100 Best Medium Hairstyles for Women 2015

By on May 16, 2015

Here are 100 of our favorite medium hairstyles for women. Whether you want to look like a mystical mermaid, get a funky party look or a classy business do, you’ll find it all here from the ladies that ooze style everyday. Hair is one of the most fun ways for us to express ourselves and having a look you love can make you feel more vibrant and energetic. Which look best suits your personality?


1. Jennifer Lawrence : Messy Layers with Bangs

Medium Hairstyles for Women_001

Jennifer Lawrence knows how to look beautiful without trying to hard. She has some low lights and high lights to catch the eye but this simple cut needs little prep time. You can use a sea salt hair product and a light holding hair spray. Make sure to blow dry the side part so your hair will behave!

2. Selena Gomez : Partial Curls

Medium Hairstyles for Women_002

Selena Gomez really pulls off these big curls that don’t go all the way to the bottom of her hair. This adds volume to fine hair and with a heavy hold hairspray and high heat curling iron. It only takes minutes to achieve this look that can be casual or dressy, but always sexy.

3. Taylor Swift : Deep Parted Whisp

Medium Hairstyles for Women_003

Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift knows how to stop a crowd with unique hairstyles like this. Her hair looks soft and gentle with a deep side part and long bangs. The brushed out curls create a softness and don’t think it will stay in place without sufficient product and blow drying from the side.

4. Nicki Minaj : The Business Woman Look

Medium Hairstyles for Women_004

This is a no non-sense business style look that Nicki pulls off with ease. If you tend to have a loud wardrobe, you can contrast it with a blunt cut and bold color. It will blow in the wind and you can finish it off with some shine serum.

5. Miley Cyrus : Honey Bear Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_005

Miley knows how to create a warm look with a honey blonde medium cut that frames her face. This could be achieved with a straightener and ask your stylist to combine some warm honey tones to and blonde highlights for side parted look that kills.

6. Rihanna : The Exotic Warrior Look

Medium Hairstyles for Women_006

Rihanna is a goddess among women when it comes to style and this iconic look is bold and yet low maintenance. If you have a natural curl it will be easy to achieve. With part of her head shaved, her deep side part gets her that warrior look without much effort besides a little holding product.

7. Katy Perry : Classic European Beauty

Medium Hairstyles for Women_007

This voluminous Hollywood glamour look on Katy Perry looks like a classic European model. This look is easy with curlers or separating small chunks to curl without brushing through. Tease the hair on the crown to create extra volume with a firm hold hair spray if you have fine hair.

8. Scarlett Johansson : Layered Soft Curls

Medium Hairstyles for Women_008

Scarlett Johansen rocks this medium length cut which is a classy look with sweeping bangs. The side part gives the hair a slightly asymmetrical balance and the dirty blonde color has a few popping highlights. Using a big curler on the ends of the hair will get those delicious big curls that spice up any wardrobe.

9. Jennifer Aniston : Simple Beach Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_009

That sun kissed look is what Jennifer Aniston does best. Simple beauty is her forte with complimenting simple makeup for a healthy glow. Don’t be afraid to let the roots show and have a little zig zag to your part. A straightener and some shine serum can help give your hair this ready to wear easy look but it will be easier to pull off if your hair is naturally straight.

10. Emma Watson : Oh Bee Hive!

Medium Hairstyles for Women_010

Emma’s glamour look comes from a little extra lift on the crown. You can blow dry with a round brush to get the volume and curl away from your face to open up your face. Her dark roots match her beautiful brown eyes and the contrast is inviting!

11. Jennifer Lopez : The Simple Flip

Medium Hairstyles for Women_011

Jennifer’s subtle pink lipstick and slightly smokey eyes finish this very feminine look. If you have straight and thick hair, it will naturally do the flip when it hits your shoulders. The sweeping bangs softens the face and a little dark eyeliner helps the eyes pop.

12. Alison Lohman : Delicate and Dark

Medium Hairstyles for Women_102

Alison Lohman pulls off this beautiful deep brown color with soft smaller curls and a side part. Comb the top of the hair and spray it to keep it in place for the Nancy Drew or damsel in distress picturesque appeal. Don’t comb through the curls and compliment the look with subtle earth tones in your makeup.

