40 Best Long Bob Hairstyles

By on July 6, 2015

Are you looking for a way to spice up your look? Why not start with your hair? Getting a fresh trendy haircut can help you feel fresh and in style and that’s why we have gathered 40 of the best long bob hairstyles from top celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and so many more. Find the one that suits your individual style and personality and have fun with it!

1. Kim Kardashian : Messy Wavy Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_01

This sexy bob is a sultry espresso brown is very appealing on tv personality Kim Kardashian. Notice how that deep side part creates a little mystery. If you don’t have thick hair, try using a volumizing shampoo. To get the wavy look, curl your hair and spray it after you brush through it gently. Let it be messy and wild and maybe pair it with some dark eye makeup, neutral lipstick and a shiny golden or silver top to finish the superstar look.

2. Jennifer Lawrence : Bob with a Bang

Long Bob Hairstyles_02

Actress Jennifer Lawrence looks sweet and innocent with this bob that comes down just below her shoulders. She chose a natural color combination of ash blonde with some subtle platinum highlights. We love this color for her skin tone. This look has fun layers and a choppy side swept bang to give it a flirty girlish finish.

3. Taylor Swift : Wheat Blonde Bob with Finger Wave

Long Bob Hairstyles_03

Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift is killing it with this 30’s remniscient finger wave look. Her shoulder length bob is just sleek enough to have a loud artsy curl in the bang. We love how she sticks with solid colors for her hair and clothes here to keep the look clean and sophisticated.

4. Nicki Minaj : Straight Bob with Middle Part

Long Bob Hairstyles_04

Singer and super pop star Nicki Manaj knows how to always go outside of the box with her style. We love this thick black bob hairstyle on her which is complimented by her black eye makeup and high neck line black top. She has perfect makeup with a little sheen in her hair and a glow on her face to give her that shining effervescent appeal.

5. Miley Cyrus : Ombre Bob with Curls

Long Bob Hairstyles_05

Singer and rockstar Miley Cyrus looks so feminine with this ombre bob. We love the golden blonde color and dark roots that always look better with some big wavy curls. Complete this sexy look with a side part and some extra long lashes to make that extra wow factor. Hey we are women and that means we get to have fun with our look!

6. Katy Perry : Straight Bob with Asymmetrical Bangs

Long Bob Hairstyles_06

Singer and superstar Katy Perry is a fashion icon and we love her bold fashion and style choices. We love her medieval appeal with this dark chocolate hair color and diagonal bangs. If you have thick hair you can ask your stylist to thin out the underlayers and run a straightener through it with some straightening serum. This is the perfect party look for hipsters and business women alike.

7. Kylie Jenner : The Mystical Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_07

This mystical fairytale look on social lite Kylie Jenner is stunning. We love the dark cloudy grey contrasted with the cobalt blue. To get some volume on top, just tease the under layers a little bit. This is a good color for most skin types and eye colors. Bold two tone colors are very in and shoulder length cuts are a great way to make your face look slim.

8. Jennifer Aniston : Blonde Girl Next Door Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_08

Actress Jennifer Anniston is famous for her simple beauty. She usually has a honey blonde with highlights and a neutral makeup. She sports a sun kissed tan and has that healthy glow that women and men love. Ask your stylist for a healthy finishing product to keep the flyaways at bay and you’ll feel fresh and vibrant!

9. Emma Watson : Red Pointy Dog

Long Bob Hairstyles_09

Actress Emma Watson is adorable with this school girl look. She’s chosen a burnt cherry color and used a straightener to make the ends more dramatic. She has a side part and has loosely pulled back her hair so some can fall down. This is a casual look that is elegant but friendly.

10. Kristen Stewart : Punk Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_10

Twilight Saga film series actress Kristen Stewart looks positively punk with these dramamtic layers and shapely bob. She went with a deep mahogany brown and let the shorter top layers have some freedom to show off her personality. We think this is a super stylish cut that most ladies will feel amazing with!

11. Kristen Bell : Hippie Chick Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_11

Actress Kristen Bell is embracing her bohemian style with this blonde bob. She has a deep side part and not many layers at all. She kept her hair thick and has a beautiful buttery and golden blonde color to catch the eye. It’s casual because of the ombre she has with darker roots and that makes her look more approachable and real.

12. Vanessa Hudgens : Bold Ombre Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_12

Disney Channel actress from hits like High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens looks darling with this funky artsy look. If you want to express your creative side, try this platinum and medium brown ombre bob. Finish it off with some curls and fun earrings and you’ll be sure to dazzle that special someone.

13. Carrie Underwood : Sophisticated Platinum Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_13

Singer Carrie Underwood is all Hollywood glam with this layered platinum bob. We must point out how white wardrobe choices go so well with platinum hair. She also has those big bold eyelashes to show off the sparkle in her eye. If you have dark hair, this can be a lot of up keep but it’s great for people with naturally light colored hair.

