60 Best Cute Girls Hairstyles 2015

By on June 2, 2015

Summer is here and we are all wondering what in the world to do with our hair! Here are some great celebrity hairstyles for girls that are fun and just terribly adorable. You can choose from these fun styles for birthday parties or just to add to your everyday look. It’s exciting to find ways to accentuate our natural beauty by shaping our hair and creating complimenting color combos! Which one fits your personality best?

1. Sabrina Carpenter : Long Ombre Curls

Cute Girls Hairstyles_01

American actress and music artist Sabrina Carpenter is known for her role as Maya on the Disney Channel tv show Girl Meets World. Sabrina has some seriously long hair that she’s added some big curls to with a large curling iron. Her hair is a little darker on top giving her that popular ombre look. If you add a little shine spray your hair will be more vibrant. Anything with sparkles goes well with bright blonde hair and we love her cat eyes too!

2. Willow Smith : Straight Layers with Curled Bangs

Cute Girls Hairstyles_02

Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith, is an American actor, singer and dancer and fashion guru. She is always rocking a stylish hairstyle and we love this classy and polished look. If you have straight thick hair, have the stylist thin out your under layers and add layers. Use a high heat straightener to give your hair pointy ends and to curl your bangs. A non-sticky hairspray will help hold it in place without making it rock hard. Don’t be afraid to wear a business look that is more mature to stand out from the crowd girls! The tomboy look can be fun too.

3. Ariel Winter : Black and Brown with Blue High Lights

Cute Girls Hairstyles_03

Modern Family actress, Ariel Winter looks edgy and darling in her tri-colored locks. You can either have colored extensions or have your own hair dyed. She went bold with some big lashes which can be fun for parties. You can choose your favorite color but just make sure it doesn’t clash with your clothes or you won’t know what to wear! This season we are seeing girls push the barriers of hair to include new ideas and incorporate more colorful extensions or bold cuts and colors. Overcome your fears of changing your appearance and overcome your fears of changing your life!

4. Elle Fanning : Platinum Braided Waves

Cute Girls Hairstyles_04

Elle is the younger sister of actress Dakota Fanning. Elle is best known for her roles in Wonderland, We Bought a Zoo, and Somewhere. Platinum blonde is hard for girls with dark hair to achieve but if you have naturally light hair, this will be an easy transition.You can sleep in braids and won’t have to even curl your hair. Messy and natural is just as perfect as a super neat and organized look. If you like it, everyone else will too!

5. G Hannelius : Ash and Golden Blonde Curls

Cute Girls Hairstyles_05

G. Hannelius is an actress and singer songwriter who has been in many Disney channel shows and currently is in Dog With a Blog.  Since her eyebrows are darker, she didn’t go with a platinum blonde but warmer tones. The big curls are girly and romantic when some red lipstick is added. This is a great way to look a little more mature for an important event. We love how she is wearing a colored denim shirt with red lipstick to give her a mature magazine cover appeal.

6. Madison Pettis : Cute and Curly

Cute Girls Hairstyles_06

Madison is an American teen actress and model best known for her role on Disney channel’s Cory in The House. Big hair and natural hair is definitely in and you can either get a perm or sleep with small curlers to get this look. If you have naturally curly hair, give it a side part and let it do it’s thing! If you’re an artist, think of your hair as art and have fun!

7. China Anne McClain : Straight with a Long Bang

Cute Girls Hairstyles_07

China is a singer in the girl music group McClain and  also an actress. Her long black locks are soft and feathered on the ends with a beautiful side swept bang to add an asymmetrical look. She added a little shine to her hair to make it look healthy and went with natural makeup colors. Notice how long her hair is ladies? Long is definitely in this year!

8. Bailee Madison : Side Pony with Curls

Cute Girls Hairstyles_08

Bailey has a classic and innocent beauty as a teen actress best known for her role in Bride to Terabithia. She chose a dark brown color and added some medium sized curls with a side swept pony tail. This is a princess look if we ever saw one and perfect for girls with longer hair. A soft pink lipgloss and just a little eyeliner will capture your look perfectly if you top it off with a smile.

