100 Best Long Hairstyles for Women 2015

By on May 15, 2015

In the innocent days of childhood, every girl dreams of having luscious and glazing long hair like the Disney princesses. With age and maturity, these dreams slowly fade away into oblivion as the now grown up ladies realize that long, beautiful hair is a rarity that requires great time, attention and care. Also, it is quite difficult maintain long hair when you are constantly trying to meet the demands of the ongoing trends (which have little to do with Disney Princess hairstyles).
Disney princess hairstyles may be a little old-fashioned for you, but you can certainly adapt to the numerous long hairstyles that are put on display by the dazzling female celebrities every now and then. If anyone knows how to pull off a long hairdo, then it’s the glamorous beauty queens of Hollywood. Yes, long hair is hot. It never gets out of style, it is always trendy and feminine. Long hair is not for everyone, as it takes some determination, patience, and time to let it grow. However, the current technologies can help you significantly, so you can quickly change your style by using hair extensions. Anyway, the most popular celebrities out there are not shy to use the extensions, so neither should you. Also, choosing the right long hairstyle might be as tricky as choosing the right short haircut, even maybe trickier, because there are way more options and ways to style your hair to bring the best out of it. Depending on your skin and hair type, your style and personality, you might want to choose a different long hairstyle. And it’s ok, as with our special selection of 100 best long hairstyles for women the choice has never been easier. Blond, brunettes, ginger- all sorts of celebrities are out there to serve as a true inspiration in search for your identity expression through a long hairstyle.


1. Kim Kardashian : back to black.

Long Hairstyles for Women_001

The star of all gossip magazines shocked everyone a few months ago by going ash blonde. Luckily she quickly realized what she has done and went back to sexy black layered hair. This hairstyle is perfect for women with heavy thick hair who want to bring out the best of their passionate personality. Always opt for deep brown or black hair color if you are the same skin type as Kim.

2. Ariana Grande: flirty girlishness.

Long Hairstyles for Women_002

Ariana’s light brown, honey blond ponytail is great for all the girls out there who love the world and are full of enthusiasm and fresh na?vet?. The wavy ponytail reflects the light-hearted character of Ariana, and will fit you perfectly if you feel you are ready to conquer the world using your charms of youth and joie de vivre. Your skin type should be warm autumn to bring the best out of this honey blond hair color. The hairstyle works best on thinner wavy hair.

3. Jennifer Lawrence: Boho chic.

Long Hairstyles for Women_003

Hollywood fighter conquers the world again, now with her long wavy golden blonde locks and crochet headband. Bohemian chic has been on for a few years by now, so why not try it this summer? This hairstyle will be an excellent choice for the bold ones who want to feel free. Try it on for a festival or a beach party, as everything you need to rock this one is some tan and the right Boho style clothes. Tip: use hair wax to bring out some locks and to keep the hair in some sort of an organized chaos.

4. Selena Gomez: good girl.

Long Hairstyles for Women_122

Just a few years ago Selena Gomez had quite a different image with this elongated brown curling bob. She looked like a really good high school student. Although she looks a bit different now, she is still an inspiration for all good girls out there with this hairstyle, which is neither too short nor too long. Just right for organized souls who know what they want from life. An excellent option for girls with thick hair who are willing to put in some effort in styling it.

5. Taylor Swift: straight bangs.

Long Hairstyles for Women_005

his rather unusual hairstyle for Taylor Swift without any doubt looks quite impressive and fierce. You don’t want to mess with this Nordic beauty. Iron-straight hair are for straightforward girls who are not too shy to make a statement. This is an ideal hairstyle for the women with a round face, as long straight bangs and long straight hair elongate the face and the whole appearance.

6. Nicki Minaj: simply glamorous.

Long Hairstyles for Women_006

There is no other celebrity out there who changes her hair styles and colors so often as Nicki Minaj. She is indeed the queen of change and extravagance; however, one would never have thought that looking at this simple glamorous hairstyle in this photo. She does not look particularly happy about looking so normal, but we, mortal human being, can easily adopt this hairstyle, as it is easy and glamorous at the same time. If you are of a darker complexion and are looking for an alternative to your braids or Afro, chemical straightening will keep those naughty locks tame and glamorous.

7. Miley Cyrus: natural layers.

Long Hairstyles for Women_007

Long auburn wavy hair with honey blonde highlights remind us of long summer days at the beach. In fact, this hairstyle is perfect for long summer days at the beach- with its long natural waves that are a bit sunburnt. If your hair is already structured like this, then this hairstyle requires minimum styling- just some frizz-ease mousse for wavy and curly hair to shape the waves, and you are ready to go. Add a tropical flower in your hair for a more holiday touch.

8. Beyonce: feminine touch.

Long Hairstyles for Women_008

This hairstyle need some effort, as even if you are born with beautiful waves, you should not forget to put some effort into getting them some definition. The warm brown color will suit women with warmer skin tone, and the color difference between the roots and the ends creates a nice contrast that adds more volume visually.

9. Rihanna: sleek-ilicious.

Long Hairstyles for Women_009

This long flat-ironed low ponytail is the embodiment of style and modern elegance. You would probably need extensions and your favorite hair oil to achieve this effect. The hairstyle will look great on women with thin face and high cheekbones. Also, it is not for everyday use, so save this option for a fancy outing – it will definitely make sure all eyes are on you. Just remember to not stop in the middle and use the extensions to the fullest to get the desired outcome. Waist length works the best for this endless ponytail.