13. Kaley Cuoco : Funky Messy Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_013

Kaley sure knows how to rock the messy look with some platinum blond ends. This slightly ombre look isn’t complete without a little sheen to it and some flirty pink lipstick. This is perfect for a hot summer and if you have straight hair you can pull it off with ease.

14. Kristen Stewart : The Tousled Avant Garde Look

Medium Hairstyles for Women_014

Kristen Stewart creates a mysterious punk look with big curls in a half up and half down style. Grab some matching bobby pins and don’t be afraid to raise the roof with some volume up top. This can give you a funky rocker look and make a round face look longer.

15. Emma Stone : Color That Pops

Medium Hairstyles for Women_015

While Emma stone can pull off almost any color, red is striking on her. Subtle red tones help to pop the eyes and compliments many skin tones. Add a soft curl and a little eye brow pencil and you’re ready for any fancy event.

16. Kristen Bell : Straight Layers

Medium Hairstyles for Women_016

Kristen Bell’s straight layered look has a little curve in the side sweeping bang but the bright blonde color is bold enough to hold the look. A few intentional dark roots are showing in the front to give the hair depth and just a little hairspray will keep this simple yet beautiful look in tact. This is a great look when you need to do something quickly.

17. Cameron Diaz : Windblown Chunky Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_017

Cameron Diaz is great at being ok with not knowing where every piece of her hair is. Flyaways are encouraged and platinum highlights are fun with the low light contrast in this whimsy look. Clean makeup is the perfect accompaniment to the messy top.

18. Vanessa Hudgens : Open The Face Ombre

Medium Hairstyles for Women_018

Vanessa knows she shouldn’t hide her beautiful face and this clean ombre hair style reminds us how fun earrings can be with medium length hair. Long lashes and a dark lip shade give that fancy party sex appeal.

19. Carrie Underwood : Soft Platinum Waves

Medium Hairstyles for Women_019

Carrie Underwood is the quintessential bombshell blonde with her black eyeliner and lushes lashes. Some lowlights give her hair depth and the dark smokey eyes seal that seductive look. Brush through some big curls and finish this look with a little lip gloss when you’re ready to make some serious waves.

20. Keira Knightley : Natural Ombre Curls

Medium Hairstyles for Women_020

Kierra looks dreamy in this messy ombre haircut and so can you. This sun kissed ombre look is a great one to wear day to day because you can do it quickly with a big curling iron. This is a great look for people with natural brown hair and dark eyebrows and the color will look better as it grows out which saves you from having to get your hair done too often.

21. Jessica Alba : That 70’s Look

Medium Hairstyles for Women_021

This look Jessica pulls off so well is reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett’s iconic 70’s hairstyle. Curl your hair away from your face and tease up the part down the middle. A few highlights in that dark chestnut brown with a shinny holding spray will add that extra wow factor.

22. Amber Heard : Tight Curls and a Side Part

Medium Hairstyles for Women_022

Amber heard knows how to grab attention by making this different look work for her. A little flirty low cut top and some eye popping red lipstick will always give that sex appeal your honey will love. This look isn’t complete without the deep side part that carries the eyes right to those beautiful red lips.

23. Olivia Wilde : Funky and Foxy Layers

Medium Hairstyles for Women_023

Another ombre look here that we love on Olivia Wilde shows us another option for parting and bangs. Use a big curler, run your fingers through it and spray it while it’s messy. This is a perfect rocker hair style or a stylish everyday look that the guys will drool over.

24. Zoe Saldana : Curl The Ends and Shine

Medium Hairstyles for Women_024

Zoe’s look is a perfect example of how just simply curling the ends of your hair and adding a little shine spray or serum can help you go from blah to bam! Her makeup colors are simple and black eyeliner does go well with dark brown hair.

25. Natalie Portman : Soft and Serene

Medium Hairstyles for Women_025

Natalie has softened up her angular face with a very relaxed hairstyle. Loose curls and a side part catch the light because of her blonde highlights. Have fun with a few different shades of blonde and brown to and curl them all together with some natural makeup for a healthy and feminine appearance.