9. Jackie Evancho : Cute Blonde with Curled Ends

Cute Girls Hairstyles_09

Jackie is a classical singing prodigy and also just an adorable person. This hairstyle is great for girls with light eyes and fine hair. If you have thick hair you can ask your stylist to thin out the under layers so it will lay down more. Just add a curl to the ends and a little shine spray or serum and you’re good to go! Don’t foreget, everyone looks better with a smile!

10. Willow Shields : Braided Top Knot

Cute Girls Hairstyles_10

Hunger Games actor Willow Shields is sporting a cute braid to hold her bun. This is a fun and different style that can help keep your hair out of your face. Use some molding product if you have really slippery hair and it will be easier to hold it in place. If you have a round face this will be a great complimenting style for you. This is one you can learn to do on your own if you practice!

11. Mackenzie Foy : Curly Locks Pinned to the Side

Cute Girls Hairstyles_11

Mackenzie Foy played in the Twilight saga and is also a model. Her green eyes are accentuated by her warm brown hair color. Curls are always a great way to give off a warm and friendly look and feel a little dressed up. Even if it’s just for fun, try this look and pin your hair to the side so people can see your eyes and your pretty smile. To keep your bobby pin from falling out, cross them over each other in an ‘X’.

12. Joey King : Straight Bob with Bangs

Cute Girls Hairstyles_12

This actress from Ramona and Beezus has a really fun bob haircut with bangs that is fashionable and unique. We think this look is great for girls who like to dress with a funky style. It won’t take much time to get this look, maybe just a brush with a blow dryer. We love this retro look complimented by a retro wardrobe and notice how the ends of her bangs frame her face, it’s so cute!

13. Kiernan Shipka : Volume on Top with Thinned Out Layers

Cute Girls Hairstyles_13

Kiernan, known as ‘Kiki’ is an actress from Madmen and the voice of Jinora in The Legend of Kora. To get this look, use a round brush with a blow dryer and some hair spray and go for a deep side part. Ask your stylist to thin out the bottom part of your hair for this shapely style. This shapely hipster look has movement and the color will grow out into a cute ombre so you don’t have to get your hair done too often!

14. Amandla Stenberg : Combed Curled Look

Cute Girls Hairstyles_14

How classy does Amandla look with this cute combed curled look? She is an actress and voice over artist who starred in The Hunger Games and we think this look is great for the summer because it is off the shoulders and won’t make you hot! Use a large curling iron and some non-stick strong hold hairspray. Brush back one side behind your ears and brush through the curls before you spray. A very fine toothed comb will help you get this look girls.

15. Paris Berelc : Shinny Brown with Curled Ends

Cute Girls Hairstyles_15

Paris is an actress you know from the Disney series Mighty Med. Her dark long hair is stylish and bold and this is a great look for girls with medium or darker skin tones as well as green or brown eyes. We love how she’s pulling off the black outfit, makeup and nail polish to complete the look! This cute hairstyle will make your eyes pop. We see a lot of girls wearing black clothes with brown hair and very natural makeup to finish the clean look.

16. Kara Hayward : Warm Brown Ombre

Cute Girls Hairstyles_16

Kara is an American actress from Moonrise Kingdom. Curls are definitely in this season and Kara has a beautiful brown ombre with golden brown highlights. This is a great color combo for girls with natural red or brown hair. If you don’t like to wear a lot of makeup these natural colors will accentuate your natural beauty! You could always add some lemon in your hair this summer for natural high lights too!

17. Emma Kenney : Curly Red and Natural

Cute Girls Hairstyles_17

We love Emma Kenney with this natural red and curly look. Emma is an actress best known for her roles in Shameless, Bittersweet and Epic. Red heads can add a little shine spray and curl your hair or girls with dirty blonde can use a safe natural hair dye made from henna which you can find at health food stores. If you have freckles, red hair will accentuate that unique beauty and gold hoops are a nice touch too!

