Top 20 Hottest Filipino Guys for 2015

By on July 29, 2015

The equatorial sun may not be the hottest thing in the Philippines. Nope. And it is certainly not the people’s heads against their politicians. We’re talking about the hottest Filipino guys here, ladies. Yeah. That good kind of hot.

Because of living side by side with Spanish, Americans and even Japanese colonizers in the past and a readiness for accepting foreigners up to the present, there are so many mestizo and beautiful guys here. You have just got to be in the right place. And what better place to start than show business?

We’ve screened the Filipino hot stuffs this year who are leaving a sizzling mark throughout the multi-media. Take note though that we are leaving out staple hunks like Piolo Pascual, Diether Ocampo and Coco Martin because they’re part of every hot guy list year after year (see them here). This roster is dedicated mainly to the “breakthrough” hottest Filipino guys for 2015.

(Note: This list was consulted with a small group of self-proclaimed hot guy experts. Opinions may vary and comments are most certainly welcome. Also, pictures belong to their respective owners which does not include the author.)


20. Edgar Allan Guzman

  Edgar Allan Guzman edgarallanguzman (1)

Like matinee idol Jericho Rosales, Edgar Allan started off as a noontime show contest winner. In 2006, he emerged as the Mr Pogi in Eat Bulaga. From then he made his way into indie films and the theater stage, honing his craft as a serious actor. And like Coco Martin, Edgar Allan is also hailed for his acting chops (he did gay roles!) and was in fact hailed as the “New Indie Prince.”

Birth Date: November 20, 1988

Why He’s Hot: Edgar Allan catapulted into a sort of household name after being one of the grand finalists of the top-rated show Your Face Sounds Familiar this 2015. But a few only saw it coming. He started off with ‘okay’ and ‘meh’ performances but surprisingly came out strong and impressive in the end. That flexibility and dedication just ensure his star is yet to shine very soon!


19. Enchong Dee

Enchong Dee-1

Enchong Dee-2


Echong or Ernest Lorenzo Velasquez Dee is one of the cutest things to have ever graced Philippine television. Apart from being a terrific actor and an effective model for Bench among other products, Enchong is a SEA Games and Asian Games swimmer!

Birth Date: November 5, 1988

Why He’s Hot: Seriously, who wants to go with the screen name “Enchong”? But well, he pulls it off smoothly anyway! 

 Furthermore, as an athlete, it’s not surprising that this cute chinito has impressive kinetic powers. He dances with oozing appeal! But the thing with him is he does not have to take off his clothes… although we don’t mind if he does either! He just have to smile and dance and the girls go out of their minds!

He is curently dating British-Filipina model Samantha Lewis since last year. He stars in a weekend show Kungfu Chinito where we think only he can pull off a bright yellow-and-red superhero outfit.


18. Chris Banchero

Chris Banchero 3


 Half-Italian Chris Banchero gives girls a reason and more enthusiasm and interest to watch basketball. This current Alaska Ace player can reportedly shift from point guard to shooting guard with no trouble. And he can shoot through to the heart before you know it.

Birth Date: January 24, 1989

Why He’s Hot: He is a professional basketball player!!! Come on! Chris simply highlight how jocks are such heartthrobs. He can also play golf and has a degree in International Communications in Business. Thanks to his good looks and impressive sports career, he has caught product endorsements as well as the covers of magazines.


17. Neil Perez

Neil Perez-1

Neil, a cop, is a bomb and explosives technician. But seriously, isn’t he the bomb himself with those moreno good looks and ultra fit bod? How could he detonate girls hearts from exploding when he’s around? Gosh!

Neil Perez-2

Birth Date: February 16, 1985

Why He’s Hot: Police Officer 2 Mariano Perez Flormata Jr in real life is Mister International 2014. With the support of the Philippine National Police, he bested hunks from other nations in February this year in South Korea. According to him, he joined to promote healthy lifestyle and fitness. After then, he inevitably graced runways and magazines. If one day he becomes chief of police… then that’s another impressive record for a beauty king.

I’ve been a bad girl lately, officer! Arrest me!


16. Joseph Marco

 joseph marco

Joseph Marco

Joseph has also been awhile in the industry, shifting from one network to another and has starred in numerous lead roles. However, to date, his hottest role is definitely as Franco in the TV drama Pasion de Amor which is a remake of the Colombian Pasion de Gavilanes (which stars the sizzling hot Mario Cimarro).



Birth Date: October 4, 1988

Why He’s Hot: This German, Italian and Spanish cutie has a boy band! He’ll serenade you out of your composure! Impressively, Joseph got approved on his very first VTR. Few can brag about that! He has also done both print and commercial modelling.


15. Jeff Langan

JC de Vera

Jeff is a towering six-foot-one demi-god with those tight and firm muscle buns. He first caught the attention of the Filipinos when he guested at Kris Aquino’s morning television program.

