30 Best Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40

By on December 21, 2015

Getting your hair right is important, especially when you’re over 40 and have a busy life, with kids and grandkids to contend with on top of a constantly demanding husband, and a job that stresses you out more than it should do.

If you’re looking for medium hairstyles for women over 40 that won’t take hours to achieve sat in front of the mirror ever morning, you’ve come to the right place. Believe it or not, all of the styles you have seen here are tried and tested, and there are cheats to get every single one of them at home! 

Why not give them a try? Check out the 30 best medium hairstyles for women over 40:

1. Jennifer Aniston : Simple & Stylish Shoulder-Length Bob

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_001

A very simple and easy to manage style as shown by Jennifer Aniston here, you have a shoulder-skimming bob with plenty of layers thrown in towards the ends, as well as framing the face for good measure. A great look if you’re growing out a much shorter cut, a quick wash and dry followed by a quick once-over with your hair straighteners makes this hairstyle so quick to achieve, and if you’re feeling really bold, you may even want to consider the beautiful blonde and caramel highlights this Hollywood hottie has running through her locks. 

2. Cameron Diaz : Hollywood Grow-Out 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_002

Growing things longer still and we come to this mid-length, grown-out style as sported by one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Cameron Diaz. Plus, you know if she’s rocking this look, it’s bang on trend. 

Her hair has been left to grow naturally, and during blow-drying, rather than using a brush, she has run her fingers through her hair, letting her parting fall naturally off-centre, just sorting out the ends with a quick bit of serum and blast under the hair straighteners. It’s simple yet effective, and that’s what makes it a great medium hairstyle for women over 40. 

3. Gwen Stefani : Pouffed to Perfection. 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_003

Pouffed to perfection, Gwen Stefani gives you a great way to hide a bad hair day, as well as cheating when you don’t have time to wash those greasy roots. Simply take a large section from the front of your hair, and back-comb it slightly to keep it in place. If you have really fine hair, a blast of dry shampoo will help to set things in place, and after you’ve pulled it back away from the face, twisted slightly to secure in grips, keep it in check with some strong-hold hairspray, using a fine toothbrush to pull back any of those flyaway strands. Curl the edges or leave them straight – it’s a look that works well with both. 

4. Salma Hayek : Under-Flicked One-Length Simple Cut 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_004

A one-length slightly longer bob, the simple style shown by Selma Hayek here is not only easy to maintain, but easy to achieve, with a quick blow-dry using a round brush to flick under the ends, and a simple centre parting. A cut this type can be quite harsh on some faces, but on round faces works especially well. Plus the ends can be straightened rather than flicked under to help lengthen a short face, and a add a more businesslike feel to it. 

5. Halle Berry : Flirty & Fabulous Shoulder-Length Curls 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_005

Keeping totally away from business here, and Halle Berry is rocking a very flirty little number, which is great for adding a simple twist to an otherwise simple hairstyle. Flick it over into a centre parting to get that section that beautifully frames the face, and use a large barrel curling iron to flick it all out, giving it some volume at the roots with heated rollers.


6. Gabrielle Union : No-Muss, No-Fuss, Simple Long Bob 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_006

Gabrielle Union is simply rocking this look that screams no-muss, no-fuss, don’t you think? Great for rowing out afro hair, this simple, straightened, shoulder-skimming look is great for when you’ve had your weave taken out, and need a break from long, thick hair for a while. Simply flick your parting slightly off-centre, more so at the front, and make sure you’ve treated the dry ends with some nourishing serum, and away you go! 

7. Nicole Kidman : Romantic Blow Out 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_007

Nicole Kidman looks lovely with long and short hair, but this shoulder-length, layered haircut is one that really softens her face and overall, adds a really romantic feel. A deep-cut side parting has added to the layers on one side, and they’ve been flicked-out a little using either hair straighteners, or a round brush as you’re blow drying, for a look that is simple and easy to maintain. 

8. Alyssa Milano : Beautiful & Bouffant-y 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_008

Beautiful and bouffant-y, that’s how we’re describing this amazing Alyssa Milano medium hairstyle, perfect for women over 40. Large heated rollers can be used to easily (and lazily) achieve this look, leaving them in as you finish your makeup and get everything else, ready, before taking them out, spraying the waves with hairspray, and lightly tousling your fingers through them to really muss and sex it up a bit! 

9. Robin Wright : Casually Curly

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_009

Curling tongs are your best friend if you want to achieve this beautiful casually curly look, as shown by Robin Wright. She has thin hair, so is a perfect example of medium hair for women over 40 when things are starting to thin out, and with the centre parting right through the bangs, with casual curls, started half-way down, shows that you don’t need to spend FOREVER on your age in order for it to look glam! 

10. Patricia Arquette : Sleep & Sharp

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_010

Patricia Arquette has gone for a really FIERCE look here, and is showing off a super sleek and sharp ‘do, cut straight and razor towards the ends, sleekly worn with plenty of hair straightening and hair serum thrown in for good measure. 