26. Charlize Theron : Wavy Blonde with Roots

Medium Hairstyles for Women_026

Charlize’s hollywood look comes from her super blonde color and purposefully exposed roots which add just enough contrast so she doesn’t look washed out. How we love her sultry dark eye makeup even though she clearly doesn’t even need it.

27. Anne Hathaway : Chestnut Curls that Frame The Face

Medium Hairstyles for Women_027

Anne looks divine in chestnut and One of the best things about medium length hair is it really does create a halo around the face which accentuates your makeup choices. The asymmetrical look is accomplished by having more curls on one side and that baby doll look is finished off with a orange red lipstick.

28. Rachel McAdams : The Basic Coif

Medium Hairstyles for Women_028

Rachel is dashing in this light honey blonde middle part with long bangs. She has coifed up the crown for that 60’s look and extra volume. If you want this smooth look, blow dry with a round brush and styling spray. For color, ask your stylist for a honey blonde with high and low lights and exposed roots.

29. Reese Witherspoon : Platinum Blonde Side Part

Medium Hairstyles for Women_029

We love Reese’s innocent platinum blonde style. This bubbly and fun look has exposed roots for a little depth and you can get there with a straightener and some good straightening serum. This is a great look for people with fine hair and it softens an angular face.

30. Julianne Hough : Straight Sexy

Medium Hairstyles for Women_030

Julianne Hough rocks this sleek business savvy look with her honey blonde color. No roots showing here and she compliments the look with sexy long dark lashes and some classy pearl earrings. Every business suit can be flattering if you have the right hair style and clean eye popping makeup ladies!

31. Adele : Go Big Curls or Go Home

Medium Hairstyles for Women_031

Adele uses her big hair with red lipstick and long lashes to make her look sizzle and pop. This celebrity knows how to work with her face structure with a side part and extra volume. Blow out the sides of your hair and use a big curling iron on the ends with firm hold spray and you’ll love this fashionable do.

32. Nicole Kidman : Straight Middle Part

Medium Hairstyles for Women_032

Nicole has honey blonde on her ends and lighter blonde on top for that nice subtle contrast she’s pulling off here. She’s also teased up the under layers on top to give her some extra height. This is a simple look you can do quickly for work or wear to a party. Notice how the simplicity of her hair is contrasted by a loud and busy wardrobe.

33. Dakota Fanning : Soft Platinum Fairy

Medium Hairstyles for Women_033

Oh Dakota, how we love you and your delicious blonde hair. This soft look can be achieved with a blow out, long lashes, minimal makeup and spray for those pesky flyaways. This smooth look is finished with a soft face powder that helps smooth out freckles or sunspots. Your outfit can be loud when you have this smooth looking hair!

34. Jennifer Love Hewitt : Curls and more Curls

Medium Hairstyles for Women_034

You don’t have to have bangs or curly hair to get this fun look that Jennifer is showing off. Just start by pulling some hair to the side and spray it they curl everything else all the way from the roots to the ends. Don’t brush through them and spray the curls while they are on the iron to get this distinct look. Be patient because this is like a curling marathon!

35. Katherine Heigl : The Subtle Curl

Medium Hairstyles for Women_035

While we may think that Katherine woke up like this, there is still some work that goes into this casual look. First is the platinum blonde and then add a finishing product to your damp hair. Use a round brush while blow drying and add that gorgeous side sweeping part to give the bangs illusion.

36. Kerry Washington : Curled Bangs and High Lights

Medium Hairstyles for Women_036

We love dark hair colors like this one worn by Kerry Washington with subtle brown highlights. This is a sophisticated look which can help a long face look more round and soften your face as well. It’s a very feminine look that would be great for athletes or if you’re trying to look a little older.

37. Ellen Page : Messy Rocker Ombre

Medium Hairstyles for Women_037

The subtle ombre look that Ellen is rocking here gives some variety to her hair. She’s created a pieced and tousled look with a little wave at the ends. Use a heavier product to weigh down your hair and keep it close to your head with a comb or brush but twist some pieces for that disheveled and mysterious foxy look.

