ever get dressed in the morning and just feel completely boring? Well add some curled ombre locks and a splash of red lipstick and you’ll feel like a new woman! It will bring out your playfulness and make you feel radiant. We are all radiant from the inside and the outside just helps remind us of that.

42. Minka Kelly : Foxy Straight Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_042

 The straight ombre is so rare compared to the curled ombre and it’s great for fancy events and for moments when you need to look your best. If you’re trying to bring your A game, use some shine serum (not too much) and straighten those locks. Never underestimate the power of long hair, people can’t stop looking at it!

43. Lily Aldridge : Dark to Light Wavy Baby

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_043

 This show stopping look is all about contrast. The two natural hair colors allow her to be more bold with her makeup for that neck turning charm. The big waves in her hair can be achieved with a round brush and a blow dryer. Let yourself shine with this look and embrace your inner femininity.

44. Alexa Chung : Happy Go Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_044

 Alexa has no problem looking cute with this hipster hairstyle. The bangs and short cut are meant to be messy and a symmetrical. Her bangs are carefully cut and piecey and her layers add some texture to this adorable ombre look. This is great for longer lean faces because it will help them look more round. We love this look for taller girls too.

45. Isabel Lucas : Everyday Princess

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_045

The length of Isabel’s princess look allows her to get three different colors in. The curls and little pin up on the side gives her a super feminine look. For strong girls or women with an angular face, curls and long hair can help make you look more feminine. Starting at the top go for a dark, then fade to a light golden brown and then finish with platinum blonde and you’ll love this long look!

46. Whitney Port : 4 Toned Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_046

 This incredible look is just a little bit of dark, a little bit of dishwater blonde and a lot of bright blond with some platinum tips. You’ll want to go to a very experienced hair stylist who is patient and won’t rush to get this look. If they seem annoyed by your request, don’t let them touch your hair. Your stylist should be just as psyched as you are!

47. Caroline Flack : Piecey Hippy Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_047

 Caroline is pullin off this ombre hippy look by having lots of separate strands. You can make individual curls or twist them yourself. Try separating strands and using a little holding product to get this textured adorable look. Give yourself some volume on the top as well. This is a great look for all skin and eye colors.

48. Shailene Woodley : All Natural Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_048

 This super long look is meant to look all natural. Shailene’s natural makup and no fine curls allow her hair to be naturally wavey. You could get this look by sleeping in loose braids. Notice how there is no line where one color stops and one starts. Ask your stylist if you can see other pictures of ombre styles they have done to see if they can pull this off before you decide to sit in their chair!

49. Lea Michele : Clean Business Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_049

 This beautiful long and fashionable look on Lea is clean and sophisticated. The bangs and straight long locks are perfectly groomed with fun dipped ends to add that fashionable flair. If you have straight hair that doesn’t hold a curl easily this is a fun look and it’s an inexpensive way for women with dark hair to add some fun to their style.

50. Olivia Wilde : Big Waves Medium Length

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_050

 The big appeal for this look is all in the big waves Olivia has. Use a round brush to get those big curls or a large curling iron then add some tighter curls at the base. The middle part adds to this mysterious and sexy look and check out her rad eye makeup that compliments her black outfit. This is a fun look for all skin shakes and is definitely in what we call the bohemian category. Get in touch with your own free spirit with this cool style!

51. Leighton Meester : Grey to Brown to Red with a Bang

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_051

 What a cool and interesting look Leighton has accomplished with an ashy blonde that almost looks grey on top with some dark roots. Her light blond fades to a dirty blonde which fades to brown and then finishes with red. Hey if you can’t decide which color to go with, go with all of them! This is a fantastic style and we love the artsy flair!

52. Vanessa Hudgens : Black and Tan Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_052

 This darling black and tan ombre is complete with just a few chunky blond highlights added to the underlayers of the hair. Add the curl and the shine and you’re ready to go anywhere looking like a supermodel. The secrets are out so use them to your advantage and stop being bored with your hair!

53. Demi Lovato : Volume to the Nines

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_053

 What do we love more than a curled ombre look? Ombre with lots and lots of volume! Demi knows how to look like a celebrity by adding volume to everything. You can add extensions to get side volume and length and use that teasing comb, firm hold spray and blow dry to get your hair away from your head. This hair is for girls with big personalities who love the lime light!

54. Shay Mitchell : The Girl Next Door Got Interesting

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_054

Shay has taken an innocent look and added some charm. Sure there’s not crazy curl or sideways bang here but her purple lips and subtle ombre color lets us know she likes to have fun. If you like a simple, not too loud or wild look but don’t want to look like a bore, this is your look. There’s a lot of wiggle room here too so you could accessorize or wear loud clothes when you want and a straightener will be your best friend.

55. Kristen Bell : Dainty and Girly Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_055

 If you’re a girly girl and love pink and lace, please try this lovely feminine look. The half up and half down princess style is so darling and notice how the cute layers frame the face. This is a great look for light skin tones and blue eyes but if you love it and can’t live without it, ask your stylist to match hair colors to your natural skin and you can pull it off.

56. Ashley Tisdale : Pageant Girl Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_056

 This is the beauty pageant look that we all know and love. That bright platinum blonde isn’t easier to stomach with a little natural brown coming in on the top. Thank goodness roots are in because we are all going to save some serious money this year. We can thank certainly thank Hollywood for this trend!

57. Megan Fox : Brown and Dangerous Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_057

 What’s not to love here? Nothing! Megan Fox’s blue eyes pop with dark brown that almost looks black. Her middle part opens up her face and a little curl on the ends with some blonde on the under layers is enough to give her hair a little funkiness. Remember funk is good this year so go outside your comfort zone and live on the wild side!

58. Chrissy Teigen : Plaited Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_058

 It’s all about those braids! Chrissy knows how to work with those braids to get that sexy lioness look. So sleep with some braids that go all the way to your scalp and then spray them right as you take them out. This look doesn’t have to cost a lot and is pretty easy. It’s great for a fun party or event and people will be wowed by the volume!

59. Hilary Swank : Classic and Elegant Side Swept Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_059

 Beautiful and strong actress Hillary Swank knows how to embrace her femininity with an elegant side sweeping ombre. Those gorgeous curls that are golden blonde are so complimented to her chiseled features and classic beauty. We love this look for women who have brown eyes or green eyes and a warm but fierce personality.

60. Jennifer Carpenter : Don’t Mess With Ombre

Best Ombre Hair Color Ideas_060

Jennifer has magically crafted this style with a contrast. The sleek and combed top is contrasting the wispy and free flowing lighter bottom. It really allows the eyes to move around and accentuates her beautiful green eyes. This look will last for a long time as it grows out and it doesn’t take more than a little curl on the ends which will only take minutes as well as a little shine spray.

Alright ladies, those are some of the endless varieties of ombre that celebrities are rocking and we can’t wait for you to go out and try some of these. Spice up your life by making a commitment to yourself to have more fun and get in touch with your femininity and sexiness! Be bold and be proud to be a woman cause let’s face it, it’s fun! You probably saw some looks in this list that reminded you of your friends so don’t forget to share this with them too.

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