60 Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas 2015

By on June 10, 2015

If you’ve got your eye out for a new fun blonde look, check out what celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Scarlett Johansson, Kaley Cuoco and Taylor Swift and many more are doing with their hair. Let these looks stimulate your creativity and see what sparks your interest. Remember hairstyles are art and an expression of our unique personality. We love how edgy hair is becoming this year and how much tend setters are thinking outside of the box.

1. Jennifer Lawrence : Ash Blonde with Platinum Ends

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_01

 We love this look on Jennifer Lawrence because it really softens her face and compliments her skin tone. This Hunger Games actress is simple darling with darker blonde roots and curled platinum ends. This is a great look for women with blue or green eyes and pairs well with white clothing.

2. Taylor Swift : Shiny Ashe Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_02

 Singer and songwriter Taylor Swift  has one solid color to simplify her look and pop her eyes. The sleek and savvy ash blonde color allows for louder makeup choices and wardrobe choices. This color can be fun with all skin tones and looks best with an added shine treatment.

3. Miley Cyrus : Rockstar Platinum With Exposed Roots

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_03

 This famous celebrity always goes outside of the box with her hairstyles and we love this stunning short platinum blonde with dark roots. If you have dark eyebrows you can create some texture and contrast in your hair by letting your roots show but dying the ends platinum blonde. Remember it’s not meant to look natural, it’s just meant to be fun.

4. Scarlett Johansson : Short Side with Long Top and Two Tones

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_04

 American actress Scarlett Johansson know how to accentuate her gorgeous personality with a dramatic asymmetrical look. The darker blonde accentuates the lighter blonde on the ends and helps her skin look silky smooth. This dramatic look is perfect for ladies and is very fashionable and eye catching.

5. Jennifer Aniston : Carmel Blonde with Highlights

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_05

American actress Jennifer Aniston always looks coordinated and cute with her classy girl next door style. Her longer blonde hair has layers and the dominating caramel color is accentuated by lighter blond yet subtle highlights. Jennifer knows how to synthesize natural colors for a smooth and elegant appearance that matches her sweet self.

6. Jennifer Lopez : Big Blonde Ombre

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_06

 We love everything about this look that singer and actress Jennifer Lopez has here. She is daring and not ashamed of her beauty. Her darker roots are almost a lavender grey and they perfectly contrast those platinum ends. The volume and layers give her that goddess look that matches her vibrant spirit.

7. Kaley Cuoco : Fun and Playful Choppy Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_07

If you’re going to have a short blonde haircut, Kaley Cuoco, the comedic actress from Big Bang Theory, has the look for you! The volume is achievable with some styling product and this is a great look for girls with thick hair and light or medium skin tones. Let it be a little wild with some choppy side swept bangs to make it more feminine. Those shapely and caramel penciled brows really add to the fun look too!

8. Blake Lively : Yellow Blonde with Natural Roots

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_08

 There are so many wonderful shades of blonde, why not try them all? Blake Lively, an American actress and model wears her yellow blonde curls long and unruly. She’s got the beachy blonde look going on because she didn’t need to place every hair in the perfect spot and her hair looks sun-kissed because her natural roots are exposed shamelessly. This stunning look is great for down to earth bohemians who want to keep their look exciting without too much prep time!

9. Emma Stone : White Blonde with Strawberry Dipped Bangs

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_09

This brilliant actress Emma Stone wears her bright blonde super straight with one little magical strawberry blonde highlight on the tips of her bangs. Following the theme of thinking outside the box this year, this look is really jaw dropping and would be great for working professionals who don’t want to spend hours doing their hair everyday. Just run a straightener through, spray it a little and you’re fabulous!

10. Sofia Vergara : Dirty Blonde Waves with Highlights

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_10

 Actress, producer, television host and model Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-American celebrity with a strong fasion sense. Her big personality has room to breathe with this subtle supermodel look. Vertical curls frame her face and she lets them be long to give her an extra feminine aura. We love how she’s paired gold with the dirty blonde and added some subtle platinum highlights to give her hair dimensionality.

