50 Mohawk Hairstyles

By on September 20, 2015

Mohawks are cool, modern and trendy. They’re suitable for women with short, medium and long hair, and they come in a variety of different styles. Better known as the “mohican”, the basic understanding of the mohawk hairstyle involves leaving a longer strand of hair in the center of the head. This automatically means that the sides are shorter. The hairdo matches women with different face shapes too. It is extremely urban-like, chic and contemporary. Here are 50 mohawk hairstyles you can use as inspiration.

1. High Mohawk with Shaved Sides

mohawk hairstyle_01

This super cute mohawk has taken our breaths away. The hairstyle looks incredibly polished. It packs a discreet ombre effect, going from darker hues at the roots all the way to platinum blond at the ends. Neatly combed and perfectly cut, the hairdo will instantly grab people’s attention. 

2. Voluminous Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_02

If you have voluminous hair and you want to tame down the effect, you could go for this stylish mohawk. Once again, we have completely shaved sides and teased hair at the top. For an added wow effect you could stir up the locks a bit more to make it look messier and more avantgarde. 

3. Sexy Mohawk with Geometric Shaved Sides 

mohawk hairstyle_03

We love bold women who are not afraid to take risks. A sexy mohawk might be exactly what you need to set yourself apart from your girlfriends. To make things even more interesting, go for geometric shaved sides. It will add a twist to your curly updo. 

4. Pretty Pink Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_04

Unusual hair colors are in trend this season. Pretty pink in particular, looks contemporary, modern and intriguing. The wavy mohawk presented in the picture above is ideal for women with beautiful bone structure. We particularly love the color combination, from striking pink at the roots to pastel pink at the ends. 

5. Curly Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_05

Is your hair too curly and don’t know how to style it? Did it ever occur to you to have it trimmed and converted into a mohawk? It will be a lot easier to fix and care for, not to mention that it will give you a boost of confidence. Change is good, particularly in hairstyle. 

6. Long Curly Mohawk with Bangs 

mohawk hairstyle_06

A long mohawk for your curly hair may be exactly what you need to feel confident again. Go for an inspirational up-do with a sided fringe. Let your curls run loose and add a twist to the style with neatly shaved sides. 

7. Brownish Frizzy  

mohawk hairstyle_07

Titian red is an amazing hair color. It goes really well on black women and it looks really trendy too. Paired with a frizzy mohawk and styled properly, the up-do will look sleek and modern. We love the fringe effect created; the hair is shorter on the back and longer in the front. If you have a big forehead, this will add balance to the face. 

8. Light Brown Curly Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_08

Check out this stylish mohawk! If your hair is too frizzy and you’d like to keep it under control, tie it with a chic headband. Don’t ruin the mohawk though, and complement the look with a lipstick in the same color as the hair accessory. 

9. Wavy Up-do with Trimmed Sides

mohawk hairstyle_09

There’s something interesting about this wavy up-do that we like…a lot. To begin with, we believe that the mohawk works really well with the face of the woman in the photo. Also, the sides are not shaved but trimmed really short. This makes the haircut appear messier and urban-like. 

10. Blond Mohawk with Short Curls

mohawk hairstyle_10

Really short, curly hair can be styled elegantly without struggling too much. It’s all about framing the face properly. And since you’re making such a drastic change, why not change the hair color too? Platinum blond is in high demand this season. It will instantly turn people’s heads around!

11. All-Natural Frizzy

mohawk hairstyle_11

Is your natural hair really curly? Do you want to change its appeal and make it look fresher? Then you need a mohawk! Check out this compact hairdo. It doesn’t need any styling; have your sides trimmed a bit and if you have bangs, cut it. The cut will look fabulous, and it will frame your face perfectly too. 

12. Braided Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_12

If you have box braids and you don’t know how to style your hair any longer, you can opt for a braided mohawk. Get inspired from the picture above and prepare yourself to look amazing. Be proud of your new up-do and  wear it with great pride. 