10. Katy Perry: modern Cleopatra.

Long Hairstyles for Women_010

This interesting haircut is simple and unusual at the same time. At first (or from the back) it looks like it’s just a smooth long hair flowing freely at the shoulders, but as we look closer, we can see it also has interesting features like faux sidecut. Deep black color creates a nice contrast with the singer’s light skin tone and emphasizes it’s impeccability. Recommended only to women confident they have no skin imperfections whatsoever.

11. Scarlett Johansson: pin-up diva.

Long Hairstyles for Women_011

A classic Hollywood diva look with her red lips and golden locks. Will work for those girls who praise their femininity and are not afraid to be romantic and sexy at the same time. All you have to do is pick the right shade of red for your lips and the right shade of blonde for your hair and you are all set to conquer the hearts of each and everyone.

12. Kylie Jenner: girl next door.

Long Hairstyles for Women_012

This simple long hairstyle is striking and outstanding at the same time. All you need to achieve a similar result as Kylie Jenner is a hair iron, a hair thickener, and some knowledge on how to part your hair and voila- you are the true girl next door. The amazing feature about this hairstyle is that it can work on hair of different lengths and shades, just make sure it is still below your shoulders.

13. Angelina Jolie: messy is the new natural.

Long Hairstyles for Women_013

Angelina takes a break from her usual and surprises us with a new wavy-natural hairstyle and hair color. This romantic half-up hairdo will work great if you are going on a date. Keep your makeup simple and natural as well, and try emphasizing either your eyes or your lips. The way this hairstyle is done helps soften up the actress’s facial feature and we learn that she can look tender and feminine. Ideal hairdo for women with square face shape and lighter skin.

14. Jennifer Aniston: bed hair.

Long Hairstyles for Women_014

The icon of the girl-next-door hairstyle as seen for the first time in Friends, Jennifer Aniston still got it. The hair looks more natural and freely flows down her shoulders, and the whole look gives the impression of zero time spent on styling it. It can’t be further from the truth, so if you are willing to achieve perfect out-of-the-bed look, make sure you get up half an hour before the alarm goes off. After having applied the moisturizer, use your fingers to comb the hair together with the hairdryer. Don’t forget about the smoothing shine in the end. Great hairdo to frame a long face for a more casual occasion.

15. Kendall Jenner: soft movement.

Long Hairstyles for Women_015

These dark natural locks simply flowing down the shoulders soften the face and make the women look more approachable. Wonderful and easy hairdo for thin and medium hair as it is quite easy to style and the result will always be strikingly amazing. Works for most face shapes and skin tones.

16. Khloe Kardashian: gorgeous ombre.

Long Hairstyles for Women_016

This ombre hairstyle requires very little upkeep for it to look good, so it’s one of the most economical way to keep your hair neat and fresh for a long time. Although, this probably is not the reason why Khloe chose this hair color. Yes, there are many other benefits to having ombre on long hair: it softens the face, makes it look more relaxed, and emphasized the brightness of the eyes. This hairdo is blow-waved in a perfect way that will suit women with longer faces.

17. Emma Watson: side-swept youthfulness.

Long Hairstyles for Women_017

This fancy haircut brings out the best of Emma Watson and emphasizes her young age and her innocence. The warm honey brown color of the hair lets the young actress use the minimum makeup while staying fresh and looking inspirational. Will work great on thin and medium thin straight hair.

18. Jennifer Lopez: golden brown.

Long Hairstyles for Women_018

As you might have noticed, the significant feature that distinguishes celebrities’ from ordinary people is their shiny well-groomed hair. Jennifer Lopez is no exception: we can only envy her shiny sleeky golden brown hair, although why envy? With the right shade of the dye anyone can reach the same stunning effect.

19. Demi Lovato: flamenco rhythms.

Long Hairstyles for Women_019

If you have dark maroon hair, then following Lovato’s signature loose wavy style would be the best thing you can do with it. In Lovato’s case, the dark hair complements her pale fair skin perfectly. A stunning feature of her hair is the side-swept fringe which makes her face look even more adorable.

20. Lady Gaga: platinum vampire.

Long Hairstyles for Women_020

Lady Gaga doesn’t stop to surprise us with new amazing hairstyles all the time. However, she is most recognized with the platinum blonde color that fits so much her personality of a rebel who likes to shock. To be honest, this is not a hairstyle or hair color for everyday use, so plan carefully whether you can pull it off and never have bad hair or makeup-free days again.

21. Mila Kunis: simplicity in its best.

Long Hairstyles for Women_021

This simple and beautiful hairstyle will fit most women with round or square face shape. If your hair is naturally wavy, do not forget to use the straightener, otherwise just let it be the way it is designed to be- natural and simple.

22. Lana Del Rey: beautiful fairy.

Long Hairstyles for Women_022

Her medium brown color can seem quite simple at first glance, but this is the case when simple doesn’t mean simplistic. Lana del Rey is the queen of modern fairytales and her hairstyle fits her personality just perfectly, with its wavy waist-length. Choose this hairstyle if you are a romantic soul who associated herself with the past decades of infinite femininity.

