50 Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

By on October 2, 2015

Regardless of the season, bob hairstyles are cool. They’re versatile, innovative, and really easy to style. A proper haircut will frame your face perfectly. It will make you look more beautiful because your natural facial features will be brought out to the surface. Bobs are adorable hairdos, even for the most difficult types of hair. Whether yours is thick or thin, straight or curly, there’s surely a style that will fit you like a glove. Here are 50 amazing bob hairstyles to inspire you. 

1. Long Colorful Bob

bob hairstyle_01

Black women are the luckiest because they can dye their hair in crazy colors without looking ridiculous. A long colorful bob for example, might be exactly what you need to feel confident and gorgeous once again. For some added drama, opt for longer strands in the front; as for the color, turquoise ombre is in trend this season.

2. Brown Messy Curls

bob hairstyle_02

In the mood for a change but you don’t want to cut out too much of your hair? Then you should definitely give these messy curls a try. The darker brown at the roots goes really well with the lighter hues at the tips. Preserve the “messiness” of the curls just to add a bit more minimalism to the hairdo.

3. Brown & Blond with Side Swept Bangs

bob hairstyle_03

This half brown/half blond color mix is ideal for a bob. It adds ingenuity to the style and it makes it pop. For some added originality, go for light waves and a side swept fringe. Your features will be framed perfectly and you’ll feel more beautiful than ever.

4. Light Purple Bob & Side Fringe

bob hairstyle_04

Check out this cool purple bob. On black women purple works beautifully. It blends smoothly with a darker skin tone, adding romance and softening facial features that are too prominent. And if you really want to make an impression, you could consider dying your eyebrows purple too. 

5. Cherry Blend & Fully Layered Bob

bob hairstyle_05

This beautiful combination of red and cherry colors will definitely make your short bob stand out. At the roots it is preserved the natural color of the hair; at the ends the hues add drama and originality. The thickness of the locks is preserved too, thus adding fullness to the hairstyle and making it look fabulous.

6. Curly Bob with Side Parting

 bob hairstyle_06

Curls are sexy, there’s no doubt about that. This amazing curly bob looks incredibly sleek. It is ideal for black women with natural frizzy hair. Add a twist to the hairdo by opting for a side parting. It will frame your face a lot better.

7. Rich Curly Bob

bob hairstyle_07

A rich curly bob is such a romantic type of hairstyle. Women with straight hair crave perfect curls; which means you’re the luckiest woman on Earth. Black women have natural frizzy hair. Be proud of your locks and go for this nice bob. It will emphasize your facial features and it will give you a boost of confidence. 

8. Sleek Light Brown Bob

bob hairstyle_08

A sleek bob is the perfect hairstyle for a formal event. It looks neat and polished, and it adds sophistication to outfits that are simpler. Go for uneven ends, a lighter shade of brown and a side parting. The final hairdo will exceed all your expectations.

9. Asymmetrical Bob with Brown Ends

bob hairstyle_09

In love with your blond hair color but eager to mix it up? Then you should give this asymmetrical bob a try. It features multiple undercuts, which will reveal your brown ends without overshadowing the dominant color. It’s a cool idea whenever you feel like you need a change. 

10. Short Bob with Blond & Pink Hues

bob hairstyle_10

Short bobs are in style this season. They’re sophisticated and modern, and in the right color combo they can add innovation to a rather boring hairdo. Are you up for a challenge this autumn? How about if you got an asymmetrical bob with hints of blond and pink? The blend can look incredibly sleek and stylish. 

11. Long Grayish Bob

bob hairstyle_11

There’s a new hair color making a buzz this year, and you won’t believe what it is – it’s gray. That’s right, gray hair is not for old women any longer. In fact, it can look chic and urban on 20-year olds too. Check out this cool grayish long bob. It’s fabulous!

12. Blue & Gray with Bangs

bob hairstyle_12

Since we mentioned how cool gray hair can be, we have to mention that in combination with blue it can look even better. Perfectly layered and beautifully trimmed to match your face, this hairstyle will instantly make you stand above the crowd.

13. Long Layered Bob with Middle Parting

bob hairstyle_13

Women with long, oval faces should try out this perfectly layered bob. It comes with a middle parting and it is meant to emphasize on your natural features while at the same time hiding imperfections. The ombre is quite seductive too; it gives the hairstyle an air of freshness.

14. Bob Braids Bob

bob hairstyle_14

Just because you have box braids it doesn’t mean you can’t cut them in a bob. Go for a cool hairdo with a side parting and consider a shorter version. This way your face will have softer, more delicate features. Make sure the braids are thinner in order to make the hair easier to style.

15. Asymmetrical Bob with Blue Nuances

bob hairstyle_15

Blue hair is in trend this season. Paired with the right makeup and hairstyle, it can actually look chic. Because the color is striking you are advised to opt for an equally striking bob. Check out the hairdo in the picture above. The bob is really short on one side and longer on the other. The asymmetry gives it an edge, and extra hint of originality.

