80 Best Hairstyles for Round Faces

By on December 20, 2015

If you have a round face, it’s easy to think that you can’t get away with certain hairstyles for the fear that they may make your face look rounder, wider, fatter… 

The good news is, you’re not the only person in the world with a round face, and plenty of the other people out there manage a whole world of hairstyles. In your round-faced club, you will find such beauties as Kate Bosworth, Fergie, Oprah Winfrey, Catherine Zeta Jones, and of course, some of the lovelies that you’ll find if you check out some of these celebrity examples of the 80 best hairstyles for round faces

1. Selena Gomez – Short & Bouncy 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_01

One of the cutest looks, this isn’t just a haircut that will suit the younger generation. Flicked under with the help of a hairdryer and round brush during blowdrying, it doesn’t matter whether you have layered or one-length short hair, you can pull it off. As long as you keep it to a slightly longer length as Selena has done here, it won’t make your face look any rounder! 

2. Selena Gomez – Long & Luscious

Hairstyles for Round Faces_02

Don’t worry if you don’t have beautifully long locks like Selena Gomez does here, there are plenty of places that you can buy clip-in hair extensions, and with a bit of work, it won’t even need to look as if you are wearing hair extensions at all! Simply curl the ends and leave to look a little straggly and away you go! 

3. Kate Upton – Wild & Wavy 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_03

Kate Upton is one of the most beautiful round-faced celebrities, and we think that she looks best with her long locks, as shown beautifully in this picture. A simple centre parting has been oomph with some voluminizing mousse, and heated rollers will help give you that extra bounce. Curl the rest with a large barrel roller and away you go, a spritz of hairspray to send you on your way. 

4. Mila Kunis – Pinned Back & Cute 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_05

Another of the most beautiful women in the world, Mila Kunis is another celebrity in the round-faced club, and as you can see from her, there are a whole host of manageable hairstyles. Just take this one as a prime example. Curled with a small-barrel curling tong and pinned back, as scruffy as you like, and you have an undo that didn’t take too long to achieve, but still looks super sexy and ultra glamourous. The centre parting helps to even out that round face, and make it look less so. 

5. Mila Kunis – Slicked & straight 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_04

Not just all about the volume and curls, Mila Kunis shows you how to rock hair for a round face with super style here, going over the hair with straightening irons and some smoothing serum, to give her slicked and straight look. She has some layers thrown in here, which can help with extra volume, but even if you have one-length hair, you could achieve the same straight look. 

6. Demi Lovato – Side-Swept Bangs 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_06

Keeping things simple here, Demi Lovato has worked with her own natural hair-wave to achieve this slightly scruffy but super adorable look. Pop’s poppiest princess has rocked many looks over her time in the charts, but this is one of our particular favourites with a look that is both elegant and classy, while still adding that slightly rough-around-the-edges punk appeal that she has. 

Sweep the bangs over to one side with a centre parting to recreate this look, and simply scrunch up your hair’s natural wave with some sea salt spray (sea salt mixed with water), fixing with some hairspray. 

7. Emma Stone – Short & Twisted 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_07

Another Hollywood round-facer known for both long and short styles, this red Emma Stone classic is perfect if you want a shorter cut, and just by adding simple curls with a tight-barrel roller instantly glams it up. 

Whether you have a long or short bob, you can recreate the look, and just remember to add that centre parting (or just slightly off)  to keep things symmetrical. 

8. Emma Stone – Asymmetrically Side-Swept 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_08

Running some of the hair down one side of the face such as these side-swept bangs modelled by the beautiful Emma Stone gives you a perfect way to achieve ANY style and cut. As soon as you remove that longer section that almost half-covers the face, you open the face up, and this can make it look rounder. It has the same effect as pulling all the hair back into a tight ponytail – it’s not a look that many round-faced girls can manage, you know? 

9. Renee Zellweger – Short & Simple 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_09

Bridget Jones herself has always been one of our favourite blondes, and although she has seemed to rock the same (or similar) styles throughout the years, it is one that does her round face proud. 

This shorter cut works well because some volume has been left in it. Renee has pretty fine, thin hair, which can make some shorter style quite difficult, but as with most short locks, as long as you remember to keep in some of that bounce, you’ll be fine. Sleek, short styles don’t tend to work as well, although there are always exceptions to the rules. 