11. Cameron Diaz : Yellow, Platinum and Dirty Blonde Combo

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_11

Comedic actress Cameron Diaz always looks good in blonde and we love how she’s combined three blonde flavors here for a delicious look. The dominant color is yellow blonde but the platinum to frame the face and dirty blonde roots make her look perfectly angelic. This is a great look for blue or green eyes and lighter skin tones. It pairs well with solid colors since there are already three in your hair!

12. Hayden Panettiere : Brush it Back with Blonde on the Bottom

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_12

This classic movie star look is timeless and we love the blunt cut. Singer, actress and activist Hayden Panettiere looks like the epitome of sophistication just from blow drying her hair back and flipping out those blonde ends. Black clothes or solid neutral tones also help to complete the elegant look. Top it off with some diamond earrings and you’re ready for any red carpet or fancy event. This can be a great look for work too!  Don’t be afraid to shine!

13. Kristen Bell  : Wavy Yellow Hair

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_13

 Women like celebrity Kristen Bell that have naturally light skin shouldn’t spend too much time in the sun so to embrace their skin tone, yellow blonde hair can be very complimenting. Go ahead and add a little curl but run your fingers through it and you’ll get that wavy and casual look.

14. Shakira : Golden Blonde with Big Curls and Dark Roots

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_14

 This look is all about length and volume. Celebrity singer Shakira takes up space with her big voice, her big hair and her sexy aura. Let your hair be as big as your personality and why not get some long extensions or grow your hair long? The curls make her look like a mermaid goddess and we all have that some where hidden within us! Add some layers to get some extra volume and combine a few platinum highlights to contrast those deep brown roots.

15. Bella Thorne : Brass Blonde with Dark Undertones

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_15

Brass blonde is close to yellow blonde but a little more metallic and a is great for light skin tones. Notice how her light brown eyes just totally pop with this brass hair color. She looks godly with her smooth skin and cute smile. This is a great color for girls with green or brown eyes.

16. Cara Delevingne : Eyebrows, One Sided Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_16

Cara Delevigne has a remarkable look and this English fashion model and singer pulls it off with ease. She is not afraid to be edgy and has a deep part to make her look flow dramatically. You can either shave one side or comb one side back and spray it with a few discreet bobby pins to bring all your hair to one side. Her dark and thick eyebrows are drown in to thicken them and her red lipstick really pops. All this wouldn’t be possible without the beach blonde look with exposed roots though.

17. Gwen Stefani : Butter Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_17

Singer, fashion designer and actress Gwen Stefani has a fun rockstar look going on with a yellow blonde on top and brighter blonde buttery blonde on the bottom. We love her dramatic eyes and subtle pink lipstick. Notice how she contrasts her bright hair with a dark wardrobe to keep in line with her vibrant and extravagant personality. This is great for party girls, artists and anyone who likes to be super bold and beautiful!

18. Hilary Duff : Wheat Blonde with Caramel and Brown

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_18

Actress and singer Hillary Duff makes a statement with her multitoned blonde do. She knows what fabulous looks like and she’s not afraid to show it. Add some big waves curls and a center part with these three blonde tones to get the quintessential bohemian look. This look is low maintenance and can be great for fancy or casual events. It’s a great everyday look that only requires a little curling and a little hairspray.

19. Rita Ora : Platinum Side Swept Curls

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_19

This British singer and actress looks like a Hollywood celebrity mixed with a Greek Goddess. She knows white and gold compliment blonde hair and has played that up. She has a nice tan and the signature red lips. If you want to switch up your boring look, go blonde and go bold. This is fun for women with olive skin and brown eyes and notice how she has ash blonde roots to make it flow a little easier. This is a total showstopper and we love it.

