100 Best Hairstyles for Black Women 2015

By on May 8, 2015

Sometimes it’s not enough to rock our hair as it is when we wake up or just get out the shower. In fact, it is becoming more and more common for Black women to resort to natural, protective hairstyles that are as chic and beautiful as they are healthy for our hair. 

Everybody form Nicki Minaj to Serena Williams, Brandy, Nicole Ari Parker, and every beautiful Black celebrity woman in between have rocked a cute hairstyle at some point. 

So, to help you achieve some of these fabulous looks, I’ve compiled a list of 100 best hairstyles for Black women that will have you rocking everything from straight cuts to box braids, beach waves, and curly fros. 

  1. Nicki Minaj : Medium Straight Cut

Hairstyles for Black Women_001It’s no surprise that Nicki Minaj is on the top of this list with one of her many cute hairstyles. This particular style, the medium straight cut, is the perfect addition to any outfit as it perfectly frames the face and is neither too short or too long. 

  1. Beyonce : Medium Long with Soft Curls

Hairstyles for Black Women_002
Undoubtedly one of the most popular and gorgeous women in the world, it’s no wonder why Beyonce ranked in the top 3! Her medium length soft curls are feminine and sultry, with plenty of volume and bounce that frames the face perfectly.   

  1. Rihanna : Pixie Cut

Hairstyles for Black Women_003

Rihanna is always stepping on the scene with a new hairdo, and we love them all. But we particularly love this super-short and super-chic pixie cut. Pixie cuts are incredibly popular right now and love the edgy attitude they emanate. This lovely pixie can be easily styled and goes from day to night with ease. 

  1. Serena Williams : Medium Length Curls and Side Part

Hairstyles for Black Women_004

There is absolutely no denying it: these curls are gorgeous. Not too tight yet not too curl, these fabulous and traditional curls are easily accomplished using your trust curling iron. Consider a side part for an extra dash of sultry attitude, and don’t forget to pair them up with your sexiest dress for date night!

  1. Zoe Saldana : Low Ponytail with Curls 

    Hairstyles for Black Women_005

    Whoever said ponytails couldn’t be sexy needs to think again; I mean, just look how enticing and alluring Zoe Saldana looks! She starts off by adding tons of luscious curls to her mane, adding plenty of volume to her hair, then tying it back into a low ponytail. Swept to the side and dazzled up with silver charms and a gorgeous dress, the low ponytail gets a simply STUNNING makeover that can easily rock the Red Carpet. Leave a curled strand loose by the face for an extra touch of femininity. 

  2. Halle Berry : Longer Pixie 

Hairstyles for Black Women_006

The beautiful Halle Berry is known for her shorter ‘dos, and this is definitely one of our favorites. The longer pixie cut is a great way to frame the face while still having a bit of length. The bangs are kept longer for a cute side swept bang while the back is a bit shorter to create a really knockout style. Very easy to work with and with and the extra length allows you to curl and crimp as much as you please.

  1. Lupita Nyong’o : Buzzed Sides with Hawk 

Hairstyles for Black Women_007

Feeling a bit daring? Want to show off your edgy side? Then take a page out of Lupita Nyong’o’s book. Her hairstyle is a little wild and crazy and definitely not for everyone, but we can’t dismiss the fact this ‘do is ROCKIN’! Nothing short of awesome, this cool and super short cut features buzzed sides and a little extra length on top which can be styled however you please. This look really frames the face and can be played up or down in a matter of seconds!

  1. Paula Patton : Slicked Back Middle Bun

Hairstyles for Black Women_008

One hairstyle that is always dazzling on any female? A slicked back bun. It has a sensual, regal appeal that turns heads even in the biggest rooms. Paula Patton stats off with an aggressive middle part and completely stick straight locks (use a straightener!). She pulls her mane back into a middle bun, leaving her with an incredibly sexy hairstyle that can be worn to the office or to a night on the town. 

  1. Gabrielle Union : Shorter Curls and Flips 

Hairstyles for Black Women_009

Gabrielle Union keeps her hair a bit shorter for this hairstyle, which is SUPER cute! It automatically gives her mane some flirty bounce and fun, while the addition of simple curls and flipped back side bangs adds a heavy dose of coquettish cuteness. All around, this lovely little number is useful and fun, perfect for summer days and nights when being girly and cute is a must. 

  1. Kerry Washington : Big, Voluminous Waves 

Hairstyles for Black Women_010

You can’t go wrong with TONS of volume, and Kerri Washington proves it! Her hairstyle is filled with plenty of body, framing her face wonderfully and giving her a fierce, yet enticing appearance. You’ll need a curling iron with a larger barrel or curling rods to achieve this look, and don’t forget tons of VOLUME!! The middle part is also a very nice touch, letting the curls jut out from either side of her face brilliantly. 

  1. Solange Knowles : Voluminous Afro Hairstyles for Black Women_011

Super funky, super traditional, and super trendy- you really can’t go wrong with a voluminous afro like you see here on Solange Knowles. Her edgy hairstyle has plenty of chic attitude and looks absolutely magnificent. A simply wonderful hairstyle you definitely have to try. 

  1. Raven Symone : Shaved Sides with Hawk and Blonde Tips Hairstyles for Black Women_012

    Shaved sides became a big hit in 2015, but Raven Symone decided to take this edgy style to an all new level: by adding a SUPER long and stylish hawk to the middle. Oh, and it doesn’t stop there This lovely lady adds blonde tips to her hawk, giving it a vibrant and bright tough that can’t be missed. Yes, it’s definitely a rockin’ hairdo that will turn heads wherever you go!