18. Darcy Rose Byrnes : Braided and Beachy Blonde

Cute Girls Hairstyles_18

You may know Darcy from her role on Desperate Housewives or The Young and the Restless. Her beautiful natural looking blonde hair is an easy look for girls who are bored with their straight hair. Just sleep in braids and then when you take them out, give them some hairspray. This blonde compliments her skin and doesn’t wash her out so make sure you talk to your stylist to find the right color. Try incorporating golds and creams into your jewelry and makeup to pull it all together!

19. Morgan Lily : Wild and Free Curled Look

Cute Girls Hairstyles_19

Morgan is a model and successful actress from America. We love her dirty blonde large curls that aren’t perfectly placed. If you’re looking for a bohemian or hippy style, this is a great one for you. It also works well on with other hair colors! If you have a habit of wearing super casual and comfortable clothes, try dressing it up a little bit with some curls and earrings to get in touch with your feminine side!

20. Ella Bleu Travolta : Classic Dark Brown

Cute Girls Hairstyles_20

Ella’s classic dark brown look allows her to be a little more loud with her outfit choices. She’s an actress and daughter of John Travolta and really pulls off a mature and put together look well. If you like looking natural and sophisticated, this is your look girl! There’s no question that our attitude is affected by how we present ourselves so find a look that suits your needs.

21. Aryana Engineer : Curly Blonde Bob

Cute Girls Hairstyles_21

Aryana is an actress that was in Resident Evil and Orphan who has embraced her hair’s natural volume. Don’t be afraid to go big with your hair and let the flyaways do their thing. If you don’t have curls you can blow dry your hair with curlers in and add some firm hold hair spray. This is like an old school movie star look and we are in love with it!

22. Haley Pullos : Classic Brown with Bangs

Cute Girls Hairstyles_22

Haley Pullos, an actress known for her role in General Hospital, looks so darling in this pretty deep brown cut with bangs. Add a little shine serum and curl the ends and you’re ready for anything! This is a soft and feminine look that can be ready in just a few minutes.

23. Ellery Sprayberry : Cute Ponytail with Bangs

Cute Girls Hairstyles_23

Ellery is an actress whose style is effortless and casual. She has combined the long necklace and baggy sweater with that cute ponytail. Pink and blonde are great color combinations and of course silver and gold go great with blonde too! Don’t forget to have fun accessorizing your look. Notice how her bangs are swept to the side to give the look some fluid movement.

24. Sophie Nelisse : Wavey Blonde with a Front Twist

Cute Girls Hairstyles_24

Sophie is a Canadian actress who’s looks positively peachy with a little twist in the front. This look can be done with some big vertical curls. Run your fingers through them and then spray them. Curls will help you look fabulous and feel playful! A simple twist on each side will help keep your hair out of your face so you don’t constantly have to tuck it behind your ears.

25. Jadin Gould : The Fun Beehive Look

Cute Girls Hairstyles_25

Jadin looks like a princess with her long brown hair and beehive on top. Jadin is an actress known for her role in Man of Steel. Her cute style is great for a fancy party or an important event. All you’ll need to do is get a teasing comb and some hairspray and clip or hairband to hold your hair back. To get that very clean look, use a straightener and grow your hair extra long.

26. Peyton R. List : That 70’s Girl Look

Cute Girls Hairstyles_26

Peyton looks fabulous in platinum blonde hair that curl away from her face. Peyton is an actress known for her role in Disney’s show Jessie as well as her role in the movie 27 Dresses. If you have light hair this is an easier color to get to but you could also just steal the style and keep your own color! Diamonds are a great way to compliment blonde hair like she has done here.