23. Kaley Cuoco: college girl.

Long Hairstyles for Women_023

Before she cut off her college girl next door locks and did more bold experiments on her hair, Kaley Cuoco was the embodiment of a college girl next door. And we love her that way, as this bleached messy hair is perfect for young, bold, and beautiful girls who party hard and study even harder.

24. Shakira: lioness.

Long Hairstyles for Women_024

Based on all sorts of studies and researches, men love women with long thick hair flowing beneath the shoulders in blonde waves. Shakira here is the embodiment of that perfect woman. Combined with her soft smile and her deep dark eyes, this hairstyle looks incredibly cozy and enticing at the same time. Go for it only if you are sure in your charming powers.

25. Kristen Stewart: gorgeous grunge.

Long Hairstyles for Women_025

The great thing about this hairstyle is that while being quite mild, it is still making a serious statement about Kristen’s personality. If you like grunge but do not want to jeopardize your office career with bold hairstyles and colors, go for this one- it will keep everything decent while keeping your personality intact.

26. Megan Fox: sexy.

Long Hairstyles for Women_026

This side part dark brown hair screams sex and glamour and reminds us of the Hollywood stars of Golden Era of Hollywood. Choose this color if you have porcelain skin tone, but not too pale, and if you have a serious event and you don’t want any complicated hairdos. Remember that you skin should be impeccable if you want to pull off a side part hairstyle.

27. Emma Stone: Indian summer.

Long Hairstyles for Women_027

This warm elongated bob the color of fallen leaves is great for everyone with round face, since the side-swept fringe makes the face more narrow and the whole appearance younger and more playful. In fact, ginger color is considered the one that fits all, as it’s warmth and joyfulness can suit almost any character and appearance. Really simple hairstyle and a real win for all those girls with round faces.

28. Kristen Bell: summer sunshine.

Long Hairstyles for Women_028

Kristen Bell does not invent anything new with this simple and easy hairstyle anyone can easily reproduce. The prerequisites however, are as follows: it will best fit women with a square shape of the face and thin long hair. There is not much volume here, but that is the beauty of this hairstyle, as it requires minimum styling and still looks neat and nice.

29. Cameron Diaz: breaking stereotypes.

Long Hairstyles for Women_029

This hairstyle is great for all middle-aged women as it breaks the common stereotype that long wavy hair is not for women over 35. No need to keep your hair short if you always loved long curls and the secret to keeping it age-appropriate is correct layering and dye. Add some highlights to your ash blonde color and you are a superstar. Great for almost all face shapes.

30. Blake Lively: hair goddess.

Long Hairstyles for Women_030

On the red carpet or as Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl, Blake Lively’s hair always looks gorgeous. This wonder woman just never has bad hair days, does she? She is a true inspiration for all the women with her beautiful golden locks that always look perfect whether loose and wavy or super-straight. This sexy casual long blonde hairstyle is left out for all to see the jagged cut layers through the front and sides, which adds shape and encourages soft movement to this low-fuss look. A great back to school hairstyle for students. This layered long blonde hairstyle is great for oval, oblong, square, and heart face shapes.

31. Vanessa Hudgens: cute and curly.

Long Hairstyles for Women_031

Beautiful as always, Vanessa Hudgens’s long curly hair look stunning over her slim body. This hairstyle is great for any type of event- casual or fancy, as long shiny locks framing the petite face of will also be a win. Go for this hairstyle if you have long curly hair and would like to look more natural and sexy.

32. Hayden Panettiere: playful girl.

Long Hairstyles for Women_032

This wavy hairstyle opens the face thanks to the side parting. It’s stylish and at the same time looks natural so is great for all sorts of events. Try this hairstyle if you have an oval-shaped face and if you are confident in your shiny attitude. Perfect choice for a romantic date.

33. Carrie Underwood: gorgeous blonde.

Long Hairstyles for Women_033

Carrie Underwood, by being blessed with gorgeous blonde hair that looks voluminous from the streets to the red carpet, has yet again made us envious as she made elegant curls to them, which look ethereal and differs a lot from the usual curls we see. She swept her hair to one side where soft waves are created whereas her bangs is swept aside to the side too, giving a touch of radiance to her already beautiful style. Try it and you will like it!

34. Keira Knightley: rustic innocence.

Long Hairstyles for Women_034

This brand new mother was heavily pregnant when she rocked this chic look in the red carpet. As she wore a racy purple gown, she paired up her hair look perfectly with a messy half up, half down look. She parted in the middle which gave her hair a bit of the rustic look while her bangs being parted both ways adds to the messy look of the hair. Both ways, she gave off a fierce vibe with her hair which was amazing!

35. Rita Ora: girly look.

Long Hairstyles for Women_035

We love this Fifty Shades of Grey star. And now, after seeing her hairstyle, we love her even more. Her blonde hair is absolutely to die for and her way of pulling them off is just mind-blowing! In the picture above, we can see she kept her hair fashion to a minimum, for which we don’t blame her as we ourselves won’t mess with that gorgeous hair too much. She parted her medium hair in the middle and swiftly landed them in both her shoulders, making her look innocent and girly!

