60 Best Brown Hair Color Ideas 2015

By on June 15, 2015

 If you’re sick of spending all your time in the salon getting your roots touched up or really want to get your eyes to pop, brown hairstyles are waiting with baited breath to grant your wishes! Check out these absolutely stunning and adorable celebrities that are rocking brown hair colors and find one that makes your heart sing and puts a little bit of fire in your belly. We absolutely love natural brown and the fun varieties that are coming out of the wood works this year so best of luck on your perfect brown color combination hunt!

1. Ariana Grande : Light Caramel Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_01

Famous singer Ariana Grande knows how to get the crowds attention with her long light brown tresses. She’s given herself more height with that high ponytail and wrapped her hair around it to make it even higher. The light caramel brown is close to her skin color which pops her dark brown eyes. We think she looks like a fairy queen princess and it’s darling!

2. Kim Kardashian : Coffee Brown with a Shine Gloss

Brown Hair Color Ideas_02

Celebrity icon Kim Kardashian compliments her tan skin with a deep espresso brown hair color. It looks much more healthy because of the shine gloss which you can get by adding a heat protecting shine serum before you straighten your hair. Don’t be afraid to add dramatic dark eye makeup to compliment this sultry hair color! This is a sleek look for business or parties and matches any occasion.

3. Jennifer Lawrence : Chestnut and Golden Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_03

We are totally in love with this thick natural look that has sun kissed golden brown on the lower half. It has so much texture and movement and it’s not too over the top for work but fun enough for any party or social gathering. Look how that magenta pink lipstick compliments the chestnut brown and the golden ends pull in her golden tan skin. Ask your stylist to match or compliment your skin tone before you decide on your colors. This is a great bohemian looks that is feminine and fierce all at the same time.

4. Selena Gomez : Deep Chocolate Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_04

Actress Selena Gomez looks just divine with the deep chocolate brown color on top and coffee brown color on the rest of her tresses. To protect your hair put a heat protecting serum on it before you curl it and you’ll look like a queen with those long locks. Black clothes are great to pair with brown hair and any pink lip shade will help accentuate your natural beauty. Don’t forget to give yourself a little beehive on the back to get that movie star look too!

5. Beyonce : True Golden Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_05

Fashion icon, Beyonce, needs no introduction and we love how her hair matches her eyes and skin. This is a great way to accentuate your gorgeous smile and looks very smooth. This is a great look for women who like to play up the natural look or wear a lot of neutral colors with golds and silvers. We love how Beyonce doesn’t need makeup to look naturally radiant. This is a great reminder for all of us!

6. Rihanna : Slate Brown to Light Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_06

Rihanna has some seriously awesome volume here and you can get it too with a little help from your teasing comb and products but the color is key too. Go for a slate brown and a light brown with golden hints in it. Don’t forget to curl your hair and let it grow long. Don’t have long hair? Just get some extension and you’re well on your way to fabulous. Purple eye shadow is great for green eyes too ladies!

7. Khloe Kardashian : Bohemian Brown with Highlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_07

Celebrity TV star Khloe Kardashian looks natural and glowing with this dark brown ombre look. She’s combined a light dirty blonde with deep chocolate brown and a little golden blonde as well. We love this look for girls with tan skin and any eye color. This cowgirl look is complete with some girlie pink lip gloss to tame down the fierceness.

8. Jennifer Aniston : Light Brown with Hightlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_08

Jennifer looks stunning in a light brown with a few blonde highlights. She also has a smooth and natural look because she wears hair to match her skin and clothes that are all in those nude tones. This is the secret to her healthy glow. She also wears neutral makeup colors to keep with that natural theme. If you have thick hair, ask your stylist to thin it out and you’ll have more control and not have to do so much to get ready.

9. Angelina Jolie : Medium Brown with Highlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_09

Angelina is as gorgeous as they get with her medium brown color. She still has some darker roots showing through which gives the look enough variety to move your eye around. With her naturally lighter skin tone, this is a great color to make her skin look radiant. Try pulling your hair back away from your face so you can look people in the eye and really connect with them on a deeper level.

10. Jennifer Lopez : Carmel Brown with Blonde

Brown Hair Color Ideas_010

Queen of pop, Jennifer Lopez, can’t go unnoticed with her jaw dropping beautiful brown hair. She’s added chunky golden highlights to that delicious caramel brown to create contrast. She knows brown works well with her olive skin tone and brown eyes and she plays up those nude colors schemes so well. Sticking to all browns and nudes in your wardrobe will make your eyes and smile shine.

