30 Best Hairstyles for Oval Faces

By on December 9, 2015

If you have an oval shaped face, you are in good company, sharing a face shape with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Women like Kim Kardashian, Alexa Chung, Megan Fox, and even Jessica Alba are all blessed with this ‘perfect’ face shape, easily worn with a number of hair styles and cuts. 

The more versatile of all face shapes, you are not restricted to just one or two styles or cuts, as shown by these beautiful A-Listers, and their even more beautiful hair. 

1. Kim Kardashian – Long & Sleek (Face-Framing Layers)

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_01

Face-framing layers is the key for any flattering hairstyle, and Queen of the oval faces, Kim Kardashian West herself, shows you how to do a long, sleek look, without looking too much like an alien! (Just think of the cell phone emoji and you have about the right idea!)

To perfect this look, you need to ask your hairdresser to add long layers to the length of your hair, but only starting at the chin and working down from there. It stops the face from looking to elongated towards the bottom, and can also help to flatter a slightly wider forehead with elongated tendrils hanging in front / slightly to the side of the face. 

2. Jennifer Lawrence – Pointed Pixie

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_02

Jennifer Lawrence has created an almost diamond-effect head shape here, with a super-short pixie cut involving lots of spiked layers that form to a point (almost) on the top of her head. It can help to lengthen an oval face (although most women wouldn’t want this), using soft, short and choppy bangs to help break the look up, pulling them over to one side to give an almost asymmetrical look.

It’s short and simple – great for busy women! 

3. Beyonce – Side-Parted Secrets

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_03
The side parting is a very important tool, and works with EVERY face shape, but for a load of different reasons. If you have an oval face shape such as Beyonce, for example, the side parting stops the face being lengthened, as it would be with a centre parting. In some cases, a centre split can make the look too harsh and blunt, and with feminine, delicate features, a sharp look can sometimes overpower.

4. Rihanna – Long & Tumbling Waves 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_04

Another celebrity hottie that has rocked her fair share of weird and wonderful hairstyles over the years, Rihanna shows you exactly how you should be wearing long hair with an oval face. (Or even short hair with the help of hair extensions!) 

Oval faces tend to be longer rather than wider, which means long styles can often elongate the face, something most women WOULDN’T want. The tumbling waves of this style help to create two looks in one almost – the sleekness at the top keeps things delicate and soft, and the waves at the bottom helps to add a touch of cuteness, as well as body and volume. 

5. Katy Perry – Powerfully Purple

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_05

If you have delicate facial features, and most women with oval faces do, you have the power in your hands to handle any hair situation. So why not play around with a bit of colour? Katy Perry is no stranger to the weird and wonderful as fair as colouring goes, and lets her bubbly personality shine through in a wide range of colours – the dark brown, almost black we are accustomed to seeing her with, or the blue, purple, pink, and many other beautiful tones she has sported lately. 

Be brave – make this the year you finally take the plunge and add that touch of colour! 

6. Shailene Woodley – Braided Beauty 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_06

Braids are very in style right now, which is a good thing because, when you get the hang of them, they are the easiest hairstyle for ANY face shape, and can be adapted to match a number of outfits and occasions. 

Casually and cute, or elegant and glam – this Shailene Woodley braided look can be used for both, hair pulled back into a messy chignon / bun, and the front braided back away from her face, setting some hair free to soften the hairline. It’s a great way to add a modern twist to even the most classic of styles. 

7. Emma Watson – Mussed-Up Pony 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_07

One of the most versatile looks ever – the simply ponytail, has been given a new lease of life with Emma Watson’s mussed up pony. The deep side parting allows her to add volume and more muss to the top of her look, while the rest of the hair has been left simple and pulled back. Simple tousle your fingers through your hair to give it more texture and body once the pony is in place! 

8. Blake Lively – Lively Locks

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_08

She really is a natural beauty, and Blake Lively is another to join the oval-faced gang, showing us here how to rock long, blonde locks the easy way. 