It’s not a look that suits every face shape, but if you have a long face, with quite a prominent jaw, you’ll definitely find this haircut will work well for you. Cut it just below the chin and add that razored effect, with a parting that is ever-so-slightly off-centre. 

11. Julie Bowen : Effortless Chic & Simple

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_011

Julie Bowen channels effortless chic in this cute and girlie half-up, half-down style that’s really great for those in-between days. Whether you need your Roots done, your hair washed, or you’re just growing a shorter ‘do longer, shooting some dry shampoo on those roots, back-combing with a fine brush, and pulling back with a clip is the simplest thing you could do, and even her bangs have bene left to fall naturally to the sides. You could help this along by styling as you blow-dry, but sometimes, the simplest looks are best. 

12. Tina Fey : Best Quiff Forward

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_012

Here’s a little secret for you – the best medium hairstyle for women over 40 is anything that has a ‘quiff’ – the section at the front that is teased and tousled until it creates that little bump, and then gripped into place, straightening the rest of the hair and leaving things simple. Tina Fey keeps things on the down-low, but for a night-out or special occasion, there’s nothing wrong with adding more volume to your quiff, and even adding a scarf or head-tie could add a 50’s chic appeal, for a cute and girlie daytime look. 

13. Tea Leoni :Shoulder-Length Waves

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_013

She’s stunning anyway but Tea Leoni looks beautiful here with this stylish, shoulder-length wave that looks sophisticated yet cute, all at the same time. 

If you have a natural wave in your hair, leave it to to its own thing but if you don’t, add some texture with a large, round brush as you are blow-drying, or cheat with some heated rollers. Great for greasy roots – simply use your rollers and a touch of dry shampoo, and flick over to one side so nobody can tell!

Smart, right? 

14. Bridget Moynahan : Long & Bouncy

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_014

Bridget Moynahan shows you how to medium hair with sexy style with this long and bouncy look. In fact, even if you had longer hair, you could achieve this look just by adding slightly tighter curls. For this look, however, the curls are looser and more ‘wavier’, keep the volume towards the ends rather than focusing on the roots. A great for one for a city hair day – simply tousle some dry shampoo through the roots with your fingers, and curl the rest of the hair with a dusting of hairspray to keep it all in place. 

15. Stacey Dash : Feathered & Flicky 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_015

Stacey Dash has shoulder-skimming hair, and although the majority of her hair is straight for this style, around the face, it has been flickr out using either a large-barrel brush during blowdrying, or a large barrelled curling iron. A slightly off-centre parting has been adding to stop the look becoming too 70’s Farah Fawcett flick, and a little extra volume has been added at the roots with some voluminizing mousse. 

16. Jennifer Connelly : Short & Flicked-Out 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_016

Keeping things cute, Jennifer Connelly has let her thin, straight hair dry naturally straight, and gently flicked out the edges with a large brush and some hairspray to bring a little something extra to the hairstyle which would otherwise look limp and lifeless. The side-parting helps to create some volume too, and flicking it over rather than under will stop it sticking to your forehead in a most undignified fashion. 

17. Naomi Watts : Asymmetrical & Wavy 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_017

The asymmetrical cut has never before been so in style, and this is the perfect example of how to wear it well! Naomi Watts has a slightly-centre parting, which has been cut into the one-sided style, and with one side of the face being longer than the other, keeps it rocky and real, while adding a mysterious, sexy appeal, with the hair lightly flowing over one eye. Those waves are easy achieved by plaiting your hair, believe it or not, and all you need to do is wash and plait the night before, taking them out for loose, tousled waves first thing in the morning. 

18. Vera Farmiga : One-Sided Wonder

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_018

This is a very clever hairstyle to have if you know how to wear it properly, and believe it or not, Vera Farmiga DOESN’T have an asymmetrical style, unlike Naomi Watts, but inside ‘fakes’ it, creating a very deep parting to make it look as if her hair is longer on just one side. 

The heavy bangs brushed over to one side once again, add a sexy little addition to the style, and left straight and blow-dried with just the hint of the straightening irons, means that you won’t need to over-style or over-heat the hair too. 

19. Ashley Judd : Cute & Curly 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_019

A simple shoulder-length medium hairstyle can be instantly revamped with the help of a few heated hair tools, and with a tight 80’s perm style curling iron, you can create this adorable look. 

The thing that makes this different from the 80’s perm is that the curls are started much further down the hair – starting at the ears rather than the roots. Keep things simple and sleek on top, gently easing into the tighter curls at the bottom, and even consider adding an accessory for a Gatsby-inspired hairstyle that is very on trend right now. 

