50 Lesbian Haircuts

By on July 18, 2018

Are you on the search for the perfect haircut to fit your style? Sure, you love being a lesbian, but finding the right cut to define you can be tedious and draining. That’s why we are here to help. We want you to feel the best you can about yourself. And, of course, not all lesbians will dig each and every one of these styles. But that’s exactly why we have a wide range of options for you to thumb through. Expressing who you are and being a unique individual is important! So do just that by choosing 1 out of the 50 lesbian haircuts we have listed for you below! We hope you find exactly what you’ve been searching for. 

Longer Pixie Cut

Keeping things simple sounds good, doesn’t it? If that’s how you think, we have the perfect haircut for you. Whether you are lesbian or not this is a great style, but it especially works with the first one. This is a longer styled pixie cut. Totally retro and totally in right now.

Blunt Bob With Bangs

But you might not be a fan of the “chop it all off” technique. However, you don’t have to cut off all your hair to let the world know just who you are as a person. You could aim for a  longer style. And make it even more eccentric by adding a cool color, like this girl did with electric blue. 

Short And Curly

A lot of lesbian  haircuts tend to be more masculine. However, not every lesbian wants to look masculine. That’s a myth. If that pertains to you, we have a great haircut like this one above for you to try out. It especially works well if you have curly or wavy locks. This keeps your appearance softer and more feminine.

Long With Shaved Sides

Or keep it really long and just do something cool with it like adding a slight fade around the edges. That way you can have feminine hair when your hair is down, but you will look edgy when you throw  it up into a bun or ponytail.

Shoulder Length With Blunt Bangs

Before we get to the more masculine styles, we want to first introduce you to feminine styles like this one. We love the blunt bob look for lesbians right now and the blunt bangs, too. Come on, what’s not to like about it? It’s totally vintage and bada$$. 

Chin Length With Bangs

Would you just look at those bangs! How cool and chic are they? We like that they are paired with a short hairstyle. This works great on women with heart shaped or oval faces. And will definitely let people know they should be scared of your bark, as well as your bite. 

Geometric Undercut

Taking your look to the next level has never been easier. Try out a geometric fade with a side undercut. Add in some vibrant colors and BAM- You look absolutely awesome. Everyone will know you have your own unique taste and probably be super jealous of your hair. 

Blue Faux Hawk

Another side undercut with vibrant hair. We think this is just awesome. She looks smoother than a fresh dry skippy and you will too if you decide to go with this lesbian styled haircut. Of course, you don’t have to be a lesbian to rock it, but we think it makes a great addition to the list anyways. 

Long With Shaved Side

Who said long hair is always feminine? Now that we have moved into more masculine styles, we want to show you this one! This model is rocking this longer hair with a shaved side. We don’t see why you wouldn’t love this haircut. ‘Cause we certainly do. 

Simple Pixie

A simple pixie cut is always so underrated. Why not keep it classy, elegant and beautiful without appearing too feminine. If that’s what you are going for, that is. It’s up to you to decide how you want to be perceived. Which is why we are giving you so many different ideas. 

Design Undercut

Wow! This is sure amazing. Try out an undercut in the back and add a very unique fade to it to have your style really stand out. You can keep the top as short or as long s you want to. A pop of color to truly bring out your essence is never a bad idea either. 

Braided Undercut 

This beautiful look definitely made it into the top 50 lesbian haircuts list for a reason, don’t you think? Check out the design in the undercut and then also peep that sweet braid added in there. We dig it. SO MUCH. 


Want to make a severely bold statement? We thought someone might, so we put this photo on the list, too. Just get rid of all your hair and rock the shaved head look. Why? Well for one: It’s  great summer look, because it keeps your head much cooler. For two: It’s a low maintenance style and doesn’t require any care. Besides getting it shaved every six weeks or so. For three: With the right bone structure and facil features, you will look freakin’ gorgeous. 

