8 Ideas For Light Brown Hair With Highlights and Lowlights

By on January 13, 2016

  1. Creamy and caramel

Creamy hair with heavy caramel highlights cover up one of the most beautiful ideas for light brown hair. This is an extremely elegant hair color choice for women with round features and almond eyes. The hair color is best suitable for winter seasons. The warmth of the color creates a radiance to the personality and brings out the natural eloquence.

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  1. Terrific golden flashes

This is an absolutely stunning hair color for women with fair complexions and warm features. The golden highlights will bring out your beautiful brown eyes. The light brown hair color looks natural and elegant for all occasions and events.

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  1. Striking caramel streaks

The blunt caramel highlights and the light brown hair color combination brings about just the right amount of sass to the complete hair look that you desire. It isn’t too forward neither does it look introvert. It is a perfect combination of class and sassiness!

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  1. The naturally brown and shiny

This is a mixture of light brown and sugar highlights which blends in way that makes the hair look natural and beautiful. The sleekness and shine of the hair brings out the hair color even more!

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  1. Bold caramel streaks

An important thing to notice while choosing the color for hair is the dyeing technique that you have opted for. The same highlight colors can look very different with different dyeing techniques. This is a beautiful choice of brown and caramel highlights that is perfect for literally all skin tones!

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  1. Tuned caramel flows

The best and most amazing looking hair color from the shades of light brown is caramel. The blend of caramel highlights with light brown or dark brown hair looks simply exquisite. This hair color is a wonderful mixture of caramel and dark brown colors that gives away the aura of warmth and sooth.

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  1. Dark brown with creamy streaks

This is a bold hair coloring choice. The dark brown shades with light and creamy streaks feel like they talk valor and proclaim the aura of authoritativeness. This hair color is a brilliant choice for bold women with warm hearts.

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  1. The pastel glamour

This one is a beautiful hair color and defines the warmth and sensitivity of femininity. The hair color has also been very trendy lately. Women of all ages are choosing for this coloring choice among all other ideas for light brown hair.

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