10. Renee Zellweger – That One Tendrill

Hairstyles for Round Faces_10

One of the smartest tips you learn if you have a round face, is to always have that one tendril of hair that sits in front of the ear rather than behind it. It’s only a tiny thing, but it can make all the difference to a round face, as Renee Zellweger shows here. If that one tendril of hair on the left hand side had been tucked away from her face and back behind the ear, her entire face would have been on show, and this will make the roundness stand out a lot more. 

11. Margot Robbie – Deeply Parted

Hairstyles for Round Faces_11

Deep partings work great on round-faced girlies, just like Hollywood siren Margot Robbie shows us here. By changing where your parting lies, you are changing the focal point of your face, and when it looks off centre, it can give the impression that the face is less round. This is a great tip if you are thinking of working the shorter cuts and styles as, as we’ve mentioned before, shorter lengths can prove more difficult if you have a round face. Margot has listened to our advice here too – she has left some volume in the style rather than slicking it down. 

12. Margot Robbie – Colour Change 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_12

Ok so she grew her hair out too, but have you notice dhow simply by changing the colour of her hair, Margot Robbie has gone from blonde bombshell, to sultry, mysterious, brunette vixen? Two colours – two very different looks! 

If you have a round face and you’re not happy with the way your hair looks, why not try changing the colour as well as changing the cut? You could even consider adding hair extension to get the same classic and elegant look you can see here. 

13. Cameron Diaz – Bigger & Better 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_13

Heated rollers are your best friend when you have a round face, because volume is the one thing that will help even out the face shape in no time at all. 

Take this simple and pretty look sported by Cameron Diaz. Washed, blow-dry upside down, use hair straightening or a large barrel roller to create the loose, one curled waves, and flick it over to one side, letting your bangs follow suit. Plus, it lets you wear some super cute earrings! 

14. Cameron Diaz – Long & Lovely

Hairstyles for Round Faces_14

Long hair looks just fabulous on round face shapes, and the length really helps to draw the face down, giving the impression of a much slimmer one. Long and choppy layers are another great idea, falling between the chin and below, well blended and maybe even curled, just like Cameron has done here. 

15. Hayden Panettiere – Graduated Lengths 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_15

If you want to rock short, straight hair with a round face, Hayden Panettiere shows you how to do it the right way – by graduating various lengths into your ‘do. 

She has graduated lengths leading down from her slight bangs to the rest of the hair which again, is longer at the front graduated to a shorter length at the back. Show your hairdresser this picture, it works on round faces, heart shaped faces, and even square faces too! 

16. Hayden Panettiere – High Hair 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_16

As we’ve already mentioned, wearing the hair right on top of your head or back in a high ponytail can be hard work for a round face. Actress Hayden Panettiere shows us here how it is done. 

By adding that top knot right on the very top of her head, she is giving the impression that her hair is more oval than round. If you’re going to try and achieve this look, go over it with a baby toothbrush given a light spray of hairspray to get rid of any flyaway hairs. This one, although simple, is a pretty high maintenance do, and is almost impossible with short or layered hair, unless the hair has grown to a length where it can all be put in that high knot. 

17. Chrissy Teigen – Big Bangs! Bonus! 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_17

Most girls are under the impression that if they have a round face, they can’t wear bangs. As wife of music genius, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen shows, you can. 

If you can see, the bangs start much farther back on the head than they usually would, which almost helps to lengthen the forehead and make the face seem longer. It’s like moving the centre point – it changes the rest of the face entirely. 

18. Kelly Clarkson – The Pob 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_18

The Pob, or posh bob, was first bought about by Posh Spice herself, Victoria Beckham. Since then, it has become a game-changer of sorts, with even round faces being able to pull off this pretty sleek and harsh look with ease, just by tailoring it to meet the demands of their own face shape. 

Just as round-faced Kelly Clarkson has done, get the front of the hair longer than the back, going to an almost pointed taper. This helps to elongate the face and make it appear longer. It works in almost the same way as vertical stripes on a dress – it’s thinning. 

19. Kelly Clarkson – Gently Wavy

Hairstyles for Round Faces_19

These wide, gently curled waves are the best type of curly hair for a round face, especially when you combine it with the beautiful long length that Kelly Clarkson has here. These are two great tips if you want to rock curly hair as a round-facer – the longer the better, and the looser, more gentle the waves, the better too. 