11. Lana Del Rey : Sun Kissed Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_11

Look how this beautiful singer’s eyebrows match her sun kissed brown curls. She has created a beautiful romantic look with a deep brown that has a golden tint. This looks like she’s been out in the sun and perfectly contrasts her freckled skin. Her pale lip shade also helps to give this look elegance and sex appeal. Long brown curls are dangerously seductive ladies!

12. Mila Kunis : Straight Shiny Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_12

Actress Mila Kunis knows how to let those big brown eyes glimmer with a shiny espresso brown hair color. She doesn’t hide her face and you can get your stylist to add a gloss to your hair so you don’t have to add product everyday. This will make your hair look healthy and a straightener will give you control.

13. Shailene Woodley : Light Ombre Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_13

The Secret Life of The American Teenager actress Shailene is so charming in her long light brown ombre hair style. So many styles this year are past the bust line and we are loving this trend towards natural beauty. Finish this classy look with a large curling iron and sophisticated wardrobe.

14. Anna Kendrick : Solid Chestnut Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_14

If you like wearing solid colors, this is one of the best brown hair colors to compliment your wardrobe. It’s low maintenance and some pink lipgloss and a curl will make you look very feminine and attract the eyes of potential lovers or current beaus. Play up your femininity and let your inner she beast roam.

15. Demi Lovato : Deep Brown with Golden Peaking Through

Brown Hair Color Ideas_15

Actress and singer Demi Lovato has a jaw dropping look with her deep brown and hints of gold. Dark hair allows your skin to look super healthy and we love when ladies play up the eyebrows to compliment the brown hair. This look is great with solid colors and brings attention to your face.

16. Emma Stone : Copper Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_16

Copper is a great color for light skin tones and actress Emma Stone is truly a wonder in this copper brown. She doesn’t need a lot of color in her wardrobe when she’s got so much in her hair and her signature under eye shadow of blue compliments the brown upper eye shadow to finish this incredible ensemble.

17. Emma Watson : Light Ash Brown with Dipped Ends

Brown Hair Color Ideas_17

Emma Watson has the good girl look going on with this light ash brown with a few golden dipped ends. If you have a down to earth personality and like to wear earthy or simple colors, this hair color will help it all flow. It’s natural and gorgeous and one of our favorite looks because it’s subtle yet grounded.

18. Kristen Stewart : Coffee Brown with Minimal Highlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_18

Kristen Stewart from The Twilight Saga looks like a move star with this coffee brown short style. She’s got some light brown contrast to accentuate the asymmetrical movement and just create some fine lines in her hair but not over done. Don’t forget to color in and accentuate those eyebrows to really give this look an extra kick!

19. Megan Fox : Deepest Brown with Face Framing Highlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_19

This sexy seductress is an actress and model and style icon. She wears her deep brown color long and wavy with highlights framing her face to bring some light in around her head. It’s almost like wearing a halo but she’s pretty angelic if you ask us.

20. Nina Dobrev : Shiny Medium Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_20

Nina is a Bulgarian Canadian actress and model who has just one simple color on her beautiful long hair. Notice how her stylist has matched her eye color so well and many of these celebrities let their collar bones show to show their healthy skin. The extra feminine look is made by the deep side part she’s rocking as well.

21. Vanessa Hudgens : Mahogony Ombre

Brown Hair Color Ideas_21

Vanessa Hudgens is known for many roles including her role in High School Musical and we love this bold brown ombre look she’s wearing so well. She’s wearing a beautiful mahogony brown top with half blonde on the rest. What an interesting and unique combo that shows off her artsy side and compliments her unique and spunky personality!

22. Victoria Justice : Beauty Queen Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_22

Victoria Justice looks like a pageant queen with her curls away from her face and that mahogany brown color that is so earthy and sultry. Another secret is adding some long and luscious lashes with a orange-pink lip color to make your bright personality shimmer and come through your beautiful eyes. Let that inner beauty radiate! We all have it!

23. Sandra Bullock : Ultimate Caramel Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_23

Celebrity actress Sandra Bullock is known for her brown locks and we are loving this lighter color on her. Caramel with a hint of golden is great for women with brown eyes and it catches the sun so perfectly. This clean look is classy and elegant and pairs well with solid colors and neutral colors but on the other hand is clean enough to be contrasted with a loud and colorful wardrobe! Don’t forget some chocolate roots to balance out the colors too ladies.