  2. Meagan Good : Pixie and Long Bangs

Hairstyles for Black Women_013If you thought rocking a pixie cut meant you had to ditch adorably long bangs, think again! Megan Good is sporting a ridiculously cute and flirty ‘do, featuring an extremely short shaved back with long bangs in the front. This hairstyle lets you be super versatile with the front half of your locks, leaving the rest quick and easy to deal with. Throw on some luscious curls for a really spunky, unique, and totally lovely look!

  1. Oprah Winfrey : Tight Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_014 We turn to Oprah when we’re in a jam, seeking some imperative advice only SHE could give; so why not turn to this lovely woman for hair advice, too? Oprah Winfrey’s trademark hairstyle is funky and stylish, with tons and TONS of volume- and you can never go wrong with that! Add some tight curls all around your mane from tops to tips for a voluminous, bouncy look that turns heads. 

  1. Ciara : Extra Long Ponytail 

Hairstyles for Black Women_015       Ponytails are always easy and cute, but leave it to Ciara to make a ponytail downright sexy. And don’t worry: if your hair isn’t super long, you can ALWAYS throw on some clip in extensions or have them done professionally. Don’t forget to straighten your mane for slicked straight strands and throw it up into an extra high ponytail. SUPER sassy, right!? Love it.

  1. Christina Milian : Subtle Waves 

Hairstyles for Black Women_016

I have to admit, I’m loving literally everything about Christina’s hair. Let’s start off with the duo hair color: dark at the top, leading to a gorgeous lighter brown mane. The combination is downright stunning and looks magnificent against her skin tone. Now let’s talk about those subtle waves at the bottom- their elegant, classy, and undoubtedly sexy, leaving her with a high-end style that looks fabulous. A rather easy ‘do with remarkable results!

  1. Laverne Cox : Tight Curl Updo

Hairstyles for Black Women_017

Curls don’t always have to start at the roots. In fact, they can start near the middle of your mane as you see here. But why do that?! To add seriously TONS of volume and come out with a knockout hairstyle that works in every situation. Pull the tight curls back into a low ponytail to really make those curls POP!

  1. Alicia Keys : Tight Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_018

Alicia Keys shows us another take on the tight curls, leaving them a little less frantic and frizzy and letting them keep their ringlet shape. We love this hairstyle because it has a flashback 50’s look, which is both appealing and attractive, while also giving the hair plenty of beautiful bounce. The perfect hairstyle for date night or even a night on the town with your girls!

  1. Kelly Rowland : Stick Straight with Bangs

Hairstyles for Black Women_019

Let’s start off by saying Kelly Rowland’s ombre hair color is on point; we really can’t get enough of dark roots leading up to beautiful chocolate brown manes. It’s STUNNING! This look is incredibly simple and can easily be dressed up or down. You’ll need a straightener (and possibly straightening product) to achieve this style. Just let your slick straight locks hang loose for the ride, and don’t forget to add some adorable bangs like the ones shown here!

  1. Janet Jackson : High Ponytail with Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_020

Ah, Janet Jackson. This pop diva not only rocks the stage, but looks BEAUTIFUL doing it! Her look is enticing and attractive- the perfect combination. She starts off with some gorgeous curls, adding a serious dash of femininity, pulling it up into a high ponytail for a pinch of attitude. The end result? A ridiculously cute ponytail that has the perfect blend of sex appeal and flirty attitude. 

  1. Michelle Obama : Short and Straight 

Hairstyles for Black Women_021

Let’s face it: long hair isn’t for everyone. Some find it too difficult to work with, and others fine that it just simply doesn’t suit their face shape. What’s a girl to do? Look up to the First Lady, of course! Her stylish short haircut is bouncy and fresh, giving her a youthful and lovely appearance. The hair is cut in a downward motion leaving the hair slightly longer in the front, shaping her face PERFECTLY. 

  1. Jada Pinkett-Smith : Shaved Sides and Ponytail 

Hairstyles for Black Women_022     Shaved sides is definitely a new and super edgy trend for 2015, but most people leave their hair down. Well, Jada is here to show us another awesome hairstyle that isn’t so “out there”, but certainly forgotten in the shaved side community: a ponytail!! She adds plenty of volume on the top (by the work of teasing the hair, perhaps?) and throws it back into a super cool looking ponytail. Yeah, it’s nothing super special. But you CAN’T tell me this isn’t one of THEE coolest ponytails you’ve ever seen in your life. Loving it!

  1. Lisa Bonet : Hybrid Cornrows 

Hairstyles for Black Women_023

Cornrows are a classic hairstyle that every girl loves, but we especially love this unique take on cornrows from Lisa Bonet. She’s rocking hybrid cornrows, leaving most of them loose and gorgeous for a really edgy hairstyle. 

  1. Queen Latifah : Short and Straight 

Hairstyles for Black Women_024

Queen Latifah is always looking stylish, and we especially love this dirty blonde hairstyle! This fabulous hairstyle is as simple as can be, and the short cut frames her face beautifully. She adds a bit of volume at the top and around her face, giving her face an instant youthful touch. Bright, vibrant, and totally cute- what’s not to love about this straight ‘do?

  1. Keke Palmer : Boy Cut 

Hairstyles for Black Women_025

Keke Palmer has rocked a TON of great hairstyles, but when she stepped on the scene with this edgy boy cut, our jaws dropped! This luscious and glamorous hairstyle has a simple, semi long pixie cut, with a sexy side part that leaves bangs swaying to the side. We have to agree that this super short cut frames her face and really makes her bone structure pop! Use a straightener and some hair product to achieve these incredibly smooth and silky straight locks. 

  1. Taraji p Henson : Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyles for Black Women_026

    Fishtail braids swept the fashion world by storm in 2015, and they continue to be one of the hottest hairstyles of the year. And don’t be scared to try this braid because it looks detailed and challenging; the difficulty level is really simple and even the most amateur hairstylers can easily pull together a fishtail braid. To keep it classy and sophisticated, sweet it to the side like Taraji and glam it up with an eye-catching bright red dress.  

