50 Ash Brown Hair Ideas

By on June 21, 2018

Have you heard of ash brown before? If not, you are truly missing out on something spectacular. This color is all the rage right now. We are seeing women left and right dying their hair this beautiful color. It’s blowing up in the fashion world… And we can see why! What isn’t to like about it? The great thing about this color? It works on most skin tones and with any eye color. But it especially rocks when placed on those with paler skin and lighter eyes. 

We love it on everyone, though. It really works and it really does a great job at making anyone appear beautiful. Not only is the color perfect, but it can be cut and styled into a masterpiece. Don’t believe us? See for yourself and start scrolling through these 50 ash brown hair ideas RIGHT NOW!

How absolutely gorgeous is this ash brown hair thrown up in a half pony? The half pony is very, very in right now. Hit any club on a friday night and you are guaranteed to run into one or five girls sporting this style. It’s loved and we totally get why!

Just because you choose ashy hair doesn’t mean it can’t have some warmer tones in it as well. We adore this ide. Mixing colors to create a super unique, yet beautiful look!

We just mentioned blending two tones together. And can you see why? Look at this two toned ombre and how well it all comes together. You could keep the top of your head, a.k.a your root area, a dark charcoal color and then ombre your way into an ash brown at the bottom. This creates a special look and will surely have all eyes on you wherever you go.

Adding some color to overlay your ash brown hair is always a great idea. Or at least we think so! This model has purple tones in  her hair and we think it looks fantastic. This will give you the look you desire, if you are looking to stand out a little bit more than the norm. Feel free to add more vibrant colors or just leave it at one. Either way, we dig it. 

We cannot get over how cute this ash brown bob is. Bobs have been taking over the hair world for quite some time now. They are sophisticated, but extremely stylish. They are perfect if you are trying to achieve a more mature look when it comes to your fashion sense. 

Zoey Deschanel isn’t the only one that can pull off blunt bangs… Although she does look ah-maze and it’s definitely hard to compete with. But as you can see, the model above is perfectly sporting these blunt bangs with her ash brown hair. We. Dig. It!

Ashy hair does not have to be plain and boring. No ma’m. You can keep things interesting by doing a balayge. A balayage is a technique used for highlighting hair that gives the hair a graduated, natural effect. And this technique is more hot than not at the moment. So jump on board this trend ASAP.

We have seen a lot of silvery toned ash brown hair, but it’s time to switch it up a little. This more brunette looking ash is brilliant. We enjoy staring at it all day! We bet if you got this color, you would have a hard time stepping away from the mirror all day long.

Wow, would you just sit back and admire these long ash brown locks with silver highlights. Isn’t this just uber adorable?! We love, love, LOVE everything about this. She is definitely pulling it off. And you could, too. We just know it. 

Or you could pick the more simple route. Who says the simple things in life aren’t beautiful? Whoever does obviously hasn’t seen this beautiful ash brown hair idea! This straight hair, long banged look is quite lovely. 

We are totally lovin’ the 90s looks that are coming back into trend these days. The middle part made a huge comeback a few years ago and it hasn’t left us just yet. And, to be honest, we don’t want it to! We think it is a super classy, beautiful way to style your hair. And it’s perfect on this list of ideas for your hair. 

But some people don’t really vibe with the middle part. Or it simply doesn’t suit their face. And that’s okay! It’s not for everybody. So if you are a part of that not-for-everybody category, don’t panic. You can go for side, swoopy bangs instead. It will compliment your ash brown hair just as well as a middle part does for others. Plus it’s cute AF!

Okay, for one let’s just point out that this queen’s makeup is straight fire! But we also love the way that she styled her hair. And that’s why we thought it would fit perfectly on our list of hair ideas for ash brown hair. She’s rockin’ it, so why can’t you?!

We may have already shown you a bob, but we haven’t shown you a bob like this just yet! This bob is out of bounds! We find it stunnuing as all heck. Look at those beautiful silver highlights she has in her ash brown color. SO PRETTY!

This dark brown brunette hair is so stylish and classy. We like that it’s all on length and it reaches the middle of her back. There’s just something about it that we adore and so we just had to add it to this list and show you guys out there! Who knows, maybe it’s just what you were looking for all along.

So maybe you already have ash brown hair and now you are just searching for things to do with it. Messy buns and braids can only get you so far, right? Well, try something like what’s shown above. Pin your bangs back with bobby pins for this sophisticated look. It’s perfect for any occasion. And the best part? It’s a total time saver and won’t take you long to do. So you can just roll right out of bed, pin your hair up and get going. 

Now, ladies it’s time to show you something called the lob. What’s a lob? Remember when we showed you the bob? Well, a lob is a bob but much longer. And that’s how you get the lob. Long bob. And we think it’s fabulous as can be. And it will really make your ash brown look glow. 

Dark ash brown is a thing and we are wildin’ over it! Look at that glossy shine. We have heart eyes for it all day, everyday. Your friends, family and boyfriend (or girlfriend) will dig it and we know it. Also try adding some soft waves to give it something extra and make it stand out even more. 

Want something a teeny bit more edgy? We have got you covered. Try a middle part, but layer the edges going down to frame your face. This is great is you have an oval shaped or heart shaped face. This specific color is also guaranteed to make blue eyes POP!

Or maybe skip the layers going down and just chop up the ends a tad. This will also give you a slightly edgy look that will have people doing a double take as you walk by. And, yes, the double take will be a good thing. We promise. 

This curly, ash brown bob is every girl’s dream. We can’t get over how adorable this model looks with this style. Add some long bangs to top it off and you’ll be giving your friends green eyes of envy and hearing a lot of, “Oh my gosh, I love your hair so much! Where did you get it done?”

