40 Best Medium Bob Hairstyles

By on July 6, 2015

If you have medium length hair, we want to show you some of the hottest bob hairstyles that you can try! We pulled our favorite popular styles from the top celebrities so you can pull from the genius of their stylists and capture your own creative personality! Which one do you love the most? You’ll find at least one that speaks to you so make sure you look through all of them! This could be the change you’re looking for to help you out of that funk or switch up your vibe!

1. Selena Gomez : Thick Hair Don’t Care Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_01

Selena Gomez really embraces her thick hair with this curled under bob. She has a few nice golden highlights to keep it interesting and this look helps her young face appear more mature. We love the organization and simple style that this haircut offers and think it’s great for people who are go-getters and organized as individuals. If you want to make it more artsy, add some fun color pops in your wardrobe or interesting textures to contrast the sleek hair.

2. Taylor Swift : Ash Blonde Bob with Lots of Layers and Bangs

Medium Bob Hairstyles_02

Singer Taylor Swift is looking her best and that is drop dead gorgeous here! We love the layers she’s added to this bold ash blond color. The long and voluminous bangs come right to her dark and smokey eyes which are seductive and mysterious. The pink lips and subtle blush add the final feminine touch that will make the men drool in her presence. You rock Taylor and thanks for the idea!

3. Rihanna : Asymmetrical A-line Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_03

Rockstar Rihanna knows how to make waves with her iconic fashion. We love this bob because it has motion in diagonal lines. The dark color allows her to choose bright colors that will stand out to compliment her beautiful skin tone and eyes. Have fun with it and pull in a color from your eye makeup to your wardrobe too!

4. Katy Perry : Purple Ombre Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_04

While this look is anything but natural, we certainly love it on super pop star Katy Perry. The light purple color with grey roots is magical and delicious and we can’t get enough of these two tone ombe combinations this year. The chin length cut is more voluminous because of the curls and with the right firm hold hair spray, you can achieve this far out look yourself!

5. Scarlett Johansson : Wheat Blonde Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_05

This medium length bob on actress Scarlett Johannsen makes her look like a runway model. The length of the hair thins her round face and elongates her neck. Don’t be afraid to let your hair have some serious volume and add some twists with a hair balm to keep the texture.

6. Emma Watson : Timeless Ringlets in Medium Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_06

Actress Emma Watson is undeniably elegant with this timeless medium length bob. We adore the ringlets in her mahogany hair. Pinned back behind her ears, her hairstyle makes her look soft and feminine and gives her a subtle power that men swoon over.

7. Demi Lovato : Black Messy Side Part Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_07

Actress and singer Demi Lovato is just adorable with this choppy black bob hairstyle. This messy hairstyle is great with thick eyebrows and a side part. Notice how she’s twisted some pieces to make it look choppy. She also has a nice sheen to her hair to make it look healthy and glowing. You can tuck one side back to open your face and let that beautiful smile out!

8. Mila Kunis : Brown Beehive Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_08

This bob in piecey curls is in a a-line with a beehive. This makes a round face look longer and accentuates those beautiful big eyes on actress Mila. We love how she has a few dipped ends to add some variety to the look. You can use a teasing comb to get volume and add a firm hold hairspray. Also try bring your hair up and back from the middle of your head. Curl your hair in sections and it won’t get too messy.

9. Kaley Cuoco : Ombre Blonde Bob with Twisted Curls

Medium Bob Hairstyles_09


Kaley Cuoco is so fashionable and fun with this twisted curl platinum bob. We love how the individual pieces stand out and that shine really helps the look glow. As usually white looks amazing when paired with platinum blonde. Look at those delicious ash blonde roots to ladies, we love this look for artsy girls who have a bubbly and warm personality.

10. Emma Stone : Copper Blonde Bob with Waves

Medium Bob Hairstyles_10

This is one of our favorite colors this season because it’s so unique! We love the middle part that actress Emma Stone is rocking. Copper blonde hair works well with elegant and classic solid colors as it certainly doesn’t match well with everything. We love the waves she’s created away from her face to open up those beautiful features!

11. Keira Knightley : Wind Blown Side Part Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_11

This amazing look is successful for a few reasons. We love the shimmering lip color and the texturized light colored wardrobe fabric. But more importantly we love those thick eyebrows and the flyaways that give her a whimsical and majestic appeal. This woman is a force to be reckoned with and her bob haircut is the perfect compliment to her awesome personality!

12. Rita Ora : Big Blonde Hair Don’t Care Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_12

Sometimes you just have to be fabulous. The secret to this look is three fold. We love the volume she has bravely created and the nude lips that match her skin is a nice touch. Combined with the more chunky and masculine wardrobe and accessories, she has a style that’s all her own.

13. Jessica Alba : Medium Brown Flipped Out Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_13

This brown with golden highlights is a classic style that is great for business or corporate events. We think this is also a fun cut that will keep you feeling girly and flirty though at the same time. Jessica shows us how to compliment the look with nude colors in the makeup and wardrobe to make for a very elegant appeal.

