Different Types of African Braids

By on December 3, 2015

Over the year, braids have been the most common hairstyle used by African women. Due to the toughness of African hair, braids make it easier to maintain the hair for over a month and at the same time allowing it to grow with no disturbance or breakage. Braiding usually takes time but the end result is always astonishing and very satisfying. Every African woman has once in her lifetime tried on braids because, guess what-braids never go out of fashion. On the contrary, you may discover that more and more creative braiding styles are coming up. Uniqueness is every woman’s goal. Braids will help you achieve that easily. There is an advantage of trying out different colors without necessarily dying your natural hair. Braids come with different sizes, lengths, texture, design and color, and what more does a woman need rather than having to choose from all the options. Here are 20 different African braid types to choose from for any occasion you may have. Sit back, relax and go through all 20 styles picking your most favorite.

  1. Yarn Braids.


These are braids made out of yarn. They are easy to style and from a distance they actually look like braids from synthetic hair. Yarn braids are often quite painful when being plaited but the end result is marvelous.

  1. Mini Braids.


Mini braids are small braids in size that are often braided half way leaving the rest of it. Due to their tiny size, they appear smart, sleek and very easy to style. Mini braids are the best for weddings as they bring out a natural look. They can be held up achieving a perfect French chignon. Need something to sustain you through the weeding period, go for mini braids.

  1. Cornrows Braids.


These braids are plaited to the scalp in a line. Cornrows can be very creative. This is the best style to have when you are in the mood to just relax and have a quiet beach day. Cornrows mostly last up to 3 weeks. If undone within two days, they leave the hair super curly and gorgeous still. Need a fast chic look for a casual day, cornrows is the way to go.

  1. Box Braids.


Box braids are trendy this season. They are just lie regular braids but shorter giving a bob look. Box braids will give you a soft, youthful yet classy look. For a more edgy look, go for colored braids and this box braids style will give out a fun look.

  1. Havana Twist Braids.


This style will give you a very stylish look, very classy and suitable for any occasion. Try it…Havana twist never fail.

  1. French Braids.


If you are looking for a more sophisticated look, French braids are the way to go. They are fast and easy to braid and come in handy for some special event.

  1. Kinky Braids.


Kinky braids have a tough look compared to other normal braids. The style you put on tends to stay put for long since the braid is strong and tough. Want to roll out of bed and still look fabulous, kinky braid is the style for you.

  1. Ghanian Cornrow Braids.


This are the more like cornrows only that they start off thin and proceed to be larger. They are often plaited towards the center or back of the head. Ghanaian cornrows will bring out your full face giving you a chance to rock your large earrings.

  1. Fishtail Braid.


For a simple casual look, fishtail braid is one. And it looks amazing!

  1. Faux Locks Braids.


They are more like Havana twists only that they are made of silkier hair extensions.

  1. Senegalese Twist Braid.


They are more like Havana twists only that they are made of silkier hair extensions.

  1. Crotchet Braids.


Crotchet braids are the in thing right now. The end results looks like a weave but it is actually braided. This style is very suitable if you are looking for a bulky and large hair style. You apply the hair by literally crocheting hair, with a latch hook tool, in between your own corn rowed hair. It is fast and very convenient. For that curly look, crotchet braid is the way to go.

  1. Bulky Braided Crown Bun.


Bulky braided bun is the best style for a bridal look. It is chic due to its pulled up and smart braided bun.

  1. Braids with Accessories.


You don’t have to have normal plain braids. Accessorize your box braids with silver, wooden or gold hair accessories to give you that edgy and youthful look.

  1. Cornrows with French Roll Updo.


Tiny braids last for long. Cornrow with French roll up do is a perfect way to spice up your mini braids look. The Mohawk look will give you a rad yet sophisticated look.

  1. Braided Updo Style with Curly Short Hair.


Do you have short hair and want to spice up your look? This is the best style for you. The hair is braided half way from the back leaving room for curly short hair in the front.

  1. Half Updo with Long Free Falling Braids.


This hairstyle is youthful looking with several Ghanaian cornrows on the side. The rest of the hair is braided and styled with a high top at the center to give it cool creative look.

  1. Braids and Curls.


African hair is known for its curly nature. Braids and curls is the best style to get if you want to get your hair braided without having to lose your curls look.

  1. Long Casual Braids.


Braids have been trendy for years. Long simple braid is a simple way to style your hair. Get your stylist give you long and simple braid. They can be styled by wrapping them in a band or a hair scarf.

  1. Sexy Mohawk.


This is a very edgy style with tiny cornrows on the side leaving part of your hair at the middle. It is the best look for a party. It will bring out your long neck. For a much fashionable look, pair the look with some golden studs.

Braided hairstyles have always been in the African community and will always be. The given twenty hairstyles are suitable for any occasion. These styles tend to change and be modified but with the right hairstylist you can get any braided hairstyle you admire. Rock any of this 20 hairstyle and turn heads!

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