The wider waves will defect from the roundness of your face shape, and it also gives you the chance to allow your hair to be somewhat natural too. If you have a natural curl or wave in it anyway, make yourself some of that sea salt spray we keep mentioning (with sea salt and water mixed together), and crunch it into your hair ends as you are spraying it. You’ll get boho beachy waves even if you can’t be bothered to get the curling iron out. 

20. Miranda Lambert – Faked Asymmetrical Bob 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_20

If you’re not quite brave enough to get your bob cut into an asymmetrical style, fake it by pushing (and slicking back) one side behind your ear, whilst leaving the other to fall forward. Add a deep side parting and flick it all over with a bit of volume, and add a pretty choppy one-length cut to the rest, and you have a winning hairstyle that we would consider to be medium maintenance. 

21. Miranda Lambert – Cheek-Length Bangs

Hairstyles for Round Faces_21

The cheek-length angled bangs as seen on Miranda Lambert here are great if you have a round face but still want to give bangs a shot. Most women with round faces will disregard the idea of bangs altogether, simply because they are renowned for making the face look fuller or fatter, but if you add a classic twist to it, the look will be quite the opposite. 

The bangs that sexily fall over one eye not only add an air of mystery to the get-up, but also hide one half of the face which essentially makes it look much smaller. 

22. Olivia Munn – Curly Round the Chin 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_22

If you have short hair but still want to go curly, use the curls to your advantage. Short and curly hair is normally a massive no-no for anyone with a round face, but as Olivia Munn shows, you can rock it if you have the know-how. 

By twisting the curls away from your face, you are deflecting from the round shape but at the same time, the curls work in the same way as the dark patches on those clever body-con dresses that make your waist look much slimmer than it is… 

(We all own one of those dresses, right girlies?) 

23. Olivia Munn – Smartly Placed & Classic 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_23

It’s the typical glamorous Hollywood look, but that deep parting and those elegant waves do a lot more than just take you back to the 50’s era where men still held the door open for women, and they carried your bags too! 

By using that clever curl, starting from the left air and working its way in soft layers down to the collarbone, you are reaping many benefits. You are hiding one part of the face, making it appear smaller. You are also attracting the attention to your eyes, and the curls surrounding them. By having the hair pulled back behind one ear, you can also showcase a beautiful pair of earrings, again taking the attention away from a round face. It’s just smart planning all round. 

24. Amy Adams – Face-Framing Tendrils 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_24

You can rock any up-do if you learn this simple tip for the front of your style. Using a centre parting, leave two tendrils to fall down either side of your face, as sported by Hollywood beauty Amy Adams here. If you make them around chin length, and curling under your face, it’ll help to streamline things. Just a tip for you! 

25. Sarah Hyland – Asymmetrical Waves

Hairstyles for Round Faces_25

With round faces, you are normally advised to try and avoid bulk and weight around the sides (cheeks) of your face, but Sarah Hyland shows you here how to do it properly, doing her hair with the loose waves as she normally would, and then simply flicking it over to one side. When there is bulk and weight on only one side, it gives an off-symmetrical look, which can help to flatter a round face, especially with short hair styles. 

26. Sarah Hyland – Bang-Away a Wide Hairline

Hairstyles for Round Faces_26

People with round faces are often likely to have quite wide hairlines, and Sarah Hyland shows you how to get around just that, with barely there bangs that she parts (off centre) and lets almost blend in with the rest of her hair. The simple ponytail keeps things just professional enough, but the loose layers hanging down really help to flatter an otherwise boring hairstyle. 

27. Katie Holmes – The Tapered Bob

Hairstyles for Round Faces_27

Round-faced Katie Holmes has rocked both long and short hair over the years, but we love this particular favourite of ours – the tapered bob. 

If you are going to have your hair cut really short with a round face, make sure the hairdresser snips into the ends to help taper or razor it out. This helps to soften the look as one-length, blunt cuts can often make the face seem rounder. 

28. Katie Holmes – Naturally Messy 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_28

Every once in a while, it pays to let your hair just go natural and do its own thing. Don’t we all straighten / dye / style / backcomb too much anyway? 

Just as Katie Holmes as done here, simply wash and let it dry naturally, just taming the bangs a little with your hairdryer and a round brush. You could add a few scattered curls here but really, your own natural wave should do the trick just fine. 

29. Miranda Kerr – Five Minute Glam Curls 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_29

Let’s say you only had five minutes to get your hair ready for an event that called for glamorous, sophisticated beauty. This Miranda Kerr style is just that if you have medium or long hair, and a round face. 