20. Cate Blanchett : Wavy, Simple & Beachy 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_020

Whether your hair is just below the chin or longer, you can achieve beach boho waves easily with a hint of sea-salt spray, and you can even make your own with filtered or distilled water and rock salt. Simply spritz the recipe through your hair and crunch together with your hands, set with a quick blast of your hairdryer and some hairspray, and you’l have beach boho waves that will last the whole day! You could even make a mini bottle to take with you in your handbag to take you hair from office-day to bar-hopping night! 

21. Alyson Hannigan : Sleek & Simple Redhead

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_021

Red is a colour that not many women over 40 are brave enough to try, but totally should be! As Alyson Hannigan shows right here, red is the perfect colour to wear, especially with this sleep and short bob that is to the point, and no-muss, no-fuss. 

If you normally go lighter in colour, over-bleaching and dying your hair, give it a break by going a slightly red shade of brown, and cut off all those dead ends with a shoulder-skimming bob that literally needs to be washed and go! 

22. Ellen Pompeo : Grown-Out Bangs

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_022

When it comes to hairstyles, nothing is harder to navigate sometimes than having bangs. This is even more so the case when you are tired of having bangs, and want to grow them out. 

Ellen Pompeo shows you how to grow bangs out with style, showing us how to blend and wave them into our regular style, rather than having them as limp and lifeless ‘curtains’ that seem to accentuate your already-large forehead (don’t all women have this worry?). 

Simple flick them out slightly, incorporating them into light flicks surrounding your face, and away you go! You can blowdry the rest of your hair and leave it natural! 

23. Christina Applegate : Blonde & Twisted

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_023

These medium-sized curls add a lovely twisted look to Christina Applegate’s blonde hair, and with the parting just over one eye, and slightly shorter curls at the front, A curling wand will actually help you to get this effect, and most people find easier to use. Plus, if you just go with random ‘chunks’ of hair to curl, rather than working through it in sections, you get this more casual, messy look that is much easier to achieve. 

24. Aisha Tyler : Classically Curly 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_024

Again, a curling wand rather than tongs will help you to achieve these slightly uneven curls, and when you want something that just takes five minutes, this look is it. Section your hair into three parts – the two sides, plus a bit at the back. Add mini pony tails, and curl the hair that hangs down only. Take out the pony tails and tousles out the curly waves with your fingers, flicking the hair so that the parting is slightly off-centre, and away you go! 

25. Faith Hill : Voluptuous Waves

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_025

Heated rollers are your best friend if you want voluminous waves like the always-gorgeous Faith Hill. Showing us how to rack a medium hair style with a bit of oomph, the heated rollers will not only give you the necessary volume at the roots to achieve this look, but will also put a basic curl structure in place further down the hair, which you can then go over with a large-barrel curling iron, around 2inches wide. Flick it over to one side and you have a great sexy style that doesn’t take forever to achieve. 

26. Naomi Campbell : Simple & Shaggy with Bangs

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_026

Very few women over 40 choose to have bangs because of how high maintenance they are, but as Naomi Campbell shows, they don’t need to be hard work. Left shaggy and simple, just slightly teased into shape during blowdrying, you could have bangs that take no effort at all. Use a large barrel curling iron to get those waves at the bottom and you have a ten-minute look that everyone will love. 

27. Heather Graham : Simple Spirals 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_027

A small curling iron (around an inch and smaller), or even a curling wand can help you to achieve this, and one of the easiest ways to do it is to put all of your hair into a high pony tail on the very top of your head, and curl the remaining hair that falls down Release the pony, and curl random sections around the back to add a bit more oomph, and set the whole thing with a light spritz of medium-hold hairspray to still allow the hair to move. 

28. Lucy Lawless : Fun & Funky with Bangs

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_028

If you have one of those brush-wands that heats and styles at the same time, use it to achieve this easy, flicked-out look that is actually simpler to perfect than you might think. 

After blow-drying, go over the hair with the heated brush tool, even going as far as lightly under-rolling your bangs, and tousle the hair so that it flicks away from your face with your fingers, using wax to seal everything in place. 

29. Cate Blanchett : Simple & Slicked Back 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_029

With a wide side-parting, this look is given an instant revamp, and although it’s just a one-length longer bob, just skimming the shoulders, the slicked back one-side edge to it really punks it up. A light wax slightly melted between your fingers will help to keep those side-sections in check, and the rest just needs to be dried and straightened, before adding some serum to the ends. 

30. Julie Bowen : Free & Flowing 

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40_030

Simply blow-dry the hair and go with this simple look as seen on Julie Bowen. Her hair has been left to naturally dry with the centre parting, and her wispy bangs have been tousled and teased so that they fall back from the face into the rest of the hair, rather than being just bangs on their own. This is a great look for thin or fine hair, and a bit of mousse on the roots will help to stop it looking lifeless and limp. 

So… What did you think? Were there any hairstyles here that you think you’d be brave enough to try? Why not share your new hair snaps with us, and let us know how you rock medium hair over 40! 

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