  2. Kenya Moore : Romantic Curls with Highlights 

Hairstyles for Black Women_027

Kenya Moore is a divine woman, isn’t she? Even if she wasn’t your favorite Real Housewives of Atlanta star, there’s no denying she’s an absolute knockout wherever she’s seen. We love this classic Kenya look: exquisite romantic curls that drape delicately over her shoulder and halfway down her back. We love the dark blonde chunky highlights bursting between silky mocha brown locks, creating a dimensional and flawless style with plenty of pops of color. To get this look, make sure you start off with plenty of volumizing spray at the roots and use a blowdryer to get some height before curling. 

  1. Rosario Dawson : Short Cut, Curls, and Clipped Back Bangs 

Hairstyles for Black Women_028      Rosario Dawson is looking nothing short of divine with this glorious getup. She starts off with a super cute short cut that hits just above the shoulders, dressed up with some flawless curls that are both exquisite and sophisticated. She pins her glossy jet black bangs back, showing off her beautiful dark brown eyes and stunning smile. Polished off with a one-shoulder navy blue dress and a pair of long, shimmering earrings, she pulls together an elegant style that her significant other would get weak in the knees over. 

  1. Jennifer Hudson : Shaggy Pixie 

Hairstyles for Black Women_029

A shaggy pixie is all about being casual and cool. It’s a softer, more relaxed version of the typical pixie cut, making it a great option for ladies who prefer a bit longer hair. This less edgy yet still extremely trendy haircut looks fabulous on Jennifer Hudson, letting her show off that big beautiful smile and lovely bone structure. This looks is a breeze to work with and can be styled in so many different ways to go with your look. 

  1. Jordin Sparks : Tightly Curled Half Updo 

Hairstyles for Black Women_030

The half updo isn’t a hairstyle we see too often anymore- and that’s a SHAME! Here Jordin Sparks shows us how we can rock a seriously cute hairstyle in a half updo look that kills. She starts off with small tight curls in her glossy dark brown mane with peek-a-boo light brown highlights. Next, she pulls a good chunk of her hair back into a sensational half updo that’s polished, formal, and voluminous. Leave a piece of curled bang loose for a dash of playful attitude to really energized this crisp hairstyle!

  1. Teyana Taylor : Super Voluminous Coiled Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_031

 Every woman knows you can’t go wrong with volume; and it looks as though Teyana Taylor agrees! Her coiled curls are edgy yet stylish, and add TONS of body to her mane. The result? A seriously posh style that has a bit of a wild attitude that can be dragged out to any party. With a crazy, eye-catching hairstyle like this, you’ll want to keep your attire casual and relaxed, like a simple black dress or a black tee and jeans. 

  1. Tyra Banks : Bouffant Half Updo 

Hairstyles for Black Women_032

Tyra Banks never ceases to amaze us with her absolute beauty and sophisticated attitude, and we have to say we are LOVING her delicious take on the bouffant! Tyra Bank’s flashback hairstyle has a 1960’s touch this is simply stunning. Teasing at the crowd and plenty of hairspray heightens her ‘do, pulled back into an elegant updo that gives her hair some serious volume and sassy attitude. The other half of her silky chocolate brown mane is left dangling loose on her shoulders with a few simple, yet incredibly sexy loose curls. Needless to say, with a pushup bra and a beautiful black dress, this 1960’s style gets a smoking hot makeover we adore.

  1. Venus Williams : Ombre Cornrows 

Hairstyles for Black Women_033

Here we see Venus Williams stepping onto the scene with a classic hairstyle that many women adore. Cornrows may take awhile to complete, but they’re easily manageable and let you style with ease. Venus decides to amp up the popular hairstyle with a gorgeous ombre style, starting with dark roots poking out at the crown leading to caramel brown tips for a bit of bright color. The color combo looks dazzling against her skin tone and the swept-to-the-side look is simply fabulous. 

  1. Ashanti : Blown Back Updo 

Hairstyles for Black Women_034

Blown back hair has been a fashion DO since blow dryers were invented. It creates TONS of height and has a sexy, just-got-out-of-bed appeal that men and women both adore. Here we see Ashanti sporting a blow back style leading back to a gorgeous low updo for an elegant finish. Polished off with a pair of bold earrings and an outfit with a pops of color, this is a stunning look that works wonders anywhere. 

  1. viola davis : Side Swept Afro 

Hairstyles for Black Women_035      

There’s two common types of afros: the bold, voluminous, look-at-me style that can stretch for miles, and the simple, low key afro that is sweet and delicate yet still holds tons of body. And then there’s Viola Davis, who steps out in a gorgeous side swept afro that has just enough body to keep her mane looking full and vibrant. The side swept style ensures Viola Davis can maintain a stunning style whether she’s heading to a fancy event or keeping it casual with a few friends. With this relaxed afro look, you can keep your wardrobe simple or shoot off some crazy colors without overdoing it. 

  1. Aisha Tyler : Blunt Banks and Luscious Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_036

Blunt bangs certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you’re dealing with a longer face like Aisha Tyler, definitely give them a try! Blunt bangs aren’t only fashion forward and modelesque, but they give your entire look a youthful appearance. Aisha Tyler starts off with a set of beautifully blunt bangs skimming just below the eyebrow, then polishes off her stunning dark brown mane with a few luscious curls that are bouncy and energetic. This look is EASY! You just need a hair curler and some finishing spray to give your mane some serious SHINE. Keep it casual with a pair of shows and a top like Aisha Tyler, or style it up with an adorable summer dress and your favorite flats. 

