20 Best Hair Color Ideas 2016

By on December 10, 2015

With the start of the New Year, everybody wants a new look. Hair coloring can really spice up your complete personality. If you are looking for a fun, sexy and cool new hair color ideas for the coming year, this is the best place that you can find them!


  1. Balayage blond

The balayage is the most stylish modern choice for blond hair nowadays. The best part about this color is that it compliments almost all skin tones!

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -1       


  1. Platinum pale

This is a beautiful hair color that represents a duet of elegance and class. The hair color brings a glow to your complexion making your complete look brighter, cheerful and modern.

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -2


  1. Auburn blond

What’s better than blond with a little bit of touch of red? This amazingly attractive hair color will bring out your beautiful colored eyes and give you an all-time maintenance-free gorgeous looking hairstyle.

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -3 


  1. Opal hair

The stunningly beautiful opal hair is the latest fashion trend of today’s electronic era. You might be spending a whole day with your hair beautician to achieve this color, but trust me, you’ll totally fall in love with the final look. It has light impressions of pink and lavender but the opal color dominates.

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -4


  1. Dip dye pink

The pink and blond combination creates a very fun and spunky look. It looks gorgeous on women with pale skin tones and light colored eyes.

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -5


  1. Dark brown with auburn highlights

This hair color introduces a unique and interesting idea for highlights. Either you are a natural brunette or have dark brown hair, heavy auburn highlights are going to go amazingly well with your hair.

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -6


  1. Carmel highlights with dark brown hair

This is a sizzling hot coloring choice for long and dark brown hair. Caramel highlight always rock the look with dark brown hair. The honey colored streaks give the hair a sunny, bright and shiny effect.

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -7


  1. Plain black

Often the simplest of choices offer the best results. It is time to take a whole new direction, take a break from all the bright and shiny colors and go dark this year!

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -8


  1. Rainbow streaks

How about taking a cool, fun and spunky coloring ride? This is a mixture of pink, mauve and purple and it might take a lot of time, money and effort but there is literally no comparison of the rainbow streaks!

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -9


  1. Streaked brunette

Add a little spirit and color to your naturally brunette hair. A slight touch of honey and caramel highlights to your sleek brunette hair will do just the job.

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -10


  1. Lilac hue

This is an absolutely whimsical hair color, perfect for women with pale skin tones. Next year is going to be about colors, beauty, art and little bit of magic. This hair color is going to be perfect for all of that!

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -11


  1. Platinum blond with dark brown roots

This is the supreme hairstyle for cold weathers. Dark colored roots with platinum blond hair color give away the vibes of elegance, class and professionalism.

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -12


  1. Light blue with grey roots

Rainbow hair have their way of getting everyone’s attention in the room. This is because of their bright colors and beautiful darker roots. Light blue hair with grey roots look stunningly attractive and cool.

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -13


  1. Ash blond

This is the perfect hair color for girls with olive and clear skin tones. The ash blond looks heartwarming in the summer season.

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -14


  1. The bronde

The perfect combination of blond and brunette, the bronde is the hair color in demand these days. You can always add streaks of light hue or caramel to your beautiful bronde hair.

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -15


  1. Ombre with honey highlights

Ombre has been the most loved hair color for the past couple of seasons. The magnetic honey highlights make the hair even more attractive and fashionable.

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -16


  1. Auburn with orange streaks

This is an interesting coloring choice for ladies with naturally auburn or blond hair. Give yourself an orange break! A pro-tip is that you can try the hair chalking for this one.

 20 Best Hair Color 2016 -17


  1. Rosy brunette

The exquisite and peaceful rosy brunette doesn’t call for any addition streaking for highlighting job. The hair color is perfect as it is. It is forward but elegant, classy and fun. The hair color is a perfect choice for the new year!

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -18


  1. Ombre with honey lowlights

This is a brilliant hair coloring choice that’s been in the trend for the past couple of months and everyone loves it! It is a totally chic color that brings out the natural skin glow. It is a especially designed hair color combination for short hair like bob and pixie. You only have to color the roots with caramel or honey lowlights, the natural ombre stays the same.

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -19

  1. Voilet locks

This is a bolor coloring choice for all the creative and fun loving ladies out there! Dar brown roots with the purplish violet long hair will make you look classy and stylish!

20 Best Hair Color 2016 -20

There are just so many hair color ideas for you this year! Yes, sometimes it can become a little over-whelming, but the best advice is simple: go with what your skin tone suggests. Whatever your skin tone tells you about your hair color, listen to it. Go a little crazy this time, go a little spunky! You can’t choose all of these beautiful hair colors this year, but you can choose the best that goes with your complexion and personality.


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