50 Cool Haircuts For Thin Hair

By on December 6, 2017

Having thin hair might make things a little more complicated than we would like. We find ourselves envious of those with long, lustrous locks. It seems those with thick hair are able to do whatever they like with it and they always tend to look fabulous. But that does not mean there is a need to worry if you are born with hair of the thinner variety. Having fine hair doesn’t have to be a curse. It can be a blessing in disguise! You just need to dig deep under that disguise and find the perfect look for you. However, that might be a little more difficult than we think. Which is exactly why we are here to help you out today. We have compiled a list of the most beautiful, best haircuts and styles for people out there who have thin hair. So if you were worried about finding the perfect cut for your fine strands then you have definitely come to the right place for help! Take a look below to pick out your perfect pic!

Side Step Undercut With Shadow Roots

Side step undercuts are an amazing way to forget you ever had thin hair. Cutting off most of your hair solves that problem entirely. But adding the undercut, as well as the shadow roots, gives it great depth and style.

Whole Side Undercut Bob Haircut

Bobs are the most popular choice when it comes to those with thin hair. That’s because it creates a look of thickness! The undercut will help put focus on the thickness of the surrounding hair, too.

Black Blunt Bob With Long Bangs

Dark hair can often give the appearance of having fuller hair. A bob will also add to make it seem mure luxurious and keeping your bangs long brings everything together!

Ash Ombre With Textured Waves 

Textured waves are going to give you the look you desire when it comes to your thin hair. It gives it a density that it otherwise wouldn’t have. The ombre creates a deep richness, too.

Short Cut With Dark Roots

Short cuts are a great idea for dealing with finer hair. Adding a hint of dark roots also gives off the appearance that your hair is a little more full than it really is. Choosing a layered look will give it a good texture as well!

Shoulder Length With Long Bangs

This style is great for making your thin hair look a little less… Well, thin. The way that it frames your face will give your hair the boost it needs to look a little denser. Adding texture at the bottom is a great way to make it appear thicker down towards the ends!

Long Textured Layers 

Nothing will make your hair more voluminous than adding a lot of what is called texture. This is completed by adding a lot of layers to your hair! No one will guess you ever had thin hair to begin with when you sport this style. 

Extra Long Waterfall Layers 

Just because you have very fine, thin hair does not mean that you will not look good with super long locks. The longer your hair is the more it looks voluptuous. Adding the extra long layers will also give it a thicker look by ensuring your locks fall perfectly over one another.

Extra Long Hair

Like we said, adding length is a great way to turn thin hair into something much more abundant looking. Length gives off the appearance of having more hair than we actually do. Even if it isn’t thick, it still looks plentiful. 

Multicolored Bob  

Getting a bob is one of the best ways to battle the lack of hair you might be suffering from. Bobs give a great amount of depth to your hair! They also give you a chance to start growing your hair over again if you have damaged it in the past.

Layered Shoulder Length With Bangs

Haircuts for thin hair can be nerve-wracking. You might not want to take the chance always by doing something crazy to make it look thicker! But luckily there are cuts like this one which keep things simple, but beautiful. 

Back Layered Short Cut

So maybe you don’t have a lot of hair, but that’s okay. Use that to your advantage and cut it all off to create a style such as this one. You can get rid of the mess entirely and still be chic. Add layers to the back to keep things at a decent length. If you don’t like the idea of a pixie cut, that is.

Strawberry Blonde  Short Choppy Cut With Side Swoop

Cutting all your hair off doesn’t have to be terrifying. There are a lot of sophisticated short cuts such as this one. Adding choppy layers to short hair will give it the illusion of being thicker than it really is when it grows out. Having strawberry blonde also gives it a little spunk, but still remains elegant. 

Shoulder Length Middle Part 

Splitting your part straight down the middle is a great way to turn thin hair into something beautiful. You can keep it simple with this sleek style. It means you don’t have to step entirely out of your comfort zone, while still tackling thinner hair head on. 

Shoulder Length  With Swoop Bangs

Thin hair doesn’t always look the best when it stays long. So, we suggest if you can’t make longer strands work on you, because your hair is too thin, that you cut it at least shoulder length. Adding swoop bangs will give it an appearance of being more voluminous. 

Shoulder Length Wavy With Framed Middle Part

Adding extra hair to your head is impossible. But giving the illusion is not. You can ensure thicker looking hair by maintaining or creating beach waves. Beach waves are easily doable with a little saltwater spray and scrunching of your hair.

Chocolate Highlighted Curls Shoulder Length

Curls give your thin hair the makeover they probably need by creating a more ample look. Adding highlights will also give your hair the depth you are trying to achieve. Keeping your hair darker tones will also make it appear more luxuriant.

Dark Above Shoulder Fringe 

A fringe is a great textured haircut to wear when you are trying to conceal how thin your hair truly is. All the layers will do your hair a favor by plumping up the volume endlessly. 

Above Shoulder Deep Side Part

You don’t have to take things to the extreme by any means. You can keep things sleek and stylish, but mature looking by just simply chopping your hair above your shoulders and creating a deep side part to create the illusion of density. 

Long Ombre 

Getting an ombre is the perfect way to make your hair appear thicker. If your locks can handle being long then we think you will love this look on yourself! Ombres are created by starting with one color and blending it into other colors as you go down.

Fiery Pixie Cut

Draw attention away from the density of your hair entirely by creating a fiery look with brighter colors, such as this red. Adding some short layers can also help out your thin hair look by creating a thicker look on the top!