  1. Angela Bassett : Soft Curly Short Hair 

Hairstyles for Black Women_037

When Angela Bassett stepped out onto the scene wearing these beautiful soft curls, our jaws hit the floor. She looks like an absolute KNOCKOUT and we are in love with her entire look. She starts off with short hair cut just above the shoulders, finishing with soft curls abroad for a bouncy style that is both energetic and fancy. Her elegant hairdo is finished with a flip of the bang off to the side, opening up hr face and letting her deep brown eyes do the talking. We love her low-cut dress, adding a touch of sex appeal to her appearance while lovely earrings and a uniquely designed dress keeps things utterly classy. You can’t go wrong with these soft curls, ladies!

  1. Nia Long : Medium Length Soft Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_038

You can’t go wrong with medium length soft curls. They can be dressed down casual enough to accompany you to the office or school night, yet can easily be dressed up for the fanciest parties or dinner date with the hubby. Nia Long shows us how beautiful medium length soft curls are, and we love the addition of wine colored lips and dark eye makeup for a sexy, mysterious appeal. All you’ll need for this style is a hair dryer and a hair curler, and a touch of finishing spray to keep everything in place. 

  1. Jill Scott : Super Short Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_039

Jill Scott knows all about volume, and she’s really working it with these super short curls! With big, fluffy curls jetting out on either side, she gives her hair a serious boost of bounce and energy, while longer earrings contradict with plenty of length, which keeps her face looking longer and leaner. This is a great hairstyle when you really want to WOW the crowd and do something out of the norm, but still looks sophisticated and classy. 

  1. Naomi Campbell : Shaggy Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_040

Naomi Campbell, being one of the five original supermodels, is bound to be a knockout in whatever she’s wearing; but even a drop dead gorgeous model like Naomi Campbell can keep things cool and casual from time to time! Her shaggy haircut has a seventies feel with plenty of height on top and shaggy curls, resulting in a casual look that can accompany you anywhere. To get this look, have your stylist give you a medium length cut with plenty of layers and DON’T forget the bangs!

  1. Michelle Williams : Long, Flowing Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_041

Tight curls, romantic curls, kinked curls- forget about it! Switch up your looks and achieve a sensual style with these long, flowing curls. This look is incredibly stylish and literally looks good everywhere, especially when they’re played up with some bright and perky colors like we see here on Michelle Williams. These long curls are achieved with a curling iron and a blowdryer to really get that laid black “blown out” look. It’s sexy, super appealing, and we love the subtle caramel highlights which gives her mane a bright off balance that’s summery and fun.

  1. Kat Graham : Voluminous Bangs and Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_042

Hollywood hairstyles is all about plenty of height and plenty of body, and that’s exactly what this look is about! Kat Graham starts off with a beautiful shoulder length cut that creates a bouncy, full look, polished off with a mane of gorgeous loose curls that are energetic and eye-catching. She finishes off this Hollywood style with heightened bangs, which adds volume to her entire look and opens up her face so we can see that beautiful smile with ease. Amp up this look with a wild wardrobe and some orange-red lips to match!

  1. Toni Braxton : Super Short Pixie Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_043

The great thing about this particular style is it comes totally natural to a lot of women. Ladies, if you have naturally curly hair and have ever dreamed about rocking a pixie cut, we highly recommend this hairstyle. All you need to do is have your stylist chop off your locks and leave you with an incredibly short mane, then use some gel or other styling product to amplify those natural curls. Spray on some shine for that glossy, look-at-me effect that’s nothing short of stunning. Keep your curls casual with a relaxed outfit or really glam it up with falsey eyelashes and red hot lips!

  1. Mary J. Blige : Duo-Colored Long Pixie 

Hairstyles for Black Women_044

Mary J. Blige doesn’t just stun us with her voice- she stuns us with her beauty, too! We love this look from Mary J. Blige. The combination of bright blonde and chocolate brown with subtle blonde highlights is extremely eye-catching and glamorous, giving her look a bright and youthful burst of color that really lightens and energizes her entire face. She keeps it classy with a simple long pixie cut, combing her bright blonde locks to the side and keeping them slicked down with a straightener. Love this style!

  1. Janelle Monae : Front End Volume 

Hairstyles for Black Women_045

If you’ve got a wild attitude and a personality that screams “Hey, look at me!”, you’re probably always looking for hairstyles that are out-of-the-box. Well, for you edgy and out there ladies who don’t like to play on the normal side of things, we highly suggest rocking this super voluminous ‘do! In a word, it’s AWESOME. There’s TONS of volume on top, leaving the back slicked down and relaxed- which is the absolute opposite of 99% of hairstyles out there. Give it a try, but make sure you keep your wardrobe simple so you don’t overdo it!

  1. Sanaa Lathan : Long Layers and Simple Waves 

Hairstyles for Black Women_046

Earlier we took a look at a gorgeous  model sporting a medium length cut with plenty of layers and shaggy curls, well, here’s a great option for girls who prefer a bit longer manes. This longer cut has plenty of long layers to achieve an luxurious and full appearance, while the addition of subtle curls and waves on the ends really amps up her locks. Sanaa Lathan looks like a sweet, beautiful girl, with plenty of elegance and just a pinch of sass to keep you wanting more. And we absolutely LOVE her bright, look-at-me dress!

  1. Tia Mowry : Long Cornrows

Hairstyles for Black Women_047

Cornrows are undoubtedly a classic style, and to keep this popular go-to hairstyle looking drop dead gorgeous, consider Tia Mowry’s ‘do. She’s sporting the ever-popular cornrow style, but she keeps them long and glamorous for a really stunning look. Paired up with simple eye makeup and very dark red/purple lips, she looks like a gorgeous, mysterious lady with attitude.