16. Sleek Short Bob

bob hairstyle_16

If you want to play it safe but still make an impression, try out this amazing sleek bob. It frames the face beautifully and it is doesn’t have any asymmetries. The length is above the shoulders, which makes it an ideal hairstyle for women with long, beautiful necklines.

17. Vintage-Inspired Bob

bob hairstyle_17

Give a twist to your average bob and go for this ingeniously styled vintage bob. Blend perfect curls with waves at the top of the head, and add a touch of romance with a side fringe. For an added wow effect, use vintage-inspired hair clips.

18. Teased Bob

bob hairstyle_18

A teased bob is an ideal choice for women with thin hair. In combination with some hairspray, this hairdo will make you look chic and sophisticated. Go for a lighter hair color too, such as warm blond.

19. Short Bob with Highlights  

bob hairstyle_19

A cool bob hairstyle that is shorter on the back and longer in the front can be the change that you need for this autumn season. And since the seasons have just changed, why not change your hair color too? Highlights are in trend once again; particularly lighter nuances of blond and creamy caramel.

20. Layered Bob with Ombre Effects

bob hairstyle_20

A longer, layered bob can look so sexy when styled properly. Shorter in the front and longer in the back, this hairdo is suitable for women with soft facial features, prominent eyes and bold eyebrows. Give a twist to the style by opting for highlights in the front; they will add glow to the face and make it appear brighter than ever.

21. Sleek Bob with side Fringe

bob hairstyle_21

You can never go wrong with a sleek bob, wherever you go. Neatly combed and turned on a side, this hairdo is perfect for stylish women with a real sense of fashion. Go for longer strands in the front and keep the length in the back shorter. This will add more drama to the style.

22. Curly Side-Swept Bob

bob hairstyle_22

A curly side-swept bob can look chic and modern. The hairstyle in the picture above is ideal for a party or social gathering. It’s messy yet it doesn’t look sloppy. On the contrary; it has an urban appeal women should consider if they want to make an impression.

23. Long Layered Bob with Blue Hints

bob hairstyle_23

A long layered bob is the ultimate craze these days. Wavy and with a parting in the middle, this hairstyle matches women with all types of faces. The uneven layers at the tips give a twist to the hairdo, making it appear loose and fresh.

24. Short/Long Bob

bob hairstyle_24

Asymmetrical bobs will never fade away. There’s something about a sleek bob that we absolutely love. It could be the effect that they create. Shorter strands on a side and longer on the other, mixed with a killer hair color are the success recipe of an amazing hairstyle.

25. Neat Bob with Fringe

bob hairstyle_25

A Rihanna-inspired bob is exactly what you need if you’re tired of curly hair. For this hairstyle, you will require a flat iron. Give a twist by getting a fringe, and have it layered at the tips to make the hairdo appear more dramatic. 

26. Short Bob & Undercut and Bangs

bob hairstyle_26

Women with bony facial features should get a really short bob with undercuts. It’s the ultimate trend! Have one of the sides trimmed and leave the other longer. Get a side fringe too and you’ll have the coolest, most innovative hairstyle.

27. The Pixie Bob

bob hairstyle_27

The pixie bob is real, even though these two words are in contradiction. When a pixie hairstyle is curly and a bit longer, it’s fine to call it a bob. Check the picture above! In combination with really light brown, those curls look amazing.

28. Short Bob with Straight Bangs   

bob hairstyle_28

Just because you have really short hair it doesn’t mean you can’t get bangs. Of course you can, and all you have to do is leave the top of your head grow a bit longer. Then comb it in the front e voila!

29. Creamy Chocolate Long Bob

bob hairstyle_29

In the mood for a seductive hairdo? How about a creamy chocolate bob? Opt for longer locks but make sure the hair doesn’t fall below the shoulders; and for an added wow effect, you should get a fringe. Sweep it on a side and rock your new hairstyle. 

30. Seductive Blond Bob

bob hairstyle_30

Black women should dye their blond at least once in their lives. Who knows, it might just be your color? This sleek short bob with a fringe is absolutely gorgeous. We love the structural shape of the hairdo; it frames the face perfectly.

31. Rainbow Bob

bob hairstyle_31

Rainbow colors are the newest trend this season, and green in particular is highly appreciated. The hue goes really well on brunettes, although blonds can think about it too. For an added hint of originality, go for a second set of highlights, but this time around opt for purple. The blend will make you stand above the crowd almost instantly.

32. Voluminous Bob with Layered Back

bob hairstyle_32

Women with voluminous hair can easily go for a bob hairstyle. A skilled stylist will layer it properly on the back so that it looks chic and trendy; although you may have to use a bit of hairspray to keep the bob under control.