Jeff Langan

Why He’s Hot: Definitely, this one’s an eye candy. Abercrombie & Fitch noticed that too and made him do modelling for them. Yup, we can say this hot Filipino guy is a serious player in the international modelling arena. Hands down and tongue drooling, Jeff is also absolutely one of the hottest Bench Body models to date.


14. John Spainhour

    John Spainhour


With a stubbly face and a muscular body, John gives a vibe of haunting ruggedness. Add to that his beautiful face and his sexy smirk and he can easily be the secretly sensitive werewolf alpha male in a female fantasy. Wonder how those stubbles feel against the skin…


Why He’s Hot: Before being tagged as one of the hottest Filipino guys, John was Mr. World Philippines 2014. He competed in the international stage against 45 other contestants. He didn’t bag the title but it doesn’t matter. This guy need not a contest for validation!

And woah, John is also a former Marine Corp Scout Sniper. He can shot his way to any girl’s heart.


13. JM de Guzman


Juan Miguel, or JM for short, is a fine specimen of a predominantly “natural Filipino beauty.” Tanned and athletic in built, he is an effortless heartthrob.

Birth Date: September 9, 1988

JM de Guzman

Why He’s Hot: Even in his early primetime TV years, JM’s acting skills were impressive. It turns out he is a University of the Philippines Theater Arts grad. Unknown to many, JM also became the president of UP Diliman’s wrestling club. And what more? This guy is a crooner! He can sing and play the guitar!


12. Luis Manzano

Luis Manzano


Despite being a son of two prominent actors–Edu Manzano and Vilma Santos–Luis can make a name of his own. He started out as a commercial and print model and is a long-time VJ on Myx Channel.


Birth Date: April 21, 1981

Why He’s Hot: This guy is witty and hilarious. He isn’t afraid to make fun of himself and doesn’t have to criticize people to be funny. When you check out his wikipedia page, it even claims he’s a Pokemon trainer. LOL.


11. Gerald Anderson


Gerald’s big break was after emerging as the Third Teen Big Placer in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition in 2006. But few could have held the spotlight without both charm and talent. Gerald managed to rise in the competitive show business industry with his great acting skills. He also dances and plays basketball.

gerald anderson shirtless dyesebel

Birth Date: March 7, 1989

Why He’s Hot: A film he starred in called On the Job entered the Cannes Film in 2013! Despite being a relative newcomer in the industry, this half-American has a tapestry of acting awards and nominations. He can shift from mellow drama to heavy ones to rom-coms and action films so effortlessly that he has become a top actor. Check out his teleserye ‘Budoy’!

10. John Lloyd Cruz 

John Lloyd Cruz

john lloyd2

John Lloyd started out in his early teens in the industry and even now his fame shows no signs of stopping. He was discovered in a shopping mall back then and even he perhaps had no idea he would go this far because of his grounded and polite demeanor. There is an innocence about him that makes one feel safe and comfy.


Birth Date: June 24, 1983

Why He’s Hot: Despite being THE John Lloyd, this guy has a natural boy-next-door appeal. It’s probably the reason why his shows and movies are topnotch with the female populace. He doesn’t even have to rip off his shirt. He has been named the third most powerful celebrity in the 2009 Yes! Magazine issue and has his name on the Philippine Walk of Fame in Eastwood.


9. JC de Vera

JC de Vera 

John Carlo first graced television in the popular teen show Click! He then rose to become GMA network’s Drama Prince after a series of laudable acting performances in various drama shows.

JC De Vera close up1

Birth Date: March 10, 1986

Why He’s Hot: JC rejected a basketball scholarship from Colegio de San Juan de Letran in favor of an acting career. Talk about bravado and taking risks! His career quieted awhile for some time until he made a comeback as the handsome Dr Bustamante in an afternoon drama.


8. Fabio Ide

fabio ide  

This sizzling Capricorn hails from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He isn’t Filipino by blood as his father was Japanese and his mother was Spanish-Brazilian but Fabio has stayed in the Philippines for some time.

fabio ide


Birth Date: December 26, 1983

Why He’s So Hot: Unlike other showbiz personalities, this guy was not afraid to admit he has a kid born out of ‘casual encounter.’ Moreover, Fabio can speak Brazilian and conversational Japanese and Spanish. In addition to his interesting qualities, this guy plays basketball, football, boxing and surfing. No wonder why he’s so fit!


7. Ejay Falcon

  ejay-falcon-action-star (1)

ejay falcon


Ejay was first introduced to Philippine television viewers as a housemate and ultimate winner of Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Plus. He currently stars as one of the main roles in the drama Pasion de Amor where he flaunts his abs and tough boy antics.


Birth Date: November 21, 1989
Why He’s So Hot: Although he is half-French, this hot Filipino guy grew up in the province. When he went to the capital, he had trouble with gadgets and elevators. How cute is that? Ejay came from a poor background and was abandoned by his mother at an early age. But now with determination and talent, he is a fast rising hunk-actor in this generation.