36. Jessica Alba: dreamy look.

Long Hairstyles for Women_036

Isn’t she the perfect girl next door? With an adorable smile, this actress also has the talent of wearing her hair in pretty new styles! For example, in this picture, she chose to do a very unique curl to her hair. They simply slid from her hair in a very rustic roll and looked simply swept away in one of her shoulders. This girl really knows how to pull off the dreamy look and we can’t wait to try it ourselves!

37. Amber Heard: hot stunning siren.

Long Hairstyles for Women_037

As if being Mrs. Johnny Depp wasn’t enough to make us envious, this blonde siren made us jealous once again by showing off her effortless hair. Looking almost perfect, her blonde hair looked silky and shine and downright easy to carry as she kept them to one side of her shoulder. She also parted her hair sideways which did show this girl is out of the ordinary and fierce! This hairstyle is great for girls with heavier facial features as it softens them significantly.

38. Olivia Wilde: bold and beautiful.

Long Hairstyles for Women_038

Besides the fact we are mesmerized with her eyes, we are also mesmerized to see how she pulls off the most unique of hairstyles. Looking absolutely stunning, this House actress chose to adorn some seriously bold bangs which covered her forehead but however made her look ravishing. With hair falling from both sides of her head, she looks downright bubbly and jolly and yes, we adore her.

39. Jessica Biel: tough girl.

Long Hairstyles for Women_039

This baby mama of Justin Timberlake shows us why we should fear and love her. Being a tough girl, she also has definitely proved her fierceness with this gorgeous hairstyle. She kept the simplicity of her brunette locks intact by simply straightening them and moving them to the side. Keeping all of her hair behind her shoulders, she looked ravishing and simple while we keep wondering how she managed to keep her side part look so perfect. An excellent fierce and tough girl look with a touch of glamour.

40. Zoe Saldana: simply brilliant.

Long Hairstyles for Women_040

Oh, black hair, how we love you! And Zoe Saldana has showed us once again why black hair is the way to go. This gorgeous actress kept her hair simple too but however, managed to pull a ruffled look at the end of her hair, which was displayed in her shoulders as she did a middle part and kept the slight curls of her hair on the top of her top. Easy to pull off and quite impressive. Try it if you have oval or heart-shaped face.

41. Gwen Stefani: retro glamour.

Long Hairstyles for Women_041

This rocker chic has showed us once again why she is known for her cool attitude! Being a blonde bombshell, she managed to look like a retro star by doing a side part and then leave her small hair to be swept to the side while slight curls swing elegantly. Isn’t her hair perfectly shiny and gorgeous? When going for this one, don’t forget to wear red lipstick to perfectly contrast your icy blonde look and bring some elegance and retro chic to life.

42. Cara Delevingne: quirky style.

Long Hairstyles for Women_042

And the crazy chick who is world-famous for her quirky style and unique good looks is back! And this time, she also brought her gorgeous locks with her which was styled in an elegant yet messy way. Her British locks was ruffled and not really organized but however, somehow this model managed to pull this off too! No wonder, she is loved by everyone! Make sure your face and outfit are impeccable before trying this natural look yourself.

43. Miranda Kerr: lady angel.

Long Hairstyles for Women_043

Ok, she is absolutely stunning and perfect. Except that, just look at her hair. Aren’t they the most beautiful hair in the world? Colored and definitely well kept, Miranda Kerr managed to make slight curls to her hair which made them look elegant and sophisticated while she promoted her former brand Victoria’s Secret. Yes, her hair does speak the fact that she is a lady and an Angel.

44. Natalie Portman: new highlights.

Long Hairstyles for Women_044

Yes, mother of Aleph and wife of Benjamin Millipied, this beauty and brains hail with her now-gone colorful hair. A look that lasted for a very short time, we do loved it when she tried this new look. Keeping the back of her hair slightly heightened, she parted her hair a little bit messily which just added to her hair falling down effortlessly! The perfect hair for any bridesmaid, we do want to look so effortlessly chic.

45. Anne Hathaway: princess bride.

Long Hairstyles for Women_046

Even though Anne Hathaway is known for fighting during her wedding day and for being a clumsy princess, we got to admit, she does look like the perfect lady. Keeping her short brunette locks side parted, she curled her hair into voluminous waves which made her look absolutely radiant and like an actual princess. Oh, why did you cut your hair, Anne? We did hope she would do something like this for her own wedding but alas, she cut her hair absolutely short. Do not repeat her cutting her hair, but go without any doubt for this princess look for any great occasion.

46. Rachel McAdams: big hair day.

Long Hairstyles for Women_047

This Canadian beauty has made us cry when we watched her famous movie Notebook, but as we can see, she is not stopping there. She has also made us emotional by showing her power of pulling almost any hairstyle such as these daring and bold bangs which covered her forehead and also almost her eyes. Look at her side hair! How are they so perfect!! These colored locks surely do make us green with envy.

47. Hilary Duff: beach look.

Long Hairstyles for Women_048

Hilary Duff is surely going through a rough phase as she is getting her divorce from her husband, Mike Comrie. But however, we got to admit, her beautiful smile never ceases. And apparently, her hair is just as tolerant too. Her swift curls and elegant styling remains forever stuck and effortlessly and while she goes on taking care of her little baby, we wonder, how does she keep them this elegant while carrying an active baby? In fact, it’s not that complicated with this beach look of hers- less styling and more nature.