38. Katie Holmes : Brown Layers and Giant Curls

Medium Hairstyles for Women_038

Katie has some serious layers in this cut which has thinned out her hair so it’s not too thick. The dark brown accentuates hazel eyes and the shine is a nice finishing touch to those large curls. If you have the right hair cut this might only take you a few minutes to do!

39. Christina Hendricks : Burnt Orange Glamour

Medium Hairstyles for Women_039

Copper is always a bold hair color choice and Christina knows what colors to pair it with. Notice the red lipstick and earth tones on her eyes are pulled together with a subtle cream colored dress. Copper is also a great color to get blue eyes to pop and look seductive.

40. Rose Byrne : Subtle Side Part

Medium Hairstyles for Women_040

This fashionable look Rose is sporting shows how simple hair allows you to wear something loud. The slight asymmetrical hair compliments an asymmetrical outfit we might add! Her hair has a few colors and matching brow liner to with that dirty blonde which she pulled into her wardrobe colors quite successfully.

41. Anna Faris : Blonde with Bangs

Medium Hairstyles for Women_041

We love this delicious look on Anna Faris because it’s low maintenance but very stylish. Notice how her dark smokey eyes pop when contrasted with that shiny platinum blonde. The long bangs are also a trick to accentuate the contrast. Remember, it’s better not to use bold lipstick if you do smokey eyes, pick one.

42. Lily Collins : Tousled and Piecey Brown Bob

Medium Hairstyles for Women_042

Lily’s bob has a little bit of everything thrown together. This slightly A-line bob works with a little sticky product, a little curl and a little crimp. Add a splash of red and you’re ready for a night on the town! Sometimes a middle part is all you really need to mix things up and open up your face.

43. Kirsten Dunst : Angelic Sweeping Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_043

Are we looking at an angel or at Kirsten Dunst? This soft platinum color with soft curls is much sweeter because of her pinned back sweep in the front. Simple eye makeup enables her to afford the color pop on her lips. This soft feminine look is definitely a showstopper we can’t get enough of.

44. Jessie J : Seriously Brown is Seriously Sexy

Medium Hairstyles for Women_044

Jessie J has the business look going on with the curl inward and the one solid dark brown. Add a little shine serum and some medium hold spray and you’ve got a sophisticated sexy new do. Notice how she could pull off three necklaces since her hair is so simple.

45. Kelly Clarkson : Sleek and Shining

Medium Hairstyles for Women_045

Kelly Clarkson knows you can’t wear a busy necklace with busy hair so she contrasted the necklace with a very smooth and sleek look. No layers needed here, just a round brush and some shiny hair spray. Try some brown smokey eye makeup that matches the deep brown hair color and you will love this savvy look.

46. Mandy Moore : The Messy Glow

Medium Hairstyles for Women_046

This raving beauty knows how to conjure that natural healthy glow. Her just got out of bed looks require a little bit of a sticky product, some brushed through curls and a little tousle. The clean makeup, moisturized skin and pink cheeks give the finishing touches on this flawless and seemingly effortless look.

47. Lauren Conrad : A-Line Cut with Highlights

Medium Hairstyles for Women_047

A long A-line cut like this one is flattering on almost everyone. Her various colors blend well after they are straightened with high heat. This theme of exposed roots give her the sun-kissed look and her long black lashes are complimented with natural makeup colors.

48. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley : Wind-Blown Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_048

Rosie Huntington looks like the quintessential Baywatch babe with her multi-tone blonde hair and deep side part. Don’t fuss over where every piece of hair goes, just let it do its thing after you add a wave with your curling iron and brush it through. Finally some smokey brown eye shadow and subtle lip gloss will top the cake that makes this stunning look.

49. Sarah Michelle Gellar : Copper and Blonde Layers

Medium Hairstyles for Women_049

Sarah Michelle Gellar is killing it with this unqiue platinum blonde and copper combo. The trick is having fun and funky layers and not going overboard with makeup. Remember if the hair is loud, go easy on the eyes and lips. Her simple purple garb also tones it down a bit.