6. Jake Cuenca

Jake Cuenca-1


Juan Carlos or Jake was first discovered when he was only nine years old. As a child he made small TV roles and did mainly commercial modelling. He returned to show business in 2003 but it wasn’t until 2008 that he landed a titular role in a primetime show.


Jake Cuenca-2

Birth Date: December 30, 1987

Why He’s So Hot: Jake is a serious football player. He plans to try out for the country in international contests. He also does boxing and mixed martial arts. Jake became a sports enthusiast because he had a weight problem as a child. Talk about being a role model!


5. Enrique Gil

enrique gil2

enrique gil1

Enrique Mari Bacay Gil V is a prolific dancer and actor. He has got angelic looks but also an air of mystery and mischief about him which make him somewhat intriguing. Interestingly, his parents were both flight attendants so we know where this good looks came from.

enrique gil

Birth Date: March 30, 1992

Why He’s So Hot: He enrolled into modelling and acting reportedly out of sheer boredom. This new venture led him to TV commercials and roles but it wasn’t until 2011 when he landed a lead role. In 2013, Enrique joined PETA to free a captive elephant.

Being a talented dancer, Enrique has held female-packed concerts. His latest, hottest project for this year were the primetime hit Forevermore and the movie Just the Way You Are with breakthrough actress Liza Soberano.


4. Paulo Avelino 

Paulo Avelino

paulo-avelino (1)

Paulo officially started his showbiz track record in 2006 in a famous talent search show. After he was eliminated, he starred in various minor roles. It was only in 2011 when he regained his popularity. Now he is clearly one of the fastest rising and sought-after actors in the industry.

paulo avelino-1

Birth Date: May 13, 1988

Why He’s So Hot: Acting is admittedly Paulo’s passion ever since he was young. This dedication to what he call his calling is really inspiring! And though a gifted actor who can shift from one role to the next, Paulo is most effective when he plays an obsessive, psycho lover which is kind of hot, frankly.
This Gawad Urian Best Actor is also a model and a singer.


3. Daniel Padilla

Daniel Padilla


Daniel John Ford Padilla or DJ as he is fondly called is a scion of a popular and established showbiz dynasty. Daniel gets compared a lot to his uncle Robin but weirdly and interestingly enough, he exudes his own “brand” of bad boy. He seems more comfortable with rock style which goes along well with his cool demeanor.



Birth Date: April 26, 1995

Why He’s So Hot: It’s safe to say Daniel has a cult following of teen girls these days. He’s prominently an actor, starring in a string of teleserye shows and movies alongside his love team Kathryn. But Daniel is also a solo musician and a bassist of a band. He currently has three platinum albums! No wonder why he was chosen to be a junior ambassador for promoting original Pinoy music (OPM). With those good looks and talent, this bad boy may well be a top matinee idol in the years to come.


2. James Reid


 James-Reid-Cosmopolitan-Photo (1)

James is adorably cute and boyish but if he turns serious, he can easily morph into this hot bad boy. His slow smiles and intense gazes elicit giggles and swoons in cinemas where he gave life to dashing Wattpad characters.


Birth Date: May 11, 1993

Why He’s So Hot: This Pinoy Big Teen Clash 2010 winner is half-Australian. He was a gymnast and a swimmer before he became the swoon-eliciting piece of hot meat that he is now. Plus, he also writes his own songs! Seriously, can somebody really actually be perfect? He has got three studio albums so far and a fourth may be up next soon. James also has an upcoming primetime teleserye and movies.


1. Daniel Matsunaga

daniel matsunaga

daniel matsunaga

 Daniel Kenji Matsunaga is the big winner of Pinoy Big Brother: All In last 2014 and that’s how he became a household name for most people. However, this Japanese-Brazilian has been in the country for quite a while as a Cosmopolitan model. He also did some minor TV roles and got linked with Heart Evangelista.




Birth Date: November 28, 1988

Why He’s So Hot: You will not be afraid or embarrassed to introduce him to your family. Despite being a towering six-foot hot piece of a man, Daniel exudes a well-mannered, gentlemanly aura. Moreover, he plays as a professional football player–a midfielder for Kaya Futbol Club. He is Brazilian after all.

He is currently dating Erich Gonzales and was quoted to have said “seeing a hundred years down the road” with her. And now he’s hotter because he’s a keeper! And hotter still because it seems we can’t ever have him!


With 7,107 islands in the Philippines, beauty is not only in its natural landscapes (you’ve got to check out the beaches!) but also in its people. Warmth, friendliness and cheerfulness are attributes that make Filipinos genuinely attractive. Physical beauty is just certainly a plus.

This daunting task of putting up a list of the hottest Filipino guys is for 2015 only. And the year is not over yet! Many things can change. Who knows who will make it again when we altogether convene to celebrate the Malakas in this part of the world?

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