40 Blue Ombre Hair Ideas

By on November 15, 2015

Changing your hairstyle can be the easiest way to change your look; this may be to tell the world that you are a different person. Or, it may be simply for the fun of it and because you can! Ombre, as a style originated in France several years ago and has become a popular alternative to changing your entire hair color. It has even become popular with many celebrities! The idea is to dye your hair so that the bottom portion looks lighter than the top. It is possible to keep your existing style and simply adjust the coloring, but, there is also a huge range of styles to choose from:

1. Hints of Ombre – Blue & Green

blue ombre hair_01

When blending blue with green the result is an eclectic neon color that’s absolutely fierce. The ombre effect goes really well on women with darker hair. It gives your current hairdo an edge that’s just impossible to ignore. 

2. Purple & Pastel Blue

blue ombre hair_02

Pastel colors are ideal on blonde women. If you’re feeling bold enough this fall season, opt for a fierce mix of light purple and pastel blue ombre. To give your hairstyle an extra hint of originality, have it layered. It will look airy and light, which might be exactly what you need to regain your confidence.

3. Blonde & Turquoise Ombre 

blue ombre hair_03

Turquoise can be an incredibly bold nuance on blonde women. And yet if your purpose is to make an impression, then you will definitely succeed with this combination. Pair the hairdo with matte lipstick and your friends will be amazed.

4. Brown & Blue Ombre 

blue ombre hair_04

Blue ombre hair is not just for blonds though. Women with brown hair can adopt this trend too. Check out this beautiful transition from brown to blue. It is so smooth and appealing!

5. Gray & Pastel Blue

blue ombre hair_05

Does your platinum blond hair need a change? How about a hint of pastel blue? In combination with gray the end result will seem almost purple. Wear the hairstyle in a medium-length bob and you will instantly grab people’s attention. 

6. Asymmetrical Blue Bob

blue ombre hair_06

An asymmetrical bob with a shaved side is exactly what you need to stand out this fall season. To make the hairdo appear even more striking, have the hair dyed blue and embrace the dark ombre. It will surely look lovely on you. 

7. Green & Blue Ombre with Side Parting

blue ombre hair_07

It looks like the killer color combination of this year is green and blue. These two shades go perfectly together. Have your hair layered and consider a side parting to frame your face. To some added originality, add some white highlights into the mix.

8. Deep Purple & Blue

blue ombre hair_08

Now this is what we call a striking hair color combination. We have neon purple at the roots, darker purple in the middle and blue at the tips. And yet, these three hues work like a charm. Wear your hair loose and let it blend even more for a true wow effect. 

9. Blue Bun

blue ombre hair_09

Buns are chic, easy to do and appealing especially when that bun comes in a ombre blue shade. Opt for a “messy” hairstyle to make your whole outfit seem effortless and ditch the fringe to highlight your beautiful facial structure. 

10. Mahogany Blue Ombre 

blue ombre hair_10

This beautiful combination of brown mahogany and blue at the very tips is quite impressive. We love the way the ombre effect is created. The mix of light brown, mahogany and blue are perfectly combined to make the finest, most soothing color combo. 

11. Dreamy Pastel Blue Ombre 

blue ombre hair_11

This dreamy pastel blue is absolutely stunning. The color is incredibly tough to wear, and yet if you have blond hair you can own it. Incredibly sleek and stylish, the hairdo will wow everyone around you. To add more drama into the mix, curl your hair at the bottom and make those curls seem cool and bouncy. 

12. Blue Ombre & Pink Highlights 

blue ombre hair_12

If you feel that your blue ombre hair is not enough to grab people’s attention, you could add a few pink highlights into the mix. The final hairstyle will look exceptional, not to mention that everyone one the street will notice your free-spirited sense of style. 

13. Light Brown & Blue with Curls

blue ombre hair_13


Light brown is an earthy hair color. It is great during the fall season because it’s warm and modern, although it might go unnoticed if not properly styled. Mix is with blue and give your hairdo a ombre effect that’s impossible to miss. 

14. Blue & Pink with Curls 

blue ombre hair_14

This ocean blue/pink hairdo is truly stunning. Those curls add movement to the style and the blend of pink with blue make the ombre appear so light and airy. It’s definitely a must-try if you’re feeling bold and ready to make a drastic change. 