Putting the hair into a high ponytail, curl the hair that hangs down while your hair is upside down. Let the pony free, and sweep the hair over to one side, giving yourself a side-parting just above one eye. Curl the front section into the rest of the hair so that it falls flush, and tease the waves into place, securing with hairspray as you go. 

30. Adele – Collarbone Skimming Curls 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_30

If you’re looking for a way to elongate your face while still slamming things up for a special event, you should check out this Adele beauty. 

The collarbone skimming curls at the ends of the hair are not only at a very flattering length, but also helps to give some volume under the chin, drawing attention away from her face. Heated curlers and plenty of extra-volume most would have been used to achieve that oomph at the roots, but if you have thick hair, you may find that this look actually comes pretty easy! 

31. Adele – Take It Away From The Face

Hairstyles for Round Faces_31

If you’re going to have curls or lots of volume in your hair, it is wise to make sure that you leave the forehead clear, to stop the face from looking too ‘boxed-in’. Long curls will add length to the face, but if you have bangs or lots of fussy curls happening at the front and around the top, you may have quite the opposite effect. 

32. Dakota Fanning – Au Natural Grow-Out 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_32

Dakota Fanning gives you a way to grow out a shorter cut and roots all at the same time with this look that is both simple and natural. You can wash and blow-dry the hair straight, leaving the parting to fall wherever it feels like it, using a round brush to tease the ends into the shape you want them. 

33. Drew Barrymore – Short & Sweet 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_33

Again with the roots – if these celebrities have show you anything about rocking round faces, it’s that roots are OK from time to time! 

This look is both simple and messy, but just adds to the punk cuteness that Drew brings to the table. With added layers right at the bottom of a short do, you can add a bit of extra weight and bounce, and tousling it up with your fingers is all it takes to get this show on the road. 

34. Drew Barrymore – Mixed Length Layers 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_34

Loose, face-framing layers are the right answer when it comes to getting long hair with a round face right. Start the first platform of layers just below the chin to help elongate the face, and add some curly tendrils for a slightly more glamorous look. Once again, we have a centre parting, but you could put this parting practically anywhere you wanted, working those longer layers to frame the face, rather than feature it. 

35. Fergie – Smoothed Back Pony 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_35

Fergie has had her fair share of weird and wonderful hairstyles over the years, but we love her with this beautiful ‘brand’ ombre colour, just pulled back from the face in a simple pony tail. The trick here is to add height to the front of the pony if you have a round face, and normally a touch of dry shampoo and a little backcombing will do the trick just nicely. It’s a simple look, and one that takes just three minutes to do once you’ve mastered it. Just remember to pop a little hairspray on to avoid flyaway ends. 

36. Heidi Klum – Faked Bangs

Hairstyles for Round Faces_36

If you don’t have bangs, there is a way that you can almost ‘fake’ them, as shown by Heidi Klum here. We’ve already discussed at great length the fact that side-swept bangs are THE bangs to have when you have a round face, and even though Heidi doesn’t actually have bangs cut into her hair, she has managed to fake it by sweeping the hair over to one side, using the layers on one side to create a side-swept bang-look on the other. 

37. Heidi Klum – Fake Farrah 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_37

Remember the 70’s flick that Farah Fawcett, the Charlie’s Angel sported? That’s why this hairstyle shown by Heidi Klum is so popular – it’s such a classic. It is both fussy and simple all at the same time, and is easy achieved with a medium-sized curling iron. you will need to curl the hair in quite small sections, so you’ll need to give yourself plenty of time to complete the whole head of hair if you have quite long locks. Add a side parting, and some side-sweeping of the loose looks at the front to soften the wider forehead, and you have a great, fussy, elegant yet simple look for a round face and a sophisticated event. 

38. Abigail Breslin – Boost at the Roots

Hairstyles for Round Faces_38

The half-up, half-down hairstyle is very popular among most face shapes, and with the round face shape, there is no difference. Abigail Breslin has added some volume, and if you have really fine hair, you can buy small bump-clips to place under the hair to fake some extra volume. Curl the ends, and put a nice grip or bow where you have pinned it back, and you have such a sophisticated and simple look that is both easy to achieve and flattering for round faces. 

