30 Black Ombre Hair Ideas

By on November 14, 2015

Ombre hair is an extremely cool and ingenious hair color. It is a trend that is incredibly varied and versatile, not to mention that it will make you stand out in a split of a second. The autumn season is all about change. It’s all about earthy colors that pop up, so you should definitely give the ombre style a chance to make you look good. Make a huge impression on your friends, and try out these 30 fabulous black ombre hair ideas. 

1. Long Wavy Black Hair & Light Brown Ombre

black ombre hair_01

Ombre can look so amazing even when the hues are discreet. It you have long beautiful black hair and you feel the need to make a change, then opt for a couple of light brown hues at the tips. Add some curls into the mix and you’ll instantly fall in love with the end result.

2. Black & Gray/Blonde Hints 

black ombre hair_02

In the mood for a drastic change in hair color and style? Check out this fascinating ombre! Don’t do anything to the roots and keep the black intact. From the half down, opt for the most alluring hints of blonde and gray. The combo is eccentric but at the same time incredibly sexy and innovative.

3.  Black & Green

black ombre hair_03

Crazy colors are in trend this season. The bolder the hue the better! If you’re fond of the black hair color but you feel the need to spice things up, go green. Literally! The green ombre hair idea looks fabulous on brunettes. It will make you stand out, not to mention that everyone will sense that you have a free-spirited personality. 

4. Sleek Black with Hints of Gray

black ombre hair_04

We never thought gray hair would get that much recognition among young women. But then again, fashion is all about innovation. In combination with sheer black, these light hues of ombre gray look fantastic. The blend works smoothly on women with long straight hair, so make sure to give it a try. 

5. Light Blue Highlights & Reverse Ombre

black ombre hair_05

Take your ombre to the next level and try out the reverse ombre with highlights. Basically, the black is kept at the tips and the ombre starts at the roots. The effect is without a doubt striking.

6. Black & Light Brown

black ombre hair_06

The transition from black to light brown is quite abrupt for this hairdo. And yet it somehow works because the woman in the photo has really pale skin. The curls add movement to the style, and the middle parting gives it a romantic allure we enjoy quite a lot. 

7. Short Black Bob & Purple Ombre 

black ombre hair_07

The ombre trend works really well on women with shorter hair too. Brunettes in general are the luckiest because they can play with as many colors as they want. If you have a thing for purple, then get a purple ombre. It will look insane combined with an asymmetrical bob. 

8. Black, Blue & White

black ombre hair_08

A black and blue ombre may not appear like the most striking color combo. And yet if we were to add white at the very tips, the end result might just blow you away. The blend is without a doubt striking, but maybe that’s exactly what you need to regain your confidence. 

9. Black & Caramel Ombre

black ombre hair_09

Caramel ombre matches perfectly with black hair. To make the hairstyle appear sophisticated, opt for a middle parting and loose curls. Keep the caramel as light as possible, and maybe consider some hints of gray too. You will absolutely love the end result. 

10. Multi-Color Ombre 

black ombre hair_10

Are you bold enough to play with your hair color and really make it pop? Check out this amazing multi-color ombre. The base is black and then from the half down we see a blend of soothing hues. Red, light brown, purple and even fuchsia; what’s great about this ombre hairstyle is that it works, and it doesn’t look ridiculous either. 

11. Punk-Inspired Ombre 

black ombre hair_11

We all remember the crazy punk hair women had 10 years ago. Well guess what? It’s back and it looks better than ever. On brunettes, the blend of striking blue with light gray looks amazing. Give it a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the end result.

12. Neon Green Curls

black ombre hair_12

Neon green is the color of the season. On black hair, the shade looks fantastic. However, for a perfect ombre you should hire a professional stylist. This way your curls will look perfect and your luscious ombre curls will emphasize your natural face features even more. 

13. Black & Burgundy Ombre 

black ombre hair_13

Black and burgundy are two shades that go really well together. They have an earthy appeal that you’ll definitely adore. This ombre hair idea works on women with both long and short hair; but of course, the greatest effect can be seen on long, straight locks.

14. Medium-Length & Green Curls

black ombre hair_14

We cannot get enough of this neon green. Wear your ombre green hair in a medium-length bob and add some hints of blue at the tips of your curls. The end result will look spectacular. 