48. Halle Berry: girl power.

Long Hairstyles for Women_049

This powerful girl who makes us scream “GIRL POWER” shows yet again why anyone can’t mess with her. However, she now adorns a boy-cut hair, her previous hair looks absolutely stunning with their strong color and small wavelength. Parted in the middle, the curls are swept in both sides while her off-the-shoulder dress highlights the dark hair with her gorgeous complexion! Completely harmonious!

49. Bella Thorne: girly queen.

Long Hairstyles for Women_050

She is one of the prettiest and girliest girls in the block of Hollywood. And Bella Thorne has yet again shown us why she is hailed as the “girly queen.” Usually wearing some pretty daring vibrant outfits, she has also carried off this amazing hair. And look at her hairstyle! She decided to wear some very thin braids in the middle of her ponytail which was loosely held and swept on one side of her sleeveless dress. Even though the hair looks perfectly ponytailed, looking closely we can see that she actually set her hair in such a way that a little braid from the front looks like it is holding the hair from the back. Wow, absolutely wow! Isn’t this the perfect hairstyle for the next spring wedding?

50. Zooey Deschanel: brunette Barbie.

Long Hairstyles for Women_051

Well, this Katy Perry look-alike has made many gawk at her in awe for her beautiful and attractive eyes. Blue and big, they are just the perfect curious eyes. But now that we see, Zooey Deschanel also has another thing that would make her look dazzling: Her gorgeous hair. Small, with end curls and the perfect forehead-covering bangs, they give Zooey the perfect vibe of the girl next door while the voluminous of her hair and the slightly puffy look of them gives her a pretty Barbie-like vibe.

51. Reese Witherspoon: legally stunning.

Long Hairstyles for Women_052

Some may say that Reese Witherspoon looks better with short hair, but her long hairstyle is nothing less than an eye candy as well. With soft layers and eyebrow skimming bangs, this long hairdo is pretty simple to come up with. If you have a heart shaped face like hers, this hairstyle would be perfect for you. It goes without saying that blondes can pull off this hairstyle the best.

52. Julianne Hough: passionate waves.

Long Hairstyles for Women_053

Ballroom dancer and country singer Hough makes shaggy, feathered layers look amazing. Much like Reese, she has a heart shaped face and thus her hairdo is one that focuses the attention on her eyes rather than her jaws or chin. You will hardly break a sweat in recreating this.

53. Avril Lavigne: rock star.

Long Hairstyles for Women_054

If you want to stand out from the crowd and exhibit the inner rock star in you, then the Avril Lavigne hairdo is perfect for you. Dye your hair (preferably blonde hair) in streaks of blue, pink, green or any other colour that brings out your eccentric persona. Incorporate a few feminine curls at the bottom to pull off a contrasting “girl power” look.

54. Nicole Kidman: edgy classics.

Long Hairstyles for Women_056

You can always count on Nicole Kidman to come up with innovative styles. Her hairdo is one that truly breaks conventions. Talk about creating your own trend and appearing edgy! This hairstyle can be difficult to recreate but is definitely worth the effort.

55. Dakota Fanning: bangs bangs.

Long Hairstyles for Women_057

Given the buzz around her, any hairstyle that Dakota pulls off is considered smoking hot and incredibly sexy. That’s pretty much what she does with her bangs. She keeps them hang loose, similar to the long wavy hair caressing her shoulders. Perfect for people with dark hair, this hairstyle is the one to pull off on a date night.

56. Jennifer Love Hewitt: hot passions.

Long Hairstyles for Women_058

Jennifer Love Hewitt looks incredibly hot, fierce, and sexy with this long wavy hairdo. The key to success with this hairstyle is volume, so do not be shy to use some extensions if you are not sure you can pull it off. The result will be exquisite and definitely worth it.

57. Kate Beckinsale: elegance.

Long Hairstyles for Women_059

Every girl wants soft and shiny long hair, the sight of which would make other girls green with envy. Kate Beckinsale hits the nail on the head when it comes to this particular hairdo. It’s all about getting the tender layers and silky waves spot on.

58. Lea Michele: ombre contrasts.

Long Hairstyles for Women_060

If there is any person you should learn the ombre trend from then its Lea Michelle. Her long hair has a beachy texture and hue. Her rustic bangs draw your attention towards her sparkling eyes. Give this a try if you have a wavy hair type.

59. Katherine Heigl: sleek vintage.

Long Hairstyles for Women_061

Do you want to reproduce some of the vintage hairdos of the mid 20th century? Then take a look at Katherine’s hairdos for the ultimate inspiration. The formal long wavy hairstyle seems to be tailor made for Katherine. This hairdo works best with blonde hair that is soft, slightly curly and very wavy.

60. Drew Barrymore: curly fun.

Long Hairstyles for Women_062

Unhappy with your round face? There is no reason to worry darling. Drew Barrymore’s here to inspire you with her fun and flirty long hairstyle. It’s a fairly simple hairstyle to create but you’ll need a few hair products to keep the waves in place. Tease your hair at the roots. It adds to the height and gives you control of the locks.

61. Jennifer Garner: it’s all about the highlights.

Long Hairstyles for Women_063

Some may say that Jennifer Garner’s one length long hair is boring, but unless you actually recreate this look with your hair, you would not realize how fabulous it appears. The classic bang with the wavy locks on either side is the kind of look that trendy moms can try out when they have a little bit of free time. Dying your hair golden will greatly complement this hairdo.