  1. Vivica Fox : Long Curls and Subtle Highlights 

Hairstyles for Black Women_048

We can’t get over long curls. They are womanly, beautiful, and have that sophisticated look that can work at any occasion. We’re especially loving Vivica Fox’s look because she adds some very subtle light brown highlights to her dark chocolate brown mane, giving her just enough color to produce some luxurious contrast that plays against her skin tone PERFECTLY. With this hairstyle, you don’t need to go overboard with your makeup. Keep it simple with some pink gloss and subtle eye makeup for a really classy and elegant finish.

  1. Tatyana Ali : One Sided Messy Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_049

You can never go wrong with messy curls. They’re super appealing and have that “just got out of bed” look that’s nothing short of enticing. Thrown to the side like we see here in Tatyana Ali’s ‘do, she creates a seriously sophisticated yet alluring look that matches beautifully with her golden ensembles. This golden star couldn’t look any more dazzling than she does right here! Definitely a hot hairstyle to try for date night.

  1. Keri Hilson : Box Braided Low Ponytail 

Hairstyles for Black Women_050

A bit chunkier than typical cornrows, box braids have a thicker, fuller appearance that a lot of women love. Keri Hilson looks absolutely stunning with her gorgeous, full box braids, pulled back into a low ponytail which lets her show off her amazing bone structure with ease. This incredibly simple hairstyle can go with you anywhere, whether you’re suiting up for the gym or heading out with your man to the movies. Feel free to go subtle with earth toned makeup or dress it up with some wild colors- this low ponytail matches with pretty much everything!

  1. Regina Hall : Voluminous Bob with Layers 

Hairstyles for Black Women_051

 Regina Hal’s bob haircut is ridiculously cute on every level, and the additional layers throughout her mane give her locks some serious volume and bounce. Regina decides to tease at the crown and sides of her head, adding a burst of additional volume that really makes her hairstyle ‘pop’! Her energetic ‘do is amped up with vibrant pink lips, giving her a really eye-catcjing finish that’s bouncy and fun.

  1. Gugu Mbatha-Raw : Hollywood Side Swept Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_052

It’s no doubt that Gugu Mbatha-Raw is looking like a divine lady of the evening in her gorgeous getup. From the Hollywood height up front to her luscious side swept bangs, her style screams elegance and class. You can easily replicate this high-style look by adding plenty of volume to your bangs, twisting them back into a heightened pin-back, while semi-tight Hollywood curls are pulled to the side in a sophisticated side-swept style. Polish off your look with an eye-popping, vibrant dress such as this hot pink number.

  1. Tika Sumpter : Slick Straight Bob 

Hairstyles for Black Women_053       There’s no denying the utter chicness of a slick straight hairstyle, and this particular ‘do from Tika Sumpter definitely takes the cake! Her glossy dark chocolate mane is slicked down and kept strictly straight, giving her a fierce finish with plenty of attitude. Her eyebrows game is on point, adding to her fierce, modelesque appearance, while soft pink lips counterbalance her feisty look. Seriously LOVING this bob cut!

  1. Jurnee Smollett : Thick Curls 

    Hairstyles for Black Women_054

    Ladies who were blessed with extra thick manes- don’t ever shy away from curls in fear of overdoing it! Just take a look at Jurnee Smollett. She’s got a gorgeous head full of hair that is brought to life with an abundance of luscious thick curls, giving her mane a splash of femininity and elegance. Simple eye makeup and subtle pink lip gloss brings her smile to life in an incredibly enticing, look-at-me way!

  1. Thandie Newton : Side Swept and Relaxed

    Hairstyles for Black Women_055

Thandie Newton could be wearing a trash bag and still look like a knockout, right!? I mean, her bone structure is flawless and just a tad bit of makeup brings those gorgeous cheek bones to life. Her hairstyle shown here is calm and relaxed, with straight locks that look all natural and casual, swept to the side for a dash of modern elegance. Such a simple, yet utterly sophisticated style that can easily travel with you to any occasion. 

  1. Laila Ali : Light Brown Relaxed Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_056

Laila Ali lightens up her look with beautiful light brown locks, rocking a set of gorgeous loose curls and a posh middle part.

  1. Nicole Beharie : Relaxed Waves for Thinner Hair 

Hairstyles for Black Women_057

Working with thinner hair can be a bit of a struggle- especially when it comes to volume. But Nicole Beharie shows us how totally easy it can be to add some glamorous bounce and body to thinner manes! She teases her crown for some extra height on top and adds a splash of relaxed waves for a beachy look that’s flirty and fun. Love this summery style completed with a crop top!

  1. Regina King : Blunt Bob with Bangs 

Hairstyles for Black Women_058

An instant way to shed years off your face and light up your style is to try on some bangs! There’s absolutely NO age limit on blunt bangs like we see here on Regina King, and they look great on longer faces. We’re loving Regina King’s blunt bob because it’s edgy and posh, framing her gorgeous face majestically with razored ends that flip inwards toward the face. Keep things looking modern and fresh with slicked down locks and a black leather dress- and DON’T forget BRIGHT red lips.

  1. Danai Gurira : Shaved 

Hairstyles for Black Women_059

A woman with a shaved head? Travesty! NOT!! Maybe 100 years ago it may have not been the “in” thing to do, but we’ve seen this awesome style popping up every which way in the fashion world. Yes it’s edgy. Yes it’s different. Yes it’s not something we typically see. But Y E S we L O V E it! If you’re feeling in the mood to take a risk and end your days of dealing with pesky loose ends and flyaways, you might consider this shaved look. Don’t forget to glam it up with jewelry and some sexy outfits!