15. Black & Pink

black ombre hair_15

This discreet pink ombre hairstyle looks incredibly romantic. We love how the curls come to life at the tips where the pink ombre takes charge. Brunettes will adore this combos; it’s absolutely fascinating. 

16.Retro Gray Ombre 

black ombre hair_16

This retro hairstyle has something modern added to the mix, and yes, you guessed it – it’s the gray ombre! It goes amazing with the black roots. If you’re crazy about the retro style and you’d like to adopt it, just make sure you choose the right accessories. Those vintage-like glasses and burgundy lipstick match perfectly with the hairdo.

17. Black & Light Brown Ombre 

black ombre hair_17

This light brown ombre is suitable for women who are more courageous. The two shades are dramatic, and yet they go well together if properly mixed. For the ombre to look uniform and alluring, the transition has to be smooth. At the tips, the light brown almost becomes warm blonde. 

18. Black & Platinum Blonde Ombre 

black ombre hair_18

Black and white are two non-colors with nothing in common. And yet, you know what they say that opposites attract, and in this case the combination is fierce. Platinum blonde blends beautifully with the black at the roots as it gives the hairstyle a special allure that we truly enjoy. 

19. Long Green Ombre 

black ombre hair_19

If you have long black hair and you’d like to make it look ultra sexy without cutting it, you could try the green ombre style. We’ve mentioned it before, however, it looks so amazing that we just can’t get tired of it.

20. Purplelicious Ombre

black ombre hair_20

Layered black hair with hints of purple will give a twist to your average style. Apart from making you stand out, it will revive your personality. Choose to be bold and play with color. Everyone will perceive you as the coolest, most outgoing person. 

21. Fuchsia Ombre

black ombre hair_21

Do you want people to notice you? Well maybe you should try a change of hair color; and not just any color but fuchsia ombre. For some people it may seem too much. For you it can be exactly what you need to look gorgeous on a moody autumn day.

22. Curly Brown Ombre & Black Base

black ombre hair_22

Let your curls define your cheeky, playful sense of style and go for this interesting black/mahogany ombre nuance. Those bouncy curls will instantly draw people’s attention, not to mention that you’ll feel beautiful too.

23. Green Curls & Straight Bangs 

black ombre hair_23

The autumn season is the best season to cut your hair, get bangs, and maybe some ombre shades. Straights bangs and neon green ombre shades, what do you think of those? It might look seem a daring move, but you’ll love it. 

24. Granny Ombre 

black ombre hair_24

The granny hair trend is winning a lot of ground lately. The white and gray blend adds a lot of ingenuity to your standard black hair. And provided that the transition from black to gray is done gradually and gently, you will adore the final outcome. 

25. Super Ombre Curls & Middle Parting

black ombre hair_25

Ombre on curly hair can look fabulous. Just look at this amazing frizzy hair with a middle parting! The neon green hues at the tips make the style appear sophisticated, chic and elegant. If you’re heading out to an extravagant party and you want to be noticed, then this hairdo is exactly what you need. 

26. Straight Black & White with Side Fringe

black ombre hair_26

Are you in the search for a new, sexy hairstyle for the office? Because if you’re bold enough you could try out this amazing hairdo. It looks amazing and it will blend perfectly with your playful yet professional attitude. To frame your face even better, opt for side parted fringe. The end result will surely wow your co-workers. 

27. Layered White Ombre

black ombre hair_27

Going from black to white is not something all women would have the courage to do. And yet, if you feel like black is not your color anymore, you could give this crazy combination a try. The result might pleasantly surprise you.

28. Light Brown Curls

black ombre hair_28

This light brown ombre looks pretty amazing on women with black hair. It gives the hairstyle an incredibly original allure. If you’re into the urban trend and you’re ready for a challenge, give this a chance. It will pleasantly surprise you.

29. Black & Purple Tips

black ombre hair_29

Check out this amazing neon purple hair! The style looks amazing on women with medium-length hair. It’s chic and modern, perfect for a night out with the gals. Wear it with pride and confidence as you look gorgeous!

30. Asymmetrical Bob & Green Ombre Tips

black ombre hair_30

Short hair can look sexy when properly styled. This neon green ombre is an ideal color combo on brunettes with prominent facial features. To give the style an extra hint of ingenuity, go for a middle parting and layers. You will be impossible to miss on the street.

These are the 30 most amazing black ombre hairstyles that we could find on the web. Which hairstyle would you like to try out first?

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