Hairstyles for Long Thick Hair

By on December 17, 2015

Since we were little girls we dreamt of having long beautiful hair, like those princesses in the fairytales had. Well, time has shown us that having that beautiful shiny hair is not that easy and each and every one of us has unique hair, face features, hair texture and so on. So, we have to choose wisely when it comes to our hair. Are you still in love with long princess hair? And do you have thick hair? Here is the win-win combination of all hair theory long thick hair. It is the type of hair that can make almost any hairstyle and let’s face it that today there are plenty of trends and hairstyles to try. Not sure how to style your long thick hair? Look no further because we have gathered best hairstyles for long thick hair.


  1. Wavy thick hair is probably the best hairstyle for you no matter your face shape, your hair texture or hair color. It is also one of the easiest ways to style your hair. Waves will smoothly frame your face.

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  1. Ponytail dream! Thick hair in a ponytail? Well, that’s something worth trying. Everyone will do just about anything to have that fullness in a ponytail. It can be a high ponytail with volume on top or a low one, even on a side.

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  1. Braided ponytail is trendy and fun and you’re the one to rock this hairstyle with your thick hair. Why? Because you got plenty of hair to do a ponytail and a braid, all into one fancy hairstyle. It’s an all day hairstyle also.

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  1. Fishtail at its fullest! Girl, your hair was meant for this fishtail hairstyle. Nowadays this hairstyle is trendy, we’ve seen it in so many ways (messy, classic, triple fishtails and so on).

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  1. Half updo usually can be very elegant with smooth braids or it can be a messy one for an all day.

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  1. Are you more a romantic person? Then you have to try soft curls. It will give you serious volume, but then again, if you want to feel special this is the right hairstyle.

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  1. There are no limits when it comes to a bun hairstyle because you have plenty of hair to do pretty much every bun you want. It can be a complex bun or a messy one, up, low or on a side.

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  1. Straight center parted hairstyle is one of the easiest hairstyles you can do by yourself and be sure you will look perfect for every type of event. We’ve seen it on the red carpets, parties or just a daily hairstyle.

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  1. When you feel the need of a drastic change but you know you are not willing to cut your long beautiful thick hair, maybe bangs might be a good option for you.

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  1. Layers that do the job for you! A layered hairstyle creates the necessary movement so your thick hair won’t look static and lifeless.

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