62. Ashley Tisdale: new blonde.

Long Hairstyles for Women_064

Ashley isn’t someone you would necessarily associate with great hair but her tousled two-toned hair is a knock out! It’s unique colour combination of silvery blonde and milk chocolate brown that makes her hair so drop dead beautiful.

63. Kerry Washington: simply straight.

Long Hairstyles for Women_065

For a lady who likes to stay in the limelight, Kerry Washington keeps her hair real simple. One of her best looks is the chic, slender ponytail accompanied by the cheeky little thin headband. Somewhat of a sporty look, this hairstyle is perfect for the ladies on the go. Also, it shows you why long hairstyles are not always difficult to pull off and maintain.

64. Candice Swanepoel: Victoria’s angel.

Long Hairstyles for Women_066

Candice knows how to let her hair accentuate the beauty of her mesmerizing icy blue eyes. The shallow middle parting in her platinum blonde hair is what makes all the difference. She looks like the true embodiment of Victoria’s Secret angel. If you are going to adapt this style, then make sure to let the hair flow over your shoulders.

65. Ellen Page: messy order.

Long Hairstyles for Women_067

If you are into the cute schoolgirl look, then you may want to take a page out of Ellen’s book. Her sideswept bangs and her elegant mahogany long hair is a sight to behold indeed. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it lets your natural texture take control.

66. Amanda Seyfried: mystique.

Long Hairstyles for Women_068

If you are blessed with glistening golden locks like Amanda then keep it loose and let the curls flow. Amanda likes to slightly cover her face with her hair, which adds a little more mystique to her visage. All in all, this hairdo is the perfect blend of curly and straight, something that will look stunning on a lot of young ladies.

67. Paris Hilton: perfect socialite.

Long Hairstyles for Women_069

Are you feeling like being a socialite today? Then you may just want to start by imitating a very well known Paris Hilton hairstyle in the form of beautiful, loose braids. Make sure that the hair stretches away from your face. Down towards the bottom at the back, the hair must curl up into beautiful locks. A curling wand could come in handy to pull off this trick.

68. Ke$ha: just a rebel.

Long Hairstyles for Women_070

You can depend on Ke$ha to bulldoze the norms of fashion and erect her own standards. If you thought green eyes and blonde hair were a horrible match, then think again. Dye your blonde hair in streaks of green and let the wavy hair flow all around your head. It’ll give you the perfect badass look.

69. Katie Holmes: enchanting simplicity.

Long Hairstyles for Women_071

Adorably enchanting, that’s the best way to describe Katie Holmes and her simple, eloquent hairstyle. All you need to do is let your layered curls flow across your face and have a middle part to throw some spotlight on your face. Simplicity is key with the Katie Holmes hairdo.

70. Kat Dennings: organized chaos.

Long Hairstyles for Women_072

A lot of people don’t take Kat Dennings seriously as a fashion icon. Anyone who has seen her braided updo with the soft little bun tilted to one side and the wavy locks flowing down over her eyes will think twice about not giving her fashion sense a well-deserved compliment.

71. Kate Hudson: fancy hairdo.

Long Hairstyles for Women_073

Kate Hudson is wearing a slightly past her shoulder cut. Her blond locks work well with the side-swept bangs to add some volume to her otherwise straight hair. This sleek style works well for a fancy night out on the town. The hint of curl at the end adds a final touch to this adorable look. While she doesn’t have any hair accessories, this style would look absolutely adorable with a cute barrette added in to hold the bangs into place.

72. Leighton Meester: cropped bangs.

Long Hairstyles for Women_074

Leighton has cropped bangs, that are easily styled with a comb and some gel or spray. Her looks curls are achievable by using a large curling iron and just curling the ends then misting some hair spray to lock the loose waves into place.

73. Christina Hendricks: bed hair look.

Long Hairstyles for Women_075

This bed hair look is easily accomplished by getting out of the shower and teasing your hair with a comb or brush and using hair spray to hold it into place. Tease the hair the direction you want it to go after brushing it. This look works well for women with super thin hair who want to add some body to it without adding extensions. You use the comb under the hair and bring it up towards your head then fluff it out with your fingers.

74. Rose Byrne: thick waves.

Long Hairstyles for Women_076

Rose has thick curly shoulder length hair that looks great with some waves. If you have naturally curly hair, you can achieve these waves in two ways. You can put two braids in and put some gel over them while you get dressed, do your makeup then take the braids out and finger come it while it’s mostly dry, these gives the big waves she has here, or you can use curlers and then comb them out or run your fingers through your hair until you loosen the curls up in natural waves like you see here.

75. Anna Faris: extraterrestrial beauty.

Long Hairstyles for Women_077

Anna Faris has naturally straight hair, she achieved this look with cropped bangs straight over her eyes, and used a curling iron to curl a couple chunks of her hair on either side to add a slight wave to her otherwise blond locks. Excellent choice for edgy girls.