15. Straight Purple & Blue Ombre

blue ombre hair_15

Purple is not the most common hair color. And yet, this season it’s everywhere. To make your hairstyle pop-up, go for a chic blend of purple and blue. You will adore the end result. 

16. Red & Dark Blue Ombre 

blue ombre hair_16

Who’s to say that red and blue can’t go well together? When mixed properly, the blend can end up being the most fascinating ombre. The color blocking effect is quite impressive too. It will surely turn people’s heads around. 

17. Blue & Gray

blue ombre hair_17

This discreet combination of blue and gray is meant for brave women only. It looks polished, neat and urban-like, which is just what you need to get out of anonymity and make an impression on your friends and family.

18. Blonde Bob with Blue Ombre Under Layers 

blue ombre hair_18

Don’t you think it’s time to give your hair a trim? Short bobs can be sexy too, provided that the hairstyle matches your face. As for the color, that old-fashioned blonde could use a hint of blue. 

19. Reserve Blue Ombre Pony Tail

blue ombre hair_19

This reverse blue and platinum blonde ombre looks pretty spectacular. The two colors blend smoothly together, and what we love most is the pony tail. It gives the hairdo an extra hint of originality and appeal. 

20. Platinum Blonde & Blue Ombre Insertions 

blue ombre hair_20

Platinum blonde is a type of hair color that can look expensive when styled right. In this case the hair flowers in the middle go really well with the loose hair on the back. We love the blue ombre insertions too, because they add flair and ingenuity to the hairdo. 

21. Light Brown to Blue

blue ombre hair_21

If you have long straight hair and choose a vivid blue, such as a scuba blue you will create a striking result. Ideally, start the color from the shoulders with just a few strands of blue disappearing towards the top of your head. This style, combined with light brown or blond hair can actually create a reverse ombre effect; where the original hair is lighter than the vivid blue dye.

22. Black and Blue

blue ombre hair_22

Another color for those with long straight hair is a turquoise shade of blue against black or very dark brown hair. The brightness of the blue will create a sharp contrast to the darkness on the top of your head. This look is striking enough that it is possible to start the ombre higher than usual, even from the level of the eyes!

23. The Mermaid

blue ombre hair_23

The previous two hairstyles can be accomplished with hair just over the shoulder. For this effect to work properly you need hair which climbs down your back, towards your waist. For maximum effect you should have blond hair at the top and an electric blue ombre. From around the jaw line color your hair and weave it downwards, creating a wavy, mermaid style swirl that looks fantastic!

24. The Blue Bob

blue ombre hair_24

A bob can be used to great effect, if you are not afraid of color. This effect is best generated by coloring the top two thirds of your hair a deep purple. The bottom third of your hair should then be colored to blend into the purple; electric blue or even pink works well too. Create a wavy look in your style and enjoy looking like a chic rock star!

25. Purple to Turquoise

blue ombre hair_25

Using the same colors, but in lighter shades, as the wavy bob it is possible to create the look of a bohemian princess. This style is best for long straight hair with just a small section at the end of your hair being colored blue. It will certain create a stir wherever you go!

26. Double Blue

blue ombre hair_26

This can be worked as a standard ombre or a reverse ombre. It is ideally for those with a wavy bob which is getting a little long. Rather than having it cut again, keep the waves and add a pale blue tip to the bottom third of your hair.  Color the top part of your hair a darker blue, almost purple. Creating a sassy, contemporary look!

27. Barely Dipped Blue

blue ombre hair_27

Sometimes you may prefer to make a smaller statement, to show you embrace a trend but in your own way. If this is the case then this is the hairstyle for you! Ideally you should have, or dye your hair dark brown, or even black. The add a bright blue, such as electric blue, to the very tips; no more than two or three inches up from hair that ends in the middle of your back. You will create a subtle, yet sophisticate look which can explode into color if you put your hair into a pony tail!

28. Ombre High

blue ombre hair_28



















Wavy, curly hair can really bring out the color you have chosen, particularly if you have shorter hair. To do something a little more radical or extreme than most, add a deep blue into almost all your hair. Start from at least the top of the ear line down with a few streaks higher. Ideally your hair should be a medium brown color to maximize the effect; attention grabbing!