24. Bella Thorne : Wheat Brown with Golden Shimmer

Brown Hair Color Ideas_24

Actress and singer Bella Thorne wears this golden wheat brown color with ease and we think this is a hot color this year! Don’t forget to contrast it with long lashes and smokey eye shadow for a fun party look! This pop star look is also fun with curls and bangs to get that extra wow factor. Finally don’t forget to have fun with accessories! And yes her roots are showing but that is intentional. Lots of the looks this year are not meant to look natural, they’re meant to be bold and fun.

25. Cara Delevingne : Dark Brown with Medium and Light

Brown Hair Color Ideas_25

Cara looks like a debutante and mysterious with this tri-colored appeal. She’s got a deep dark brown base with some medium and light brown accents. The three colors as well as the deep side part keep the eyes moving and bring her eyes forward. Those thick eyebrows are delicious and conquer the look for her! Also look at how messy her plait is, she lets long wisps fall and it’s a very casual style that conjures a wild and free spirit.

26. Jessica Alba : Classic Movie Star Look With Ombre

Brown Hair Color Ideas_26

This classic Hollywood look with one side swept back and a wave side part isn’t complete without the ombre brown hair color that compliments her tan. The yellow is a great color to pair with golden brown hair and a tan as well!  Try a slate or chocolate brown on the base with lots of golden highlights on at least half without a fine line between the colors. Magenta lipstick and some soft purple eye shadow will have you steamy hot this summer so watch out men!

27. Jessica Biel : Hipster Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_27

Jessica Biel is pulling off the totally casual hipster brown ombre hair style. It has no serious curl but it’s not straight, there’s no forced control and it’s just a laid back look. It’s great with some clean makeup and a sleek black jacket. The bohemian hairstyle is achieved with dark brown on top and long golden brown ends.

28. Anne Hathaway : Solid Brown with Matching Brows

Brown Hair Color Ideas_28

Elegant looks are hard to achieve especially when they’re short and Anna has nailed it. She has left her hair soft and the one solid color looks healthy and fun. This is a low maintenance look that won’t cost you an arm and a leg and the side swept look is still feminine.

29. Eva Mendes : Windblown Mahogony with Subtle Hightlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_29

Eva Mendes knows there’s no real draw to stiff and over sprayed hair so she keeps it real with a shiny mahogany brown look complimented by clean makeup. Her natural makeup colors and solid color wardrobe give her a healthy and mature look that is radiant and glowing.

30. Jennifer Garner : Slate Brown with Ash Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_30

Jennifer looks like a goddess from Olympus with these wavy ash brown tressles and highlights. Thick hair is definitely in this year and we love her bold volume! A long bang can certainly help create more softness in the look and a low cut top doesn’t hurt for that extra sex appeal either. Hey if you’ve got it, flaunt it ladies. There’s no shame in being beautiful!

31. Jennifer Love Hewitt : Espresso Masterpiece

Brown Hair Color Ideas_31

This brown A-line look is darling and soft. We love the brown eye shadow she’s added under her eyes as well as the light colored lipstick. If you have thick hair, have your stylist thin it out and this healthy deep brown color will give you a fun look that is great for summer and fall!

32. Natalie Portman : Dark Ash Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_32

Natalie is the essence of elegance with her dark ash brown hair color. Her eyebrows and eyes are matching this rock solid earthy look. That light color on her lips makes her eyes pop even more and she is show stopping gorgeous without having to even have a tan!

33. Olivia Wilde : Brown Ombre with a Shine

Brown Hair Color Ideas_33

This cool look on actress Olivia Wilde is remniscient of the 60’s and flower children. She has waves and it looks like her summer sun kissed hair grew out, giving her that close to nature appeal. She added a shine to it so it’s not dull and this just adds to her larger than life aura that we all love so much.

34. Sarah Hyland : Dark Brown for Princesses Only

Brown Hair Color Ideas_34

American actress Sarah Hyland looks like a storybook princess with her sleek straight brown hair and pink lips. Those big brown eyebrows help create contrast and give her a bold look. The cat eyes are also a nice touch to make her look like royalty.