13. Punk-Inspired Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_13

Let your inner rocker take control of your personality and try out this amazing punk-inspired mohawk. It works great on African American women with frizzy hair, but you can achieve it even if you have straight hair. You may need a little bit of hairspray though! Give a twist to the up-do by complementing it with the most striking accessories! 

14. Messy Mohawk with Braided Sides 

mohawk hairstyle_14

This duo mohawk looks fabulous because it is artistic and ingeniously made. The dark brown goes perfectly with the lighter hues. We love the braided sides too; if you don’t want to shave your sides, braiding them to get a mohawk is a great alternative. 

15. Punk Mohawk with Unequal Side Trims 

mohawk hairstyle_15

This punk-inspired mohawk is fascinating. Super sleek and perfectly combed, the style seems original and really trendy too. Unlike most similar cuts, this one has unequal sided trims. 

16. Mint Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_16

In the mood for a drastic change in color but also in style? How about a cool mint mohawk? The hairstyle is meant for the most daring women who are not afraid of taking a risk. 

17. Cool Mohawk & Big Hair

mohawk hairstyle_17

Big hair is cool, providing that it is styled properly! We love this boxy mohawk because it looks so sleek and majestic. Perfect for a formal event as well as for an extravagant party, the hairdo will instantly grab people’s attention. 

18. Curly Brown

mohawk hairstyle_18

You can still get a cool mohawk even if you don’t want to shave all your hair on the sides. All you have to do is have it trimmed a bit. Leave the top longer and use hair spray to add more volume. You’ll love the outcome!

19. Fringed Mohawk 


mohawk hairstyle_19

Have you ever tried the fringed mohawk? It’s a cool hairstyle, perfect for women with curly hair too. It’s not difficult to obtain, and the secret to looking amazing is to preserve all the hair on top of your head. Shave the sides, or better yet tie the sides on the back. The effect will be the same.

20.Really Short Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_20

Women with short, frizzy hair can opt for a really short mohawk. It will bring out your bone structure and it will highlight your striking face features, including the lips and the eyes. 

21. Box Braided Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_21

If you have box braids and you don’t want to let them go, you could opt for this amazing braided mohawk. It is a perfect hairdo during the hot summer day, not to mention that it looks really cool too. Those beautiful sided hanks will add even more originality to the hairstyle. 

22. Frizzy Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_22

Headbands are great accessories when you want to keep your hair under control. Curly hair can be tough to fix, which is why a mohawk can be a great way of styling it without trying too much.

23. Short Pink Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_23

We love women who are not afraid to try new things, especially when it comes to hairstyles. Short, frizzy hair can look amazing when styled properly. Mohawks in particular, are different than other styles; they have a punk allure that instantly grabs attention. And if you’re daring enough to try a cool color such as pink, then the wow effect is guaranteed. 

24. Neat Mohawk with Curved Top

mohawk hairstyle_24

A neat mohawk is an ideal hairstyle for a party or formal event. It looks expensive, extravagant, and striking. Pair it with a killer dress and dark lipstick, and everyone present will have their eyes on you all night long. 

25. Colorful Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_25

Women who don’t care about what people think of them should check out this colorful mohawk. It is without a doubt impressive, and at the same time extravagant. The combination of black, red and yellow is really striking, so you might want to opt for a monochromatic outfit. Otherwise you risk looking like a buffoon. 

26. Mohawk with Curved Bangs

mohawk hairstyle_26

In love with your curved fringe but at the same time eager to get a new haircut? Well then you might want to opt for a mohawk. Don’t worry, your bangs will remain intact! Have the sides and back of the head trimmed really short, and use a hair straightener to add ingenuity to the whole up-do. 

27. Frizzilicious 

mohawk hairstyle_27

Women with frizzy hair should consider themselves the luckiest in the world. All of them look fabulous! For those with bony face features, a mohawk might be exactly what they need to look even more beautiful. Give the style a uniform shape by using hair mousse. It will also protect the locks from the damaging outside environment. 