  1. Chanel Iman : Super Voluminous Low Updo 

Hairstyles for Black Women_060

A low updo does NOT have to mean low volume; in fact, it should mean just the opposite! Chanel Iman shows us how we can still have tons of height while rocking a low ponytail or low bun hairstyle. Simply tease the hair (A LOT) and the crown, adding plenty of hairspray to keep your lengthy mane in place. Then, pull your hair back into whatever style you please, and enjoy the volume! This glamorous style can easily become highly sophisticated, perfect for a work dinner party or evening with your favorite guy, by simply adding some sparkly jewels like silver or gold. 

  1. Brandy Norwood : Wild Kinky Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_061

We love Brandy Norwood! She has such an adorable and bubbly personality, and that smile can be seen for miles. That being said, we definitely believe this crazy and wild hairdo suits her personality to a tee! Brandy is sporting some gorgeous kinky curls with tons and TONS of volume! This fresh and bouncy look can follow you everywhere and really gives your appearance an energetic makeover. 

  1. Nicole Ari Parker : Hints of Red 

Hairstyles for Black Women_062

Umm, just wow. Did anyone else’s jaw drop when they locked eyes on Nicole Ari Parker’s hair color? WOW! A super light brown with hints of red for an incredibly enticing finish. And with the inclusion of gorgeous elegant curls throughout, this lovely hair color is amplified to the next level in a way we can’t even imagine! The hints of red really play off of her skin tone well, and keeping her eye makeup to a minimum makes her eyes pop out a ton. Love this look! 

  1. Chrisette Michele : Duo-Colored Long Pixie 

Hairstyles for Black Women_063

We can always respect an adorable long pixie haircut; just short enough to keep everything up top, yet long enough to give your mane some volume and sass. Chrisette Michele decides to amplify her cute and stylish pixie cut by adding a few hints of blonde to her mocha brown locks, really spicing up her look and giving her appearance a youthful and bright appearance. This hairstyle works everywhere and we love the duo-color option!

  1. vivica a fox : Topknot 

Hairstyles for Black Women_064

I’m sure you’ve heard, but just in case you haven’t, buns are ALL the rage for 2015. Like, seriously, if you haven’t tried it out yet, you simply have to. It’s a fashion YES. Here we see Vivica A Fox sporting the ever popular topknot, also known as the super sassy and spicy bun that’s got plenty of “back off” attitude. A topknot is SUPER easy- just plop a bun near the top of your head and don’t leave any loose strands hanging around. You want that sleek, super sexy finish that turns heads. Vivica A Fox tones down the utterly sassy look with a cute blue dress and a pair of sophisticated earrings for a really eye-catching finish!

  1. Yaya DaCosta : Up Front Volume 

Hairstyles for Black Women_065

We saw a similar style earlier, but this particular up front and bold hairstyle is a little bit different. Off-centered towards the right of the face, Yaya DaCosta creates a really edgy yet elegant style that could easily accompany you to the ball. She keeps things looking funky and fresh with an earthy colored dress and subtle makeup to match. What an awesome, out-of-the-box look!

  1. Selita Ebanks : Stick Straight Shoulder Cut 

Hairstyles for Black Women_066

Sometimes the most suave and chic hairstyle doesn’t require much other than a straightener and some shiny hair product. Selita Ebanks creates an incredibly polished and sharp style, leaving her just-below-the-shoulder haircut draping delicately in a sleek and stick straight manner. She appears modern, yet almost unobtainable with this refined look. So easy to accomplish, too!

  1. Alfre Woodard : Semi-Tight Auburn Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_067

Alfre Woodard is showcasing another hair color that we absolutely adore: auburn. This lovely hair color has hints of brown, purple, and red, for a very appealing finish that looks nothing short of perfect against her skin. She applies product and uses a curling iron to achieve those gorgeous semi-tight curls, giving her hair a beautiful bounce that’s classy yet fun. 

  1. Sharon Leal : Short Ombre with Flirty Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_068

If we could use just one word to describe Sharon Leal’s look, we’d definitely use FLIRTY! This bouncy look is super feminine, dainty, AND adorable, the perfect combination for a first date or hang out at the park! She starts off with a lovely short cut that’s shorter near the front, creating some effortless contrast and framing her face beautifully. Then she throws in some brownish red tips for a brighter contrast to her dark roots, creating that ombre color that’s so ridiculously popular right now. With a mane full of flirty curls, she’s got the look every woman should wear at least one time in her life!

  1. Joy Bryant : Waves

Hairstyles for Black Women_069

We love waves. They are the perfect in-between when you’re not in the mood for curls, but don’t want to leave your mane stick straight. Joy Bryant’s waves are casual and relaxed, yet TOTALLY feminine and cute! She leaves her makeup incredibly subtle, which leaves her with an all natural appearance that’s very stunning.

  1. Gelila Bekele : Long Kinky Curls

Hairstyles for Black Women_070

Talk about BODY! Gelila Bekele is sporting a set of long kinky curls that are absolutely FLAWLESS! She looks dashing with a “look-at-me” attitude that any man wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off of. We love her lighter brown locks, really giving a contrast to her dark roots and creating a stunning color that plays off her skin majestically. Seriously, this is SUCH a stylish and lovely look!

  1. Angela Simmons : Long and Messy 

Hairstyles for Black Women_071         Coy, flirty, and utterly womanly, Angela Simmons is rocking one of my all time favorite looks: long and messy! Long and messy locks are just too cute, creating a “come-hither” look that looks great on everyone. In Angela Simmons case, the combination of lighter and darker browns throughout creates a really stunning finish that’s stylish and modern. Fashion forward, relaxed, and super coquettish- you can’t go wrong with a hairstyle like this!

  1. Naturi Naughton : Curled Bob 

Hairstyles for Black Women_072

Naturi Naughton’s hairstyle is super dainty and cute. She starts off with a super short bob haircut, polished off with some simple curls towards the tips!