76. Kate Winslet: beach look.

Long Hairstyles for Women_078

The actress has cropped bangs that are brushed and styled over to the side. Hair spray and small curlers will easily achieve this look. Spray the curls and then finger comb them to loosen up the curls slightly so they aren’t so tight. You can also achieve this if you have naturally wave hair by scrunching your hair up as it dries with gel, then finger comb some of the tighter curls out so it lays in a more tangled sexy beach look.

77. Lily Collins: messy teen.

Long Hairstyles for Women_079

Lily looks fabulous with her long brown hair with the messy teen look. She totally rocks the everyday casual hair style that’s easy to achieve for those with long hair. Use a good conditioner to help control frizz, especially if you dye your hair. When you get out of the shower, you can use a little gel, mist or hair spray to help style the ends. Finger comb your hair and scrunch up the bottom with your hands slightly to add just a hint of curl. You can also use a curling iron and then finger comb the locks to create a loose wave.

78. Kirsten Dunst: ginger angel.

Long Hairstyles for Women_080

Kirsten looks like a fairy from Ireland with her layered haircut. This look can be easily attained if you have your hair layered. You angle your bangs away from your face, and let the shorter bob layer curl around your face. You can put curlers in the back on the longer part of the hair if your hair isn’t naturally curly, or use a hair iron. If you have naturally curly hair, you can just use some gel and crunch the curls up to achieve this look.

79. Jessie J: hot vampire.

Long Hairstyles for Women_081

Jessie J. has straight black hair, which she pulled into a high pony tail on the back of her head to achieve this hot look that works well with almost anything. If you have curly hair and want it straight, you’ll need to use a flat iron to control the frizz and try to get it to stay flat. Don’t forget to use a good conditioner or hair oil if you are going to use heat products on your hair so you don’t damage it. And keep your lips bright for the ultimate lady vamp look.

80. Sarah Jessica Parker: casual brightness.

Long Hairstyles for Women_082

She looks absolutely classy with her long wavy hair. It’s the style that screams casual, and looks easy to maintain. To avoid frizz for the color treated hair, it would be ideal to use a leave in conditioner or oil treatment for color-treated hair, especially if you are using blow dryers, hair spray, and curling agents. This look would be achieved with extra large rollers taken out and a touch of hair spray to hold the waves, make sure you run a brush through it just to loosen the waves up a bit from the curlers.

81. Isla Fisher: retro chic.

Long Hairstyles for Women_083

Isla has a beautiful side swept look that is easily achieved. Pull it loosely over your shoulder and use a touch of hair gel when wet to hold in a slight wave. If you have super straight hair, use a couple of rollers on your bangs and the front section to achieve the desired wave, and a touch of hair spray after running a big brush through it to loosen the curls up. Great for all romantic ladies out there who praise their femininity.

82. Kelly Clarkson: natural waves.

Long Hairstyles for Women_084

Kelly Clarkson has very thick hair, to achieve this style, use a large curling iron on the bottom of the hair and use a light hair spray. Use a brush to fluff the hair a bit to create the full body look she has here, while misting some hair spray onto the top part, this will achieve this adorable girl-next door look. You cannot go wrong with natural looking waves.

83. Jessica Chastain: classics.

Long Hairstyles for Women_085

Jessica Chastain has thinner red hair, for those with straight, thin hair, this look is a good choice for those who have time to put in curlers. Use a brush to unravel the curls to big loose waves and some hair gel or spray to hold the waves together for a sophisticated and feminine look.

84. Mandy Moore: adorable layers.

Long Hairstyles for Women_086

This stunning singer and actress has a layered hair style that looks adorable with sweats, or jeans and t-shirts. It’s casual and feminine. The bangs are layered and brushed back, and the rest of the hair can be achieved using a large curling iron with some spray or gel, and then brushing the waves looser to achieve this natural bed-hair look. Sassy and sexy with minimal time spent.

85. Ginnifer Goodwin: beautiful thickness.

Long Hairstyles for Women_087

Ginnifer Goodwin has naturally thick beautiful hair. Fresh out of the shower, brush your hair and add some gel, scrunching from the bottom up. Run your fingers through the locks and you’ll have her perfect windswept look that only those with thick curly hair can achieve. Use a good conditioner before hand to help control frizz.

86. Lauren Conrad: summer fun.

Long Hairstyles for Women_088

This style icon has beautiful long blond locks, and she braided a section on the top of her head and pinned it back. On the rest, she used a large curling iron and then brushed out the waves to create the illusion of “almost” ringlets to add just a touch of body to her straight hair. Use a leave in hair conditioner for a softer feel if you don’t want to use hair spray or gel. If your hair won’t hold the curl without a gel, use a mouse or an all natural hair product to avoid that crunchy feel to your hair. Great choice for summer vacations!

87. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: hot mess.

Long Hairstyles for Women_089

The actress has long bangs that hang around her face, and she’s teased the rest of it to add a nice thick body to her straight hair. She’s pulled some up over the top/back of her hair and pinned it behind to give the top that added body you see here. The result is really hot!

88. Eva Longoria: business-casual.

Long Hairstyles for Women_090

This nice straight hair that Eva has slightly layered, making this hairstyle easily achieved for those with a similar cut, will look good and appropriate at work or at a business meeting. No more need to sacrifice professionalism for long hair. If you don’t have straight hair, but it’s layered, you can use a flat iron to control it and give it this sleek look she’s rocking here.