Medium Length Haircut With Babylights 

No, you don’t have to chop off all of your hair to make thin hair look better than ever. You can keep it at a medium length. Adding babylights is a great way to give your hair a depth it didn’t have before by using foils and adding many different colors!

Long  Haircut With Layers

Layers are the perfect way to get things looking more lustrous than ever. They amp up your defintion and give your hair a look that you can’t beat! No one will be doubting your lack of volume with this style. 

Long Haircut With Asymmetrical Bangs 

This high fashion style is guaranteed to melt all your thin hair worries away. Keeping your hair long will give the look of having a lot of hair, while adding the asymmetrical bangs will also give your a chic look.


Choppy Shoulder Length Haircut With Choppy Bangs 

Choppy hair and choppy bangs are a fantastic way to create more volume in your thin hair. It will give it the texture it needs to boost your hair above and beyond. 

Ear Length Haircut For Thin Hair

If you suffer from severely thin hair, this might be a great option for you to sport! Play on the thinness of your hair by creating a very close to the scalp light look with this short cut.

Shoulder Length Wavy Ombre

Like we said before, ombres are a surefire way to get your hair doused in density. It creates a thicker look. Curling your hair will also add the extra volume that you might just be looking for! What isn’t to love about this style?

Choppy Copper Pixie Haircut For Fine Hair

Pixie cuts definitely don’t have to be the end of your style! They can actually create a fuller haired look than keeping your hair long might. Especially if you opt for several different tones. Such as the copper scheme above. 

Chin Length Blonde Haircut With Highlights

Putting highlights in your hair is a perfect way to create more volume. Or at least make it appear that way! Blonde is a great color to work with if you have thin hair, because you can add darker tones to add depth.

Above The Shoulder Cut With Blunt Ends


Layers are great, but they are not the only way to give your hair a thicker look. You can chop the ends in a blunt fashion to create the look of having more hair than you actually do! 

Short Cut With Shaved Back

Not getting the thick appearance you want with longer hair? Don’t be scared to just shave it all off. Like they did with this spunky, beautiful look above! Thin hair will be a distant memory with this lovely look on your head.

A Line Bob For Thin Hair 

Bobs sure a magical thing when it comes to having thin hair! They somehow give us a sense of having more hair than we really do. An A-Line Bob is the perfect way to mask fine hair any day.

Soft Blended Bob

Adding undertones will give your hair a denser looking and make all your thin hair problems melt away into the past. Orange and red are great colors because you can add a lot of great undertones to them to create this look.

Layered Bob With Highlights For Thin Hair

This layered bob with highlights is the perfect solution for having fine hair! You can give yourself a much deeper look by putting all of these styles together to create one big fabulous one.

Chin Length Platinum Bob With Waves


Platinum hair is a great way to make dull hair shine once again! Brightening up your entire look. This wavy bob will give you the thick hair that you have always dreamt of.

Shoulder Length Framed Cut With Bangs

Framing your face is ideal for many different situations. One of those situations being a girl with thinner hair! Framing your face will make your hair appear less thin by creating a layered look. 

Shoulder Length Lob With Side Swept Bangs

Side swept bangs like this create a deep part that give you the illusion of having extremely dense hair. Keep it shoulder length lets that appearance stay. Unlike if you were to grow it out. It wouldn’t seem as thick with these bangs. 

Choppy Chin Length Haircut With Shadow Roots

Shadow roots are all the rage right now and they are great for hiding thin hair! Shadow roots portray a depthness that isn’t really there. Therefore creating the look of having thicker hair all around.

Face Framing Bob With Dark Roots

Dark roots mixed with a chic bob is always a great idea when you are trying to figure out what to do with fine, thin hair. This will give you the look you need to maintain a more volumized appearance. 

Light Brown Cut With Feathered Ends 

Feathering the ends of your thin hair is going to be the perfect way to get the look you want. You can make your hair seem more plentiful with this cut! These brown tones will also be great for boosting up your volume.

Smooth Bob With Side Swept Bangs


Don’t worry about your thin hair. You can try out cuts like this one to make your hair stylish and beautiful once again! A side swept look is always an elegant solution to adding a little more depth to your cut.

Medium Cut With Textured Bangs

Textured bangs are a great idea to help you battle your fine hair! It doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of layering around the face either. Doing both of these things will give you a thicker look in the end.

Disheveled Lob Haircut For Thin Hair

A lob is a long bob and works great for thin hair. By giving your hair a disheveled cut you can add the volume you have always wanted. Do you see how much thicker this thin hair looks with this style?! It’s amazing!

Sleek Bob With Highlights 

We love this beautiful style when it comes to creating more definition with thinner hair. This is a great way to hide the fact that you barely have any hair at all!

Long Cut With With Lowlights


Lob With Caramel Highlights 


Long bobs were definitely a blessing for those of us out there with fine hair! They give a great density that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Adding into light highlights is also a great way to create more richness. 

Short Bob With Undercut

An undercut is a shaved, short part of your hair under or beside longer pieces of hair! It’s a perfect way to create more volume in your hair and making it appear much less thin. 

Super Short Pixie Cut

A super short pixie cut is a wonderful idea that will be sure to help you forget about your fine hair! No hair, no problem. So cut it off and start anew with this high fashion look.

Deep Side Part and Balayage 

Balayage is a specific type of highlight that gives the look of having thicker hair! It’s a great way to show off your locks and not be embarrassed about your thin hair. 


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