14. Jessica Alba : Chestnut Bob with Bottom Curls

Long Bob Hairstyles_14

Actress and model Jessica Alba looks marvelous with this glamorous chestnut bob. She’s added some blonde highlights and pulled off the look with nude makeup colors. She’s so elegant with the sweet ringlet curls on the bottom. This is an ultra feminine look which is great for events and parties and takes barely anytime to do!

15. Olivia Wilde : Messy Ombre Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_15

This American actress, producer and model knows how to knock their socks off with her wild hair. She went with a pretty natural ombre color combination, added a side part and some chunky longer bangs to show off her beautiful neckline and accentuate those gorgeous eyes. If you’re a flirt, this is your look!

16. Jessica Biel : Chocolate Brown Bob with Layers

Long Bob Hairstyles_16

Jessical Biel is quite the bomb shell with this soft feminine brown bob. This look can blow in the wind with the many layers and you can get the gentle waves using a round brush and a blow dryer. Go for natural makeup colors and don’t forget a subtle pink lipgloss to top it off. This is a professional look that still has a little bit of pizazz to keep you feeling sexy.

17. Zoe Saldana : Greek Goddess Bob with Vertical Curls

Long Bob Hairstyles_17

Zoe looks like she’s walked straight out of an epic move set with these vertical curls. The secret to this bob hairstyle is not the curl the ends of the hair and keep the curls at the lower part of the hair. You can hold the curling iron vertical to get the effect and spray the curls while they are on the iron. This blunt bob makes women look like the goddess that we all are!

18. Charlize Theron : Casual Platinum Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_18

Actress and Hollywood heartthrob Charlize Theron is magical in this casual platinum bob. She has a deep side part and care free curls to create a very seductive and free flowing hair style. This style goes best with lighter skin tones and blue eyes because it won’t require the roots to be touched up too often.

19. Anne Hathaway : Brushed Back Mahogony Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_19

Anne Hathaway has a mature and elegant appeal with this blown back bob. She’s accentuating her face by keeping her hair off of it. She’s also looking very regal with this mature red color and silk top. This is a great example of how color combinations and accessories can give off a strong impression that speaks more than words.

20. Hilary Duff : Beach Girl Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_20

Actress Hillary Duff has a fun and flirty surfer girl look going on that we just can’t get enough of. We enjoy how she’s used a delicious buttery platinum blonde and made it messy and fun. This funky look can be casual or dressed up and it’s very low maintenance. Why not try out if blonde’s really do have more fun?

21. Reese Witherspoon : Shiny Straight Platinum

Long Bob Hairstyles_21

Actress Reese Witherspoon is radiant with this fashionable bob. Start by adding a chunk for bangs and then use a straightening serum to get that sleek and savvy look. She has some volume on one side to make the look more asymmetrical and give some movement to it which is absolutely genius.

22. Julianne Hough : Platinum Ombre Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_22

Actress Julianne Hough looks like girl friend material with her sweet platinum blonde ombre bob. She has created a soft look with ash blonde roots and you can achieve that soft hair by using a round brush and blow dryer.

23. Katherine Heigl : The All Blonde Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_23

Comedic actress Katherine Heigl is so charming with her all blonde bob. No roots on this look and we love the buttery yellow blonde she’s chosen. This hair color is great for lighter skin tones but compliments her brown eyes so well. You can afford to go dramatic with the eye makeup when you have just one solid color on your hair and to make it extra classy, choose a solid color wardrobe.

24. Ellen Page : Hipster Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_24

Ellen Page has the ultimate hipster bob which is thinned out and has dramatic layers. What we love most is the choppy bangs she’s added to the chocolate brown hair style. Look at how she’s dressed up this somewhat punk hair style by adding a very elegant fashionable wardrobe.

25. Paris Hilton : Princess Butter Blonde Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_25

Heiress, tv reality star and model paris Hilton does look like the quintessential princess with this white platinum blonder bob that is curled under with a round brush. You can get this look even more princess like by adding a white and sparkling headband and white clothes. She is certainly eye catching and we think this is a great look for women who are ready to finally stand out from the crowd and own their beauty!

26. Katie Holmes : The Ringlet Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_26

Katie Holmes leaves nothing to be desired with her fashionable wringlet bob. She’s just perfectly adorable and sweet with her espresso brown curls that curl away from her face. The side part makes the look more feminine and elongates her face. She’s made herself look more mature by choosing a maternal top and solid classic color wardrobe.

27. Christina Hendricks : Copper Blonde Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_27

Christina is giving off that high fashion artistic vibe with her curly mop of copper blonde curls. We love how little makeup she is wearing because it’s so naturally beautiful. She has a unique and mysterious look that comes from choosing the unique copper color and then being outside the box with her natural appeal.

28. Rose Byrne : Side Parted Ringlet Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_28

Australian actress Rose Byrne is smashing with this European appeal. Big hair is sexy and we love how she’s piled it more on one side. She has some nice highlights that give her hair a sun kissed look and we love the brown matched up with the navvy blue wardrobe. Remember, men usually don’t love a ton of makeup and it’s easy to see here how naturally beautiful she really is.