Short And Slicked Back

Ellen Page is pulling this look off like it’s  piece of cake. And we adore it. Shorter hair, with long bangs and slightly slicked back. This look says, “I’m ready to party or I’m ready for business. Really I’m ready for anything and everything.”


We love this shaggy style with a hidden undercut. An undercut is when there is a shorter length of hair on the sides or in the back than on the top. It is a very popular style among the lesbian community and trending hardcore right now. 

Classic Short Cut 

Charlize Theron looks outrageous (in a good way of course!) with this uber short haircut. It’s  great haircut and we think someone searching this list will fall head over heels in love with it. We picked it because we like the poof she has at the top!

Medium Length Shag Cut

Keeping your hair short is nice. It’s less care and less worry. But you might be the type of person who likes to throw their hair up in a pony from time to time when you are cooking or hitting the gym. If so, you can opt for a longer, shaggier style such as the one above. 

Vintage Cut

This unique haircut gives us LIFE! We love it! It has a vintage vibe going on and the length will leave room for it to grow out and still be cute without having to worry about getting an immediate haircut. So therefore it will be a stress free style for you.

Short And Shaggy

Jodie Foster looks great with this chin length haircut. We think it makes for a perfect addition to the list of the top 50 lesbian haircuts. It is a simple, yet edgy looking style that will look perfect on mostly anybody.  

Medium Length Cut

This model is looking amazing with this haircut. We think it is a perfect style for this list and we just had to add it on ASAP! What’s not to love about it? And it’s especially great if you are looking for something of a medium length. 

Faux Hawk

This lengthy faux hawk is absolutely to die for!! Faux hawks are when you have longer hair on the top but also some hair on the sides, which is generally shorter than the length of the top section of hair. It resembles a mohawk, hence the name faux hawk. 

Spikey And Short

If you are on here simply to find something super edgy then look no further! This style is pretty freakin’ edgy and we DIG IT! This look is the total rockstar, in a band, don’t mess with me look. You will definitely leave people feeling intimidated when they first meet you. 

Curly Top

Every lesbian is different. That’s why we don’t want to keep only one box checked off when it comes to the best lesbian haircuts. We want to provide a variation of different styles and cuts to appeal to every type of person reading this list. Are you looking for something really cute? Try the above cut anytime and watch your confidence skyrocket. 


We are all for this alienesque look going on. We love the buzz from neckline to crown and the idea of keeping it longer on the top! This is a great style and definitely a very cool idea to add onto this list. 

Tomboy Cut

Shaggy hair, don’t care! Get your uber edge on with looks such as the one displayed above. This is a great haircut for you to choose if you are searching for something a little more masculine, but with feminine touches. You can definitely have the best of both worlds with this one. 

Pony With Shaved Head

Do you think it’s possible to have short hair and long hair all at once?? Well, that’s a silly AF question, because of course it’s possible! You might be itching to shave your hair, but still have the luxury of being able to style it in a ponytail. You can do all of that with a style like the one shown here. 

Designed Fade

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Ruby Rose looks here! We love love love her haircut here. She is the queen of gorgeous lesbian haircuts and you will catch her on this list  couple times for that reason. This fade is everything!

Super Undercut

Another style that allows you to have the best of bothw worlds! This model is digging her bun up in a hair and sharing it with the world because she is so proud! You would probably be posting all over Snapchat, too, if you had a smooth style like this one. 

1920s Style

We told you that you would see Ruby Rose again and we weren’t lying by any means! She is rocking this haircut and it’s a great add to this list of lesbian haircuts. It’s simple, but it’s working and we love it.

Long Top With Shave

So far we have shown you a lot of cuts where the hair is slightly shaved on the sides, but there is still a little length. This one adds a different perspective by actually leaving almost nothing on the sides, but the top remains fairly long. We like. We hope you like, too.

Long Bangs, Short Cut

Long bangs like the ones shown are totaloly 90s, but we have great news- THE 90s are sooooo in right now. This short hairstyle is cool, sophisticated and has just the right amount of edge to give you the special look you desire. 

