50 Medium Shag Haircuts

By on December 18, 2017

Shaggy haircuts have been around since we can remember. It is a timeless look that seems to always find it’s way into revival mode. And we totally get why! This style is perfect in every way. And what’s even better? You don’t only have one option to chose from. There are many different ways that you can find yourself sporting a medium shag haircut and look absolutely fabulous! Don’t believe us? Well, let us show you by taking you through 50 different shaggy, choppy styles and cuts that are perfect for medium length hair of all kinds! Take a look below and get started on your journey to find the perfect fit for you and your hair. 

Slightly Shaggy Shoulder Length

So maybe you are not looking to go too heavy on the shaglicious properties. That is totally okay! You can give yourself this slightly shaggy cut to get the edge you want and look great.

Shoulder Length Cut With Highlights

Adding highlights to a medium length shaggy cuts is always a brilliant idea. It keeps it fashionable and makes it appear a little more modern than some other choppy cuts.

Blonde Beach Wave Shag 

We love this look and not only because Heather Locklear looks gorgeous! No, we love the way that the shaggy hair is portrayed with this cute style. It’s not too shaggy, but just shaggy enough to make it the perfect haircut for this list!

Textured Shag Haircut For Medium Hair

Or, if you are looking for something that really stands out, you can try going for a much more textured look. This means adding a lot of layers to your already choppy hair to get that perfect style going on.


Choppy Brunette Hair With Framed Bangs

Blondes don’t always have more fun! That is certainly a misconception, because with looks like this one above there is no doubt you will be having all the fun in the world as a brunette!


Medium Shaggy Cut With Middle Part

Who said shaggy cuts can’t be chic? We definitely get a high fashion type of vibe from this one! You can make it even more editorial by making your hair platinum.


Layered Light Shaggy Cut

Layers are the epitome of what makes for a great shagged haircut! Especially when it comes to medium length hair. We love the lightness of this particular cut and we are sure that you will, too!



Coppery And Wavy Shag Haircut

Coppery tones will add glory on to your already beautiful shaggy style. Try adding some waves to give it some extra oomph as well. This will surely be a look you won’t want to change for a long while.


Textured Cut With Lowlights

The more textured the better, right? Right! So if you are looking for the ultimate shaggy haircut for your medium hair then you might have found it with this awesome choice!

Red Bob

Bobs are definitely a greater than great choice for when it comes to pulling off the shaggy style. We love this color, too, as it adds a richness to the entire style!


Semi Shag Medium Length Cut With Side Swept Bangs

You can pull of this absolutely adorable look we promise you! We love the softness of this shag, but the edginess from the bangs! What is not to love about this specific style? 


 Shaggy Lob

What’s a lob? A lob is actually what the name for a long bob is. It’s a very trendy style at the moment and the perfect cut to help you show off a more choppy look! 


Medium Shag With Lots Of Lowlights 

Can we just talk about how super awesome this haircut is? We love everything about it from the many lowlights to the choppy bangs. It will surely make heads turn. 

Simply Bangs Shag Cut

You don’t have to stick with side swept bangs to pull off a textured hair look. Not at all. Actually straight bangs will work tremendously when it comes to this type of styling. 

Short Layers Shaggy Haircut For Medium Hair

The shorter that the layers are the more proper of a shaggy cut it will be! More layers means more of a choppy vibe. We love how many layers are in this specific photo!

Long Layers Shag Haircut

But it is absolutely okay if you want to opt for having longer type layers in your hair. This will make it seem like a softer look. And it’s perfect for if you have thicker hair and want to show it off.

Face Framing Shag Haircut

Face framing when it comes to hair is a grand idea. We suggest it, especially if you are insecure about the shape of your face. This will bring your confidence level back up to 100!

Soft Shaggy Style

People tend to assume that a shag haircut means it has to be super edgy and choppy. We say: Not necessarily. You can soften the look as much as you want. It’s your hair! Make sure you do what you want with it. 


Long Bang Shag Haircut

Short bangs, side swept bangs and straight edge bangs are all fantastic. But long bangs will add some extra bang for your buck when it comes to medium length shag cuts!


High Fashion Shag Cut

We fell completely head over heels in love with this shag haircut! It has the right mix of choppy and chic. These two don’t sound like they would go together well, but they totally do!


Curly Shag Cut With Bangs

Getting a shag haircut is awesome, but you can always add on to that awesomeness. How? By adding in some curls and becoming a total badass! We love this look for anyone, with any type of hair. 


Highlighted Medium Shag Haircut

We may have talked about how great lowlights are, but having highlights come together with your medium length shag cut will do wonders! No one will ever question whether you are making the right fashion choices or not with this type of cut.