33. Golden Brown Highlights

bob hairstyle_33

These golden brown highlights are the pure definition of the autumn season. The blend of dark brown with lighter nuances looks fascinating. We’re loving the layered bob too; it’s so sleek and chic. To get it all you need is some hairspray and a blow dryer. 

34. Brown/Blond Ombre

bob hairstyle_34

Ombre hair has completely revolutionized the styling business. Every woman should get an ombre at least once; black women in particular have the most interesting features. In their case, a brown/blond ombre bob can be exactly what they need to feel beautiful again. 

35. Ombre Green Bob

bob hairstyle_35

This ombre green bob is sophisticated, stylish and sleek. It can be worn with any type of outfit, although it demands a certain degree of elegance. Women with a weakness for minimalistic trends should surely go for this cool hairdo.

36. Short and Straight 

bob hairstyle_36

Straight bobs can do more harm than good if you have aggressive facial features. If you have a big face, then a geometric bob that is straight at the base will soften your traits. Ditch the bangs and go for a side fringe; it will support the geometry created in the face and make you look even trendier. 

37. Ombre Pink Bob

bob hairstyle_37

Pink is not new when it comes to hair colors. In fact, a lot of women who like to play with their hair go pink. Women with natural brown hair who are not that bold when it comes to drastic styles should consider an ombre pink bob. Half of your head will remain untouched, while the other will shine.

38. Layered Red

bob hairstyle_38

A layered bob dyed in red can be the change that your locks needs for this season. Let it shine and go for the most original color mix. Opt for a cool asymmetry too; have some curls on one side and keep the hair straight on the other.

39. Side-Swept Bob

bob hairstyle_39

Bob hairstyles can look so fresh and original. All you have to do is find the style that best complements your face. This side swept bob is pretty amazing. It features loose curls and a blond color that can’t go unnoticed.

40. Marilyn Monroe Inspired Bob

bob hairstyle_40

We love Marilyn because she had a killer sense of style. Her blond bob turned heads wherever she went. Are you up for a challenge? Get inspired and opt for this amazing hairdo. It’s not that difficult to obtain either, providing that you go to a professional to trim your locks.

41. Curled Bangs

bob hairstyle_41

Even the simplest bobs can look chic. Add a twist to your asymmetrical hairdo and get a curled fringe. It will frame your face beautifully and it will make it appear a lot more romantic and enticing.

42. Curly Bob

bob hairstyle_42

A curly bob from the roots to the ends is something quite impressive. However the style is not for women with prominent, imposing heads. However, for those with small heads and delicate facial features, this could be an ideal hairdo.

43. Teased Chin Bob

bob hairstyle_43

Bob hairstyles that are by the chin can look amazing. You need a thin long neck for the style to fit you though. For an added effect the hair has to be properly combed and teased. That’s all you need to feel and look like a million dollars.

44. Soft Brown Bob & Highlights  

bob hairstyle_44

We just can’t get enough of long straight bobs with highlights. The hairstyle doesn’t just look modern and stylish; it actually brings out the wearer’s beautiful cheekbones, eyes and lips.

45. Gray & Blue Hints

bob hairstyle_45

We recently mentioned that gray hair can look modern and trendy too. For this bob to look even bolder, you should opt for discreet strands of blue. The under-layers make the whole hairstyle appear ingenious, and that’s mainly because of the surprise color palette underneath.

46. Frizzy Bob

bob hairstyle_46

Most black women have frizzy or curly hair that can be impossible to control. Rather than destroy it, why not trim it into a bob? A nice frizzy bob can look ten times better than straight hair. All you need is hair mouse to keep the strands under control.

47. Blond with Layered Bangs

bob hairstyle_47

All women want perfectly layered bangs to make them look chic. Now you can have it with this cool bob idea. The style is short and neat, and it goes really well on women with luscious lips and beautiful eyes.

48. Asymmetrical Trims

bob hairstyle_48

Skinny women with bony faces brace yourselves! A bob hairstyle with asymmetrical trims and mild waves is exactly what you need to look your best. Check the style in the picture above. It’s simple in theory but really interesting at a closer look.

49. Structural Bob with Hints of Blond

bob hairstyle_49

It looks like this season blond goes really well with any other dominant color, even with black. A structural bob in particular, should fit your style like a glove. Go for the simplest, sleekest variant and have a couple of strands dyed blond. You’ll love the final outcome. 

50. Short Bob & Straight Fringe

bob hairstyle_50

This hairstyle is suitable for women who want to have softer, younger features. In some ways the hairdo makes women look childish, although if you’re 35 that could be a great thing. The bob is really short and it covers the whole face uniformly but without hiding the face. Try it out if you need a change and you’ll wow everyone around you.

Bob hairstyles are cool! Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy or super frizzy, there are styling ways that can make you look amazing. Dare to be different and you’ll be memorable. Try out one (or more) of these 50 fabulous bob hairstyles!

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