20. Amber Heard : Platinum Dipped in Yellow

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_20

This year is all about contrasts, especially unexpected contrasts. Notice how this American actress and model compliments her peachy skin with yellow dipped platinum blonde curls. This is an ultra feminine look and it’s sure to steal some gazes. If you’re looking for some steamy romance, go for this hot look!

21. Amy Adams : Copper Ombre Blonde with Brown

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_21

 Singer and actress Amy Adams looks naturally beautiful with her copper blonde curls and brown roots. Notice how her blue eyes pop against the copper color. This is a great look for most skin tones and besides curling, it’s very low maintenance and you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up throughout the day because that’s kind of the look anyway!

22. Charlize Theron : Platinum with Low Lights

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_22

 If there’s one thing we can say about big time actress Charlize Theron it’s that she always has a smooth and creamy look. This comes from her soft skin paired with soft colors and curls. She has a drop dead gorgeous look going on with her angelic wardrobe and soft pink makeup. This is a great look for lighter skin tones and light colored eyes.

23. Emily Blunt : Rocker Ombre with Brown and Yellow Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_23

 We love this messy and beachy look with yellow blonde ends on Emily Blunt. This English actress doesn’t need to perfectly place her locks, in fact, she is going for the exact opposite look with her wild hair and complimentary dramatic makeup. We love these hipster looks that show an independent spirit and love for an artsy flair.

24. Emma Roberts : Straight Ash To White Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_24

Celebrities like American actress and singer Emma Roberts give us some great ideas for unique ways to cut and wear blonde. We love her deep side part with a blunt shoulder length cut. You can get this look with a simple blow dry and some light hold hair spray. The blow drying will give it some bounce and the spray will help keep your face open so people can see your beautiful and contagious smile.

25. Julianne Hough : Pixie Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_25

 This layered and criss-crossed part is great for women with straight or wavy hair. If you have thick hair, have your stylist thin it out. This look is cute on everyone but it’s easier to go platinum if your hair is already lighter naturally. Add some styling product to get that messy and adorable pixie look and you’re ready for the summer! But you can wear it year round because it looks great with sweaters, scarves and turtlenecks.

26. Rachel McAdams : Beautiful Messy Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_26

Rachel is mysterious in these messy and soft blonde curls. This is a casual and artsy avant garde look that is unique yet fashionable. If you like your hair to be free and not stiff, this is a great look for you. Also if you have a lighter skin tone, this will look much more natural. Compliment the look with artsy clothes and soft makeup colors.

27. Reese Witherspoon : Elegant Blonde For Thin Hair

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_27

Actress Reese Witherspoon always looks elegant with her light blonde hair. She is very feminine but doesn’t have to do much to be that way. Her dainty and feminine jewelry and wardrobe speak for themselves and her hair is just supporting the ensemble in a subtle but effective way. Pink and silver are great colors to combine with blonde and don’t be afraid to wear edgy clothing cuts or unique jewelry pieces like she is.

28. Ashley Tisdale : Soft Caramel Roots

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_28

If you have naturally light hair you might want to create some dimensionality by adding some soft ash blonde or caramel roots. It will allow your platinum blonde to not look so dramatic and allow you to pull in other colors from your accessories and wardrobe. Look how she has matched her eyebrows to her roots and pulled that same color into her wardrobe for a funky artsy flair!

29. Dakota Fanning : Whitest Blonde and Ash Eybrows

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_29

 This is a carefully crafted look that is a jaw dropper. This stunning actor know how to turn heads with her white on white on white combination. If you blend your wardrobe, skin tone and hair you can afford a color pop like she did on her lips. This blending technique will also accentuate the eyes and give you an other worldly appeal.

30. Drew Barrymore : Braided Blonde Ombre

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_30

 Drew looks looks so sweet with her wavy blonde ombre hair. If you sleep in braids, you can get these curls with no extra cost and barely anytime time. The blonde ombre is great for girls with naturally darker hair who don’t want to have to worry about their roots growing out. We love her elegant white lace dress and flyaways that give her that approachable and friendly casual energy.