27. Emily Grace Reaves : Baby Doll Blonde with Feathers!

Cute Girls Hairstyles_27

Emily Grace Reaves is really in touch with her inner hippie here with this cute accessory. There are lots of fun hair accessories you can choose from to add something unique to your look or to express your personality. Hair wraps, color extensions and feathers are all fun ways to show your playful nature! Incorporating elements of nature into your look is fun. Notice how she has a leather braided necklace to compliment the feathers in her hair.

28. Laura Ann Kesling : Soft and Gentle Curls

Cute Girls Hairstyles_28

You probably reckognize Laura from her role in Adam Sandler’s movie Bedtime Stories. Laura has a great look for girls who don’t want to dye their hair or wear makeup. All of us are naturally beautiful anyway so let your natural beauty shine with this cute curled look that yearns for some natural messiness. You can spray the bottom but let the top do it’s own thing so it doesn’t look too planned out.

29. Danika Yarosh : Straight Platinum

Cute Girls Hairstyles_29

Danika is an actress, dancer and model from New Jersey who likes to wear her hair long. We are loving long hair this year and this natural look is magical because it’s almost to her waist! Blonde looks great with gold and some fun black nail polish too. A little lip gloss and mascara can give your face a little freshness if you want too.

30. Ramona Marquez : Flower Child Hair

Cute Girls Hairstyles_30

This might be our most favorite look that Ramona is rocking. She’s an English actor and really wears the bohemian hippie look with ease. This is a great look for sweet girls who are down to earth and care about mother earth. Notice how her hair isn’t perfectly placed and she’s just letting it do it’s own thing.

31. Madison Leisle : The Blonde Bob

Cute Girls Hairstyles_31

Madison is a child actor who from Grey’s Anatomy and Ghostwriter. This cute blonde bob is great for those wanting to accentuate their smart and witty personality. This is a more grownup look for girls who are into being a leader! Look how mature she looks with her colored top and pearls.

32. Sabrina Carpenter : Golden and Yellow Ombre

Cute Girls Hairstyles_32

Sabrina Carpenter from Girl Meets World, wears her hair extra long and extra blonde. She has a beautiful gold on top with a lighter blonde on the bottom half. Luckily this look will last a while as it grows out so it shouldn’t be to expensive! It doesn’t take a lot of time to do in the morning either. This playful look is great for thick hair and you’ll love having long hair to play with too.

33. Willow Smith : Shaved with a long bang

Cute Girls Hairstyles_33

This stylish singer, actor and dancer has a great shaved look with a long bang. This is for all you warrior girls out there who like to stand up for a good cause and are proud to be different. We love this tomboy look for any girl! This is great for stylish girls who don’t like to mess with their hair but still want it to be fun.

34. Ariel Winter : Reddish Brown with Curls

Cute Girls Hairstyles_34

Ariel is a teenage actress from Modern Family and she looks perfectly mischevious in these reddish brown curls. She looks like a character out of a book and you can get this look with a red hair color and adding some big curls. We love red hair with green or hazel eyes too! Finish the look with some lipgloss, mascara and natural brown eyeshadow and you’re ready for a ball!

35. Elle Fanning : Thick Platinum with Darker Ends

Cute Girls Hairstyles_35

Elle Fanning, the younger sister of Dakota is an actress with awesome hair. You can tell this girl has depth and the thought out style of her hair is just a reflection of that. Notice how her roots are exposed and the platinum blonde fades to a brighter more golden blonde. We also love blonde hair with white and silver clothing which is just angelic. Lace or white patterned clothes are also a great way to wear white this year1

36. G Hannelius : The Princess Sweep

Cute Girls Hairstyles_36

This actress and singer songwriter knows how to look like the quintessential princess with her side swept pony tail. First curl your hair and then pull it to the side loosely so it’s not too tight to your head. This is a great look to wear with a dress and it’s super girly and fun! Pink lip gloss and a little eyeliner and mascara finished her look here if you want to dress it up.