39. Ginnifer Goodwin – Super Short Cute Pixie 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_39

Ginnifer Goodwin is renowned for coming out with some pretty trend-setting hairstyles, and this super short and super cute pixie is something that most round-faced girls just wouldn’t be brave enough to try. 

The thing that helps here is that volume at the roots and on the top, that we keep suggesting, and the graduated bangs that help to add something new to the forehead so it’s not just all… Forehead. 

40. Ginnifer Goodwin – Long and Over the Shoulder 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_40

If you want to achieve a look just like this one, where it is being swept over to one side in a dramatic, Hollywood fashion, you need to actually style it like that. Don’t just think you can curl your hair and then sweep it over, because it probably won’t stay that way. Instead, pin everything over to one side and then curl what is left. The curls will intertwine with each other for a start and will help to keep everything in place, plus it’ll be easier to finish the look to exactly how you want it. 

41. Isla Fisher – Pinned Back and Pretty 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_41

She doesn’t need fussy styles to look beautiful, and Isla Fisher sports a very easy look in this do – a side-parting with side-swept bangs (two of the bonus round face looks), and the rest of the hair tied back into a scruffy bun at the back. 

Slicked back, harsh styles aren’t great for a round face, so take a leaf out of Isla’s book and learn to leave things a little looser! 

42. Isla Fisher – Messy Boho Braid 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_42

The messy boho braid is a look easily worn by many face shapes, round faces being just one of them. After you’ve tied your braid, pull it apart with your fingers rot give it a mussed up, scruffy look. Once again, the side-swept bangs and parting helps with that large forehead and wide cheeks often associated with round faces too. 

43. Kirsten Dunst – Asymmetrical Bangs 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_43

Another great way to wear bangs with a round face is how Kirsten Dunst has done it here. Asymmetrical bangs involves having your bangs cut at different wispy lengths, and can be worn in a number of ways. Height always helps to help soften a wide forehead, so the bangs can be drawn back from the face in a pouf or quiff. Leaving it down and falling as it naturally would like Kirsten here, and you have a much more natural look that is much easier to achieve and maintain. 

44. Kirsten Dunst – Grown Out Bangs 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_44

If you’ve been trying to grow out bangs for a while but have struggled because of your round face and soft facial features, learn from Kirsten Dunst and grown them out with style. 

Many women are put off by having bangs because the growing-out process proves to be such a pain, but simple part them slightly off-centre and blend into the rest of the hair as soon as they are long enough to give you another layered tool to help narrow wide or full cheeks. 

45. Mandy Moore – Messy Super-Short Bob 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_45

This is actually a great cut for a round face if you are growing out a much shorter style, such as the pixie. Left to grow as it normally would, with shaggy lengths slightly teased with a bit of styling wax, and you have the right combination for a round face. The different layers will help to soften the face, and the side-swept bangs help to make that forehead look much smaller. 

46. Mandy Moore – Big & Bouncy 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_46

Pop’s very own Mandy Moore gives you a classic look that is bang on trend right now, with Kate Middleton, the Princess EVERYONE is talking about, even having it as her own. 

You’ll need great condition hair to get a look as glossy as this, so one thing you should always do is have a good trim every six to eight weeks to get rid of split and dead ends, and always make sure to moisturise, giving your hair a weekly intensive treatment, especially if you are prone to over-styling or using multiple products. 

Once you have great condition hair, it won’t matter what kind of face shape you have, every look will be achievable. 

47. Penelope Cruz – Loose Pull Back 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_47

Loose hairstyles are a definite win with round faces, just as Penelope Cruz shows you here in the simplest style of all time. Straighten the hair after washing and blow-drying, and pull the front half of the hair back, tousling a few loose tendrils as you go, before securing in place with a couple of grips at the back. It’s simple yet effective, and with longer layers down the front, is the perfect way to flatter the round Latino face. 

48. Christina Ricci – Flicked-Out Waves 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_48

When doing any curls with a round face, whether its on long or short hair, always flick the curls away from your face to open it up and flatter all at the same time. Do the same thing with your bangs to blend it all together, and you’ll see that this works on both the short bob seen here, and longer styles too. 

49. Christina Ricci – Eyebrow Skimming Bangs

Hairstyles for Round Faces_49

The way that Christina Ricci has sports her bangs here just shows you how much our two favourite round faced / bang tips work. Not only does she have an uneven cut to the, longer at the ears and shorter in the middle, but they have also been started further back on her head than they normally would. Giving the impression of an oval face rather than a round one opens up many more hairstyle options to you, as this straight and sleek look shows. 