31. Elizabeth Banks : Business Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_31

Elizabeth Banks is an American actor, producer and director so she needs a look that shows she means business. This stylish pulled back do is perfect for her because it’s feminine yet authoritative. The deep side part and pulled back side give that warrior feel that a shaved side would give without having to buzz your hair. We love how she lets her curled blonde pieces frame her face gently which softens her face. We also love the caramel undertones at the roots which help the hairstyle flow.

32. Gwyneth Paltrow : Yellow Tips and Straight Platinum

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_32

At first glance, it’s not exactly obvious why Gweneth’s hair looks so amazing but then you notice her yellow dipped tips. This reverse ombre is very hot this year and she certainly pulls it off successfully. It has lots of variety with those dark roots which you no longer need to feel guilty about too ladies! We love her yellow and blue combo which make her eyes standout as well. It’s a classy and fashionable statement look that you won’t see much of because it’s very unique.

33. Amanda Seyfried : Loosely Pulled Back Wavy Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_33

Amanda is an actor, singer and former model and we just love this creative look. She looks so charming with her pinks, purples and blues. Notice how her eclectic jewelry matches so well with her casual and artsy hair. She looks so scrumptious with those wavy curls which move from dirty blonde to lighter blonde. She has golden blonde and whiter blonde to give the texture and depth that catches your eyes.

34. Ashley Benson : Thick and Wavy Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_34

Ashley’s thick blonde hair is so sexy because she’s got those dark roots to match her dark and sultry eyes. A little color pop on the lips and pair it with a white top and you’re a knock out! For this beachy blonde look, just go for platinum with golden dipped ends to get that multi layered appeal.

35. Candice Swanepoel : Golden Blonde Tucked Behind The Ears

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_35

While some hairstyles are meant to frame the face, this one is meant to open her face and show her natural beauty. She compmpliments her toned body and striking features with natural turquoise jewelry and shiny golden hair. Notice how incorporating elements of nature like water blues, sunshine golds, and silver moon greys can really give you a whole new look! We love this look and it might be one of our all time favorites!

36. Kate Hudson : Blonde Layers

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_36

Kate Hudson never fails to be adorable in any of her acting roles and this layered blonde look is so cute. You could get this looks by blow drying your golden blonde hair with a round brush and just let it fall naturally without trying to control it too much. Add some sultry eye makeup and you’re ready for any event!

37. Paris Hilton : Super Model Long Blonde With Layers

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_37

 The reason this works so well on heiress Paris Hilton is because she’s found a wheat blonde color that compliments her tanned skin and it’s so long that you can’t help but notice all it’s gorgeousness. If your hair takes forever to grow, check out extensions and go for some neutral makeup colors to finish your look. The dramatic cat like eyeliner is fun and she has extra long lashes.

38. January Jones : Southern Bell Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_38

 This classic look is seriously timeless and you can achieve it with a large curling iron that will make vertical curls. This look pairs well with lighter skin tones and light eyes but hey if you love it, we know you could pull it off! Pearly white teeth are her secret weapon and help her have a healthy and clean look finished by the simple white top.

39. Jessica Chastain : Wavy Solid Wheat Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_39

 Jessica looks like a storybook princess in this one solid color. She knows this wheat color is great for her light skin tone and she’s further complimented her overall look with a white dress and silver necklace. She almost looks like a china doll with this beautiful hair color that is almost strawberry blonde and almost copper but not quite either. You can afford a fun color on your lips if everything else is neutral so have some fun with this look!

40. Kirsten Dunst : Beehive Butter Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_40

For women with a smaller sized head like this beautiful actress, Kirsten Dunst, we love getting some extra volume with the beehive look. The buttery blonde beehive look can be sweet and innocent or you can go for long eyelashes and dramatic eye makeup for that playboy bunny look. You can really get in touch with your fashion sense when you have fabulous hair so what are you waiting for?

