30 Blonde Ombre Hair Ideas

By on November 4, 2015

Ombre is a hot color trend that many women crave for. It has been for many years. The variety of styles is endless, as well as the color combinations. Blonde women in particular are the luckiest because their hair color is the easiest to dye in ombre shades. Choose to be bold and select a style that best compliments your face features and personality. Here are 30 amazing blonde ombre hair ideas to help you get inspired.

1. Mermaid Ombre

blonde ombre hair_01

Is your hair really long and wavy? Do you love your blonde curls? Well then you might want to try this amazing mermaid ombre. Basically, the bottom half of the hair is painted in blue, or turquoise like the ocean. The style will create an instant wow effect and everyone around you will be blown away by your courage to stand out.

2. Pink Ribbons

blonde ombre hair_02

The ombre trend is incredibly diverse and this season a new subdivision of the style is gaining recognition: the ribbons. Blonde hair looks amazing with ribbons. Basically, the style involves dying precise strands of hair in a striking color. If you really want to make an impression, then pink should do the trick.

3. Light Reversed Ombre

blonde ombre hair_03

If you love your blonde hair but you still feel like you need a change, go for this fabulous reversed ombre. Choose a really soft light brown for the tips and your style will look a lot more interesting and appealing. A darker hue at the tips will additionally strengthen them and make them look fuller and thicker.

4. Platinum Ombre

blonde ombre hair_04

Women with dark blonde hair will love this style. Basically, the ends will be dyed in platinum blonde. The color is super popular among celebrities, and we must admit that the effect is truly inspiring. Wear the style with sexy curls if you’re going to a party or straight if you’re heading out with your friends. Either way, you will make an impression!

5. Edgy Blonde Brown Ombre

blonde ombre hair_05

Add a touch of brown to your blonde hair and your facial features will appear more illuminated and well-pronounced. Brown ombre hues may appear too striking on women with blonde hair; and yet, if the colors are blended gently the end result will exceed all expectations.

6. Patterned Ombre

blonde ombre hair_06

This hairstyle is extremely unusual although it is rather enticing. Perfect on blonde hair, the patterned ombre allows you to get creative with your hair. There are so many interesting designs you can go for, such as leopard print, hearts, and flowers. Embrace your fierce look and everyone will turn heads after you.

7. Light Beige-Blonde Ombre

blonde ombre hair_07

A seamless, smooth transition from light beige to blonde is the main reason we love this trend so much. To make the hairdo edgier, go for soft waves and a middle parting. The final cut will look stunning!

8. Straight Long Ombre

blonde ombre hair_08

The best ombre hues are observed on women with long straight hair. If you’re a blonde and you’d like to darken your hair with some hints of ash brown at the tips, then don’t hesitate and do it. The reverse ombre effect will wow everyone around you.

9. Bohemian Ombre

blonde ombre hair_09

Women with blonde hair must try out this cool bohemian ombre. It goes really well on ash blonde or platinum blonde too. If your hair is extremely light, be very careful when dyeing it. Don’t make the ends to dark and make sure the transition goes smoothly.

10. Beachy Blonde Ombre

blonde ombre hair_10

Whenever we hear about beachy hair we think of long, wavy hair that’s effortlessly made yet really chic. To get the beachy blonde ombre, you need to dye your hair is light blonde at the ends. Make sure the transition from dark blonde to light blonde is gradual. This will make the style look absolutely fabulous.

11. Dark Blonde Ombre

blonde ombre hair_11

Dark blonde can be a fierce hair color, provided that you know how to style it. Go for lighter hues at the tips and the result will be divine. For an added hint of ingenuity include additional hues of honey or platinum blonde highlights.

12. Blonde-Green Ombre

blonde ombre hair_12

One of the newest hair trends this season is the striking green hair color. If you’re not bold enough to dye it all green, then you should start slow. Opt for blonde-green ombre, and you will look stunning. Be advised that only a skilled hairstylist will be able to make this combo work in harmony.

13. Subtle Ombre Tips

blonde ombre hair_13

Are you in love with your blonde hair, but every now and then still feel the need for a change? Well then you should opt for subtle ombre tips. There are different hues you can try out. How about red? It will surely make your classic blonde pop up!

14. Curled Bold Blonde Ombre

blonde ombre hair_14

Now this is combo that we love – bold blonde with dark ombre. Not all women will be able to rock this style, and that’s because you must have really pale skin for the hairdo to look good. The transition between the two shades might seem striking, although if done by a professional you will definitely appreciate the artistic touch.