Blake knows that volume, and lots of it, is the best way to wear your hair when you have an oval face, so tumbling, loose waves, and plenty of oomph at the roots is used to create this Hollywood glam look – great for any red-carpet event. 

Heated rollers are going to be your best friend with a bouncy look like this, and don’t be afraid to use the volume-boosting mousse after washing too, especially if you have thin or fine hair that doesn’t hold a curl for long. 

9. Carrie Underwood – Classically Elegant Curls

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_09

Another beautiful blonde, Carrie Underwood is an oval-faced A-lister that always gets it right. One of the easiest looks in the Hollywood books is this swept over beauty, and with the right tools, takes just twenty minutes to get right. 

The pulled-over style helps to break up the face, while adding shape at the same time. Cleverly curled-out tousles frame it, helping to draw attention away from any bits you don’t like, adding some cuteness. The one-sided A-shaped fringe help to balance out a wide forehead too. It’s the perfect style for oval-shaped faces! 

10. Rita Ora – Blonde Bombshell Glam

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_10

It’s those classically elegant curls again, but this time, Rita has done it with her much-loved classic blonde bombshell style. She’s worn it the other way to Carrie Underwood, and she has flicked out and up with the bangs (front section), rather than slicked it up as Carrie Underwood’s look shows. 

It shows you how easy it is to liven up the simplest of styles, and how something as simple as changing the shape or size of the curl, or flicking up instead of down can make the world of difference. It’s still a great, and beautiful, look for oval faces, and one that has proved itself to be incredibly adaptable. 

11. Jessica Alba – Classically Structureless

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_11

This is the same kind of look as the previous two, but with a little less structure to give it a more beauty, boho feel. This one is great if your hair isn’t quite long enough to do the tumbling curls, but still long enough to have a bit of fun with. So why not have a bit of fun? 

Instead of the structured curls when you pull your hair over to one side, make larger, loose wavers, and add plenty of volume at the roots. With the earlier two classic cuts, the curls are started further down the length of the hair, but don’t be afraid to bounce things up closer to your head. You have an oval face shape which is adaptable for every kind of cut and style. Why aren’t you experimenting more?

12. Charlize Theron – Shoulder Grazing Grow Out 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_12

This shoulder-grazing length as sported by blonde bombshell Charlize Theron is a great way of wearing an in-between cut – growing to a shorter style. With an oval face, the eyes can be set slightly further down than other face shapes, so by directing the eyes to the bottom the hair, grazing those sexy shoulders, you can balance the look out. Plus it looks super glam! 

Olivia Munn is another fan of this shoulder-grazing look, and if you have a look at most celebs with oval faces, you’ll see most of them have worn this shoulder length style at some point in their hair history, whether curly, straight, flicked, or otherwise. 

13. Christina Aguilera – Bold n’ Bouncy! 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_13

Christina Aguilera is not stranger to making a massive style statement. After all, don’t we all remember that ‘Dirty’ video with Redman. That was a brand new look entirely for the budding pop star! 

These days, Christina Aguilera is more elegantly glam than excellently trashy, and her hairstyles are reflected with this. Being a mentor on The Voice has shown us her beautiful style, and an array of hairstyles that are perfectly suited to the oval face, including this bold and bouncy, curly look. 

With her oval face, Christina has had some volume to thin hair, with plenty of bouncing curls start right at the root. Plenty of hairspray is necessary if you have fine hair, and make sure you add some curling mousse after washing (and maybe a tad less conditioner) to ensure the look stays all day… Or night! 

14. Jessica Biel – Sleekly Swept 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_14

Sleek hair is often a problem for oval faced ladies, but Jessica Biel shows you how to do it properly with this simple, almost-schoolgirl simple, style that takes barely minutes. 

Great for slightly greasy hair, just pop a touch of dry shampoo to the roots and then create a deep-set parting, making sure not to ‘slick’ the hair down. Ideally, you will try to avoid hairspray. Give your hair a break today! 