41. Lauren Conrad : Copper Blonde to Platinum with a Patch

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_41

 This look almost creates an optical illusion because it’s eclectic, unexpected and magical! We love the subtle hint of copper on the pieces framing her face and the copper on just one side on her longer hair. If you want to show people you are bold and forward thinking, go for a cool look like this for summer or fall!

42. Yvonne Strahovski : Clubhouse Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_42

This elegant and sophisticated look that Yvonne pulls off so well is perfect for athletes and strong women that want to balance their masculine yet sexy build with a soft and feminine counter part. This look is also very versatile and could work well on young hipsters or professional business women. It is so soft and the secrets are the side part, a nice healthy shine, strawberry blonde low lights and of course darling curls to frame the face.

43. Anna Paquin : Side Swept Platinum with Silver Highlights

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_43

 Anna has snuck in some incredibly scintillating silver highlights and has a reverse ombre with ash blonde ends. This is an exotic look that really makes her stand out from the crowd. If you are afraid to be different and love blonde, you’ll probably be the only one in your zip code with this gorgeous hairstyle. It’s memorable and gutsy and we flat out love it for summer and fall!

44. Brittany Snow : All Butter Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_44

Brittany Snow is utterly beautiful with her one color blonde that is thinned out, straight and parted to the side. When you keep your hair bold yet simple, you can be loud with your makeup and wardrobe. Never underestimate the power of using only one color on your hair even though many looks this year are multi-colored. This is great for women with lighter skin tones and naturally light hair because your roots won’t need as much upkeep. It’s a low maintenance look too that just requires a straightener.

45. Dianna Agron : Darling Wheat Blonde with Carmel Undertones

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_45

There is so much texture to this soft and sweet look that Dianna is wearing so well. This classy look is great for weddings, fancy events and for work! You will feel the feminine power emanate from you as your hair glistens in the sun. After all, what’s the point of being a girl if we can’t enjoy the perks?

46. Naomi Watts : Ash Platinum and Yellow Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_46

 Naomi’s gorgeous locks show her classic beauty and strength. She has such an elegance and subtle power that she magnifies with her carefully crafted fashion. Fashion is art and an expression of the soul and Naomi plays the role of the artist so well. Notice how her ash blonde, fades to platinum, dipped in honey blonde but she has carefully matched her necklace to the ash blonde color to tie in these delicious natural shades. Clean makeup and long lashes accentuate her healthy and vibrant aura.

47. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley : Straight Sexy Ash with Hightlights

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_47

 If you have strong facial features like high cheekbones or a nice jawline, ladies get your hair away from your face and let that natural beauty shine. This look embraces thick eyebrows and layered volume with a nice two tone contrast. The ash blonde lowlights give the platinum highlights movement and life. This look should be free flowing and not plastered to your head. If you blow dry the side part, your hair is more likely to behave in this wild look!

48. Sienna Miller : Soft Golden Waves

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_48

 Sienna, like all of us woman are naturally beautiful. She wears her hair natural and it is not going to take you much time to get this mermaid look. The gold arm cuffs are a nice touch to match that golden blonde hair too. Just make some vertical curls and run your fingers though them. Give them a little spray so it will hold and you’re ready for the red carpet doll! You will always be beautiful as long as you’re smiling!

49. Ashley Greene : Neat Curls with Lowlights

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_49

Don’t worry this look isn’t as hard to achieve as you might think. You will need a large sized curling iron but as long as you spray the hair before or during curling, you will achieve this totally handsome look that accentuates the contrasting highlights. We keep pointing out how nice white looks with blonde so hopefully you’ll remember that when you’re looking through your closet or shopping.

50. Claire Danes : Hints of Strawberry Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_50

 Claire Daines is known for her sensitivity and intensity as a successful actress. Her subtle power is reflected in those subtle pink highlights. If you are looking for a great business look or something that’s not too drastic and over the top, ask your stylist to duplicate this fine look. It’s good for lighter skin tones but most women can pull it off!

