Find the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

By on December 11, 2015

  1. Blond hair with medium tones

All of the shades of blond compliment the most with medium skin tones. You can see in the image that Cameron Diaz has slightly tanned complexion with light undertones. This sets as an example that with blue eyes and medium complexion the best hair color for your skin tone is golden blond. This is the reason she has never really changed her blond hair, ever. One way or the other, her hair is always a shade of blond.

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  1. Dark brown hair with medium tones

For the women with warm undertones, dark hair colors like dark brown or auburn look truly elegant and really bring out the glow of your medium tone.

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  1. Dark brown hair with tanned skin tones

If you are frequent tanner, you should go with darker hair colors like dark brown or matt black. Darker hair look stunningly beautiful with warmer undertones and overall medium complexions.

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  1. Dark brown hair and auburn highlights with dark tones

Try to make an attractive contrast between your skin tone and the hair color. Dark complexions are always compliment elegant colors like dark brown. You can add your little twist for a touch of style and glamor with the auburn highlights.

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  1. Black hair with darker tones

Darker hair colors with warm undertones make the best contrasts. There is no need make drastic changes to your personality with lighter and rainbow colored hair. With a darker complexion, you really should go with your naturally black hair.

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  1. Light brown lowlights on darker hair with neutral undertones

The best part about neutral skin tones is that you can go as creative as you like with your hair color. However still, you should lean towards darker shades. Light colored lowlights also look amazing with neutral skin tones. They bring out the inner glow and compliment your features.

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  1. Lush brunette with pale skin tones

For a stunningly attractive look with a pale skin tone, your best choice is the lush brunette. It looks beautiful, authoritative, and brings out your dark colored eyes. For a bold and daring look, we would recommend you go with a darker hair color as that of brunette if you have a pale skin tone.

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  1. Gorgeous red brunette with fair skin tone

Red hair can look stunningly gorgeous with fair skin tones. If you are a young women with a glowing fair complexion looking for a totally stunning new hair look, you should definitely try the gorgeous red brunette at least once in your lifetime! You’re totally going to love it.

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  1. Chestnut brown with dark undertones

Either it is deep red brunette or darker shades of brown, they look sizzling hot with darker skin tones.

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  1. Jet black hair with light glowing skin tone

Jet black hair make the best pair with light skin tones. You can totally pull off the sexy rock star look with this contrast. If you have a naturally light and glowing skin tone, the best hair color for your skin tone is definitely black.

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