Dark Brown Hair with Highlights

By on December 10, 2015

Dark brown is an extraordinarily sexy hair color. The warmth and glamour of this hair color has made it an ultimate hit especially in the current year. To make your hair even more attractive and vibrant, you can add colored highlights to your dark brown here. Here are some awesome ideas for dark brown hair with highlights.


  1. Whimsical Platinum Strokes

You can be as much creative as you want with your dark brown hair. An interesting idea is add strands of blonde to the whole hair. it can totally spice up your whole warm and decent look and turn it into a spunky, fun loving and adventurous personality.

 Dark Brown Hair -1         


  1. #36: Dark and White Chocolate

Here is a bold choice for highlights! Dark brown roots can look stunningly gorgeous with heavy blond highlights. If you see closely, the base of the hair is dark brown, only the blonde highlights are so prominent and attractive that they can change the whole look.

 Dark Brown Hair -2


  1. Lush caramel locks

This is a truly warm hair color for women with soft nature and bulky bodies. It adds a very natural effect to the whole hair which makes this hair color even more special. It goes amazing well with long and locked hair.

 Dark Brown Hair -3


  1. Dark brown with purple and honey streaks

If you are looking for something other than the conventions two shaded dark brown hair, dark brown hair base with purple and honey streaks can be a pretty interesting choice.

 Dark Brown Hair -4


  1. Fantastic 3-Stepped Ombre

This is the perfect hair color for layered hair. The 3 stepped ombre with dark brown and caramel shades make the long and layered hair look gorgeous and classy.

Dark Brown Hair -5


  1. Toffee ends with sleek and shiny dark brown hair

Dip dyes look exceptionally amazing on dark brown hair. Toffee color is an excellent contrast with dark brown hair. Toffee ends compliment the best with the dark brown hair.

 Dark Brown Hair -6


  1. Fierce fire highlights

Chocolate highlights make an extraordinary contrast with dark brown hair. The reddish effect on the chocolate highlights makes the hair look fierce and highly attractive.

Dark Brown Hair -7


  1. Sexy sparkle highlights

Sparke highlights give away the vibes of sassiness and extreme boldness. The sexy sparkle highlights worn with long and healthy dark brown hair is enough to make anyone fall in love with you. Natural waves in the hair make maximize the whimsical effect of the sparkle highlights making it look even more fine and attractive.

 Dark Brown Hair -8


  1. Copper Tips and Caramel Highlights

The best thing about dark brown hair is that it makes beautiful contrasts with a large number of shades. Copper and caramel is just one of all the amazing choices.

 Dark Brown Hair -9


  1. Dark brown Ombre

Ombre makes a truly romantic contrast with dark brown base. The hair gives away the affect that a lot of effort has been done upon it, when in reality all it takes is a three hour hair treatment for just two shades. You can use aluminum sheets to achieve this hair and also try it at home.

Dark Brown Hair -10

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