Curly hair is all the rage nowadays. And it is so easy to achieve this look with a simply curling wand or iron. It is also extremely cheap to visit your cosmotologist and have them curl your hair for you. In case you feel too lazy to do it yourself. We do it all the time! And we have no shame about it at all, because when we go out, we look fantastic.

It is Summer time, so we thought it might be necessary to put something summery in this list of ideas for ash brown hair. What do we mean by that? Well, just peep that floral crown she has up there. Not only is it summery, but it’s a perfect idea for concerts and especially festivals. 

Pulling your bangs over to one side is also super cute and we vibe with it hard. Shoulder length ash brown hair is so adorbs. Don’t you agree? 

These highlights may be subtle, but we can spot them a mile away! And we love it! She is rocking this look and there is no reason that you wouldn’t be able to rock it like the queen you are, too.

OH GOODNESS! Doesn’t she just look adorable in every way, shape and form? Those bangs mixed with the cute bun on top! We are melting over how cute she looks with this style on her ash brown hair. This is an awesome hairstyle idea and definitely deserves to be on this list.  

Now we move on to… DUN DUN DUN… Braids! But, some of us aren’t great at french brading or even fishtailing. So we picked out something that is easily doable by pretty much anybody with hands. This single half braided pony is lovable and adorable and ready to be on your head!

Shoulder length ash brown hair with a middle part is uber awesome. We think this is a great look. And it’s perfect for Summer, because it keeps the heat off your shoulder and your head. No need to put your hair up in a ponytail. Just rock it the way you are and head out to the beach to get your tan on girl.

But if you are looking for something that works with longer hair, you could try layers. Layers give you hair more depth and it can make it so much easier to style your hair for when you want to go out. Just add a few sprits of hairspray and swing those locks back and forth. BAM- You’ll look ready for any occasion. 

Look at how gorgeous this asymmetical bob is. This means that the front of your hair is longer than the back of your hair (or vice versa, but it’s less common the other way). We think it’s trendy, edgy and totally sporty.

You could opt for this beautifiul look too. Especially if you have longer hair. Like longer than your middle back. Try dark ash brown hair, but adding a lighter color at the very end tips. This is a simple hair idea, but it still has something that makes you stand out!

This is so beautiful! This is another asymmetical bob, but instead of the front being longer than the back (or vice versa) you will have one side longer than the other. It doesn’t sound good on paper, but as this model shows us, it sure looks good in person!

Never, and we mean NEVER, underestimate a good, sporty ponytail. Especially if you have long hair. This is such a cute idea for ash brown hair. We just had to add it to the list for you all to see! 

Ombres never get old. Therefore we knew we had to show you guys this style. This dark vs. light contrast is really excellently done. We don’t see why anybody wouldn’t want to wear this beautiful hairstyle and coloring on their pretty little heads. 

Ashy hair is already so beautiful that you don’t really need to do much else to it. But if you have the skills to braid, then we suggest trying out this very pretty fishtail style braid to really make your hair pop. It’s simple, and almost messy in a way, but it’s perfect for any time of day or any place that you might be going. 

Or just keep your hair all one length like this model did. She still looks fiercer than ever and we can’t get over how beautiful she’s looking with her brown ashy hair color. 

This model has done something extremely wonderful to her ash brown hair. We are so into this idea. She has added not only an ombre, but she has also gotten purple toned highlights throughout her head. Love it!

Another long bob for the books. Lobs are just too die for. And they are perfect if you work a desk job or a job where you have to look professional. But at night they will work for when you go out, too. They are just a win-win haircut all around. 

We have had two toned ombres, but have we shown you a three toned one yet? Well, if we have it sure wasn’t as beautiful as this one is. 

Face framing cuts can make you look like the queen that you are! We adore this model’s look and can you see why? She looks classy, yet beautiful and very stylish all around.  

This curly look is just a dream come true! We love the vast difference in colors that adds depth to her length. It makes her hair look all the thicker and wilder! It’s perfect with ash brown hair, too. 

This model is out here looking like a boss with these long, lucious locks in an brown ash color. This color is a tad bit darker, but it still has that ashiness you may be seeking out. We are on board with the plain jane look, because somedays, you just want to keep things more simple. 

WOWZA! Brunette never looked so good. The side swept, long bangs are absolutely glorious. She has a wild look that you just can’t beat. This is a perfect way to show off ash brown strands and still look beautiful. 

Violet tones and ashy hair, especially brunette, really gives off this amazing look that we would die to have! Add in these soft beach waves and you’ll be ready to rock on!

Or, take this idea instead, turn your already beautifully colored hair into a long curly mess. But the good kind of mess. The kind of mess you never want to clean up. Yes, it’s amazing and yes, it would probably look great on you. These wavy curls are easy to get, too!

Another great example of how your brownish hair would look perfect with curls. These are even looser curls, but can be easily gotten by using a thick curling wand. Just don’t wind up your hair too tightly. 

Long side bangs make us sigh with happiness. We are really vibing with them this year. They are in. More so than short bangs or blunt bangs. These bangs will give you the modelesque appearance your heart truly desires. Keeping your hair straight is also a great way to show that you have chic running through your veins.

Ash brown fading into an even ashier brown? Have you ever seen something so tittilating?! We are obssessed with this hair idea. There’s nothing that we can hate about it. How about you?

But if you prefer some sweet highlights, you could opt for this look instead. Having brunette hair has never been easier with these great ideas.

Wavy ash brown hair. We are head over heels for it. We love everything about it and we think that you guys will, too. She looks so slick, chic and ready to kick some butt. There’s not much else in the hair world that can compare with amazing cuts and colors like this one. 

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