37. Madison Pettis : Thick Red and Brown

Cute Girls Hairstyles_37

This American teen actress knows how to rock some thick hair right. She has laboriously curled all those beautiful locks and we love the red highlights. Madison is best known for her role on Disney’s Cory in The House and she inspires girls to let their full natural hair be big! Go ahead, take up some space! You’re worth it. Try sleeping in curlers or blow drying your hair in curlers too.

38. China Anne McClain : Asymmetrical A-Line

Cute Girls Hairstyles_38

China can pull off many styles just as she is multi-talented as a singer, songwriter and actress. This is one of our favorite looks because we love asymmetry. Use a straightener with some straightening serum and ask your hair stylist to follow this cut. Notice how she has a little inward twist at the top of her hair in the front to give it some dimension and shape.

39. Willow Shields : The Princess Poof

Cute Girls Hairstyles_39

Hunger Games actress Willow shields gives off a fairy princess vibe here with her long blonde hair that has the poof on top. To get the poof, give yourself a tight half ponytail and then pull the hair out some to give you that extra fun volume! To make the look magical, add some cat eye makeup and a shimmer on the inner eyes.

40. Mackenzie Foy : Ombre Braid

Cute Girls Hairstyles_40

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn actress Mackenzie Foy looks like a midevil princess that would live in a castle. Her highlights are only on the bottom part of her hair giving it dimension and making it more catching to the eye. If you are active, this keeps your hair out of your face but it’s still feminine. She finished her look with pink lip gloss, simple and understated earrings, a little mascara and an elegant top.

41. Joey King : The Flip Out with Bangs

Cute Girls Hairstyles_41

We love this darling warm brown flip out on Joey who played Ramona Quimby in the 2010 adaption of Beverly Cleary’s book series. The bangs are slightly shorter than most to show the eyebrows and the hair is neatly organized just like Ramona’s character.

42. Kiernan Shipka : The Braided Halo

Cute Girls Hairstyles_42

Kiernan has an adorable braided halo with pulled edges to give the braid a more ribbon like effect on the top. Start the braid on one side of the head and leave room for some pieces in the front. You can find some fun tutorials on YouTube for this one too.

43. Amandla Stenberg : Festive Accessories

Cute Girls Hairstyles_43

Hunger Games actress and voice over artist, Amandla plays up her outfit with a festive accessory. Don’t be afraid to add something playful to your hair to show the fun side of your personality. Think of what a great conversation starter that would be, “is that an eyeball in your hair?”

44. Paris Berelc : Long Straight Brown Ponytail

Cute Girls Hairstyles_44

Actress Paris Berelc isn’t just sporting any long ponytail. Her ponytail is perfectly straight and extra long. You can get this look by using a straightener and some smoothing serum to control those flyaways. This is a great look to open up your face and show your smile and lovely charm!

45. Emma Kenney : Subtle Blonde On Top

Cute Girls Hairstyles_45

Actress Emma Kenney has a very subtle reverse ombre going on with a blonder tone on top. This is a mature and organized look that is perfect for a more serious event. Just give a little curl to the ends inward and you’re ready to get something done!

46. Darcy Rose Byrnes : Sides Pinned Up

Cute Girls Hairstyles_46

Desperate Housewives actress Darcy Rose Brynes likes to wear her hair natural and let it do it’s thing. However, she’s not afraid to add some flair with fun hair accessories. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time doing your hair, accessories will be your best friend to add some fun without sacrificing time doing the things you love.

47. Morgan Lily : Honey Blonde with Wisps

Cute Girls Hairstyles_47

Actress and model Morgan Lily sure knows how to look fashionable with this honey blonde hairstyle that compliments her skin tone so well. If you want a color that really pops, work with your stylist to find the right one and don’t forget to let some pieces frame your face.

48. Haley Pullos : Half Back Fairytale Look

Cute Girls Hairstyles_48

General Hospital actress Haley Pullos looks super feminine and picturesque with this soft half pulled back look. Make sure to leave some hair to frame your face and don’t pull your ponytail tight. Add some curls and pink or purple makeup for that fairytale and fun look.