50. Lucy Liu : Black on Black

Medium Hairstyles for Women_050

This classy and elegant look is very matchy matchy with Lucy’s eyes perfectly coordinated to her hair color. Look how her eyes sparkle and pop with that smokey black shadow. You can ask your stylist to thin out the underlayers in your hair and you can blow dry your own hair for this classic look. Ask your stylist for a soft black or a deep brown.

51. Jennifer Hudson : Curls Gone Wild

Medium Hairstyles for Women_051

Jennifer is ready to take over the world with her extravagant curls. Sleep in curlers or put aside a good couple of hours if you have straight hair to get this look. Curl all the way to the top of your head and get some strong holding hair spray to get it to stay. Pink and burgundy makeup with a little sheen to it goes perfect with black hair.

52. Kate Beckinsale : Warm Brown with Highlights

Medium Hairstyles for Women_103

Kate knows how to wear this warm brown medium length hair style with curled ends. Ask for a few sublte highligths and part your hair down the middle. Curl the middle and ends of your hair but not the tops.

53. Diane Kruger : Wavy Beach Plait

Medium Hairstyles for Women_053

Just how does Diane Kruger get that wavy beach look? Try sleeping in two loose braids and then add a little extra curl the next morning. Choose neutral makeup tones and let the eyes pop with dark black eyeliner and lashes.

54. Ashley Greene : The Curled Ombre Bob

Medium Hairstyles for Women_054

This might be our favorite ombre look this year! Ashley Green looks stunning with curls just on the middle strands of her hair. That black eyeliner and sheer white give her eyes a magical appearance no one can resist.

55. Emily VanCamp : Modern Day Royalty

Medium Hairstyles for Women_055

This look is just class and sophistication and screams perfection. From the soft blonde color to the tear drop earrings, Emily looks like she’s ready to marry a prince. If you’re trying to look mature yet stylish, this is the perfect look for you.

56. Claire Danes : Neck Turning Knockout

Medium Hairstyles for Women_056

Claire knows how to look like a movie star with her big blonde platinum curls and side part. Run your fingers through the curls so they will join and use a light or medium hold spray. Soft pink lipgloss gives her a subtle and gentle beauty that is unforgettable!

57. Tyra Banks : Foxy Lady Browns

Medium Hairstyles for Women_057

Tyra, the queen of fashion, shows us just how sexy a medium length cut can be. Her two toned browns and smokey eye makeup leave her just enough room for a color splash on the lips which matches that beautiful red orange top.

58. Nicole Richie : The Business Flip

Medium Hairstyles for Women_058

This cute shorter medium cut is low maintenance and very girly. She’s definitely got the ombre color happening but her deep side part and neat hair allows her to wear such a loud outfit and bold eye makeup. This is a great cut for someone with a small head.

59. Katharine McPhee : Soft and Sultry Mama

Medium Hairstyles for Women_059

This look on Katherine is soft and very feminine. She matched up an orangey lipstick with her orange dress. Blow dry your hair away from your face with a round brush to get this shape and keep your bangs long.

60. Evan Rachel Wood : Golden Delicious Diva

Medium Hairstyles for Women_060

Evan Rachel Wood did something different here by curling towards her face. Her honey golden blonde tight curls are breathtaking with one side behind her ear and pushed back. This asymmetrical look is hot and a must try this year!

61. Kelly Osbourne : 60’s Beauty

Medium Hairstyles for Women_061

The 60’s were all about big hair and Kelly is channeling it wonderfully. Her coifed crown is the secret and can be accomplished with a teasing comb and firm hold spray. Don’t be afraid to get extra long lashes for your extra big hair!

62. Ashlee Simpson : Stunning Platinum Ombre

Medium Hairstyles for Women_062

This look we just love on Ashley because the top color matches her smokey brown eyes and the platinum white blonde is so scrumptious and scintillating for the eyes. If you’re unsure what new look to go with, go with this one because as it grows out you’ll still be able to rock it.