28. Long Mohawk with Curled Top

mohawk hairstyle_28

Long hair is sexy, although this season long hair with shaved sides is even sexier. A lengthy mohawk will make you stand out from the crowd. Unlike average mohawks for long hair, this one has the top of the hair curved in a single circle. In some ways it has a pin allure with a modern twist. 

29. Sleek Mohawk with Braided Sides

mohawk hairstyle_29

Women love their hair, and they would do anything to keep it nice and healthy. The hairstyle presented above looks incredibly neat. The braids are tied in several small buns, and the sides are braided to the head to give the locks a fresh allure.

30. Compact Blue Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_30

Now this is what we call a striking hair color! Just look at that amazing purple-blue! The hairstyle is a perfect combination of a pixie and a mohawk. The sides were gently trimmed and there’s a slight inclination in the front that covers parts of the forehead. 

31. High Curled Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_31

All women should love their hair! Stop wanting straight locks if yours is really curly, and be proud of what you have. Ask a hairstylist for advice if you’re running out of ideas, and together you’ll make the right choices. If you’re short and you’d like to appear taller, a high mohawk can be just want you need to look slimmer and a lot more confident. 

32. Straight Mohawk with Colorings 

mohawk hairstyle_32

The exact same principle applies if you have straight hair. It’s natural to what to have it curly, although that means using a curling iron frequently. In time, the intense exposure to heat will damage it. Instead you could change the color; or better yet, go for an unusual color combination. Intense blue with lighter blue can be an ideal option. There are so many hairstyles women can try out if they have straight hair. It’s all about having the courage to trim it every once in awhile. 

33. Mohawk with Blond Curls  

mohawk hairstyle_33

Blond women are sexy! Blond women with short hair are even sexier, and the picture presented above is living proof of that fact. The blond curled mohawk looks ingenious, not to mention that the lighter color of the hair matches perfectly with the deeper hues at the roots. If you feel that it’s time for a striking change in  hairstyle, this up-do in particular should exceed all your expectations. 

34. Loose Curled Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_34

Unlike traditional mohawks, which are a bit more sophisticated and geometric, the one featured in the picture above looks effortless and fluid. It is a perfect type of hairstyle for skinny women who want to seem taller. So if you want to make an impression, or just feel good about yourself, you should definitely give this type of mohawk a chance.  

35. Braided Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_35

Mohawks are not just cool hairstyles. They’re practical too. If you have a long mohawk but you want it short, you can have it without cutting your hair. All you need to do is have it braided in a sleek up-do. And since you’ve decided to opt for such an interesting hairstyle, maybe it would be a good idea to change the color too. Red with pale orange is an excellent combination. It’s striking though, so keep your makeup to a minimum; this will emphasize your delicate face features. 

36. Short Blond with Frizzy

mohawk hairstyle_36

Do you have frizzy hair? Are you looking to change things up but you don’t know where to start? A change in color would be an excellent idea. And since you dyeing the hair, how about trimming the sides and make it a  mohawk? Your face will be completely revealed, which will be a great opportunity for people to admire it. 

37. Exaggerated Mohawk 

mohawk hairstyle_37

Women who love to stand out and are always looking to make an impression will love this up-do. It is fluid at the ends and geometric and the base. We actually love the left side trim! It gives the style even more taste and opulence. 

38. Brown Mohawk with Short Sided Trims 

mohawk hairstyle_38

Whenever we think of mohawks we think of punk hairstyles. They were once really cool, and some of them still are today. However, things have changed over the years and right now we’re focusing more on healthy hairstyles. Own your frizzy hair and opt for this fabulous up-do! It looks stunning on the woman in the picture, and with the right trim it can look equally beautiful on you too.

39. Short Mohawk with Yellow Top

mohawk hairstyle_39

Blond and yellow are very different colors, especially if we’re using them to dye our hair. The latter one may appear a bit too much. And yet we live in a contemporary society where unusual hair colors are recommended. A short mohawk that balances a natural hair color with an artificial one may be what you need to set yourself apart and feel unique. 