50. Sarah Michelle Gellar – Loose Side Braid 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_50

Do you know long it takes to recreate this simple hairstyle for a round face? About five minutes, that’s how long. 

Take the hair back from the face and let it fall down to one side before braiding and securing with a hair elastic. Let the natural waves fall down around your face, and sweep your layers or bangs over to one side before adding an Alice band or other hair accessory if you want to ‘jazz’ the look up! 

Simple yet effective – as shown by the beautiful Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

51. Maria Menounos – Loose & Layered

Hairstyles for Round Faces_51

Lots of loose layers are what has given this look the beauty that attracted you to it. The long layers that run throughout the hair look great when curled, and even look great when they are straightened too – something you’ll see both of in this look. The top half has been left straight, with the bottom half drawn to one side and given a slight wave as opposed to a tight curl. 

52. Elisha Cuthbert – The Simple Bob 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_52

One length blunt cuts are not normally a great look for those with round faces, but as Elisha Cuthbert shows, it can be done. Just make sure the length falls to your chin, and the bangs are graduated into the length of the rest of your hair. 

53. Elisha Cuthbert – Slicked to the Side

Hairstyles for Round Faces_53

It’s a pretty 80’s, power-woman style but it’s OK because it’s a trend that has come back around. The short bob as seen in the first look has been given an instant boost of life with this slightly different way to wear it. Everything has been slicked to the side as opposed to teased to the side, an a wet-look gel has been used to give it this super shiny appearance. It”s simple, but you do need to remember to play up your eyes with makeup to stop it looking too severe. 

54. Imogen Poots – Braid It

Hairstyles for Round Faces_54

Imagoen Poots has a face that should be shown off, and she does it brilliantly using one of the key trends for this summer – braids.

A great look for those that don’t have bangs but still want a helping hand getting the hair away from the face during the hot summer (wide foreheads and hair mixed make spots and blackheads!), a loose French braid is all it takes from one side of the face to the other, creating an almost Alice band effect with your own. Let a few curly waves hang down, and pin the hair at the back right back to keep your neck cool! 

You’d best get practicing on your braids! 

55. Kelly Osbourne – The Marilyn 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_55

Characterised by a wide forehead, round faces can be hard to work fussy, complicated looks, but as Kelly Osbourne shows, it doesn’t stop you from rocking the classics. This one is one we like to call The Marilyn, closely mimicking how the blond bombshell herself used to model her hair, and with the tendrils cutting off the two sides of the forehead with large curls, almost cuts in down in size by half, giving the immersion of a more heart-shaped face. This was incidentally, Marilyn’s face shape! 

56. Kelly Osbourne – Side-Swept Hair 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_56

If you don’t have bangs to sweep to the side, don’t worry because you can fake it, and even recreate the same effect on slimming a round face, simply by wearing a hairstyle that falls to one side. There has been a diagonal side-parting to help create the deep flick-over that helps to flatter the round face on Kelly Osbourne, and the rest of the hair has been left to fall naturally to one side, either pinned in place, or using a hairband. It’s simple but effective, and it doesn’t need to purple quite like this chick! 

57. Malin Akerman – Cheek Thinner 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_57

Everyone wants cheek fillers these days, while the round faced of us are looking to THIN our cheeks down! Malin Akerman shows you how to do it properly with this bubbly blonde look, 

58. Malin Akerman – Centre Parting with Layers

Hairstyles for Round Faces_58

Malin Akerman once again does round face hair done well with this beautiful and simple look that is both classic and elegant. A centre parting has been put to great use with some even, feathery layers around the front of the face. Starting from around cheek height, they help to frame the face and soften it, with the length helping to elongate it even further. 

59. Emily Browning – Short & Cute 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_59

Once again proving the point that layers are everything when it comes to rocking short hair with a round face, Emily Browning sports a super cute look that involves a lot of short and choppy layers, with a deep side-swept front and parting. It’s simple and to the point, and fairly easy to maintain, although growing it out might be a pain in your backside. 

60. Emily Browning – Cute Victorian Curls 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_60

Emily Browning has the prim and proper ‘Victorian’ curly look down right here, even managing pretty tight curls all around the face with her pretty, round face. Again we have the side-parting which can be quite difficult if you have fine hair, but with the addition of a few extra curls thrown in for good measure to frame the face, you have a look that isn’t too difficult, doesn’t take too long, and is easily worn for most events and occasions. 