49. Jadin Gould : Sideways Curls

Cute Girls Hairstyles_49

Adorable American actress Jadin Gould has created movement with her hair by curling both sides in the same direction. Notice how one side is curling towards her face and the other side is curling away. This creates a unique sense of fluid motion that adds a special twist to the look!

50. Emily Grace Reaves : Pinky Pop Blonde

Cute Girls Hairstyles_50

How do you achieve the ultimate princess look? We think actress Emily Grace Reaves has figured it out! Combine pink, purple and silver with long blonde hair and you’ll be the quintessential fairytale character in real life! We love how she’s added a pink highlight in her hair too.

51. Danika Yarosh : Long Blonde Ponytail

Cute Girls Hairstyles_51

Danika looks classy and sophisticated with her long blonde ponytail. If you want to soften the look, wear the ponytail lower and if you want to go for the cheerleader look, wear it higher up on your head.

52. Sabrina Carpenter : Messy Blonde with Side Pins

Cute Girls Hairstyles_52

To get the fun look that singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter has pulled off, you’ll need a big curling iron. Secure your hair back on both sides with berets or two bobby pins that cross each other but keep the hair loose and not pulled close to your head. This is a darling look and the perfect bohemian style.

 53. Willow Smith : Braided Ponytail with Beads

Cute Girls Hairstyles_53

Any girl can pull off this cool look that Willow has conjured. She knows how to match her hair accessory to her necklace and we love that extra fun touch. This look can take a while but it opens your face and can be dressed up like she has done.

54. Ariel Winter : The Modern Marvel Braid

Cute Girls Hairstyles_54

Model, actress and singer, Ariel Winter has created a cute and elegant look with a very loose side braid and side part. This asymmetrical style creates movement and is a very pure and innocent style. 

55. Elle Fanning : The Princess Braid

Cute Girls Hairstyles_55

No makeup needed when your hair is this fabulous! But some fun lipgloss doesn’t hurt either. Elle has made a neat braid and wrapped it around her head like a crown with bobby pins. This is a fun look for birthday parties and it’s really unique!

56. G Hannelius : The Little Poof

Cute Girls Hairstyles_56

American teen actress and singer songwiter, G Hannelius has found a cute way to open up her face and show that pretty smile. Those wavy curls are easy if you hold the curling iron vertical (up and down) and curl away from your face.

57. Madison Pettis : Brown and Beautiful Hair

Cute Girls Hairstyles_57

Well there’s no question about it, long hair is in this year and Madison Petis is adorable with simple long brown hair with curls. She’s added a side part to open up her face and we love how the natural brown color compliments her brown eyes!

58. Bailee Madison : Natural with a Shine

Cute Girls Hairstyles_58

Bailey kind of looks like a flower child with her slightly wavy medium length brown hair. She’s got a slight shine to her hair which makes it look healthy. You can make vertical curls and brush through them to get this look. Add some shine serum and spray it and you’re ready to go!

59. Willow Shields : Ombre Ash Blonde with Platinum

Cute Girls Hairstyles_59

We like that this look is still pretty natural and easy to maintain. Ask your stylist to use an ash blonde on top and quickly fade to platinum. Add a shine spray and remember this pairs great with the color white! This is easier for girls that have naturally lighter hair.

60. Joey King : Fun Pigtails with Bangs

Cute Girls Hairstyles_60

 If you’re wanting to get your hair out of your face but bored with a standard ponytail, switch it up and go for pigtails. This is a funky look that you can rock with confidence. Remember if you love it, so will everyone else!

Hopefully you have some new ideas of fun ways to accentuate your personality with some new cute hairstyles. Remember that your hair is art and an expression of your beautiful inside which is more important than what is one the outside. Let your smile shine and maybe help your girlfriends have fun with their hair this year by sharing these fun new styles with them too!

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