35. Zooey Deschanel : Amber Brown with Lighter Ends

Brown Hair Color Ideas_35

Actress Zooey Deschanel looks stately with her big curls and staple brown bangs. If you have blue eyes, don’t be afraid to take a dark hair color and wear some black eye makeup to get that color to come out. Notice she’s matched her eyes to her wardrobe and the colors in her ensemble are simple.

36. Ashley Tisdale : Messy Brown with Sparse Hightlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_36

Is it just us or is long hair in like never before? We love how so many of the celebrities are wearing their hair so long this year because it cuts down on having to get your hair cut all the time. This look encourages flyaways and it’s casual style does certainly pair well with a simple white top.

37. Kerry Washington : Dark to Medium Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_37

This look almost creates an optical illusion but indeed she does have a darker brown on top and a medium brown on the other half. Why stick with just one color when two can be just as fun? We love how these brown color combinations are really reaching outside of the box for this years fashion trends.

38. Miranda Kerr : Deep Grey Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_38

This has to be one of our most favorite colors this year. This Australian Victoria’s secret model knows how to be sexy and she’s not afraid to add a little slate grey to her brown. Work with your stylist to find this fun color and you’ll have some of the most unique hair out there.

39. Kate Beckinsale : Bohemian Brown Tresses

Brown Hair Color Ideas_39

Kate Beckinsale knows how to be a knock out. Her small frame is complimented by larger than life hair but this hair can work on all of us ladies! Big curls, fun highlights and a deep base color will get you feeling feminine and mysterious. Getting in touch with your inner beauty is all about embracing your natural beauty and long hair is a fun way to do that!

40. Lea Michele : Medium Ash Brown to Metallic Dipped Tips

Brown Hair Color Ideas_40

What is the secret to celebrity Lea Michele’s mystique? She has a lovely medium ash brown base with golden metalic dipped ends. She has a majestic wave in her hair as well as that side swept Hollywood glamor look. Finally, she went big and bold with her eyebrows to match her medium ash brown base color.

41. Adriana Lima : Messy Deep Espresso Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_41

Adriana is a Brazilian actress and model who oozes with sexuality. Her brown is almost black and it brings out her light colored eyes that have a soft brown color on top. Just a subtle curl without too much control is the secret to her magic. This healthy color is jaw dropping and let’s your unique beauty shine.

42. Leighton Meester : Beachy Brown Tresses

Brown Hair Color Ideas_42

This American actress and singer has a very beachy look going on with her brown base and messy ombre ends. She has contrasted her casual hair with a formal wardrobe and we love the natural meets modern style. She looks warm and approachable without heavy eye makeup and a simple warm blush. If you are a nature lover in business, well this is the look for you. It’s also quite artistic if you ask us!

43. Lily Collins : Reddish Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_43

One thing we really love with green eyes is reddish brown hair. Look how she’s accentuated those eyebrows and brought out the red in her hair with those red lips as well. Red is a color that is versatile and always gets compliments. If you love rock n’ roll or just have an artsy flair, go for a deep reddish brown look and embrace your creativity!

44. Lucy Hale : Espresso with Medium Reddish Brown Hightlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_44

Country pop-singer Lucy Hale has that country brown hair that we adore so much and you can have this look too. Get a deep brown base and long extensions if your hair isn’t long. Add golden and reddish highlights that will bring out the peachy skin tone and help you glow!

45. Lauren Conrad : Shiny Ash Chestnut Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_45

Lauren Conrad is magnificent with those few highlights that frame her face. Notice how her whole ensemble is neutral colors. She has added a nice shine to her chesnut brown locks and she’s got that 70’s look going on with her curls away from the face and the high waisted bow.

46. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley : Flower Power Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_46

This look says ‘I’m sexy and I know it.’ We love the volume on top that give the look more movement and that color on top is a simple light brown that allows the golden ends to stand out. We love this look with tan skin and blue eyes but it can work for most. It’s great because it still looks great as it grows out.

47. Shay Mitchell : Wavy Chocolate with a Shine

Brown Hair Color Ideas_47

We like her ever so subtle highlights on the ends of her very long hair. We also love the very large waves that she’s cultivated. You can do this by curling your hair and brushing through it. Shine spray will keep it in place and don’t be afraid to give it some serious volume girl!

48. Karlie Kloss : Light Ash Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_48

All those colors we never see are really coming around this season. This is a subtle, almost grey, light brown that we adore. If you want to keep things simple and let your hair blow in the wind, go for this color. It’s especially easy if it’s pretty close to your natural hair color.

