Hairstyles For Thick Wavy Hair

By on June 28, 2016

Everyone else is envy on your thick hair while you are desperately looking for a way to style it. Wavy thick hair? More trouble you think. It is true that wavy thick hair needs more attention, but it is not a difficult job and definitely not something you hate doing. With the right haircut, styling products and techniques, styling your hair can even become pleasant. One important tip is to use appropriate styling products for your hair type. It all starts with the way you take care of your hair, so use products that will softness your waves, avoid the hairdryer and harsh styling methods. Once we got that problem fix, let’s take a look on how to style your thick wavy hair. Here are best hairstyles for thick wavy hair. You will definitely find one that will suit you.


  1. The wavy bob might seem like the perfect length and way to style your thick wavy hair. Always go for a bob when in doubt, but a wavy bob, well, that’s even better. It goes well on any face shape with the right length. Your thick hair will make sure to give enough volume to your hairstyle.

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  1. Half updo is that hairstyle that gets you out of trouble when in a hurry or lack of ideas to style your hair. If your hair is long enough, try a half updo. Your thick hair is the key to this way of styling your hair.

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  1. Bring on the messy fishtail! No hair type makes a more adorable fishtail than wavy thick hair. Do you have long wavy thick hair? Ought to try this hairstyle.

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  1. The ponytail charm! Long hair? Thick Hair? Wavy hair? Ok, you definitely must try a ponytail hairstyle. As simple as it sounds, it makes quite an impression on wavy thick hair. You can either make it sleek on the top or just let it loose.

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  1. Low loose side ponytail is another way to style your wavy thick hair.

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  1. There is nothing more childish than a wavy short pixie. Make sure to use the right styling products in order to make those waves soft and defined with the right volume.

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  1. Are looking for a more romantic look? Try a braided hairstyle, no matter if your hair is long or short you can pull together a braid that suits you.

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  1. Waterfall braid is quite a statement on wavy thick hair. It is a hairstyle that brides love because of the boho style it creates, but it goes well for any occasion.

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  1. It is so easy to make a bun if you have wavy thick hair, it is a dream for every hairstylist. If you have long hair, the better because your bun will look even bigger and your hairstylist can play with it much more than if you had medium length.

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  1. Of course you can rock your bangs with wavy thick hair. Choose one that suits you!

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