Dirty Root Shag Cut

It used to be that dirty roots were unthinkable! Dirty meaning your natural color grows out a little bit. Usually it is a darker color than the dye you have chosen. However, dirty roots are trending right now and totally have become a hot look!


Medium Shag With Short Straight Edge Bangs

This type of look is honestly so perfect for people who have thinner hair. These bangs will give your hair a look of having more than you actually do. They also compliment the shaggy texture super well.


Beachy And Blonde Style

Even if it isn’t summer this look will come off as amazing all year round! A chill, yet cool looking style that will surely make you feel good about yourself on a daily basis. 


Slightly Shaggy Auburn Hair

It is not necessary to chop your hair to bits to have a cool shag cut. You can keep the layers to a minimal. Like they seem to have done in the picture listed above. 

Textured Ends Shag Cut For Medium Length

We might also want to mention that you don’t need to layer your hair really at all the achieve a shag look. Instead you can just texture the ends profusely and you will still get what you desire!

Heavy Topped Light Bottomed Look

We think that this is one of the most shag haircut looks there is out there! And if you are looking to cut your hair to the maximum shagginess that you can then we suggest going for this look.

Long Side Swept Bangs With Shag Haircut

This is a simple, yet elegant lob with long side swept bangs. This type of haircut will have your medium length hair looking as if it truly belongs on a celebrity of some sort. 

Simply Brown Lengthy Shag Cut


Although we love this look on Mandy Moore, we would love it on you more! Keep it simple by maintaining a brunette persona. This is less upkeep for you and still displays a shag cut perfectly.

Sombre Medium Length Shagged Haircut

Sombre is when your hair starts dark at the top and gradually fades into a lighter color. It is the opposite of ombre and we absolutely love the way it looks when it is matched with shaggy hair. 


Windswept Shag Cut

We simply cannot get enough from this perfect shag cut! You will look like a straight up model when you sport this style. Use hairspray to volumize and you’ll be all good.


The Simple Shag

This is an absolutely adorable haircut that we just fell in love with! It is simple, yet super chic and sure to make you feel like the princess you truly are inside. Don’t you think?

The Super Shag Medium Cut

Or you could say screw it to the idea of staying simple and go all out when it comes to your shagilicious factor! We love the way this looks on good old Jen here and we are sure you would love it on yourself. No doubt!

Golden Brown Shag

For the love of gold get this style immediately! We have some serious heart eyes for this beautiful look. You can achieve this by asking for a shaggy cut and then incorporating some hair spray and few shakes of your head.

A-Line Shaggy Bob

We love, love, love bobs! All of them! But we especially have a soft spot for A-Line bobs. And we love when they unite with a shag haircut and even more so when the length is medium.

Shaved Shaggy Bob Haircut

This is more of a newer style of bob. It hasn’t been around that long, but we sure are glad that it is here now. It is a bob, but you shaved a small part on each side! How cute and fashionable!

Shag Cut For Thin Medium Hair

This is the most perfect shag haircut that there is out there for those who have thinner types of hair! This is sure to make your thin hair look great in a few simple snips. 

Platinum Choppy Haircut

Want to bring ultimate edginess to your shag haircut? Make it platinum! There is nothing more edgy than a platinum shag cut, wouldn’t you agree? 

Blunt Shaggy Bob Haircut

Your hair will look better than ever when you combine this awesome look. All you need to do is chop your hair into a blunt bob and then give it all the texture you want!

Soft Blended Lob With Sombre

This haircut for medium hair definitely has a certain wow factor to it. Mixing the sombre with the shag with the soft blended lob is going to give you such a unique and beautiful look.

Simple Shag Bob 

Yes, we know that there are a lot of bobs in this list, but that is only because they are the perfect match up for having a shag style. You can even add the awesome bangs as pictured and become even more beautiful!

Longer Shag Haircut For Medium Hair

Shag does not have to mean short. You can ask your cosmetologist for longer layers that will leave your hair looking classy and beautiful all around. This will soften up the look, but still keep it the right amount of risky.

Curly Shaggy Blunt Bob

This curly, shaggy blunt bob is the ultimate sophisticated look. Not often can you make choppy, textured hair supremely classy, but with this look it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Soft Blended Bob With Shag Cut

Soft blended bobs are one of our favorite styles. Especially when it comes down to having textured hair. We think it really brings the look altogether in a gorgeous manner. 

Flared Textured Haircut

You can get an even shaggier looking shag cut by simply flaring out the ends of your locks! This look is all around rocking and will certainly have you feeling pleased.

Heavy Bang Blunt Bob Shag Haircut

Medium length hair will never have looked so good! This style is a classic and we absolutely love everything there is about it. If you can’t seem to find a cut you love, we are sure that you will love this one.

Shag With An Undercut

Let your inner pop punk princess out with this awesome style! Undercuts are a great accent to shag hair at the medium length. It really gives your look something extra special!


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