63. Cheryl Cole : Big Sexy Brown

Medium Hairstyles for Women_063

If you have a small face, you can get away with big hair like Cheryl and boy does brown hair go well with a nice tan. Use a big curling iron all the way to your roots and make a side part. Some layers can give you that extra volume.

64. Olivia Palermo : Hippie Love Locks

Medium Hairstyles for Women_064

This brown hair style is a classy bohemian look that Olivia wears well. Curl the ends of your hair away from your face and go bold with your eye makeup for this flowing look. Beauty doesn’t need bobby pins or accessories when you have good colors put together like her brow pencil and hair.

65. Thandie Newton : Diagonal Part with a Sweep

Medium Hairstyles for Women_065

Thandie looks ultra feminine because of how her part meanders from one side to the other. Use a straightener and shine serum and blow dry this part so it will stay more easily. Finish the look with some red lips and a bronzer and you’ll have men fighting for your attention.

66. Alexa Chung : Hipster Ombre Funk

Medium Hairstyles for Women_066

Alexa looks darling in this ombre cut with curls and a middle split. She offsets her funky hair with a more formal top and necklace quite nicely. The messy hipster look is great for young women and older women who don’t want to come off as boring.

67. Delta Goodrem : Beauty Pageant Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_067

Delta is rocking that classic beauty pageant blonde look with a little bit of bangs and a lot of attitude. The look actually quite mature so it allows for a more young or funky wardrobe and accessories. Finish it off with some bronzer and you’ll have that I’ve-been-on-vacation look.

68. Sandra Bullock : Warm Chestnut with Highlights

Medium Hairstyles for Women_068

Ever notice how Sandra always looks so classy and not trashy? Look at the details here, she wears a classy black top, small diamond earrings and that sexy warm brown hair she is so famous for. A lavender lipstick and light blonde low lights are the perfect finish to this magnetic appeal.

69. Emily Blunt : Eggplant Goth Look

Medium Hairstyles for Women_069

Emily blunt is not holding back with this gothic purple cut. So many women get compliments on eggplant hair colors because it’s edgy and different. Have your hair dresser thin out the under layers of your hair if it’s thick so it will lie down easier.

70. Emma Roberts : Simple and Sleek

Medium Hairstyles for Women_070

Who says hair has to be difficult? Emma has found a way to make fine hair fabulous with a side part that opens up her face. Notice how thick brows can accentuate that natural look and bring attention to the eyes. She’s cut just a little bang so the look doesn’t come off as too planned out. Men don’t usually like stiff hair and this is a great everyday look that’s low maintenance.

71. Ashley Benson : Funk It Up Blondie

Medium Hairstyles for Women_071

We love this fun and funky do on Ashley because there’s volume on the top and sides. You don’t need to curl all the way to the ends of your hair strands, just the top and middle. Use a teasing comb to get that tousled look at let go of your inner perfectionist!

72. Alyssa Milano : Healthy Hair Clean Look

Medium Hairstyles for Women_072

Something about this look on Alyssa just says, I’m organized and I know what I’m doing. If you want a mature yet sexy style, use a round brush and blow dryer. Ask your stylist for a light brown and be sure to moisturize your face for that healthy clean look.

73. Nikki Reed : Bohemian Dreamer

Medium Hairstyles for Women_073

If you want this look that Nikki wears so well, you’ll need to thin out your hair and did we mention her teeth are perfectly white? This brown on top is almost black and so are her matching eyebrows. This look would be great with blue or green eyes too.

74. Naya Rivera : Bed Head Beauty

Medium Hairstyles for Women_074

Naya couldn’t look bad if she tried but this look is more work that it appears on the surface. Notice how perfect her makeup is to offset her messy tousled do. Literally curl your hair then mess it up and spray it and you’re good to go but don’t forget those long luscious lashes.

75. Gemma Arterton : Asymmetrical Bangs

Medium Hairstyles for Women_075

Gemma’s hipster hair is one that we absolutely love. Her dark brown hair has many layers, is thinned out and she has piecey asymmetrical bangs. Wear this funky hair with classy garb and it’s the perfect offset to attract a smart and sexy man.