29. The Princess

blue ombre hair_29

A princess should have stunning, individual looks combined with hair down to at least the middle of her back. Color the top part of your hair black and then choose a bright blue to color the rest; ideally from the top of the ears down. Style it straight for sleek and sophisticated or curl it in layers for some fun!

30. Long Blue

blue ombre hair_30

Make sure your hair is straight and goes well onto your back. Then choose a subtle blue, something that says you are ombre but not too bright a color. Add this to your hair from the bottom all the way up to nearly the tips; a few strands can even go as far as the tips. This will create a stunning, natural look and is subtle enough to wear anywhere.

31. Turquoise Curls

blue ombre hair_31

This is similar to the mermaid; it uses a medium blue color into wavy, long hair. Ideally the color should streak a little higher at the edges while the darker, natural color creeps down the middle. To add to the effect bleach just the very tips; this will create an additional, lighter shade of blue. You will truly look like the magical and mysterious mermaid!

32. Multicolor

blue ombre hair_32

Sometimes blue is just not enough by itself. Keep your original, dark hair on the very top of your head and then blend three different colors, such as blue, green and purple in streaks through the rest of your hair. The colors should all be fairly subtle so as not to overpower the affect. Add some curly layers and look like a mythical goddess!

33. Blue Dipped

blue ombre hair_33

If you are lucky enough to have jet black hair then you may not wish to risk damaging the roots; particularly as you already have the perfect color for the ombre look! Simply die the bottom two thirds of your hair blue; the choice of shade is yours and style as normal to look like a model.

34. Queen Blue

blue ombre hair_34

This is a hairstyle worthy of a queen and works great for natural redheads. Alternatively you can dye your hair a plum red! Add in streaks of blue and purple and layer in as many curls as you can. The resulting weave will look fantastic and you will both feel and look like royalty!

35. Fifty Fifty

blue ombre hair_35

Despite the idea that an ombre hairstyle should involve coloring just the lower part of your hair; this can be an excellent option for those with shorter hair. Hair around the shoulder can be colored half a deep blue and half a dark brown or maroon. The look will be out of this world!

36. Baby Blue

blue ombre hair_36

This look firs a very specific hair style. You need a medium cut with a short, straight fringe. Your hair also needs to be blond; naturally or dyed. Next add a subtle blue-gray color to the top of your hair and extend it three quarters of the way through your hair; allowing the blond to streak out the bottom. Very sophisticated!

37. Curly Blue

blue ombre hair_37

Dark hair can be enhanced by adding a deep blue, if you wish to be subtle. If you want to make a louder statement; go for a vivid blue. Dye your hair from below the ears down with your chosen blue, adding a few streaks and then go to town with the curling iron. The more curls the better!

38. Magnetic Tips

blue ombre hair_38

Shoulder length dark hair can look sophisticated, stylish and sometimes a little bland! Add a deep blue into the mix and you have a traditional ombre look. Finish this by adding some lighter tips and you will create a magnetic affect! This look is sure to turn heads and leave you feeling like the cat which got the cream!

39. Extending the Light Affect

blue ombre hair_39

To really emphasize your love of blue have extensions added to your hair. Color your hair, from its roots a deep blue. Then, from around the shoulder line blend in a light blue, something that will remind you of the sky on a beautiful summer’s day. The color should run through your extensions as well. Layer and curl the light color to create a stunning visual affect. It will appear as though you are looking at the sea, meeting the sky!

40. Silver Blue

blue ombre hair_40

Keeping your hair light and delicate will enable you to look like a sophisticated, chic fairy. Dye your hair a delicate, pale powder blue; from the roots to the tips. Then add in a delicate shade of purple, keeping the color light. Streaks of purple should run up from the bottom of your hair and will create a dreamy look. This look will take some effort to keep looking this good, but it will get everyone’s attention!

Ombre hair has been around for a couple of years now, and it looks like it’s not going anywhere. This season’s hottest trend is the blue ombre. Mix it with blond, brown, black or any other hair color, and the end result will exceed your expectations. What’s great about ombre hair is that it’s simple to style and maintain. It matches women with different types of hair, and above all, it is meant to give your hairdo an original, innovative appeal. Here are 40 incredible blue ombre hair ideas you need to try out this year. 

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