61. Kate Bosworth – How to Slick Down Right 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_61

She’s a natural beauty so she doesn’t need fussy hair and makeup to bring out the best in her. However, not everyone can pull of this harsh, slicked-down and straightened look, especially with a round face. 

The trick is to create the parting as deep as you can into one side. It takes the centre focal point from the middle of your face, and with the hair cleverly draped over one side, gives you a much thinner face shape appearance. Again, we have that collarbone skimming length which as we’ve suggested time and time again, is one of the best lengths if you want to go for short hair with a round face. 

62. Kate Bosworth – Long & Natural 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_62

Natural is the best hair, I’d say, and there are a number of women on this list that have rocked just-natural hair pretty well. Kate Bosworth here is just another classic example. 

The hair has been poofed to perfection, with just the right amount of wave to stop it looking big and curly, but at the same time, stopping it being too slicked down and stuck to the face. If you only have a few moments to get ready in the morning, try blow-drying your hair upside down with some extra-volume mousse. Pull the front piece back and secure in place, and tease some of the hair ever so slightly, to give you a bit more ‘fake’ volume if you need it. 

63. Michelle Williams – Asymmetrically Short 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_63

It’s quite an odd style, and definitely not one that just any old girl could pull off, but if you’re looking to make a statement and have a round face like Marilyn Monroe actress Michelle Williams here, this asymmetrical cut is a great way to go super short, without accentuating your round face. 

Keeping things long on one side helps to make things a little un-even, and when they are asymmetrical like this, you can’t really tell what kind of face shape she has. It’s a smart way of rocking a short look. 

64. Michelle Williams – Low, Messy Knot 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_64

If you only have a few moments spare to do your hair, this great style for round faces, as sported by Michelle Williams, is definitely one to learn… And quick! 

Simply out the hair back from the face loosely, tying into a chignon or knot and holding in place with pins. Let the front of your hair fall down as it naturally would, allowing those shorter layers to frame and soften your round face. The added curls help to soften things even further. 

65. Tatyana Ali – Spiralled & Short 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_65

Tight curls and short hair don’t normally go hand in hand, but Tatyana Ali shows you exactly how to do it right, by setting it off with a very deep side parting, and started curling the hair with a small-barrel curling iron, main frame already in place. Great for afro hair! 

66. Tatyana Ali – Half Up, Half Down 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_66

One of the easiest, quickest hairstyles in the world is this classic half-up, half-down beauty which can be done on clean hair,dirty hair, unkempt hair, and any other hair you can think of! 

The height at the roots will stop your round face from becoming a problem with this pulled-back look, and try to make sure the length of your hair sits on one shoulder, or both shoulders, rather than straight down your back to prevent it all from looking too harsh. 

67. Amber Tamblyn – Short & Wavy 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_67

If tight curls aren’t really your thing and let’s face it, most round faced girls just can’t pull it off, make the curls but then tease them out with your fingers afterwards, so they sort of fall in line and give you a much more structured look. Once again, there’s that side-parting too! 

68. Amber Tamblyn – Side-Framing Layers

Hairstyles for Round Faces_68

She’s mastered a number of hairstyles and Amber Tamblyn rocks the longer-length look for a round face here, pulling the main front of the hair back and leaving to fall straight down, while the bangs have been pushed over to one side, and loose tendrils are left to frame her face and make it seem less round. 

69. Rachael Leigh Cook – Angled Bangs

Hairstyles for Round Faces_69

Full bangs and short hair are not two words that you would normally associated with a round face, but somehow Rachel Leigh Cook seems to rock the look totally! The trick to this one is to angle the bangs – they are longer towards the ears than they are in the centre, and although that would first seem as if it would rounden the face off further, it actually has the opposite effect. Work up the eye makeup, and you have yourself a winner! 

70. Rachael Leigh Cook – Long and Free-Flowing 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_70

Fine hair can be a nightmare, especially in the summer, so why not leave things long and free-flowing just like Rachel here? 

Wash, blow-dry, or even leave to dry naturally, brushing as you go with a fine-tooth comb. Again, as the hair is drying, brush the bangs over to one side to dry naturally in that place, and you can even consider adding a grip if they won’t stay where you want them to. Your hair won’t take long to dry in the summer heat, and it sure does give your poor hair a break! 