76. Cobie Smulders : Sophisticated Curls

Medium Hairstyles for Women_076

This sophisticated look on Cobie is perfect for business or social events. This will be an easy look to obtain if you have thick hair and goes with many skin tones. The volume comes from some layers and long bangs and a firm hold hair spray.

77. Jennifer Connelly : Open Face Brown

Medium Hairstyles for Women_077

This simple and soft brown on Jennifer is a mature look that is suitable to any situation. The side part opens her face and her hair looks soft because she didn’t load it down with product. If you have thick hair, you’ll need to thin that mane out by having your stylist thin the underlayers.

78. Sophia Bush : Rambunctious Red

Medium Hairstyles for Women_078

Sophia is drop dead gorgeous with this mahogany color. Red hair compliments green eyes and pinks, golds and browns are good makeup color choices. Her slate grey eyes are seductive and she’s even pulled in some green in her wardrobe to match her eyes.

79. Naomi Watts : Multi Colored Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_079

Naomi just looks dreamy with her multiple shades of blonde. She kept all her colors light to give her that sparkling appeal and since her look is not bold, she could be a little more bold with her wardrobe. To Finish this look, match the brow pencil to your root color.

80. Alexis Bledel : Cute Cute Bang Bang

Medium Hairstyles for Women_080

Alexis is perfectly fetching with her long bangs and brown curled locks. Curl the middle parts of your hair vertically and make them piecey with some product. Leave the ends straight and go for that subtle ombre tint on the ends of your hair too.

81. Rachel Weisz : Dark and Dangerous

Medium Hairstyles for Women_081

Rachel knows how to draw some serious jealous looks with ther dark and eye popping color choices. If you go with a deep brown hair color like this you can totally get away with smokey eyes and diamonds. The more you blend your lip color with your skin tone, the more your eyes will pop.

82. Rosario Dawson : Open Face Curls

Medium Hairstyles for Women_082

Rosario’s face is too beautiful to hide so she has pushed her hair back off her face. Her big eyes are boldly dressed with blacks and greys and her lips glossed to let her smile shine. Notice she likes some fly aways and things don’t have to be perfect here.

83. Rashida Jones : For The Love of Bangs

Medium Hairstyles for Women_083

Rashida’s bangs are piecey and asymmetrical offering a funky addition to her medium length. Those curls could come from loose braids or running your fingers through loose vertical curls. Avoid curling the ends of your hair and make sure to curl up and down without letting the iron be flat. A straightener can give you this wavy look as well.

84. Michelle Monaghan : Bohemian Goddess

Medium Hairstyles for Women_084

Michelle looks like a mermaid that just came out of the ocean with her tousled ombre curls. She’s rocking the middle part and some volume up top which you can achieve with a teasing comb. The golden eye shadow compliments the red lip choice divinely.

85. Jordana Brewster : Brown Highs and Lows

Medium Hairstyles for Women_085

This is one of those unique looks that is great for brown eyed ladies. Jordana’s dark eyes are accented by those chunky lighter brown highlights and smooth looking skin. This look is natural but still requires concealer, subtle natural makeup shades and a blowdry with a round brush.

86. Brittany Snow : Honey Platinum Combo

Medium Hairstyles for Women_086

This might be one of our favorite looks this year that Brittany is wearing so well. The honey blonde on the tips is so unique with the platinum blonde. She chose a pink lipstick and grey eye shadow with some shimmery blush to pull it all together immaculately. Don’t be afraid to add a little smokiness under the eyes as well.

87. Kate Bosworth : Blonder than Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_087

This high fashion look with just a solid color on the hair allows Kate to choose a very loud wardrobe. Even that bold eye shadow isn’t too much because it creates great contrast. If you like color keep your blonde to just one shade and add a little shine spray or serum to make it look nice.

88. Malin Akerman : Bombshell Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_088

Malin’s bouncy blonde curls can be done with a big curling iron held vertically. Her delicious look has a little bang and a side part with some smokey and shimmery eye shadow. Don’t forget some long lashes to go with the big beautiful platinum blonde locks.