  1. India Arie : Cornrow Topknot

Hairstyles for Black Women_073

We all know how extremely popular the topknot is. Take it to the next level by pulling your beautiful cornrows back into a voluminous topknot with plenty of sass and attitude.

  1. Garcelle Beauvais : Straight Bob with Middle Part

Hairstyles for Black Women_074

Garcelle Beauvais switches up the typical bob haircut with a modern middle part. The asymmetry of the parting adds depth and dimension to her beautiful black locks.

  1. Kimberly Elise : Super Volumized Kinked Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_075

Feeling like you want a LOT of height? Try on these gorgeous super volumized kinked curls!

  1. Jourdan Dunn : Medium Length Blunt Cut 

Hairstyles for Black Women_076

Jourdan Dunn looks like she just stepped off the runway with this enticing hairstyle. Starting with a medium length blunt cut, part down the middle for a modern look and use your straightener to achieve stick straight pieces. Don’t forget to add a bit of shine serum to get that gorgeous glossy finish!

  1. Naomie Harris : Accent Curl 

Hairstyles for Black Women_077

Naomie Harris looks as luscious as ever with this glamorous ‘do! She keeps the majority of her mane straight and simple, while the accent curl gives her just a big of contrasting action. Glisten up this hairstyle with subtle makeup and an eye-catching holden ensemble!

  1. Sonequa Martin-Green : Front and Back Volume 

Hairstyles for Black Women_078

We’ve seen several ladies sporting hairdos with just volume on the front, but how about adding a bit of height to the back? Sonequa Martin-Green shows off her lovely, voluminous front and back hairstyle that’s sure to take the show. 

  1. Eva Marcille : White Pixie 

Hairstyles for Black Women_079

Many women of color shy away from bright white blonde hair colors, but why? This extremely light hair color looks gorgeous against darker skin tones, as you can clearly see with Eva Marcille. Here the lovely lady is rocking an extremely short and stick straight pixie cut, brought to life by her platinum locks. Keep your makeup neutral with a light hairstyle like this, so you don’t overdo it!

  1. Anika Noni Rose : Pinned Back Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_080

Pinning back a bit of your mane is an excellent way to show off your cheek bones, just like we see Anika Noni Rose doing here. She curls her stunning dark brown locks for a bit of volume, pinning back a single side to get that chic and feminine attitude that really showcases her beautiful cheeks and smile.

  1. Melanie Fiona : Hollywood Glam

Hairstyles for Black Women_081         That infamous Hollywood hairstyle is ALWAYS a great option. Just don’t forget the red lips! 

  1. Diahann Carroll : Flipped Out Bob 

Hairstyles for Black Women_082

A bob haircut doesn’t always have to hang down to the sides. Diahann Carroll shows us a super cute and coy hairstyle that flips the tips outwards, creating a bouncy and very youthful appearance. Her bright caramel highlights really lighten up her face and take years off her look too!

  1. Rocsi Diaz : Shoulder Cut Ombre 

Hairstyles for Black Women_083

There’s no doubt about it: Rocsi Diaz is rocking her shoulder length cut with a stylish ombre coloring that’s nothing short of flawless. She leaves her dark brown with caramel highlights hanging loosely to the sides, creating a cute “girl next door” finish that works anywhere. Keep it casual with a tee or dress it up with ease.

  1. Jessica White : Super Long Locks 

Hairstyles for Black Women_084

Super long locks like these SCREAM elegance and sophistication. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with incredibly long locks like these. We love everything about this hairstyle and the wine lips add an additional dose of sex appeal.

  1. Joan Smalls : Very Loose Waves 

Hairstyles for Black Women_085

Joan Smalls is shown rocking some VERY loose waves, which are both casual yet cool. The perfect summer style!

  1. Alek Wek : Shaved Down 

Hairstyles for Black Women_086

Who needs long hair when you can let the beauty of your face do the talking?! Loving this shaved down look from Alek Wek. We can really see her beautiful bone structure, and the dark makeup creates a sexy and mysterious style.

  1. Tessa Thompson : Curled Low Updo 

Hairstyles for Black Women_087

Tessa Thompson looks dashing with this easy yet high-class hairstyle. Simply curl your locks and pull it back into a low updo, leaving some curls hanging out to play.

  1. Kali Hawk : Super Relaxed Curls Hairstyles for Black Women_088 

    Let’s start out by mentioning how much we love her hair color. It’s a very gorgeous black color that glimmers against the light beautifully. Kali Hawk decides to throw in some incredibly relaxed curls to her mane, giving her a casual style that has just enough bounce to remain sophisticated. She keeps her look feminine with a beautiful black snake skin dress and subtle makeup to really let her beauty shine through.

  2. Lela Rochon : Volumed Short Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_089

Lela Rochon puts together a VERY vibrant, eye-catching look, from head to toe! She start off with plenty of curls with a larger spiral, really creating that over-the-top finish. Her bangs are swept to the side with a subtle curl, which lets us see those beautiful dark brown eyes with ease. She amplifies her style with hints of purple everywhere, from her eye-catching purple eyelids to her luxurious dark purple dress. 

  1. Estelle : Curled Side ‘Do 

Hairstyles for Black Women_090

Estelle doesn’t just astonish us with her beautiful voice, but her beautiful looks as well! Here she’s sporting a very cute side ‘do, with dark chocolate brown locks with hints of caramel to create a stunning contrast. She starts off with a middle part, adding a dash of curls, pulling it to the side and pinning it all together. A very feminine and cute style!