14. Charlize Theron : Wild and Free Blonde Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_14

Charlize Theron can’t look bad in anything! We love this wild and majestic look. She’s matched the shimmering color on her eyes to the shimmer on her top. We love the platinum and volume of her curls as well as the dark roots which match the dark lining on her eyes. They say the eyes are the window to the soul and we can’t deny that her soul looks very bright and vibrant with this fashionable bob!

15. Rachel McAdams : European Bob with Bangs

Medium Bob Hairstyles_15

Rachel McAdams always wears the best hairstyles for a round face. Notice how the bangs and the sides of her hair come in close to give her a more slimmed apearance. the long neckline of her top helps with that too. She never hides her beautiful smile and always looks classy and elegant. We love the dark color and slightly curled bangs. Use a round brush and blow dryer with some product that will give you a little control.


16. Julianne Hough : Ombre Bob with Deep Side Part

Medium Bob Hairstyles_16

Julianne Hough looks like a true American beauty with her deep beach blonde parted to the side. She has soft pink lips and cheeks which are feminine and soft. We love this slightly flipped out bob because it’s eclectic and it doesn’t have to stay in order. It shows she is fun and likes to play! What does your hair say about you?

17. Jennifer Love Hewitt : Princess Brown Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_17

Jennifer Love Hewitt has such a sweet and innocent energy and just look how this elegant princess bob helps pull that off. She looks so charming and approachable even though the hair cut is pretty mature. Use a round brush and blow dryer to get the hair to stay in place and finish it with a medium hold hairspray.

18. Katherine Heigl : Butter Blonder Ringlet Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_18

Katherine always looks like a woman and not like a girl but she’s also always just positively gorgeous. Look how yummy this yellow blonde is in ringlets. Use a high heat curling iron and firm hold hairspray and don’t forget that light colored accessories and wardrobes will accentuate that glow that she has!

19. Drew Barrymore : Three Toned Ombre Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_19

Actress Drew Barymore certainly knows how to appeal to our senses with this multicolored bob. She matched her hair with the oceanic colors in her wardrobe as well. we love the platinum, golden blonde and darker root combination in this chunky and funky bob. This is a must have this season and we recommend it for girls who have naturally lighter hair colors or hair that can easily be dyed blonde.

20. Paris Hilton : Blondie Flipped Out

Medium Bob Hairstyles_20

Paris is always stunning with her iconic fashion choices. We love this blunt cut on her because it shows off her beautiful neck line. We love how she’s wearing diamond hoops and classic black and white to compliment that delicious platinum color. Make it more fabulous with a head band ladies and you’ll feel like a princess where ever you are!

21. Christina Hendricks : Bright Copper Bob with Lots of Volume

Medium Bob Hairstyles_21

Christina Hendricks is other worldly with this bright copper color and silver dress! We love the reddish orange lips with pull out that beautiful color in her hair. Don’t be afraid to really give your hair some serious volume too! This is the perfect color for very light skin tones but it will look beautiful on everyone!

22. Rose Byrne : Savvy Brown Bob with Bangs

Medium Bob Hairstyles_22

Rose is wearing an intentionally organized bob that is sleek and elegant. We love that it’s just one solid color and has clear lines. We love this sophistication and polished appeal that will command attention where ever you go. It still is soft and feminine and really won’t require a lot of time either so what are you waiting for ladies?

23. Anna Faris : White Platinum Bob with Bangs

Medium Bob Hairstyles_23

This actress is all Hollywood with her white platinum hair and blunt bangs. Notice how she has a lighter skin tone so it’s easier to get this white platinum color. The soft red lips and golden earrings make her more glamorous and owe that red dress is just stunning in contrast to that funky bob!

24. Kirsten Dunst : Tripple Color Ombre Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_24

Those lushes lashes aren’t the only beautiful thing in this picture. We love the golden dipped ends of this bob haircut and we can’t get enough of this unique color combination. To soften the look, she has pink cheeks and she’s matched the blue of her eyes to the soft blue shimmer of her eye shadow! This is a one of a kind look that we think is a must have for the season!

25. Jessie J : Pulp Fiction Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_25

You really can’t go wrong with the dark brown Pulp Fiction bob. If you haven’t see the movie, you probably still know this iconic look. It’s timeless and sexy and mysterious. The long bangs and turned in ends are easy to get with the proper straightening serum and a straightener. Just use some good hair spray and you’re ready to rock the red carpet!

26. Jessica Chastain : Soft Copper Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_26

We love the orange copper tone of these soft curls and think that this is a great look for the summer and fall! This is a unique color that will help you stand out from the crowd and as long as you have a good quality curling iron, it won’t take you long to pull it off! Don’t forget to finish it with a good spray to hold the curls if you have really straight hair. We love the salmon orange wardrobe paired with copper for the added fashion appeal!

