25 Best Beyonce Hairstyles

By on July 24, 2015

Beyonce is a fashion icon and with access to a professional stylist at any given moment, she has a magazine of incredible hairstyles we can get incredible ideas from. Her style is bold and elegant, fierce and feminine. She is the queen of versatility and unapologetic about being a sexy curvy shorter woman. She’s fit and an intelligent business woman. Let’s soak up a little Beyonce glamor with these 25 hot hairstyles. We have to warn you, you may find yourself running to the hair salon after reading this article because these looks aren’t complicated and will make you feel like a new woman!

1. Brass Fingerwaves Pulled Back with Shorter Layers

Beyonce Hairstyles_01

Everything about this hairstyle is darling. The unique brass color and neatly placed fingerwaves give her a majestic look that compliments her smooth tan skin. She’s even matched here soft pink and taupe eyeshadow with her soft lace and silk dress. Beyonce is not afraid to have some volume and she gets this by have short layers and lots of curls.

2. Light Brown with Big Curls and a Side Part

Beyonce Hairstyles_02

One of the secrets to Beyone’s beautiful style is that she keeps her hair long so she can do different things with it. We love these big and somewhat wild curls with natural and healthy makeup colors. Beyonce’s glow comes from her light browns, whites, golds, pinks and silvers that she incorporates into her hair, makeup and wardrobe.

3. Golden Ombre with Sublte Waves

Beyonce Hairstyles_03

Beyonce shows us how to look queenly with these long golden tresses. She always chooses hair colors that are natural and complimenting to her skin tone. She also wears jewelry and clothes that glimmer to give her a radiance that we all adore. To get this look, use a large curling iron or round brush with a firm hold hair spray and remember to part your hair on the side to open up your face and let people see your beautiful pearly whites.

4. Medium Brown Ombre Beehive

Beyonce Hairstyles_04

Here’s another royal look on Beyonce who is also looking quite sexy in her silk and lace babydoll dress. For this hairstyle, use a teasing comb to give volume to the crown of your head and pull some hair up and over the teased portion. You can curl the under layers and brush through the curls for some regal volume. With this look, the bigger, the better.

5. Side Swept Ringlets

Beyonce Hairstyles_05

Use a medium size curling iron to get these beautiful curls. You can spray them while you’re curling them and don’t brush through the curls so they stay in tact. Notice how she’s only curled up to her cheek bones so she can get the smooth and dramatic side swept look. Add a shine spray to your hair and you’re ready for any movie premier or wedding!

6.  Beach Blonde that Frames the Face
Beyonce Hairstyles_06

This bohemian style is quite stunning on Beyonce because it’s more casual with flyaways and lighter blonde highlights than her other looks. Notice how her waves curls have a light blonde that frames her face and accentuates her eyes. She’s also chosen a colorful eclectic wardrobe to match the sun kissed beachy hairstyle.

7. Simple and Sleek Ombre Updo
Beyonce Hairstyles_07

Beyonce always highlights her own natural beauty and uses natural earth elements of gold and silver to do so. This look is simple and elegant. To get this look you will need some firm hold hairspray and a clip or firm hairband. You can add a fun hair acccessory to your bun if you want as well. If you have really straight hair, try curling your hair before putting it back to give it more volume and control.

8. Oh Honey Blonde Ombre
Beyonce Hairstyles_08

This superstar look is unique and very instyle. The buttery honey blonde on top is such a great contrast to the mahogony chocolate brown underlayers. Orange and honey blonde comliment eachother so she’s chosen a beautiful orange poncho dress to compliment her big hair. Big hair also makes you look more thin.

9. Straight Blonde with Brown
Beyonce Hairstyles_09

We see so many celebrities rocking two tone hair colors this year and we love the dramatic contrast of bright blonde and darker brown that Beyonce has in this look. Use a healthy shine serum and a straightener and don’t forget the side part. If you’re going to change your haircolor often, it’s important to use the most natural and high qualities dyes you can afford so you don’t damage your hair.

10. Ash Blonde Goddess with Bangs
Beyonce Hairstyles_10

Nothing compliments a muscular body on a female like a girly pink dress and soft feminine hair. Beyonce knows how to balance her masculinity by showing her softness through this sweet hairstyle. Notice how the line of the bangs curves to frame her face and she’s pulled the longer layers of her hair forward. She also isn’t afraid to be sexy and have an open chested top.

11. Big Blonde Hollywood Ringlets with a Middle Part
Beyonce Hairstyles_11

Beyonce has a reverse ombre color on her hair that goes from blonde to brown. We love this type of ombre because it’s so eye catching. She’s made the face subtle and softened with with the curls. Use a large curling iron and curl all the way to the top of your head. You can curl the bangs to the side for some extra feminine body.