51. Maggie Grace : Messy Mermaid Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_51

 Have you noticed the mermaid trend all over social media? Celebrities are definitely rocking long and loosely curled beachy blonde hair this year and it’s much easier on us ladies when it comes to time and money. Say goodbye to perfectly placing each hair and using tons of bobby pins to hold it in place. It turns out most guys like the natural look better anyway!

52. Ashlee Simpson : White Blonde with Silver Roots

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_52

 The reason we love Ashley Simpson is because she’s edgy and she thinks out side of the box when it comes to fashion. Look at those cute braids and beaded collar, she is a work of art. Since the outer is an expression of the inner, Ashley is showing she likes to see things differently and others also see that through her expression. Ask for platinum white blond and grey roots and don’t forget to add smokey eye makeup to pop your natural features.

53. Evan Rachel Wood : Curl It Under with Golden Golden Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_53

 This classic look could work for women with thin or thick hair. This is a statement look that says, I mean business but I’m all woman. This is a great look for all ages and it’s just so different that you can guarantee you’ll be one of the only ones with this adorable glamor appeal. It also works great with vintage clothing ladies!

54. Teresa Palmer : Twisted and Wavey Ombre

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_54

 How has Theresa created such texture and volume with her blonde ombre hair? First of all notice how some of her ends are still caramel and her whole crown has dirty blonde roots. She’s twisted separate pieces to get the extra volume and yes it will take some styling product but we think it’s totally worth it if you want to get in touch with your wild and natural side!

55. Bar Refaeli : Bohemian Ombre

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_55

 This carefully crafted bohemian ombre look has some delicious gold, wheat and platinum. Not to mention, she has brown roots to pull it all together and make it more earthy. The sun and earth have come together to give her a hippie look that is still so Hollywood because of the shine she’s added to her hair. Long hair will allow you to do so much with what is trending this season ladies so keep your length!

56. Kate Bosworth : Brass to Platinum Ombre with Dipped Ends

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_56

 This look is just edible. Notice how the brass and copper blonde play off of each other like a dance and make her eyes sparkle. She even has some brown underneath all those layers to give her look even more dimension and texture. This is great for light skin tones and the curls are super girly and will melt any man’s heart.

57. Malin Akerman : Blondie with a Side Bang

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_57

 This fun party girl look is super feminine because of the curls and side swept longer bang. You can use pinks and a shimmer powder to make your skin glow and go ahead and get glamorous with dark eye makeup. Finally get some volume with those platinum curls and don’t be afraid to let it all blow in the wind and do it’s own thing.

58. Michelle Williams : Short Side Swept Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_58

Michelle Williams is positively picturesque in this short side swept blonde look. Notice how everything moves asymmetrically from the one point to give her some dynamic movement. To keep it soft and feminine, have the bangs be long and don’t plaster it with hairspray.

59. Carey Mulligan : The Clean Blonde Pull Back

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_59

 This is an utterly elegant look for fancy occasions or everyday work wear. It’s neat and organized and can accentuate that part of your personality. This is a stylish look that you can pull off with just one color and it pairs well with elegant designs. If you are trying to channel your inner authoritative self, wear this look ladies!

60. Mischa Barton : Thin Beachy Blonde

Blonde Hair Color Ideas_60

 This casual beachy blonde look on Mischa Barton is so lovely. If you have naturally thin hair, this is a low maintenance look that does best with an added shine gloss. If you have thick hair, ask your stylist to thin it out and you can also get this sexy look for summer and fall that goes great with swim suits or sweaters.

Remember, your exterior is only an expression of who you are on the inside. What ever positive personality traits you want to bring out in yourself, think of what artsy look will accentuate that and let others see that. Smiling is your best way to be naturally beautiful but there’s nothing wrong with playing around and having a little blonde fun along the way!

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