29. Anna Faris : Butter Blonde Bob with Bangs

Long Bob Hairstyles_29

This American actress and producer is majestic and sexy in this bob haircut with bangs. Who said beautiful has to be complicated right? Her hair cut is simple and you can achieve the shape with a little bit of layering and a straightener. If you have thick hair, just ask the stylist to thin out the under layers and it will be an easy look you can wear everyday without spending much time on it.

30. Lily Collins : Messy Piecey Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_30

Lily Collins is simply magical with this red bob that has kinks and waves. You can sleep with a few small braids and then spray them with hairspray once you undo them in the morning. Use a teasing comb to get some extra volume and remember to add a red color pop on your lips to highlight that red hair. Red hair can make you look radiant and healthy and is a good color for damaged hair or women with a dull natural color.

31. Kirsten Dunst : Fairytale Blonde Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_31

Kirsten Dunst looks a bit mischevious with her girlie blonde bob. She knows how to play up that school girl look to her advantage and you can too by using a round brush and blow dryer. If you want to make the look more whimsical, add a feather headband or something with rhinestones. This haircut is great for business or parties and can be casual or fancy.

32. Jessie J : Dark Brown Bob with Finger Waves

Long Bob Hairstyles_32

Jessie J has a little bit of the pinup girl look going on and has pulled in the finger wave flapper hairstyle to complete it. We love the dark color she’s chosen which goes great with loud colors. If you have big and bold personality or a sweet and mysterious personality, you can pull this off. It’s artsy and fun and will put anybody in a good mood who wears it. Why not go outside of the box and try this new and fun style?

33. Kelly Clarkson : A-Line Bob with Highlights

Long Bob Hairstyles_33

Singer Kelly Clarkson is so cute with this a-line bob. We love a good dramatic a-line because it’s slimming to the face and super stylish. Look at that delicious chestnut brown that she’s mixed with blonde highlights. You can achieve this look by thinning out the under layers of your hair and using a round brush to blow dry. It will work well for all skin tones and eye colors and is especially slimming for round faces.

34. Jessica Chastain : Strawberry Blonde Bob with Big Soft Curls

Long Bob Hairstyles_34

Oh the possibilities for hair colors, cuts and curl sizes! We love these big soft curls in the gorgeous strawberry blonde color. This is great for women with lighter skin tones and the color will hold easily in the hair. This is a great look for women who don’t like to spend a ton of time on their hair and don’t need their hair perfectly controlled at all moments of the day. Let your personality shine with this care free fun and sexy bob!

35. Mandy Moore : Bohemian Brown Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_35

Actress Mandy Moore is looking quite stylish with this bohemian brown bob. She has added a gentle wave which can be achieved with a large curling iron, firm hold hair spray and a gentle brush through with the fingers. We love that the ends aren’t to curled and this is a great voluminous look for big sweaters or bathing suits. It’s extremely versatile! Just think it will still look good in the wind and rain because it’s naturally messy.

36. Ginnifer Goodwin : Sleek Side Part Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_36

This American television and film actress is so glamorous with this sleek side part bob. It’s has a great shape which goes well with her elegant and fabulous accessories. We love the neutral makeup colors she’s complimented the hair style with as well as the shine on her chocolate brown locks.

37. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley : Ash and Platinum Blonde Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_37

We love this messy ash and platinum blonde bob hairstyle. You will be fine in wind or rain because the messier it gets, the better it looks. This is a low maintenance look that will allow you to feel sexy and beautiful naturally. This is a great look to pair with sweaters and summer clothes and because it’s pushed off your face, it can show off your smile and eyes.

38. Rachel Bilson : Bottom Ringlets and Subtle Ombre Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_38

This ultra feminine looks is achieved with a golden dipped brown hair color and soft fabric wardrobe choices. Use a larger curling iron on the middle of your hair and a smaller one on the ends to get the textured look. Use some firm hold hairspray and you’re ready to stop the show with your sweetness and charm. Don’t forget to add the final ingredient which is your adorable smile!

39. Ashley Greene : Twisted Wavy Ombre Bob

Long Bob Hairstyles_39

Actress Ashley Greene looks sophisticated and proper with this twisted ombre bob. Golden brown hair pairs so well with white and we love it with the nude and natural makeup choices. We like this classic look because it’s still casual although it has so much timeless and classic beauty. Curls can also help to make an angular face less masculine and more soft.

40. Jaime King : Messy Platinum Bob with Middle part

Long Bob Hairstyles_40

Oh how we love platinum hair with navy blue wardrobes! We love the ash blonde roots that are just peeking out with this bob hairstyle and it’s super feminine with a pink lipstick. Use some hair balm to get that messy just got out of bed look that will turn heads wherever you go. This is a flirty and sexy look that we know is a must have this season!

Thanks for browsing this selection of beautiful bob hairstyles and we hope you have fun trying some of them out. Don’t forget to share these ideas with your girl friends and family members who might really enjoy a fresh and fun upgrade for their personal appearance. Remember, looks are not as important as what on the inside but they can be a fun expression of your personality and highlight your best traits!

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