49. Katharine McPhee : Chocolate with a Medium Brown Kiss

Brown Hair Color Ideas_49

Notice how this whole ensemble is just many shades of brown? Her skin is glowing and her smile is beaming and the hair is healthy and has a bounce. She’s curled individual pieces to give herself a feminine mystique. You really don’t have to be tan to pull off brown hair.

50. Rachel Bilson : Ash Brown Took a Dip

Brown Hair Color Ideas_50

This slate brown has just a very subtle dip of lighter brown to bring some dimension into the look. Rachel’s staple brown hair is what brings out those beautiful eyes and her natural hair is one of our favorites this year. We love the slate browns because they pair so well with everything and are just so different than what we usually see.

51. Victoria Beckham : Medium Brown Layered with Hints of Caramel

Brown Hair Color Ideas_51

Victoria Bekham is known for having iconic and trendsetting style and she holds that torch well with this unique high fashion look. Normal is boring and she’s always doing things that are outside of the box. We love the side sweep and the short layers that are surprising and dramatic to match those intense eyes.

52. Eva Longoria : Simple Caramel with Espresso Roots

Brown Hair Color Ideas_52

Eva Longoria is always classy and always drop dead gorgeous. How does she accomplish this feat? Well for starters, she’s rocking a beautiful golden caramel color and has deep espresso brown roots. She’s wearing nude colors to compliment the brown which we have seen on many of these celebrities and we love the healthy pink glow on her cheeks.

53. Minka Kelly : Messy Wavy Espresso with Medium Brown Tips

Brown Hair Color Ideas_53

Minka Kelly is positively edible with her messy brown curls. She could stop traffic with her voluminous espresso brown which fades to a comfy chestnut. Get the length and add the curls and you’re ready for a night out or a romantic date.

54. Nicole Richie : Straight Caramel with Darker Roots

Brown Hair Color Ideas_54

This subtle ombre fade that Nicole Richie wears so wear is all high fashion. She’s always thinking outside the box and we like how she doesn’t hide her face. Golden caramel is great with a tan and brown eyes but it will also compliment blue or green eyes. Don’t be ashamed to let those roots grow out because that’s all a part of the look!

55. Ashley Greene : Chestnut with a Few Hightlights

Brown Hair Color Ideas_55

Ashley Green doesn’t need to go overboard with her hair because her face is so striking. She has a soft color on her hair to soften her angular face and the curls on the bottom aid in that as well. Never underestimate some smokey eye makeup and longer lashes to make you feel extra sexy.

56. Olivia Culpo : Thick Mahogony Curls with a Face Frame

Brown Hair Color Ideas_56

Miss USA from 2012 is stunning with her thick and long mahogony curls. And look at those darling little highlights that frame her face, she’s not afraid to let her hair be thick and gorgeous and neither should you.

57. Cheryl Cole : Beehive Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_57

This is a glamor look that Cheryl is winning with. She’s bold and beautiful and loves to dress up. She has swept her hair to one side as we’ve seen many of the celebrities doing because it adds to that princess appeal the younger actresses all channel so well. Dramatic eyes are fun and shameless so go big and bold and have fun!

58. Mischa Barton : Golden, Casual and Natural Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_58

Mischa Barton’s calm and casual demeanor is highlighted by this graceful hair color. We think this is a great look for girls who don’t want to spend a whole lot of time on their hair but still want something that isn’t dull. Ask your stylist for a golden wheat brown with a gloss finish.

59. Olivia Palermo : Medium Ash Brown

Brown Hair Color Ideas_59

Socialite, Olivia Polermo is always elegant and sophisticated with her fashion. We love this medium ash brown color with subtle waves. She looks like a doll and extra sweet with her lavender eye shadow and pink lips.

60. Kiera Knightley : Medium Brown Ringlets

Brown Hair Color Ideas_60

Kierra doesn’t need introduction because she’s so well known. She is simply stunning with her medium brown hair which doesn’t need to be overly shinny. Her deep personality and down to earth personality comes through with her simple but gorgeous brown ringlets. We love this look so much and think it suits her strong nature well.

 Hopefully you have some wonderful ideas now that will get you through the year and don’t forget to share these fun looks with your closest friends so they can get in touch with their creative side. Overall, long is in and more than anything, experimenting with color is totally encouraged in the hair scene as well! So have fun and try something new and see what new experiences come along!

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