Versatile Undercut

We picked this haircut to put on the list because it is so versatile. You’ve got the shaved sides, but you can also put it up in a small pony. And we are liking the bleached tip of the bangs. Why wouldn’t our readers love this one?!

Simply Short Cut

Joan Jett and Sally Hershberger (Photo by Rabbani and Solimene Photography/WireImage)

Joan Jett really does love rock and roll with this hairstyle on her head. We love the short hair with feathered bangs look and want it to catch on like wildfire around the world. So get that fire started and try out this awesome look. 


What is a pompadour haircut? Well, we are glad you asked! It’s a style of haircut where the top is turned away from the face. This one is a longer length pompadour and a perfect photo to put on the list of the best lesbian hairstyles. Surely  you can see why.

Long Bang Short Side

These long, colorful and curly bangs have us using our heart eye emojis when we talk about it. It’s a great style and look all around. 

Pink Pixie

Maybe you already have short hair, but you are tired of the same old routine. Switch it up by turning your hair a pretty color like red, pink or blue. That will definitely be attention grabbing! Are you inspired by this look? We totally are. 

Bleach Blonde Pompadour

Another pompadour, A.K.A the style where the hair is turned off of the face in a roll. This is just an extra long one. We kinda like that it’s really long! It’s neither feminine nor masculine. Therefore it’s a more unisex look.

Very Short Pixie Cut

Who doesn’t love a straightforward pixie cut? This look gives us chills. In a good way, of course! If you are looking for something straightforward and easy to achieve, this might just be the look for you. 

Thick Short Cut

Or opt for something a little different and out of the box, like with this style and cut shown above. And we even like it with the platinum color on it!

Brunette Pixie

There is something adorable bout pixie cuts like this one. It’s definitely  more classic look and can be defined as slightly masculine. But with the right facial features, you will also be out there looking like an angel. 

Short And Tousled 

We just had to dd this tousled, short haired look onto the list of the best 50 lesbian hairstyles! Why wouldn’t we? Just look at it in all it’s glory!

Short With Thick Bangs

The model in the above picture might not look happy, but we don’t think her unamused demeanor has much of anything to do with her haircut. Why? Because it’s a beautiful haircut and it wouldn’t leave anybody feeling discontent about the way that they look. 

Highlighted Faux Hawk

Faux hawks are a well favored look by the lesbian community. And we can see why! These styles are cool as all heck and will leave you feeling like a total bada$$ anytime, anywhere. 

Masculine Short Cut

Are you keeping an eye out for something super masculine? That’s totally cool and we might have found the perfect haircut for you! This is a great style for that situation. Women and men alike look awesome with this haircut. 

Short Hair With Pushed Over Bangs

Kirsten Stewart may not have a fade or undercut, but she sure is rockin’ this shorter hair with her bangs pushed the sides. We like it, she seems to like it and we can almost be certain that you will like it, too. 

Shaggy Pixie

We have definitely shown you some stylish pixie cuts. But has we shown you  blonde pixie with longer bangs? We didn’t think so. So here you go! Enjoy this classic combo and maybe even make it your own. 

Classic Fade

This photo demonstrates an absolutely perfect fade. When someone says “fade”, this is the image that comes to mind with us. It’s a perfect masculine haircut and is a great addition to this list. 

Face Framing Pixie

This pixie cut gives us life. We couldn’t resist putting it up on here, because it is simply just too great not to. We like the face framing bangs. Pixies are perfect for you if you are the type of person who doesn’t want to worry about hair care or styling every day.

Undercut With Side Swept Bangs

A handsome hairstyle indeed. This haircut is perfect in every way. We like the swooping of the long the top and one sided shave!

Long Yet Short

And last, but certainly not least we have this special haircut for you. It’s in between a pixie and chin length hair. We like the length of it and that’s why we put it on this list.

Now you have looked through all of our 50 best lesbian haircuts. We hope it helped you to find something that you love and something that will allow you to express who you truly are!

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