Balayage Short Hair Looks

By on January 4, 2016

Balayage is the trendiest hair color idea that has been making its way in the fashion industry like a massive storm. Many top class models and actresses have been spotted wearing balayage short hair and it totally looks stunning! Read below for some of the most attractive balayage short hair looks for you.


  1. Dark Brown Hair With light mahogany Highlights

This hair color makes a beautiful and extremely sophisticated combination of dark brown hair with subtle mahogany highlights. As you can see, the dark brown is a near to black hair color and the mahogany strands of hair cover the whole head making it look very classy and natural at the same time.

Balayage Hair Looks -1        


  1. Balayage hair with lighter roots on pixie bob

The best part about balayage hair color is that it beautifully contrasts with literally all colors. Also, achieving this hair color will take the least of your time.

 Balayage Hair Looks -2


  1. sexy honey balayage blonde

Honey blonde truly compliments the balayage hair base. The beautiful blend between of blond with shades of brunette make a lovely combination of colors. If you are a natural honey blonde then this is probably the best balayage tones hair color for you as this hair requires very less commitment and still looks extremely sassy.

Balayage Hair Looks -3


  1. Platinum blonde stands with balayage hair base

The beautiful balayage and platinum blonde colors are equally divided to the whole hair which makes this a wonderful dual toned hair color.

Balayage Hair Looks -4


  1. Balayage brown with caramel highlights

Light colored highlights look simply gorgeous on short hair. The dark brown shades of balayage are best worn with caramel colored highlights. If you want other simple but elegant improvisations you can wear some other sun kissed hair colors for the highlights.

Balayage Hair Looks -5


  1. A-symmetrical Bob with caramel streaks

This hair color is never out of trend! The hair color can be achieved in less than two hours and doesn’t even demand any commitment.

Balayage Hair Looks -6


  1. Blonde Hair Balayage highlights

Balayage highlights is a unique and attractive way to achieve a decent and professional look. The balayage colored highlights especially compliment the platinum and honey blonde hair.

 Balayage Hair Looks -7


  1. Fierce fire blonde with dark balayage base

The best way to wear this hair color is to wear it on a boldly layered haircut. It will show off the dark balayage base and compliment the fierce fire blonde hair the best.

Balayage Hair Looks -8


  1. Caramel blonde tips on dark balayage long bob

Way to add an exciting twist to your long bob hairstyle! Caramel blonde tips will totally rock your natural looking balayage hair base.

 Balayage Hair Looks -9


  1. Sleek and shiny long bob with blonde highlights

Bronde is the most modern hair color of today! With a balayage hair base as the trendiest hair color of 2015 and the sexy blonde highlights, you’ll exhibit the epitome of fashion, style and glamour. Pro-tip: Slight curls on the tips of the bob will do just the job! This is undoubtedly one of most awesome looking balayage short hair looks.

 Balayage Hair Looks -10

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