89. Kate Walsh : Renaissance Red

Medium Hairstyles for Women_089

To get this scrumptious red hairstyle, go a little darker on the top and add some curls to the bottom. Pinks, golds and browns are great makeup color choices to accentuate red hair. The simple middle part and black eyeliner will make your eyes sparkle.

90. Ali Larter : Wind Blown Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_090

Ali looks fresh and fun in this shorter medium length cut. She has a deep side part that really opens up her face and shows off her healthy smooth skin. Some darker roots and layers give her hair texture and awesome depth.

91. Noomi Rapace : Exotic Brown Curls

Medium Hairstyles for Women_091

Noomi looks exotic naturally with this bold brown curled style and smokey eye makeup. We can steal this look with some labored curling and serious hair spray. Notice how her highlights are subtle but present and her neat brows contrast the tousled curls.

92. America Ferrera : Straight Sexy

Medium Hairstyles for Women_092

America’s look is slightly teased on top with a comb and she’s added a shine serum or spray to make it look extra scrumptious. Use a straightener to get that sleek look and notice how her black wardrobe complements the hair color. The hair and wardrobe contrast so wonderfully with her skin tone.

93. Lyndsy Fonseca : Dirty Ombre Blonde

Medium Hairstyles for Women_093

Lyndsy has perfectly contrasted her dirty blonde two tone color with clean and neat makeup. Because her hair is quite a statement she even chose a simple wardrobe. Those perfectly shaped eyebrows match her roots and there’s more than enough room for the one color in her look on her lips.

94. Missy Peregrym : Warm and Welcoming Brown

Medium Hairstyles for Women_094

This friendly and inviting warm brown tone is great for down to earth people like Missy. Make some vertical curls with a shine spray but avoid curling the ends. This is a perfect look for brown or hazel eyes.

95. Rachael Leigh Cook : Dark and Shimmery

Medium Hairstyles for Women_095

Rachael’s eyes have a subtle light color underneath and on the top of her eyelids that compliment the deep brown color. This natural look is enticing and seductive. The zigzag part and side swept front make it soft and feminine.

96. Jennifer Beals : European Beauty

Medium Hairstyles for Women_096

Jennifer’s big bouncy curls are super feminine and delicate. They have no perfect placing and you can pull it off with a high heat curler and some serious dedicated time. Notice how the gold matches her hair so well and because her hair is so voluminous, she can afford to show some extra skin.

97. Jessica Lowndes : Boldly Beautiful Brown

Medium Hairstyles for Women_097

Jessica’s bold contrasts work well because of her subtle almost skin tone lips. Her dark eyes match her dark brown hair and let’s be honest, those pearly whites help out too. The long bangs and middle part give her that 70’s vibe but the brow pencil and eyeliner play it up.

98. Natalia Vodianova : All Natural Beauty

Medium Hairstyles for Women_098

Natalia looks darling with her subtle blond highlights and super natural makeup. She glows with that healthy moisturized skin and soft colors. This is a great everyday look and goes well with earth tones in your wardrobe.

99. Shannyn Sossamon : It’s All About That Bang

Medium Hairstyles for Women_099

We are in love with these chunky piecey bangs on Shannyn. Her adorable babydoll look can be achieved by slightly curling your hair vertically, running your fingers through it and twisting some pieces. Some nudes and browns on the eyes and an orange lipstick and you’re ready for any occasion.

100. Emmanuelle Vaugier : Shine That Brown

Medium Hairstyles for Women_100

Last but not least is this classic brown with a healthy sheen. You could have your stylist add a gloss to your hair if your hair isn’t super healthy or find a healthy product. Notice how that cute side sweep in the front makes the look more feminine to soften her angular face. This is a great look for thin women.


Ombre and brown colors, especially deep browns are definitely popular this year among celebrities. It seems like natural makeup is also the trend for the most part while there’s still quite a bit of long lashes floating about. Platinum blond will always be a hollywood staple but we are just loving those asymmetrical bangs that give off that funky hipster vibe. Hopefully you found a few ideas to get you through the next few seasons and we hope you have fun spicing up your looks with these fun tips!

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