12. Golden Blonde Wave Beehive
Beyonce Hairstyles_12

Beyonce looks like royalty with her soft pink dress and blonde wave beehive hair. She has pushed her hair forward and twisted it to get the wave effect. This will take a comb and strong hairspray but it’s easier than it looks. To look extra magical, choose light colors that shimmer for your wardrobe that will bring the look to the next level.

13. Retro Ringlets with Bangs
Beyonce Hairstyles_13

This looks like a perm but if you sleep with small curlers, you can get this wild look. We love this hipster look that shows you think outside of the box. It’s good that she doesn’t let her hair or her personality be small because that just wouldn’t be Beyonce!

14. Reverse Ombre with Some Curls
Beyonce Hairstyles_14

This delicious look is matronly but sexy. She’s curls the ends and the pieces that frame her face. Her two tone color is flirty and artistic. Talk to your stylist about which colors best compliment your natural skin tones.

15. Thick Straight Blonde With Bangs
Beyonce Hairstyles_15

The difference between this thick straight hairstyle and others is the volume. You can tease the roots of your hair and apply a volumizing product to your damp hair before you dry it. Use a straightener to curl the edges that frame your face inward and don’t be afraid to show a little skin to finish this seductress look!

16. Sleek Updo with Curls
Beyonce Hairstyles_16

There she goes again, being all goddess like. Notice how much bling she incorporates into her fashion and how she wouldn’t be caught without an intentionally planned hairstyle. Hey if you’re going to be a queen, you have to act like one. Get your bobby pins and firm hold hair spray, pull your hair back securely, then add the curls.

17. Rockstar Waves and Bold Color Contrast
Beyonce Hairstyles_17

This is almost a biker look but it’s something pop stars can pull without looking too over the top. If you’re used to being shy with your hair choices, it might be time to think outside of the box because today’s culture accepts and embraces different fun hairstyles as an expression of inner creativity. Use a large curling iron and brush through your curls before spraying them.

18. Princess Updo Gathered and Stately
Beyonce Hairstyles_18

Beyonce is nothing short of a fashion icon with this princess hairstlye. She has a beautiful high ponytail with curls that she has gathered and secured to her head to let the bottom curls hang. We guarantee you’ll be the only one with this majestic hairstyle at your next event.

19. Wavy On Top With Layers of Curls
Beyonce Hairstyles_19

The best way to get this look is first of all to have really long hair. Next divide your hair into sections and curl them individually with a strong hairspray. You could also sleep in medium size curlers if you want to save some time.

20. She Means Business 70’s Throwback
Beyonce Hairstyles_20

These big curls that come away from her face match her billowy top. If there’s one resounding theme to Beyonce’s style it’s big hair. If there’s a second theme, it’s things that shine. She’s into texture, contrast and mineral colors. So channel your inner goddess and fall in love with your new hairstyles!

21. Long Bohemian Tresses
Beyonce Hairstyles_21

This is one of Beyonce’s longest hairstyles and if you don’t want to wait a few years to get your hair this long, go for some good extensions. Long hair is definitely in this year with celebrities and we love the subtle waves and blonde highlights she’s snuck in.

22. Messey Honey Blonde with Exposed Roots
Beyonce Hairstyles_22

The smile on her face shows this hairstyle makes you feel lively and happy. She’s used the messy hairstyle to match an eclectic top and earrings. Beyonce is great at pulling everything together and you can tell she really has fun being a goddess with her styles.

23. Straight Brown and Shiny
Beyonce Hairstyles_23

This emerald green dress that compliments her feminine physique needed a sleek and simple hairstyle like she has chosen. The long brown tresses reach all the way to her waist! Go long and straight if you want to stand out from the crown and catch the eye of the beholder.

24. Scrunched Butter Blonde
Beyonce Hairstyles_24

Beyonce knows that smokey eye makeup goes well with blonde hair. She’s a master at contrast and she’s got the scrunched look with big volume here that’s remniscient of the 80’s. Beyonce pulls from every time period to match her daily mood.

25. Tight Shinny Ringlets with Dark Roots

Beyonce Hairstyles_25

Natural beauty oozes from Beyonce’s pores as she lets her hair do the talking. You can use a small high heat curling iron with a firm hold hairspray to get this look. Also remember to divide your hair in sections and clip them out of the way to keep it from tangling.

Now that you’re inspired to get in touch with your inner goddess like Beyonce does, what are you going to do about it? Maybe it’s time to invest in some new jewelry that makes you feel like doing your hair. Maybe you want to look for some sales on clothes that will inspire you to put some effort into your hair as well. Think about what events your have coming up or plan some and let your sexy out! Remember, big hair is totally ok as are multiple colors. The longer you get your hair, the more you have to work with and if you remember to get makeup colors that compliment your hair colors, you will be able to accentuate your natural beauty that can’t be compared to anyone else. If you love these looks, share them with your best girlfriends so you can all start to channel that womanly power and live your dreams to the fullest!

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