If you don’t have straight hair, a quick whizz with a low-heat setting on your straighteners will help to bring the hair straight down the back and you’re good to go. You’ve covered a wide forehead with ‘fake’ bangs, and not left things too stuck-to-the-head at the top. 

15. Bella Thorne – Long & Natural 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_15

Sometimes it’s good to have a natural hair day, something Bella Thorne has shown here, is not always a bad thing. with roots, a mussy parting, and simple straight length, it’s a look that won’t take long. It’s also a look that says ‘I don’t care!’

Dry shampoo can help if you don’t have time to wash your hair, but simply drag your straighteners over your hair, not making things too perfect, before waving your hair upside down before flicking upright, to allow a natural parting to fall. No muss, no fuss, and because there’s still a bit of volume, is perfect for an oval face. 

You lucky oval-face ladies really can get away with everything! 

16. Amber Heard – Cheekbone Framing Curls

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_16

Amber Heard has the most amazing cheekbones, and the delicate features on her oval shaped face make this flicked-over, tousled style a great fit. Straight on one side, left natural and not too styled, the front that is pulled in front of her face has been curled, with cheek-framing and very flattering curls in a style that would be very flattering if you wanted your face to appear thinner. 

17. Natalie Portman – Tucked Back & Side-Parted

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_17

Another simple twist on elegant curls, Natalie Portman has decided to take things away from the face, something oval-faced women have the luxury of, to show her beautiful jewellery, and killer cheek bones! 

The look is simple to create – the curls and the side parting are exactly the same as those we have shown you previously, but rather than being brought froward to frame the face, they are pulled back, tucked in behind the hears, and left to hang down the back. It shows off Natalie’s killer collarbones, and is a very confident look to wear. 

18. Anne Hathaway – Super Short & Sweet 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_18

A very bold and daring cut rocked by Hollywood beauty Anne Hathaway here, and if you’re thinking of going super-short, you’re in luck if you have an oval face shape. As long as you leave a little bit extra length on top to stop it looking flat and lifeless, you are free to go with whatever short, pixie cut you like, with feminine and discreet facial features giving the perfect canvas for an extreme, or short haircut! 

19. Emilia Clarke – Oval Flattery

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_19

Super long hair is not always easy to wear for oval faces because it can elongate the face even further, but it can be done with the right tricks of the trade, just as Emilia Clarke shows us here. 

If you are going to wear a centre parting, always make sure you have plenty of volume at the roots to prevent it looking as if you have an alien head again, and flick the curls out from the face to flatter and enhance. Adding width in the form of curls to an oval-appropraite hairstyle is the easiest way to update the look. 

20. Emily Blunt – Shoulder Skimming Layers

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_20

As we’ve mentioned a few times, super long hair is not always easy for those with an oval face shape so do what Emily Blunt does and keep things long, but not too long. 

Shoulder-skimming styles are shortened with curls and waves, giving you the chance to achieve two looks in one – when the hair is straight, it will appear longer. 

With flattering layers and plenty of volume, you don’t even need really long hair to have that long hair effect. 

21. Zooey Deschanel – Banging Bangs! 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_21

Bangs aren’t always the obvious choice with an oval face, as there is no part of the face you are trying to ‘fix’, ie. a large forehead. In fact, bangs can be quite tricky with an oval face shape, but if you go with the rounded bangs, or blunt-end bangs as shown by Zooey Deschanel (and also recently sported by Queen Bee, Beyonce), you will prevent the face looking more square than oval. 

22. Amy Adams – Hollywood Glam

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_22

Amy Adams rocks Hollywood glam really well, and if you have an oval face, you can too. This look is super easy to achieve, and you don’t need clean hair to do it either. With the side-parting, use a large curling iron to curl the hair from the cheekbones down, before brushing into more of a ‘wave’. A few extra curls around the face helps to set the deal, and a quick squirt of hairspray should keep this relatively simple style in place. 