40. Red Mohawk with Curly Fringe

mohawk hairstyle_40

There are smart techniques to get a mohawk without cutting your hair. In the picture above, we can see that the hair doesn’t have shaved sides. In fact, the sides were caught with hair clips to give that impression. It works wonderfully actually! It’s worth trying out the technique, as well as the amazing hair color.

41. Wavy Mohawk with Unequal Horizontal Shaves 

mohawk hairstyle_41

Many would say that there’s nothing special about a mohawk. A lot of women love the hairstyle because it’s trendy these days. However, a mohawk with unequal horizontal shaves gives a whole new meaning to the up-do. It makes it appear ingenious, original, and ultimately, super stylish. 

42. Combed Mohawk with Lighter Hair Strands 

mohawk hairstyle_42

Some mohawks are just not meant to grab attention during the day. So rather than tease your hairstyle to make it higher and bigger, comb it and keep it neat and chic. For  an added wow effect you could change the hair color; add blond strands to your brunette and you’ll feel great.

43. Blond Curls

mohawk hairstyle_43

In the mood for a change in hair color? Or maybe you’d like a few highlights to bring out your natural features? Either way, maybe it’s also time for a change in style. A beautifully trimmed mohawk will instantly restore your confidence. The hairdo is super sleek, easy to wear and ideal for both day and night. 

44. A Beautiful Mess

mohawk hairstyle_44

Free-spirited women will love this hairstyle. It may look a little messy at a first glimpse, but in reality it’s super sleek. What’s great about this mohawk is that it can be styled in numerous ways. Let your hair loose, braid it or curl it. Regardless, it will look amazing. 

45. Fierce Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_45

Now this is what we call a fierce mohawk! A bit elevated in the front and neatly trimmed on the sides, the hairstyle looks amazing. It’s chic and extravagant, but without appearing too flashy. We can see a lot of structure in this style; it looks wavy and fluid, and that earring makes it seem even more spectacular. 

46. Heart-Shaped Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_46

If you’re tired of the old-fashioned mohawk you could try this heart-shaped hairstyle. It looks polished and classy; we’re particularly fond of the two color combos – dark brown and light brown. They go really well together making the up-do appear even more sophisticated. 

47. Turquoise Mohawk with Fringe 

mohawk hairstyle_47

This turquoise mohawk seems interesting to say the least. We love the perfect delimitation between the top and the bottom. It actually gives the style more structure. Ideal for women with straight hair, the up-do will instantly awake people’s admiration. It just can’t be ignored!

48. Bun-Inspired Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_48

Can we make a mohawk out of box braids? Absolutely! In fact, we can even make a bun-mohawk. In the picture above we can observe the shaved sides very clearly. And since the hair is too long and heavy, a tight bun is exactly what you need give a twist to your current up-do. 

49. Fro-Hawk 

mohawk hairstyle_49

The fro-hawk is an amazing hairstyle for African American women with really frizzy hair. It is a combination between the Afro and the mohawk, and as you can see the final result looks pretty sleek. The shaving is taken to the extremes and only a very thin strand of hair is kept really long. The up-do is ideal for the summer season, when it can get difficult to take care of your hair. 

50. Duo-Colored Mohawk

mohawk hairstyle_50

This duo colored mohawk is without a doubt daring. It is an ideal choice for women who like to mix things up. There’s something about the blond-brunette combination that we love. Even if they sometimes go against each other, this time around the blend works. That interestingly-shaved line on one of the sides gives the up-do an even more striking appeal. Wear yours with pride and let your mohawk shine! 

The mohawk is without a doubt an interesting hairstyle. It goes really well with straight, wavy, curly and frizzy hair, and it will instantly make you feel more confident. Go for a style that best complements your facial features, change the color if you want to stand out, and if you’re having doubt when making choices, ask for guidance. Don’t forget to explore our 50 choice for inspiration. 

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