89. Sarah Michelle Gellar: romantic beauty.

Long Hairstyles for Women_091

Sarah Michelle Gellar has curly hair, so to control frizz use a good hair oil or conditioner product especially if you dye your hair a lot. If you have naturally curly hair, scrunch and hold from the bottom to the top and then run your fingers through it to loosen the locks up a bit. For those with straighter hair, you’ll want to use curlers to achieve these big locks. Excellent choice for an everyday look.

90. Rachel Bilson: new girl next door.

Long Hairstyles for Women_092

Rachel Bilson has the girl-next door cut right here, with the front being slightly layered around her face. Making it easy to style and brush to the sides over her longer locks. Using a small curling iron on the front and a little hairspray you can hold the curl in place over the rest of the straight hair to achieve a similar look.Use your makeup natural with this look.

91. Lucy Liu: long and beautiful.

Long Hairstyles for Women_093

To achieve this look, all you need is some good leave in oil or hair conditioner to get that added glow, or if you prefer, a hair gloss. Brush it straight out of the shower, add your mist and go. If you have really curly hair, use a flat iron and some holding spray then add a gloss product to finish off the look.

92. Emmy Rossum: adorable waves.

Long Hairstyles for Women_094

This look with her hair parted on the side is just adorable. Pulled back and pinned on one side, she has the waves on the other side accentuating and drawing attention to her adorable face. This look can be achieved with big rollers, a few bobby pins or a hair clip. When you take the rollers out, finger comb the locks out slightly to create a less tight curl so that it’s a little wavier around your face. Pin the other side back and it’s that easy.

93. Mary-Kate Olsen: down to earth.

Long Hairstyles for Women_095

Mary-Kate Olsen has achieved this look simply by running a brush through her hair and some anti-frizz products. You can flat iron curly hair if needed, but for those with thinner hair, you’ll need to fluff your hair out a bit to add some body to achieve this messy bed hair. The darker roots make this look extra natural and down to earth.

94. Jennifer Hudson: long and beautiful.

Long Hairstyles for Women_096

Jennifer Hudson has long beautiful hair, so you can add extensions in if you don’t have long locks like her, this is created by using a very large iron curler on the bottom half of the hair. You’ll use a spray to hold the big curls into place, and if you need to loosen them up a bit, use a big toothed comb or your fingers to loosen it up a little bit to create the waves you see here. Parting it directly in the middle works great for those who don’t have bangs and draws attention to the forehead and lines of the face.

95. Victoria Beckham: ultimate chic.

Long Hairstyles for Women_097

Victoria Beckham has straight hair cropped just below the shoulders. This look is nice because it’s easy to maintain and all you do is run a brush through it, add a gloss mist or leave in conditioner to control frizz, and you’re ready to go out the door in just a couple of minutes. If you have really flat and thin hair, finger comb your hair to add a little body around the temples and cheeks. It also looks great with a head band, or barrettes if you want to add some color to your outfit.

96. Sienna Miller: gloriously shiny.

Long Hairstyles for Women_098

Sienna Miller has gloriously shiny blonde hair, this look works well with slightly layered bangs swept to one side, and while you can wear it pinned back with just the bangs to frame your face, you see her here wearing it down. Use a flat iron if you have curly hair. For those with already straight hair, this has more to do with having your stylist layer your hair in a flattering and controllable way to curl around your face and shoulders with minimal products needed. Add a gloss mist to control frizz, and achieve the shiny blond locks that work great for everything from a date night out, to going to the mall in jeans and a t-shirt.

97. Diane Kruger: vintage glamour.

Long Hairstyles for Women_099

Is there anyone who knows how to pull off the retro look better than Diane Kruger? This German beauty has shown how to go absolute vintage by firstly, giving her bangs a perfect swift and attaching it to the top of her head, emphasizing on the retro while the rest of her hair is simply straightened and then curls slightly in the end so that they fall swiftly in the shoulders. As Diane pulled this hairstyle with the perfect sequined off the shoulder dress, we envy her look big time as it looks the perfect outfit for a glitz and glamour-y night out!

98. Karlie Kloss: Boho grace.

Long Hairstyles for Women_100

This supermodel angel knows her business- she always looks stunning and can pull off literally any long-hair look. Even with this natural-looking hairstyle she still looks gorgeous and makes us want copy her. And it is quite easy to do, all you need is some determination and long hair. Sleep on braided hair and in the morning you will get this perfect Boho look.

99. Ashley Greene: style and chic.

Long Hairstyles for Women_101

This beautiful vampire does not stop to impress us. This time with her long wavy haircut with side bangs. This hairstyle is quite popular nowadays and the actress manages to keep it chic and sophisticated while being trendy and hot. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it will fit almost any face shape, is easy to maintain and is absolutely gorgeous.

100. Emily VanCamp: natural beauty.

Long Hairstyles for Women_102

Emily has gorgeous hair and this hairstyle while being soft and touchable is quite impressive and is definitely making a statement. If you have naturally straight hair, try this silky smooth blowout with some volume at the root. It is easy and it’s stunning.

By now, you surely have a pretty clear idea of how celebrities showcase their beautiful and breathtaking long hair through their funky, innovative and quirky hair styles. There is no reason to complain about a bad hair day anymore. Get busy with your hair styling products and let your blissful imagination and creativity take control of your precious hair.

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