Gorgeous Highlights For Brown Hair

By on December 9, 2015

Brown hair with highlights either light brown, red or of any other color suit the best on women with bold and warm personalities. Here are some of the most beautiful styling choices for dark brown hair with highlights


  1. Dark brown with caramel highlights

This is one of the trendiest and deep hair colors of all time. Dark brown hair compliment lighter shades of streaks and look the best with light colored eyes and olive skins tones.

 Dark Brown Hair High -1         


  1. Dark brown locks with red highlights

This is a bold choice of colors for highlights to go with a darker shade as that of dark brown. Your whole personality will have a daring and audacious vibe.

Dark Brown Hair High -2


  1. Dark brown with subtle red highlights

If you are trying to go for a professional look that endures bold colors like auburn and red, this might be the best choice for you. Subtle red highlight bring a unique luster to the dark brown hair that maes them look fierce and professional.

Dark Brown Hair High -3


  1. Dark brown with red cherry highlights

This is an exquisite two toned contrast that any woman could kill for! It is time you stop wondering if it is too bold for your personality and actually go for this bombastic hair color.

Dark Brown Hair High -4


  1. Dark brown with caramel honey highlights

Caramel and honey highlights are the most exotic looking colors for hair. Dark brown compliments them even more and make the complete look intensely sexy and fantastic.

Dark Brown Hair High -5


  1. Dark brown locks with creamy highlights

It is time that you start diversifying your brunette hair. Locked hair is a great way to show off your warm and creamy highlights.

  Dark Brown Hair High -6


  1. Dark brown with hazelnut streaks

The combination of dark brown hair with hazelnut streaks make a lovely contrast. The hazelnut stripes compliment the natural shine and sleekness of your brown hair, eventually making you look sexy and adorable.

Dark Brown Hair High -7


  1. Dead straight brown hair with ombre highlights

The dark brown hair make a wonderful combination with ombre. This amazing color contrast will compliment your olive skin and warm undertones. If you have medium length hair, this hair color contrast will look the best on you.

Dark Brown Hair High -8


  1. Dark brown with warm red highlights

It is a common phenomenon that women with dark colored eyes have naturally darker hair. If that’s your case, and if you are also a frequent tanner, this amazing hair look will look lovely on you! Chocolate colored hair look brilliant with warmer highlights. You hair will make you look fierce and bold. It is a wonderful combination, that is also easily achievable.

Dark Brown Hair High -9


  1. Dark brown with honey tints

Dark brown hair with highlights is the modern choice of today’s era and many times, the best hair looks are actually the simplest and easiest to achieve. Dark brown hair, as awesome as they look naturally and without any additional coloring, can look impressively sophisticated and decent with light honey tints. For a simpler and elegant look, only slight honey tints will do just the job.

 Dark Brown Hair High -10

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