  1. Justine Skye : Romantic Purple Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_091

         There’s so much we LOVE about this hairstyle, it’s hard to choose where to start! First we’ll mention how absolutely on-trend this style is, and we’re not just talking about the hair; Justine Skye is sporting all of 2015’s hottest fashions and looks from head to toe! She starts off with absolutely gorgeous and fascinating dark purple hair, which just so happens to be one of the trendiest hair colors of the year- although it’s not a hair color that appeals or even LOOKS good on everyone. She dazzles up her locks by adding some huge, romantic curls, that are both super sensual and totally fashion forward. Her long mane has plenty of bounce and volume, and she leaves the longest stands dangling gracefully over her shoulder. Paired up with dark wine lips and a funky white jumpsuit, we simply can’t get over how amazing Justine Skye looks. Loving it!

  1. Sierra McClain : Long, Sleek and Straight Middle Part

Hairstyles for Black Women_092

Everyone in the fashion industry knows how utterly powerful it is to rock sleek straight manes. It’s nothing over-the-top and doesn’t require hours of styling, but the slicked down ‘do has plenty of attitude and sex appeal. Sierra McClain starts off with an enticing middle part, which frames her round face beautifully. Then she applies plenty of hair product to keep her locks intensely shiny, smooth, and moisturized before applying the hair straightener. The end result? A knockout style that can literally be done in as little as 10 minutes. Wear this gorgeous hairstyle to school with a pair of jeans and a tee or dress up with a cute blazer, crop top, and hoop earrings for an enticing appearance that follows you to the crowded clubs.

  1. Goapele : Funky Updo 

Hairstyles for Black Women_093

Wild hairstyles certainly aren’t for everyone, but if you’re a lady that likes to step outside of the box and try something crazy and out there, then this funky updo from Goapele might be exactly what you’re looking for. This updo definitely trumps other updos, not conforming to the typical bun, ponytail, or braided style. Instead, Goapele opts for something completely different and mind blowing: with the hair pulled back tight and flopped on top of the head in a box-like manner with plenty of volume and sass. It’s topped off with a cute flip of the hair in front, giving it a touch of femininity and cuteness. Pair this wild ‘do with a funky outfit, like this multi-colored dress, and bright lips to match.

  1. Antonique Smith : Big Loose Curls and Highlights 

Hairstyles for Black Women_094

An easy way to instantly brighten your mane and give your face a light, youthful makeover, is to simply add a few highlights to your locks. Here we see Antonique Smith with her beautiful mocha brown hair, lightened up with just a few subtle carmel highlights to perky up her entire style. She adds a few big, loose curls to the end of her mane, adding some bounce as well as some serious elegance. With large hoop earrings and a stunning sparkly black dress, this sultry style is sure to turn heads wherever you go. 

  1. Jasika Nicole : Short, Tight Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_095

Sometimes it’s good to step out of the box and not follow the style trends. Jasika Nicole shows us how we can look hip, funky, and fashionable, without succumbing to the top 5 hairstyles of 2015. She starts off with a short haircut and gorgeous dark brown locks. Next, she adds plenty of small, super tight curls around her entire mane. Add some hairspray to keep all your curls in tact and sport this insanely curly modish do with a bit of afro inspiration that’s sure to turn heads. Don’t overdo it with crazy makeup, either- keep it casual with some semi=light lipstick and subtle eye makeup. 

  1. Nichole Galicia : Voluminous Loose Waves 

Hairstyles for Black Women_096

Nichole Galicia is always looking like an elegant queen, and she looks particularly lovely in these loose waves. She starts out by adding tons of volume around her entire head, giving her mane that glorious boost of body. Then she dresses up her gorgeous jet black locks with a variety of loose waves, which adds a little dash of femininity to her rather fierce appearance. She keeps things sexy and in control with shockingly bright red lips and subtle eye makeup for a professional, yet high style finish. 

  1. Tiffany Hines : Flirty Curls and Long Side Bangs 

Hairstyles for Black Women_097

When we first saw this hairstyle on Tiffany Hines, we immediately thought “bubblegum”! Cute, bubbly, and super trendy, her flirty curls are bouncy and vibrant and really lighten up her face. Her coquette curls really open up her face and give her a youthful appearance. And with the addition of the adorable long side bang with a slight flip, this bouncy style gets a serious extra splash of style. Really add some bubbly spunk to this entire look by following in the footsteps of Tiffany Hines with bright lips and bright cheeks, and of course a crop top to tie the entire look together! 

  1. Arlenis Sosa : Short and Slicked Down 

Hairstyles for Black Women_098

There is something extremely majestic and downright glorious about slicked down hair. It has that edgy appeal that provokes a professional, top-of-the-line appearance. Here we see Arlenis Sosa sporting a super short haircut that’s slicked down at the sides, giving her a stunning look that is nothing short of a knockout. This lovely hairstyle is easy to replicate- all you need is some hair product and possibly  a hair straightener. Dress it up with a pair of long earrings and a beautiful dress to match. 

  1. Sharon Carpenter : Relaxed Waves 

Hairstyles for Black Women_099

Anyone else in love with the “just-got-back-from-the-beach” look? Yeah, so are we! And that’s why we adore this simple and laid back hairdo from Sharon Carpenter. It’s relaxed and cute, yet still super feminine! She simply leaves the top of her hair naturally straight while the bottom half is dressed up with a few relaxed waves. If you love a kickback hairstyle, then definitely consider this hairstyle- especially during the summer season!

  1. Ciera Foster : Super Loose Curls 

Hairstyles for Black Women_100

Ciera Foster is a dime- no matter what hairstyle she’s rockin’. But we’re especially in love with this particular style, the perfect mixture of sultry and elegant. She throws her hair into a deep side part, framing her face perfectly while the addition of several SUPER loose curls give her locks a dash of daintiness and regal attitude that can’t be ignored. These lovely and super easy curls can be worn to the office with a pencil skirt or to a fancy dinner with a little black dress. 

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