30 Cute Haircuts for Long Hair

By on December 1, 2015

Long hair has always been in vogue, and even though some years and even decades are remembered for their tomboyish preferences for women, it’s always long hair that’s been attractive and an envy of many. Long hair makes you feel more feminine and sometimes will help you slow down in the modern fast-paced world. Nowadays we are quite lucky to have advanced so much in all areas of our lives, including beauty, an even if you are still trying to grown your hair, but you wish to instantly get this romantic feel associated with long beautiful hair, extensions will help you. Just don’t abuse those! Anyway, long hair might be very different. Curly or straight, voluminous or silky smooth- we have selected 30 cute haircuts for long hair that will inspire you take good care of your beautiful mane if you have one, or change your short business-like style for something more fragile and romantic. Enjoy!

  1. Curly mane.


Curls are cute and make you looks younger. Depending on how you style your curls, the haircut can give you a rebellious or an innocent look. Don’t forget to use styling products designed specially for your curls to keep the whole look healthy.

  1. Wave waves waves.
Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana

 Some lucky owners of naturally wavy hair do not consider themselves that lucky, trying to either give their hair more curls and bounce or struggle trying to keep it straight. Time to embrace your natural waves, ladies! With the right tools and products your wavy hair will give you this naïve innocent look that might looks ultra sexy as well.

  1. Straight ombre.
Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung

 Straight hair of medium to long length might looks boring sometimes, and to bring some life into it, use ombre. This well-knows conservative coloring method will keep your look interesting, and your hair bright and shiny.

  1. Simply straight.


 If you managed to keep your hair endlessly long while maintaining its healthy appearance, then this simple straight haircut is for you. Striking in its simplicity, it will make sure all eyes are on you. Keep trimming it regularly to keep it neat.

  1. Bright red.


 Red is not really a haircut, but it’s not a simple coloring solution either. Red hair is a lifestyle, a bold statement that shows the world who you truly are. No matter whether you keep it straight, or curly, its brightness will speak for itself.

  1. Baby braids.


 Braids are cute, everyone agrees with that. If you have long hair, it’s your duty to experiment with it creating all sorts of wonderful braided looks.

  1. Messy bed hair.


 Bed hair is hot. Really. Not everyone can pull it off, and there is lots of hassle with it, because you have to make sure your face and makeup do not look like you just got up and there is also some order to the bed hair, even though ordinary people do not see that. Anyway, if you are brave enough for this, go for it as the results are definitely worth it!

  1. Balayage.


 This French word means “to sweep” or “to paint”. It allows for a sun-kissed natural looking hair color – similar to what nature gives us as children – with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. The principal idea being less is more when creating soft, natural looks and it is less obvious than ombre so will suit soft romantic girls.

  1. Cute ponytail.


Don’t you picture a sunshine girl when you think of a cute ponytail? Indeed, only sunny easygoing women can afford those! And it takes less than ten minutes to recreate.

  1. Long with bangs.


 Forget about carefully styled side fringe, long haircut with short straight bangs is absolutely hot and trendy. The lengths difference is what makes it so outstanding.

  1. Pulled up style.


We are not talking here necessarily of fancy bridesmaids hairstyles, but something similar to this half pull up- half pull down relaxed hairstyle will bring in some change into your long hair routine.

  1. Messy ponytail.


 Easy to create and maintain hairstyle is ideal for a weekend with your family and friends, or for a social function if you add some décor to it.

  1. Boho style.


Boho haircut is not something well-defined, as it might incorporate braids and flowers into the hair, but the one thing that’s definite about it is that it is somehow similar to the bed hair cut, except that it is not that neat and not that bed, and it should be incorporated into your overall Boho style.

  1. Mermaid braid.


 This hairstyle is strikingly beautiful. Even if you are not a romantic feminine type, try this hairstyle and you will feel your inner self changing. The world will suddenly look better and brighter. Just try it.