15. Pixie Blonde with Light Tips

blonde ombre hair_15

This pixie blonde hairdo with light tips shows that women with really short hair can get an ombre too. Easy to style and super hip, the cut will make you stand out from a crowd; especially if those ombre tips come in a platinum nuance.

16. Wavy Blonde Ombre with Bangs

blonde ombre hair_16

Wavy hair is the best because it makes you look sophisticated. Wavy blonde ombre hair is even more amazing. The style gives women an edgy allure; and if were to put straight bangs into the mix, the final hairstyle would look incredible.

17. Strawberry Blonde Ombre

blonde ombre hair_17

Strawberry blonde is a hair color that got a lot of recognition this past summer season. And it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. It’s certainly cool to see blonde hair fade into a deeper strawberry-like hue.

18. Ash Blonde & Blue Ombre

blonde ombre hair_18

What’s not to like about ash blonde hair? It is truly gorgeous. Now let’s add a few light blue ombre highlights into the mix. The final hairstyle will appear so sleek and innovative!

19. Sombre Blonde

blonde ombre hair_19

This subcategory of ombre hair doesn’t focus on highlighting the bottom half of your locks. It highlights only your exterior strands of hair, as well as the ends. The “inside” remains the same. So if you’re a blonde and you’d like a stylish change, get a sombre hairstyle with a hint of caramel.

20. Icy Blonde Ombre

blonde ombre hair_20

We’ve heard of the “granny hair” before and we think it’s gorgeous. But it’s only for women with matte, pale skin tone. If that’s you, then choose to spice it up with a cool ombre effect. Add some hues of blue to your icy granny hair and you’ll adore the end result.

21. Copper Blonde Waves

blonde ombre hair_21

Copper blonde is a tricky hair color that should only be done by an experienced hairstylist. Specific strands of hair will be dyed in light copper, particularly those on the exterior. The overall hairdo will look uniform and incredibly a shiny, which may be exactly what you need to feel confident and attractive again.

22. Blonde Balayage

blonde ombre hair_22

For this hairstyle to look striking you need a flat iron and long hair. The hair has to be trimmed perfectly at the ends too, just to make the style seem more structural and graphic. As for the balayage, the transition from ash to platinum blonde at the tips has to be done smoothly and gently.

23. Purple Ombre

blonde ombre hair_23

This season women are wearing crazy hair colors; and it works. Blonde women are the luckiest because they can try an array of color combos without looking ridiculous. Are you feeling bold today? Well then let’s try out this super sleek purple ombre for blonde hair.

24. Asymmetrical Bob

blonde ombre hair_24

This asymmetrical ombre bob is pretty amazing. We love the playfulness of the waves, as well as the structural length in the front and back. Perfect for women who want to emphasize their facial features, this style will instantly bring you out of anonymity.

25. Mint Ombre

blonde ombre hair_25

Mint ombre is tough to achieve particularly because the hue is only done on really light hair. So if you’re tired of that platinum blonde, you might want to opt for some cool mint hues at the ends.

26. Blonde Ombre with Shaved Side

blonde ombre hair_26

The punk-rock trend has made a comeback. And it looks like women love it. Transform a dull blonde hairstyle into a revolutionary hairdo. Have half of your scalp shaved and keep the other long and beautiful. Dye it in a cool ombre nuance and enjoy the effect.

27. Sassy Ombre with Curls

blonde ombre hair_27

Curls add appeal to dull hairstyles. They’re incredibly alluring and romantic, so you should get them too. If you don’t have curly hair you can always use a flat iron or curling iron. As for the color of your hair, darker hues to your blonde will make your hairdo appear sassy and really cool.

28. Funky Ombre

blonde ombre hair_28

Ditch the boring blonde and classic layered hair for a more daring hairstyle. How about a funky bob with caramel ombre hues? And if you haven’t tried a sided fringe before, now it would be an ideal time to test it out. You might actually love end result!

29. Striped Ombre

blonde ombre hair_29

We can also call this style the vertical ombre. The hair idea should be applied on women with straight blonde hair. For the ombre to be observed clearly your locks has to be perfectly combed and trimmed. When it’s done you will adore it!

30. Honey Blonde

blonde ombre hair_30

Honey hair is adorable! In combination with blonde it will look even better. Whether yours is shorts, medium or long, this ombre idea will definitely appeal to your senses. All you need is a skilled stylist to transform your locks into a genuine work of art.

What do you think about our ombre hair ideas for blonde hair? Would you like to try one?

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