27. Mandy Moore : Chestnut Brown Ringlet Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_27

Mandy Moore is adorable with this sweet ringlet bob hairstyle. This actress knows how to appeal to the crowds with her pearly white teeth and her stunning smile. She has achieved the look by making curls away from her face. Try spraying the hair while it is on the iron and let it have some serious volume. To keep it from getting messy, clip your hair into sections and make the curls one section at a time.

28. Ginnifer Goodwin : Whimsical Brown Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_28

This pinned back bob hairstyle is just darling with neutral accessories and wardrobe choices. We love the chocolate brown color and nude lip color to pull it all together. To get this look, let it be messy and add some curls. Use bobby pins to secure some back and let some pieces frame your face.

29. Eva Longoria : Ombre with Bold Curls

Medium Bob Hairstyles_29

This espresso brown and golden brown ombre bob is so delicious on actress Eva Longoria. We love how she tied in the colors in her hair with her earrings and dress. To get these dramatic curls just be sure you have a high heat curling iron and a firm hold hairspray. Divide your hair into sections so you can manage it easier. Curl all the way up to the root of the hair and pin back one side.

30. Victoria Beckham : Sleek A-Line Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_30

Victoria Beckham is known for her sleek A-line bob hairstyle. The A-line is very slimming and complimenting for round faced. She has a nice chestnut brown with golden highlights. We love this hairstyle with white wardrobe choices and a sun kissed tan for that extra healthy glow. Finish it off with a nice lipgloss and you’ll be positively radiant!

31. Sienna Miller : Easy Blonde Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_31

This is a low maintenance hairstyle that can kind of do it’s own thing. You’ll want your stylist to thin it out so it lays easily and can be dried quickly. Once you have the color, the look kind of does itself! This is great for all seasons and will be more natural looking on lighter skin tones.

32. Ashley Greene : Thick Brown Bob with Deep Side Part

Medium Bob Hairstyles_32

Ashley Greene is quite the bomb shell with her thick brown bob. She can conjure the crowd with those delicious brown locks. Her hair has a nice sheen and the side parted look with a chunky diagonal bang is a mature and sophisticated style that will not require a ton of prep time!

33. Tyra Banks : High Fashion Ash Brown Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_33

Super model Tyra Banks knows how to be strikingly beautiful with her high fashion style. This blunt cut has a nice ash grey hint to it which is earthy and subtle. Tyra knows grey and purple pair well together as do silver and gold with grey. She is a fashion icon and we love her sexiness!

34. Rebecca Romijn : Big Bold Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_34

Rebecca has spunk and personality with this bright blonde hairstyle. She has a nice pink on her lips to keep it soft and feminine but you have to admit she looks like a social lite! We can’t get enough of these platinum blonde bob’s this season so if you can do the up keep, we say go for it!

35. Selena Gomez : Rich Brown Ringlets in a Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_35

For beautiful actresses with round faces, a voluminous bob can really help them appear more slim. We adore these brown ringlets with golden highlights and think it would make any woman slightly more mature but still dangerously seductive!

36. Taylor Swift : Ash Blonde Bob with Bangs

Medium Bob Hairstyles_36

This is one of our favorite bobs this season. We love the combination of the vertical curls and bangs. The creamy ash blonde color is super in right now and it’s very earthy and natural. We like the nude makeup colors added to this and we think this look is going to be killer on anyone! It’s soft and feminine.

37. Rihanna : Roaring Red Bob with Volume

Medium Bob Hairstyles_37

Rihanna is not afraid to be big and bold with her fashion choices. Her hair is no exception. Why blend in when you can stand out right? This bright color is fun and shows your creative side and the big curls are not that hard to pull off! This look is so firey hot and we can’t get enough of it!

38. Katy Perry : Flapper Bob with Finger Waves

Medium Bob Hairstyles_38

Katy Perry always ahas a unique style and we adore her. We love this flapper look with the pearl and headband accessories. To make finger waves, use long clips while your hair is damp with gel in it. Blow dry the hair and remove the clips for those yummy waves that are sure to be the talk of the party!

39. Emma Watson : Layered Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_39

Emma Watson looks charming with her layered bob hairstyle. This is a great natural look and very low maintenance for those of you who prefer not to spend hours and hours doing your hair everyday. It’s still trendy and sexy and can be casual or dressy!

40. Christina Hendricks : Honey Blonde Half Curled Bob

Medium Bob Hairstyles_40

This is a glamorous look for ladies with round faces. The volume can help slim your face and it will be a hard hairstyle to forget. If you’re looking to impress that special someone, why not let your hair speak for you? We love the lace top and red lips to tie it all together.

Hopefully you feel inspired to do something fun and creative with your hair now and we just want to remind you to share this with your best girl friends to give them some inspirations as well. Remember to talk to your stylist about what color goes best with your skin tone and what cut will compliment your natural facial structure.

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