  1. Easy bun.


 The name speaks for itself, the bun is very easy to make, and you definitely need long hair for that, that’s why we put it here with the rest of the long hair haircuts.

  1. Side braid.


 Who could have thought that a messy side braid like the one in the photo above can look so strikingly gorgeous! Do not underestimate the power of braids!

  1. Everyday hairstyle.


 Everyday hairstyle for long hair can looks like anything, it can be a braid, a bun, a ponytail- anything goes. Choose the one you feel most comfortable with and master it, thus you will be ready to create something cute in no time.

  1. Bright colors.


 If you have gorgeous long hair, it doesn’t mean you should always look classy. No need to chop your hair off in order to change yourself, just dye it some really bright color. Warning: for bold and beautiful only!

  1. Long layers.


 This is a classic long-layered hairstyle with side bangs and it is timeless.

  1. Choppy layers.


 Instead of perfectly smooth and organized layers, why not try choppy layers that are slightly rough at the ends? The style works magic with naturally slightly wavy hair and it gives your style the edginess that long hairstyles sometimes lack. Yes, you can still be stylish and modern with a long haircut.

  1. Midi haircut.
Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo

 The so-called midi cut is a straight-across, blunt haircut that falls an inch above the bra strap. This length is perfect for someone who is ready to transition away from ultralong hair but doesn’t want any drastic changes and prefers to keep the length. This cute haircut will make your hair appear very healthy, and it looks cute loose or in a ponytail. Thanks to its bounce, it will be a great choice for a business lady as well.

  1. Undercut layers.


 If you have thick hair, layers cut from underneath will let your hair move in a much more natural, bouncy way. Creating the layers underneath the hair creates lots of movement and makes the style look alive. If you opt for a style like this, try avoiding anything that would make your hair straighter. Embrace your natural waves and movement and make sure the texture is kept intact.

  1. Rough textured ends.


 This haircut is to be worn long and straight. The tips of the hair are texturized using thinning scissors. This cut is smooth, layer-free and can work for midi-length to long hair. A hair straightener is essential for this hairstyle, otherwise you risk your hair appearing unhealthy.

  1. Blunt fringe with long hair.


 Say goodbye to side-swept, blended bangs. Keeping with today’s ’70s influence, blunt fringe, combined with endlessly long strands, is in.

  1. Front layers.


 Front layers are ideal for straight textures, it’s extra flattering for someone with lots of fine hair. It gives weight and volume to the hair so the layers don’t look wimpy. Good thing about this cute haircut is that you can position the layers to flatter any face shape.

  1. Tapered ends.


Choose this cute haircut if you have naturally curly or wavy hair. This long-layered cut removes bulk and keeps the natural spirals from ballooning out. The hair will look thick but neat.

  1. Very tight curls.


 This wild curly texture will make you look stylish without seeming too heavy. This great joyous haircut fits any face shape, an important thing is to keep the layers on the longer side. Do not start your first layers until chin level. Always get a dry cut when choosing this style because curly dry hair and curly wet hair are two different things.

  1. All around layers.


 For a simple, versatile option, try Chastain’s long random layers. Ask your stylist to take the bottom two inches of hair and cut them in a way that’s not too perfect by pointing the scissors downward. The slightly imperfect ends make this a wash-and-go kind of cut. You can blow it out or let it air-dry as this versatile cut takes care of all the styling for you. This cut is great for any face shape and can be styled with a middle or side part.

  1. Ultra long hair.


 Do not worry- cascading long hair done the right way will not turn you into Rapunzel. The trick is balancing the length with a few face-framing layers. Hair can be one length, and some layers can start at your cheekbones and sliced with a razor. Avoid this length if you have fine strands—they can turn feathered or limp near the ends.

  1. Side bangs.


 Side bangs are more classy than straight fringe and this haircut is ideal for women with roundish face shapes.

Hope you enjoyed our gallery of cute long haircuts and long hairstyle will never be boring for you again!

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