23. Elizabeth Banks – Shoulder Skimmed Style 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_23

Elizabeth Banks gives you another classic example of why shoulder-skimming waves are one of the most flattering looks for an oval face, and with a side parting just above one eye, even adds a hint of mystery and sex appeal to the style. Widening the face with volume rather than lengthening again, it even helps to create the illusion of amazing cheekbones with the right highlighter, drawing attention to all the right places. 

24. Emma Roberts – Asymmetrical Shag

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_24

There isn’t a hairstyle that Emma Roberts doesn’t wear well but we fell in love with this asymmetrical shag style (as did many other women around the world), a look that Julianna Hough is also a firm fan of. 

The bangs at the front are teased over to one side, as is the side parting, with can add that sexy one-eyed air of mystery to the style, but it also helps to keep the facial features soft, with no harsh layers or spikes considering it’s quite a harsh and blunt hairstyle in itself. 

25. Kate Mara – Seriously Short 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_25

The good thing about oval faces is that you have the backdrop to go short, and we mean seriously short, as shown my Kate Mara in this adorable, sophisticated, almost Twiggy-like hairstyle that is very reminiscent of the 60’s. 

By leaving length on the top, you have the opportunity to create a number of further styles, and you can even create fake bags which you can sweep to one side, just like Kate has done here. 

26. Kerry Washington – Long Shaggy Bob

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_26

Another girlie that’s not adverse to a change of hairstyle, Kerry Washington rocks a long, shaggy bob here, the perfect way to grow out a much shouter style. 

Chin to shoulder length is the most flattering length for an oval face, giving you more of an excuse to go for the chop, and just as Kerry has shown here – curly or straight is an option, moving the parting to accommodate. 

27. Nicola Peltz – Straight Up… With a Lift! 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_27

As we’ve mentioned a few times, long hair can prove difficult with an oval face shape, but Nicola Peltz shows you how to do it here – flat, but with a lift! 

If you’re going to wear your hair long and sleek, make sure you have enough volume at the roots that you don’t get the alien-head thing going on, using dry shampoo, hairspray, and your fingers to help tousle things up a bit. It only takes a few seconds, and it will make the most dramatic of differences to limp and lifeless hair.

28. Christina Hendricks – Two-Day Waves

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_28

If you had a killer, curly / wavy look for an event the night before, don’t be so keen to wash it out the next day. Save yourself some time and hassle and simple brush the curls into the same waves to create that old school Hollywood effect, perfect with a side parting. If you have dark, after-party eyes, simply use the side parting to create ‘fake’ bangs that cover one eye, and you won’t feel so naked or ‘panda-eyed’ when you’re out in public! 

29. Alicia Keys – Don’t Fight It! 

Hairstyles for Oval Faces_29

Sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree with your hair, and understand that it will always do its own thing. When you learn to accept your natural hair, whether it is curly or straight, frizzy or thin, thick or anything else, you will have a much better time things. 

With an oval face, you can get away with all manner of looks, and the delicate features make a great starting point for real statement hair such as Alicia Key’s big, tight curls. 

Let your hair do it’s own thing from time to time, and just find a way to enhance it, and you’ll be surprised at what beautiful results you can achieve. 

30. Emmy Rossum – The Curtain Effect

 Hairstyles for Oval Faces_30

The curtain effect is a very simple one to achieve – you simple create the hair into a style with a centre parting, and let the natural drop of your hair fall to either side of your face. You are essentially giving your face curtains, helping to smooth and thin a wider forehead, and also to help with a long jawline with tousled waves or smartly-placed layers. 


As you can see, there are so many fun and flirty styles you can try with an oval face shape! You ladies are the lucky ones, with the ability to transform your face with a variety of cuts, styles, up do’s and relaxed, casual down-do’s. Play around with your hair and try some of these! They are the best 30 best hairstyles for oval faces! 

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