71. Lauren Ambrose – Subtle Long Layers

Hairstyles for Round Faces_71

One of the easiest ways to wear a wide forehead or round face is to add subtle layers around the front of your face. As you can see from this Lauren Ambrose example, the layers really help to narrow a round face, and it also helps to elongate the jaw line too with strategically placed shorter lengths of wispy hair. It’s a small touch, and one that takes just a few minutes in the hairdressers, but could make the world of difference. 

Remember – layers are a round-faced girls best friend! 

72. Charlotte Church – Barely-There Bangs

Hairstyles for Round Faces_72

If you’re too scared of rocking full bangs like the Chrissy Tiegen beauty we showed earlier, try doing it the Charlotte Church way and add wispier bangs. Not quite as full as to box the face in, but still there enough to break the forehead up. It’s like the perfect compromise if you’re not quite sure, and it won’t take long to grow them out (add flattering, face-framing layers) if you aren’t quite sure. 

73. Lily Cole – Curly Face-Framer 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_73

This look goes against most of the things we would suggest for a round face but somehow, Lily Cole manages to pull it off with style. It does make her look older though, don’t you think? 

A medium sized curling iron has been used to create the flick-like curls that are framing her face, and the bangs have even been curled into place, giving her volume and heigh which is perhaps how she manages to get away with it! 

74. Lily Cole – Messed up Natural 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_74

Wash it, dry it, leave out the curls (if you have them) and leave it. That’s as simple as it gets with this Lily Cole look, complete with slightly off-centre parting and bangs swept over to one side in again, a lazy and messed up way. Great for those days where you really can’t be bothered, and with a touch of dry shampoo, will even work for dirty / greasy hair too! Just use heated rollers to fake some volume if you need to. 

75. Valorie Curry – Tapered Pixie

Hairstyles for Round Faces_75

See – you can even rock a pixie cut if you have a round face, just like Valorie Curry shows us here. She just does the smart thing and starts the side-swept bangs from almost the centre of the head (to help elongate the face), and she has kept hair around her eyes too – longer than the hair would be at the back. 

If the hair is cut too short around the ears, you are just a round head with ears sticking out. This is also why you should never tuck your hair behind both ears if you have a round face. Always leave that one tendril hanging down (as we’ve mentioned before). 

76. Katherine McPhee – Parted Bangs 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_76

We’ve had side swept bangs, now it’s time to learn about parted bangs. Now, once upon a time, this was considered a bad thing and only done when you hadn’t found the time to head to the salon recently. These days on the other hand, it’s a fashion trend thats doing us all a favour. 

You can part them in the centre or to one side, but just make sure they aren’t greasy. Here’s a little tip for you – if you don’t have time to wash all of your hair, just wash your bangs or the front! 

77. Katherine McPhee – Voluminous ‘XLob’

Hairstyles for Round Faces_77

The XLob (or extra-long bob) is great for round faces, especially when you add plenty of volume. Adele is another fan of the big, boyffanty look, and she has a round face too just like Katherine McPhee. 

A cut to the collarbone is a very flattering length for round faces, and by having the bulk of the volume from the cheeks down, you have the slimming effect too, especially if you have round cheeks. 

78. Frieda Pinto

Hairstyles for Round Faces_78
79. Delphine Chaneac – Great Gatsby Inspired Short Hair 

Hairstyles for Round Faces_79

Another bold and daring look for Delphine Chaneac (she’s full of them), she shows you how to do a dramatic and glamorous Great Gatsby style 30’s themed hairstyle here, with waves as opposed to curls, sleeked over to one side. With the sides of the hair, they have been pushed back (and slicked again), but the height on top stops the round face from becoming an issue with this modern, yet conventional look all at the same time. 

80. Delphine Chaneac – Pulled Back & Pinned

Hairstyles for Round Faces_80

This is quite a harsh look, and isn’t one that most women with round faces are going to want to go for, mostly because it leaves the wide forehead complete exposed. However, if you’re smart and learn how to wear it properly, you’ll see that this five-minute, pinned-back hairstyle is great for so many reasons. The collarbone grazing length is the most flattering short hair for round faces, while the slightly off-centre parting stops the thing from looking too harsh. 

So there you have them – the 80 best hairstyles for round faces. Are there any that you feel you should try? Let us know if you do! 

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